15 Celeb Couples Who Were Doomed From The Start Because Of Their Zodiac Signs

Celebrity astrology — especially when it comes to break-ups — is yet another way to enjoy our fave actors, musicians and other celebs. Whether you are already sold on astrology or not, checking out celeb couples against their Zodiac signs turns up some coincidences we just can’t deny.

Astrologers have been studying the skies for centuries and trying to draw out some connection to what happens to us here on Earth. But, are our lives really all written on the stars? We thought we’d take a few of our fave celebrity couples – and their often disappointing break-ups — and look into the astrology behind it all. We can’t be sure what goes on between any couple, naturally, but according to the stars and planets, it was all predictable.

From incompatible goals to massive egos and couple power struggles, there are some people, we can all agree, who probably just shouldn’t ever get together. In these cases, the Zodiac would concur.

15 Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Had Clashing Goals

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were married about ten years — long enough to have two kids and make a lot of headlines — but in the end, they were always doomed to consciously uncouple sooner or later. Gwyneth, born September 27, is a Libra. Libras are notorious for becoming obsessed with aesthetic lifestyles and self-improvement projects, and love to feel like they are leading a superior lifestyle. Chris, on the other hand, is a Pisces born March 2, the classic dreamy artist and musician.

While the two of them will share a love of beauty, art, and music, Pisces is a more laid-back soul.

Male, female, or other, they will tend to be the kind of person who loves the idea of their partner more than the actual reality. With Gwyneth so busy and aggressively promoting her Goop-ish lifestyle advice, it was a mismatch with the Pisces' more peaceful life goals.

14 Lindsey Vonn Didn't Worth With Kenan Smith Or Tiger Woods 

We could’ve told Lindsey Vonn not to bother with either former NFL assistant coach Kenan Smith or Tiger Woods — both relationships were doomed before they began. Lindsey was born on October 18, and she’s a classic Libra girl — pretty and classy. She was dating Kenan for about a year before they announced their break-up in November 2017. Kenan is a Virgo, born September 18. Practical, hard-headed Virgo and dreamy Libra — who is never on time for anything — don’t make such a compatible pair. Tiger Woods, with a birthday on December 30, is a Capricorn, another practical Earth sign with an ambitious edge. Lindsey is competitive when it comes to sports, but as a Libra, she’d rather spend her social time having fun, and an ultra competitive fellow athlete would have worn down her Libran sense of balance.

13 Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Had Too Much Drama

We love Halle Berry, but even we have to admit that her love life has had its share of ups and downs. That, however, is par for the course with a lady Leo. With a birthday on August 14, Halle is a Lioness through and through. That comes with a heavy dose of ego, and drama usually comes along with the mix. Olivier Martinez, her husband from 2013 to 2016, celebrated his birthday on January 12 — a Capricorn. The ambitious Goat and prima-donna Leo can make a fantastic power couple, but ego tussles are always a possibility. Leo craves the spotlight, while Capricorn like to lead from the shadows, but it boils down to two people who both want to lead, and that doesn’t usually spell marital harmony.

12 Blake Shelton Was A Bad Match For Miranda Lambert And Gwen Stefani

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton split up in 2015, and country music fans still haven't gotten over it. Then, Blake went on to a very public relationship with Gwen Stefani, and after all the engagement and wedding rumor, Hollywood gossip mongers have them breaking up in March 2018. Was it all predictable? Sadly, yes it was. Blake was born on June 18 — a Gemini. Miranda’s birthday is on November 10, making her a Scorpio. This pairing, between easy, breezy Twins and the super intense Scorpion, is unusual, to say the least. They might hit it up for a hot one-night stand, but it’s not a relationship built to last. There were rumors that Blake cheated on her, and sadly, that’s a typical Gemini fault. On to Gwen, who is a Libra with a birthday on October 3. Libra and Gemini are both Air signs, meaning they are brainy and talkative.

But, Gemini’s energy is hectic and constantly changing, while Libra craves peace and harmony.

Whether the latest rumors of a break up are true or not, Gemini and Libra will always have a volatile relationship.

11 Ben Affleck Was Too Immature For Jennifer Garner 

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt celebrates his birthday on August 15, a Leo. Jennifer Garner’s birth date is April 17, an Aries. The Ram and the Lion can make a great couple if all goes well, but there will always be ego issues and power struggles between the two. Leo can be generous and good-hearted, or he can be a selfish egotist. From all accounts, drinking, gambling man Ben is a bit of both.

An Aries lady is strong willed and talented in her own right, strong enough to hold her own against a Lion’s ego. But, she doesn’t like to play second fiddle to nights out partying with the boys.

The Ram was bound to get fed up sooner or later.

10 Amber Rose Dated 21 Savage And Wiz Khalifa — Two Libras

Amber Rose and 21 Savage unfollowed each other on Instagram in March 2018, and like you, we know what that means. We have to say, we could have told the foxy model and media personality and the Atlanta-based rapper that their relationship was doomed to fail. Amber’s birthday is October 21, and (ironically?) 21’s is the very next day, October 22.

That’s two Libras in one relationship — and it’s two too many.

Libra’s icon is the scales, a symbol of their unending search for the right thing to do, to say, for justice, and truth. It also means a lot of vacillating and changing their minds, being late, and forgetting details both small and large. Multiply by two, and it’s just too much chaos, in other words. Ex-husband Wiz Khalifa celebrates his birthday on September 8. He’s a no-nonsense, never late, entirely dependable Virgo — the opposite. It’s easy to see how they could drive each other crazy.

9 Selena Gomez Tried With The Weeknd And Justin Bieber

The explanation for the lovely Selena Gomez and her romantic relationships are really all in the stars. Selena is a Cancer, born on July 22. That’s a big-hearted, emotional water sign. She is said to have broken up with Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, a.k.a. The Weeknd, in the fall of 2017 after dating for about 10 months. The Weeknd’s birthday is February 16, making him an Aquarius. The Water-bearer is notoriously cool emotionally and will think nothing of letting their eyes wander over anyone they find attractive, no matter who is present.

Not exactly the emotional support needed by a sentimental Cancerian partner.

That’s where Justin Bieber — a Pisces born March 2 — comes into the picture. He’s an emotional Water sign too, although the Fish wants to run from his feelings rather than deal with them the way a Cancer does. That explains their roller-coaster relationship, with an undeniable attraction, but periods apart too.

8 Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't Let Go Of Maria Shriver 

Now what kind of a guy, you might have asked yourself back in 2011 when the story broke, would do something like have an affair with the housekeeper, who then has your child, while continuing to work in the home of you and your wife, who comes from a world famous family? A Leo, that’s who. Arnie (July 30,) displayed a classic fault of the Lion, albeit in an extreme form. Pride and arrogance are always Leo’s biggest demons, and it takes someone with a supreme disregard for anything other than his ego to come up with that scenario. At worst, a Leo will crave affirmation so much they become a chronic cheater.

Ex-wife Maria Shriver is a strong, magnetic Scorpio woman, born November 6, and sure enough, once she could no longer ignore the evidence in front of her eyes, she was gone.

Scorpio tends to be jealous and possessive and will not tolerate open betrayal. Ever. An interesting update — the Lion is also very attached to both status and long-term relationships, and it seems like Arnie just can’t let go of his American princess. As of November 2017, he still hadn’t finalized the divorce.

7 Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Didn't Last

Aries is often described as a force of nature, and Lady Gaga (March 28) fits that bill, especially the way she burst into the pop music scene early in her career. The Ram is a Fire sign and has a restless kind of energy. They usually live in a whirlwind of activity.

Former fiancé Taylor Kinney’s birthday is July 15, making him a Cancer. Cancer is a Water sign — and you can already see the conflict of interest.

Cancer is emotional, sometimes moody, and with feelings that are easily bruised. Enter Aries, who speaks without thinking (before or after) and completely ignores anyone’s feelings, and you can see where this combination could easily go wrong. They’ll respect each other, and there will be a hot s*xual chemistry, but it’s not built to last.

6 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Couldn't Live Together

After years of the quiet married life, Jennifer Aniston is making the cover of the tabloids again with her split from husband Justin Theroux. We hope it was fun while it lasted — and it might well have been. Jennifer, born February 11, is an Aquarius, and Justin, born August 10, is a Leo. In astrological terms, they are actually opposites of the Zodiac. Aquarius is the impersonal loner with an intellectual leaning, while Leo is the scene stealing ham, the life of every party. If both of them have healthy egos, it can start out well — in fact, it’s probably one of the better one-night stand hook-ups going. Opposites do attract, after all. Leo needs to respect his long term partners, and they tend to find lots to respect in smart, articulate Water-bearers.

The big fly in the ointment will be Leo’s ego, which needs regular care and feeding, while Aquarius’ self assurance is the psychological equivalent of the desert cactus that can go months without water.

They don’t need stroking, and they have no intention of giving it out, either. These two signs will always have the hots for each other, but they just can’t live together.

5 Guillermo del Toro And Lorenza Newton Are Opposites

It was just after winning the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture for The Shape of Water in March 2018 that Guillermo del Toro announced his split from wife Lorenza Newton. Guillermo’s birthday is on October 9, making him a Libra, while Lorenza’s birthday is March 11, making her a Pisces.

Both are imaginative signs who are drawn to the arts and creative careers, so it’s easy to see what they had in common.

Lorenza has worked as an art director and is credited with "special thanks" on movies like Pacific Rim and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. In fact, the marriage lasted about three decades. The problems between these two signs will revolve around Libra’s unemotional take on life vs. Pisces’ way of hiding from their emotions while romanticizing real life. Seeing everything through rose-colored glasses can be easier than dealing with cold-hard reality, but eventually it comes crashing in. The real Libra can’t give Pisces the romantic relationship they secretly dream of — but it may take them a while to admit it.

4 Elon Musk And Amber Heard Are Too Different, Emotionally

Billionaire Elon Musk and actress Amber Heard announced the end of their year-long relationship in the summer of 2017. The two made a striking couple, but even the most Instagram-friendly celeb couples can’t escape what has been doomed by the stars and planets. Elon’s birthday is June 28, making him a Cancer. Amber’s is April 22, making her a Taurus. A classic Crab is moody and emotional. Their feelings are easily hurt. They also often get caught up in larger causes, like saving the world from the petroleum industry, for example. The Bull, on the other hand, is hardheaded, very grounded in home and family, and likes peace and quiet. They’ll go charging into any proverbial China shop.

Taurus also needs a fair amount of attention from their partner, and a busy exec with causes and concerns that take him all over the globe just isn’t going to cut it.

It won’t be a nasty break-up, and they’re probably still friends, but this pair would be hard to make work.

3 Rosario Dawson And Eric Andre Want Different Things

The Bull and The Ram — who would win this battle of strong wills? Sadly, that’s often where a relationship between these two signs ends up. Our fave night nurse in the Marvel universe was born on May 9, making her the Taurus. Comedian and Man Seeking Woman actor celebrates his birthday on April 4, an Aries. The sparks would certainly fly in a meeting of these two.

The trouble with these two signs is that they want different things in life.

The Bull is home based, or at the very least tied to a close circle of friends, while Aries is restless and drawn to making abrupt and thoughtless statements. Then there’s that issue of stubbornness. With these two, it’s easy to see how power struggles and conflicting goals can drive them apart.

2 Jennifer Lawrence Needed Assurance From Darren Aronofsky

As a movie, Mother! got a bad to mixed reviews from critics and audiences. It’s star, Jennifer Lawrence, and director Darren Aronofsky, however, went on to have other creative adventures together. The two were an item for about a year, splitting up in late 2017. Darren, born February 12, is an Aquarius, while Jenn, born August 15, is a Leo. It’s definitely an attraction of opposites, which also explains the 22-year difference in ages. Aquarius is the kind of guy who seems low key on the surface, but is very self-assured.

That’s why he’s not scared away by the Lion and her strong, magnetic personality. He sees it as a challenge. The problem will be egos.

Leo can’t help themselves. They need affirmation on a regular basis, and need to feel they are both the center of attention and in charge at all times. Cool, often aloof Aquarius just isn’t stroking anybody’s ego, now or ever. It inevitably leads to friction somewhere along the way for these two signs

1 Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Couldn't Keep It Together

Many fans were disappointed when Chris Pratt and wife of eight years Anna Faris divorced in 2017. Chris (June 21) is a Gemini on the cusp of Cancer (meaning near the turning point of one sign into another) and Anna (November 29) is a Sagittarius. The Twins are bright, brainy, and talkative, and with the influence of Cancer, it would add a moody edge. Geminis change their minds at a moment’s notice and have a kinetic, vibrant kind of energy, like the breeze that rushes by on a summer’s day. Sagittarius, The Archer, is a Fire sign with a similarly vibrant kind of energy, but steadier and hotter than wispy Gemini.

The Archer is a true dreamer, a romantic who sees the good in everybody, while Gemini will blow hot and then cold erratically, and is usually on the flighty side emotionally speaking.

There were rumors of cheating, and it’s pretty common with a Gemini. Most of the time, these two signs just aren’t on the same page.

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