15 Celeb Power Couples Who Are In It For Fame

Love in Hollywood is not like it is for the rest of us. Relationships are hard enough, but add the never-ending pressure of being in the public eye, and things on the romantic front are even trickier. And for the celeb “power couples,” the chances are even higher that the relationship will be troubled or turbulent.

Lots of Hollywood couples are like specimen under the microscope of the relentless media and fans alike. If they want to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak, these couples must portray the image that their relationship is rock solid. One false move could land them in the gossip rags as the latest victims of a celeb scandal. Outrageous rumors of infidelity, divorce, and other mounting marital mishaps make front page news, so these celebs make it their mission to come off as happily in love with an unbreakable and unshakable bond. But is it all for show so they can use one another to get ahead in their careers or for some other reason that benefits them? Are their kisses and embraces simply empty gestures to land them front and center on star-studded red carpets?

These 15 celeb couples seem to have it all, but upon further inspection, could they be using each other for their own personal gain? Under the guise of “love,” these couples may think they are tricking us all, but they are only fooling themselves. Will these 15 relationships last or will the acts come to a shocking (or inevitable) finale?

15 Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Have Been Together For A While

Rumors have swirled about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage for years. Despite all the chatter about their relationship, the two have remained together, through thick and thin. They have two kids, which must keep the couple bonded, but children are not glue for marriages that may be crumbling.

Word has spread that the Smiths are not as in love as they appear to be, but Will and Jada deny such “nonsense.”

They have been together for a long time; for Hollywood standards, they are one of the longest-lasting couples. But just because they’ve stuck together doesn’t mean they are in it for love. Perhaps Will uses Jada so he doesn’t come off as a “player.” Maybe Jada uses Will to advance her career since he is arguably the more successful one in the relationship. Could there be some truth to what is being spewed from the rumor mill?

14 Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Give It Another Go

Actor Liam Hemsworth and singer Miley Cyrus have been together for quite a while at this point. They got engaged years ago, split for a bit, then rekindled their romance. But perhaps love wasn’t what got the two back together. Maybe they are using each other to gain more fans and to give themselves a boost when it comes to how they are perceived by the public.

For example, it wasn’t long ago that Miley was going through a period where she was acting out and doing anything and everything for attention.

Her skimpy getups, wild antics, and head-turning behavior made people begin to think she was becoming a joke. By getting back with Liam, she showed a softer side that was more relatable and likeable after folks got fed up with her tongue-wagging nonsense. And Liam comes off as cool by being Miley’s man. He has become a lot more popular ever since being linked to her, so why not get closer to the top by using her star power as a launching pad?

13 Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union Are Holding It Together

Basketball player Dwayne Wade is married to the gorgeous Gabrielle Union, an actress and author. By all accounts, these two seem to be in love and got through some publicized rough patches before patching things up. But is the couple serious about their relationship or are they holding it together so they can use one another to further their careers and popularity? Gabrielle is a stunning and talented woman and she could land any man she wanted. Same goes for Dwayne. We all know that professional athletes attract plenty of groupies who’d love to have a chance to “score” with a ball player. So, do these two do their thing on the side but stick together for the sake of their agents’ well-being? When Dwayne’s time on the court is through and Gabrielle is no longer cast in the leading lady roles, we’ll see what the status of their relationship is then.

12 Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Look Perfect Together

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen seem like the perfect “Ken and Barbie” couple. Their great looks, talent, star-quality, and combined fortune make them seem like they are not even real. His moves on the field and hers on the runway make these gorgeous lovers so super-spectacular to the point that it’s almost unfair.

They are hotter than fire and cooler than ice. But is their love real or just a real big lie to make them even more popular?

Maybe Tom is with Gisele for her looks alone and he’s not really interested in anything more. Perhaps Gisele thinks being with a ball player gives her security for when her modelling career is over, and she won’t bring in those big paychecks anymore. Sure, we can speculate, but they just seem too amazing to be believable. Or, maybe we’re just trying to make ourselves feel better.

11 Jay-Z And Beyoncé Have Their Issues 

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are one of the hottest couples in pop culture today. But we all know that Jay-Z cheated on his “queen” – he has admitted it and rapped about it. And she alluded to the shade of it all in her “Lemonade” piece. But the couple stays together, through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs.

But are they so in love that they just can’t part ways or do they keep the “romance” going for the sake of their careers, using each other to climb higher and higher on the charts?

Fans love to watch the “TMI” drama unfold, so the more chaos, the more coin. But if they are really lovers, why do they air all their dirty laundry for the public to sniff? These two are all about being popular and staying relevant. If true love is even a morsel of their money-making machine, we’ll see where they stand when they are old and gray.

10 Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Might Be Too Good To Be True

Actor Ashton Kutcher and actress Mila Kunis have known one another for a long time, but it took a while for them to realize they were meant to be “man and wife.” They worked together on a TV show some time ago, only to reconnect years later and fall in love. Or at least that is what they’ll have us believe.

Are they really in love or is the relationship a setup so they can enhance their reputations and get in deeper with the A-list crowd?

After Ashton’s highly-publicized breakup from his ex-wife actress Demi Moore, he was in the doghouse for allegedly cheating on her with a younger woman. And Mila was with actor Macaulay Culkin for years. What went wrong there? So, now, Ashton and Mila are the hot couple we all wish we could be just like. They seem fun-loving, down to Earth, and super chill. Too perfect to be true? That’s what we’re thinking.

9 John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Are Famous, But They Might Also Be The Real Deal 

Singing sensation John Legend is married to model and television personality Chrissy Teigen. They have one adorable daughter together and another baby on the way. They are obviously attracted to one another. Who wouldn’t be? But are they in a marriage of celeb convenience or is their love the real deal? By being married to Chrissy, John shows that he has a great sense of humor since she is not only gorgeous, but silly too. He gets mad props for being with such a fine-looking woman, so who wouldn’t want that?

And she gets all the perks that come with being the wife of a Grammy-winning star — parties, money, mansions, you name it. Let’s hope these two are more than meets the eye and their love is true.

If not, once Chrissy’s model looks go and John runs out of material, this relationship will be nothing but a distant memory.

8 Ben Affleck And Lindsay Shookus Are Helping Each Other

Now that actor Ben Affleck and actress Jennifer Garner are no longer married, Ben has been dating Lindsay Shookus, and it seems like the relationship is going strong. While Lindsay is in the biz, she is a behind-the-scenes staple while Ben is front and center. Is it true love or simply a layover until Ben finds himself another A-list star to shack up with? Is Lindsay only with Ben because of his fame and fortune? Sure, they have been together for about a year now, but who knows if they are also seeing other people. Can Ben remain faithful to one woman? Does Lindsay trust Ben?

Is it love or a publicity stunt to repair Ben’s player reputation?

And being linked to Ben can only boost Lindsay’s popularity. If these two are still together come New Year’s, we’ll believe that they may just be headed towards a walk down the aisle. Sorry Jen.

7 Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Tatum Are Done

Actor Channing Tatum is everyone’s favorite hot hunk. His soon-to-be ex-wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum is talented and pretty, likeable and cute. They seem like they’d be prom king and queen, but are they too perfect to be the real deal? After years of being together, we guess they were actually too good to be true. The two were inseparable and seemed to be in love with one another, but maybe it was all an act, so they can each climb the Hollywood ladder to achieve more fame and fortune. Neither started out as big shots, so as they made their way up the ranks, they each scored better gigs and bigger paychecks.

If they were single, they may have missed out on these chances.

Sure, most gals would only hope Channing was a free man, and the guys think Jenna is a babe, but these two are sticking together. Whether their love is real or just an act, it’s working for them.

6 Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres Are A Power Couple

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the richest women on television. Her wife, actress Portia de Rossi is beautiful and talented, and she gets rave reviews for her roles. They have been a couple for many years, but there are often rumors in the gossip rags that their romance is headed towards a downward spiral. But maybe they were never really in love at all. Perhaps they are only together to use one another to advance their careers.

Portia gets plenty of perks from being Ellen’s main squeeze and Ellen benefits from being with a stunner like Portia.

They come off as the ultimate power couple, but the “couple” part is what’s fuzzy. If the tabloid tales are true, then this romance may be nothing but a cover up for something far from a fairytale. Ellen’s a funny lady, but let’s hope her relationship isn’t a joke too.

5 David Beckham And Victoria Beckham Had Their Fair Share Of Problems

Soccer star David Beckham and his wife, Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer, Victoria Beckham have been married for many years and have four kids together. By all accounts, they come across as a couple who are in love and are doing their best to raise a family under the close watch of the public. But even after all these years, people speculate as to whether they are deeply in love, or at this point, are only using one another to keep their careers afloat. David is super hot, so the fact that Victoria is married to him makes her instantly more interesting, for better or for worse. And David’s soccer days are coming to an end, so he will need his wife’s income to keep him comfortable in the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to. Maybe if the Spice Girls get back together, she will leave David and find a new fan who will lavish her with some fresh attention.

4 Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Had Political Goals

Power and politics go hand in hand. And one of the most well-known D.C. couples is Bill and Hillary Clinton. They have been married to one another for years, and perhaps when they first got together, they were madly in love. But after years in the rough and tough field of politics, their love for one another may have fallen flat as they each sought votes from the public rather than approval from one another. After Bill’s scandalous affair, could Hillary ever truly forgive him, even though she stood by her man?

Many would argue that these two are only together to put forth a united front, so the voting public doesn’t get sidetracked by drama and other downers.

If they were not in politics, would they still be going strong? Let’s vote on it.

3 Matthew Broderick And Sarah Jessica Parker Are Opposites

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and her actor hubby, Matthew Broderick have been together for many years and have three children together. Sarah is all about fashion and flair, while Matthew is more laid-back and not into the “scene” so much. While they never seem to be at odds, are they as madly in love now as they were when they first got hitched? After the years have passed, are they still as smitten with one another? Matthew is no “Mr. Big” after all. But would it hurt their brand to break it off? Sarah is all about staying fresh and modern, but what does Matthew think? He’s into Broadway and she’s into box office hits. Maybe they are a case of opposites attract or they are just using each other to take over the biz from all angles.

2 Alex Rodriguez And Jennifer Lopez Are All About Glam

Ball player Alex Rodriguez and triple-threat Jennifer Lopez are the latest “it” couple. Their good looks, star status, and all-around charisma make the duo dynamic, and the world cannot get enough of the A-list lovers. But are they really “lovers” after all? Sure, they come off as madly in love and are blending their families, buying homes together, and so on, but skeptics sense that the relationship is less about love and more about generating even more interest about the cool celebs.

J. Lo has had many high-profile relationships and so has A-Rod.

Could they both be after more than a fairytale romance? If it was only about finding love, then why do they both only go for celebs? She might be looking for a famous fella who can make her even more famous than she already is. And Alex is using Jen for her fame, fortune, and fine physique.

1 Kanye West And Kim Kardashian West Are The Social Media King And Queen

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are the reality show power couple that everyone’s always watching. Kanye is notorious for bragging about how amazing he is, and he appears to be head-over-heels for his well-heeled honey. But is it true love that he’s feeling or the love of fame?

Kanye is famous in his own right but being part of the Kardashian craze only makes him more relevant.

And is Kim really so smitten with her self-centered rapping “genius?” Sure, they love to be in the limelight together and show off their expensive clothing and jewels, but is the rest of the relationship all for show too? While they have 3 cute kids and a life that seems enviable, these two may be in it for something other than matters of the heart.

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