15 Celeb Exes Who Still Have A Chance (And Might Get Back Together In 2018)

Relationships can be amazing, especially when the people involved have made it their goal to love and respect each other through thick and thin. In the initial stages of any relationship, which might be anywhere between the first few weeks to a few years, couples are usually on fire for each other, but this burning desire is usually temporary.

As the two of them spend more time in a relationship together, they get used to each other and the infatuation slowly begins to fade. However, the couples who keep working on their relationships manage to rekindle the feelings of intense attraction towards each other, and they end up having exciting relationships that last forever.

Celebrities have a reputation of getting in and out of relationships as they please, possibly because they have so many people willing to date them, and most of them don’t have the patience to make a difficult relationship work. The sad thing is that the rest of us are always so eager to follow the example of celebrities, without giving enough thought to what we're doing.

In the last few months, numerous celebrities in relationships have broken up and the married ones have filed for divorce, a situation we hoped would have been different. However, some of the couples who are leaving each other have a great chance of getting back together, and the whole world would love for them to do so. Here are 15 celebrity exes we hope will change their minds concerning their relationships and get back together, they still have a chance.

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15 Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux 

Via: eonline.com

When talking about breakups and Jennifer Aniston's name comes up, it's usually about her former marriage to Brad Pitt, which we won't get into because there's just not enough space here to talk about it. However, this time, Brad is nowhere involved, and it's all about the recent split she had with her ex-husband, Justin Theroux. Everyone who was in support of this marriage felt so disappointed when these two announced their separation just last month on February 15 in a joint statement, which was carefully written to reduce any speculation. According to their statement,

they called each other "best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple," a sign that we won't see them fight or act like teenagers who are prone to overreacting.

As much as these two appear to be serious about going their different ways, we can only hope they'll reconsider and get back together since it's just been a few weeks. Aniston really looked happy, and since we don't know of anything terrible or unforgivable Justin has done, we sure hope they get back together.

14 Nas & Nicki Minaj

Via: urbangirlmag.com

For the better part of 2017, Nicki Minaj and Nas were in a relationship, and as you would expect, their fans were super excited about it. It's possible to trace a romantic connection between these two going a few years back, though it was never official until their Instagram posts, PDA moments, and public appearances together confirmed what everyone was thinking. Regardless, they tried their best to keep their relationship private. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show,

Minaj referred to Nas as the "king of Queens," and quickly added that she believed she was the "queen of Queens," meaning that these two royals were happy to be together.

However, these two called it quits sometime between very late last year and early this year, and as sad as it is for most of their fans to believe it, at least there's no bad blood between them. Their busy schedules and living arrangements strained their relationship too much to the point of breaking it.

13 Usher & Grace Miguel

Via: youtube.com

It's such a great feeling to see celebrities who manage to hold down a marriage for many years because one thing we've come to expect is their willingness to divorce the moment things get tough. We were so excited when we heard that Usher and his long-term girlfriend and business partner had gotten married, and since they tried keeping their relationship as private as possible, we all assumed they were doing great. However, after dating for close to eight years and being married for only two, these two decided to part ways. Since they claim their decision to part ways was a mutual decision and that they are still deeply connected, we hope they'll change their minds. In their joint statement,

these two claimed to have enormous "love and respect" for each other, which will increase moving forward.

There's something special about these two, and the great thing is that it's not too late to get back together; they probably just need a few weeks apart in order to get back to their senses.

12 Tisha Campbell-Martin & Duane Martin 

Via: vladtv.com

Have you ever been involved in a project where, although you feel you want to quit, you decide to keep going because you've invested so much time energy in it? People in the mining industry can often get frustrated when they dig for so long before striking their mineral of choice, but those who keep on digging eventually get to smile all the way to the bank. In so many ways, marriages and relationships are the same as mining, and people need to understand this truth.

It was heartbreaking to learn that Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin were splitting up because these two celebrities have invested over 27 years in their relationship.

Tisha announced she filed for divorce on Twitter in February of this year, so the process is far from over. In her statement, she said that it pained her to file for a divorce after all they had gone through together, especially having their two children, and asked people to respect their privacy. We can only hope the reason she's filing for divorce will be corrected and overwhelmed by love since they're at that point where it's possible to get back together.

11 Elon Musk & Amber Heard 

Via: radaronline.com

Amber Heard used to be married to Johnny Depp, but after their short marriage was over she got into a relationship with Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX. Although for a while these two looked to be madly in love, just like any other relationship, they had their issues and had even broken up once before in August of last year.

Immediately after their announcement of a breakup back in 2017, Musk stated on Instagram that he intended to continue with their friendship and that they still love one another.

So it was clear these two probably weren't through with each other completely. Later in December, these two rekindled their romance and got back together, as everyone was expecting. In January, they were spotted in Los Angeles having a romantic sushi date, but in February, they called off their relationship again. Chances are these two might get back together, if they both forget about Musk's decisions at this year's Oscar's after party.

10 Danica Patrick & Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 

Via: Heavy.com

When talking about American open-wheel racing, the story is never complete without mentioning Danica Patrick, since she's phenomenal. Although she's an advertising spokeswoman and model, the fact that she's an amazing professional racing driver is what makes her such a big deal. No other woman in the history of American open-wheel racing even comes close to her success, since, among other race victories, her 2008 Indy Japan 300 victory made her the only female to win an IndyCar Series race. However, regardless of how amazing she might be behind the wheel, she still struggles with her love life. Last year, in December, her spokeswoman confirmed that she was no longer in a relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who is five years her junior.

Gathering from what she has been saying in interviews, she left her lover and weekly opponent on the racetrack because he never proposed or took their relationship to the next level.

We can only hope Ricky will open his eyes and just get down on one knee and do what so many men would have done by now, so there's a lot of hope here.

9 Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga 

Via: theblast.com

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have been engaged since September 2008, and as it stands right now, these two might not tie the knot anytime soon. These two broke off their engagement in November of last year, and despite all the bitterness, custody battle for their son, and alleged violations, we know that deep inside, these two are in love.

The chances of these two coming back together and even start planning a wedding towards the end of next year or early 2020 are high. This is because they have a son they both love deeply and they might choose to solve their issues rather than take him through the ugly court process they've already started.

Although we don't know much about the details of their case and the cause of the split, we're sure it's nothing new, and couples all over the world deal with such issues and get along just fine. It doesn't matter how long they've spent ending their relationship, mending it will be in everyone's best interest.

8 Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

Via: youtube.com

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a very interesting relationship. Their appearance on this list might be shocking to many people because after Selena's breakup with The Weeknd just last October, she was officially back together with Justin Bieber in November. Although we'd not want to judge, the speed at which she jumped from one relationship and into another is a bit concerning. However,

although Gomez and Bieber are supposed to be back together, they're currently on a "break."

A few years back, these two had an on-again-off-again type of a relationship, and it seems they're back at it again. Apparently, these two have had many small disagreements in last few weeks that they already need space away from each other. Although many other celebs on this list have a chance at getting back together they might very well choose not to, Selina and Bieber are sure to get back together. However, we're also sure this isn't the only time we'll hear they're on a break again.

7 Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac

Via: popsugar.com

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know and love Scarlett Johansson deeply, owing to just how great she plays the role of Black Widow/Natasha Romanova. Fans are recovering from the amazing film experience they had from watching Black Panther, and are getting ready for more of the same in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, where we'll get to see Johansson in action once again. In addition, she is set to become Hollywood's highest-paid actress when Marvel begins work on the Black Widow solo film, where she will make $25 to $31 million.

However, Johansson isn't on this list because of her success in acting, but for challenges in her personal life, which forced her to file for a divorce from her husband of two years Romain Dauriac. As of September of last year, Scarlet has been single although she has been dating Colin Jost.

There's still a chance she can get back together with Romain and they can raise their daughter together. This window will close when Jost actually asks Johansson to marry him, which he sure seems like he wants to.

6 Lauren Potter & Timothy Spear 

Via: liverampup.com

If you love shows with great music in them, you probably loved watching Glee, a show which featured high school students struggling with the pressures of school, relationships, and personal attacks from Coach Sue Sylvester. These underdog glee club members addressed everyday issues in a great way and showed that anyone could become a winner through hard work and persistence, regardless of the obstacles. One of the stars of the show was Lauren Potter, who played the role of a character called Becky Jackson. In the show, Becky served as Sue's secretary, was a member of the Cheerios, and was the most prominent of the four characters that had Down's syndrome. In real life, Lauren Potter was engaged to her childhood friend, turned fiancée, Timothy Spear. However,

these two broke up in February last year, and Potter didn't hide the fact that the break up really hurt her.

She had gone as far as talking to a wedding dress designer and TLC's Say Yes to the Dress in preparation for her forthcoming wedding. These two broke up because Spear couldn't handle the publicity; it was overwhelming. We hope these two will get back together as soon as possible.

5 Chris Pratt & Anna Faris

Via: electric949.com

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris shocked the world back in August last year when they announced they were legally separating. Apparently, they had begun the process back in July, and according to their joint statement claiming they had tried working things out for a long time before but had failed.

This was and continues to be terrible news because they were married for eight years, and they have a son called Jack Pratt.

They claim to love their son so much and say that they still love and respect each other and cherish the time they spent together, so it is likely that these two still have a chance at getting back together. These two are great actors, and they should seriously reconsider their separation. Many actors always claim to separate owing to some irreconcilable differences, a situation that both parties can easily correct if they want to. Before it's too late, these two should try giving their relationship another go.

4 Aaron Rodgers & Olivia Munn

Via: eonline.com

Aaron Rodgers, a Green Bay Packers quarterback used to be in a relationship with Olivia Munn, an actress famous for playing the role of Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse among other roles. These two got together back in 2014, and they've invested three years of their lives in a relationship none of them wants to go back to. Some people might be in support of these two never coming back together again, especially those who believe Munn is responsible for the rift that still exists between Rodgers and his family. The family fallout and accusations made headlines back in 2016, and the two made headlines once again when they split just last year.

Although these two have never shared the real reason why they split up, Rodgers once claimed that one of the factors that contributed greatly was trying to make things work under the public eye.

These two can make things work if they're willing, but if they're not, we'll probably never hear about this couple again.

3 Tyra Banks & Erik Asla

Via: nydailynews.com

Few people knew exactly who Tyra Banks was dating since she was so good at keeping their relationship private. For five years, Tyra had been dating Erik Asla, a professional photographer who was born in Norway. He also happens to do shoots for America's Next Top Model. These two have a son called York Banks Asla, who's just two years old and was born through a surrogate.

Apparently, these two started having problems during the period leading up to the delivery of their son. They used to live together in Los Angeles, but Erik had to move out following the split,

although both of them continue to work together professionally and are still friendly to each other. The chances of these two getting back together are high because they are handling this breakup maturely, to the extent of even working together and raising their son together. We can only hope that the few months they've been apart they will decide to come back together and possibly even get married.

2 Laurence Fishburne & Gina Torres

Via: usmagazine.com

Although Laurence Fishburne filed for a divorce on November 3 last year, it will surprise most people that this couple filed for separation in Los Angeles back on October 14, 2016. These two have been married for 14 years, and it's safe to say they've surely gone through a lot of challenges and overcome some.

The most disappointing thing about this breakup is the number of years these two have been together. 14 years is not such a short time,

but then again, since marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment, this period is also quite short. Both of these actors are great at what they do but we only hope they didn't let their work ruin their marriage. As is the case with all the other celebrity relationships on this list, these two have a great chance of working things out, if they choose to do so. Marriage was never meant to be easy, people need to learn how to solve challenges, not avoid them.

1 Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky

Via: usmagazine.com

The first time people heard that Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky were dating, most people immediately thought of the huge age difference, because Lawrence is young enough to be Darren's daughter. However, these two continued to love each other and dated officially for at least a year.

However, November of last year marked the end of their relationship. The main reason for their split was the 22 years age-gap between them.

Lawrence once confessed in an interview that she had developed a crush on Darren a year before they started going out, and when they finished working together in Mother!, they started going out officially. These two did not have a bitter split, and sources claimed they were still fond of each other, despite deciding to go their different ways. The chances of these two coming back together are so high because their reason for splitting up is nothing but a silly excuse, and if they truly love each other they should focus on their love, not their age.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, usmagazine.com, eonline.com, people.com, chicagotribune.com, foxnews.com

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