12 Trends Gigi Hadid Made Popular (And 12 That Were A Bit Too Weird)

While it seemed like Gigi Hadid was an overnight success as she makes her way up the ladder of popular supermodels, it’s safe to say she has caused quite a few trends to up the ante in their popularity. Still, just like most in the fashion industry, she has also made a few choices that have caused fans and followers alike to give her a major side eye. Either way, we can’t deny that Gigi is one of the most popular trendsetters to say the least. Of course it helps that she constantly rubs elbows with her sister, Bella Hadid, who is also in the same category when it comes to fashion, and model and reality star Kendall Jenner.

However, Gigi has managed to create a lane of her own thanks to her trendy fashion choices, even the ones that come across as a bit weird, such as a NASA jumpsuit or cat eye sunglasses. Fortunately for Gigi, because of her fashion sense, she can rock even the strangest pieces and outfits with comfort and ease as if the sidewalks in New York City and Los Angeles are her runways. With that in mind, check out 12 trends she made popular and 12 that are a little weird.

24 Trend She Made Popular: Blazer Meets Cape

Via: Glamour

Okay, so we all love a good blazer, right? And the cape fashion has been a super trendy wardrobe choice for the last few fall and winter seasons. But Gigi took it to another level when she combined both the blazer and cape look in one piece. Like, talk about heavenly. It’s the best of both worlds for the two items that have already been deemed as staple fashion options for any given woman’s wardrobe. Fortunately for those who look to Gigi for fashion trends and options, she’s given us all the green light on this one plenty of times.

23 A Bit Too Weird: Trucker's Jacket

Via: Chhory

While we absolutely love and adore the idea of supermodel Gigi sporting a trucker jacket, we can’t fully back this trend as one that she’s made popular. It might be because it’s just slightly weird. Of course, she’s a model so she can make anything look like it’s Balmain or Christian Dior, but trucker jacket is a trend that has yet to pop, if it ever will. Still, that hasn’t stopped Gigi from going for it, possibly multiple times. Meanwhile, we’re still trying to wrap our head around the jean mixed with a faux fur looking material in one piece.

22 Trend She Made Popular: 90s Gear

Via: Hawt Celebs

Who doesn’t love the 90s? Gigi was born in the mid-90s, so even though she was probably just entering Kindergarten when the new millennium rolled around, she certainly has a sense of 90s fashion. Her two most popular pieces that she’s been spotted in are the Nickelodeon crop top (talk about bringing a new meaning to the network’s infamous SNICK lineup) and an oversized sweatshirt with none other than the MTV logo. It goes beyond providing a feeling of nostalgia but also makes a pretty impressive fashion statement too. And if anyone can do both, it’s certainly Gigi who can.

21 Trend She Made Popular: Bucket Bag

Via: Pinterest

Anyone who pays attention to Gigi’s fashion choices knows that one of her favorite accessories to complete her outfits is a bucket bag. It’s another throwback option that Gigi has making us scour through our childhood items to try and find. From her all-white bag to a printed option, it’s safe to say Gigi’s closet is full of these bucket bags. And we love it! They’re plain enough to be a go-to piece yet the shape of them is unique enough to make a statement of its own. Plus, it’s a pretty convenient bag considering you can just drop your must-haves in it with no shame. This is probably why it’s one of Gigi’s favorites.

20 A Bit Too Weird: Monochrome Yellow Trend

Via: Vogue

Okay, so we know that Gigi is just of a ton of celebrities to wear this trend that has been taking over runways and award show red carpets. But we’re not necessarily a fan of Gigi’s choices when she’s rocking it. She definitely took a risk when she wore this monochrome yellow velour (or maybe velvet?) jacket with a turtle neck and matching boots (and her infamous jeans that are between the pants and capris stages). It’s just something about this look that we can’t necessarily vibe with entirely. It was a risky statement piece, which we’ve made clear that Gigi is known for, so we can’t be entirely upset about it. It’s just a tad weird.

19 Trend She Made Popular: Slip Dress

Via: Pinterest

This one could have easily been a hit or miss for Gigi, but fortunately for her, it was a definite hit. It’s easily one of her signature pieces and also possibly convinced some of her fans they could rock the same outfit. It has this cool double-dual look that lets wearers rock it in the comfort of their own home or while they’re out and about with friends. It might look like a plain Jane item, but thanks to Gigi, it’s clearly so much more. Plus, the idea of wearing anything resembling a slip by itself is quite fascinating. Cheers to Gigi for this one.

18 A Bit Too Weird: Striped Pajamas

Via:US Weekly

For starters, the idea of wearing pajamas in public and in the middle day is mind boggling. But to wear such a unique pair like these green and white ones is mind blowing. While it’s not necessarily the strangest and most side eye worthy Gigi has been seen wearing out and about, it’s definitely one that is a little strange. We’re just interested to see how many everyday women would be brave enough to wear it outside of the comfort of their own home. The fact that we haven’t seen much shows that Gigi still has yet to make this one a popular one.

17 Trend She Made Popular: Bomber Jacket

Via: Glamour

Even though the classic bomber jacket was already a go-to trend, Gigi helped it spring to a new level of popularity when she made it clear it was a fashion choice she couldn’t help but rock regularly. We love that she switches it up from the classic black bomber jacket to one full of prints that can stand out during any occasion. While it’s a pretty basic option, she has proven she can spice it up and use it as an accessory or a statement piece. Besides, we can only imagine how many bomber jackets Gigi has in her closet.

16 A Bit Too Weird: NASA Jumpsuit

Via: Pinterest

Okay, so we first have to clap it up for Gigi for being brave enough to wear a NASA jumpsuit. It’s super edgy and quite the eye grabber. But as far as trend, it’s not necessarily one that will cause it to fly off the shelves because of its popularity. While it caused many to try to figure out the reason behind this fashion choice (like maybe it was for an advertisement?) it didn’t take long to realize that she just wore it for fun. We have a few questions about this but we’re pretty sure it would never get answered.

15 Trend She Made Popular: Extra Long Flannel Cardigan

Via: Pinterest

Ah, we’re loving this piece. It’s another statement item that helped put Gigi on fashion magazine’s Best Dressed list. The best part is that it’s super comfortable, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s also fashionable. Still, Gigi has pointed out in more ways than one that there are multiple ways to rock a flannel cardigan that nearly reaches your ankles. Whether you rock it with heels, boots, or flat sandals, the cardigan makes enough of a statement of its own. So it’s not one of those items that you have to try super hard to find something to wear with it. Thanks Gigi for this goldmine.

14 A Bit Too Weird: Cropped Wide Leg Jeans

Via: Pinterest

Ah, the cropped wide leg jeans. We’ve already proven that Gigi has the power to make a throwback fashion choice popular again. Unfortunately for us and her, this isn’t one of them. We see what she’s trying to do, but there’s something about the combination of the pants being cropped and wide-legged that just isn’t working for us. Just because it’s fashionable, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in style. Of course, they don’t look bad on Gigi thanks to her long legs. But we have to be honest, we’re not necessarily here for this look. It’s just a bit too weird.

13 Trend She Made Popular: Ballet Flats

Via: Pinterest

We’re pretty convinced ballet flats were on their way out until Gigi was spotted wearing them. Not once or twice, but on any given day, Gigi can be seen strolling through major cities wearing ballet flats that first seemed to have hit the scene in the early 2000s. While we thought the round-toe flat was going to be a fashion don’t sooner than later, Gigi wore it with no shame, subsequently bringing back its popularity. And we’re here for it. Besides, they’re super comfortable. Which is a major win because who doesn’t love comfortable fashion choices? It’s clear that Gigi does.

12 A Bit Too Weird: Striped Velour Outfit

Via: Tom + Lorenzo

We think it’s safe to say Gigi loves her stripes! But there’s a time, place, and outfit for them. We’re not certain or sure that this is one of them. While it’s a casual outfit that has the power to deemed runway ready, we’re having a difficult time accepting this one as a trend Gigi will make popular sooner than later, or ever. We have to say, she’s a brave soul for wearing it proudly, just like many of the other items on this list, whether she’s made them popular or not. Because you’ll never really know if a trend will stick until you try, and Gigi has certainly tried.

11 Trend She Made Popular: Turtlenecks

Via: POPSugar

Ah, turtlenecks. Listen, we all remember having to wear these in elementary school, and we pretty much hated them. They seemed to go away for a while and we couldn’t be happier. But then models like Gigi started to rock them and actually made them fashionable and popular. From tucking into high waisted pants, pairing it with a bomber jacket, or (insert gasp here), doing both, Gigi has been able to prove the many different ways you can wear a turtleneck and still be on trend. While we clearly can’t fit the ones we used to have as kids, we’re not ashamed to go and buy a new one.

10 A Bit Too Weird: Striped Pants

Via: Pinterest

Okay, we love Gigi. But what’s really happening here? Even though black and white is usually a classic trend that we love, this time around it’s a bit too busy and weird for our taste. Had she worn all black pants or all white, it would have been different. But Gigi wouldn’t be the model we’ve grown to love if she didn’t take risks like this one. Still, we just have to give a hard pass on this one. It might be safe to say Gigi has passed too because she hasn’t been seen wearing it too often. But when she does, she rocks it as if you can’t tell her it’s not a trend she’s made popular.

9 Trend She Made Popular: Black Denim

Via: The Jeans Blog

Black denim is probably one of the most classic pieces and trends there is. Still, Gigi’s love for it definitely made it popular again. Of course, she wasn’t the first person to rock it, but it’s safe to say she inspired many others to go out and purchase a pair of black denim skinny jeans or an oversized black denim jacket. And we’re definitely not mad about it. Interestingly enough, it’s safe to say this is one of her most classic and plain wardrobe pieces, especially when compared to others that she’s been known to don on a regular basis, but that’s one of the reasons why she helped make it so popular.

8 A Bit Too Weird: Cat Eye Sunglasses

Via: Refinery29

Between these and the trend of the super small sunglasses that barely cover the pupil, we really can’t keep up. But the cat eye shape for sunglasses, especially the oversized ones, is one that we don’t know if we’ll ever embrace. Gigi has no shame or fear in sporting these. Which is probably a great thing considering she’s a supermodel and all. And while we love her, we’re not quite at the point that we feel she can do no wrong. Of course, this trend could be a lot worse, but for now, it’s a bit too weird for our flavor.

7 Trend She Made Popular: Statement Backpacks


Backpacks are another trend that aren’t what they used to be. While we’re used to the heavy-duty ones that could only be seen at school, celebrities like Gigi have brought a new meaning to the trend. The mini-sized backpacks are a popular trend has been given its status thanks to those such as Gigi. She’s always seen wearing one, especially a classic black statement piece or even the printed ones. Either way, of course she manages to make it look cool and fashionable. She might not have people running to the nearest Charlotte Russe to pick one up, but she has certainly helped make it a popular trend.

6 A Bit Too Weird: High-Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Via: POPSugar

Again, one or other Gigi, one or other. You want to go for wide-legged? Be our guest, we guess, even though that trend alone is pretty weird. But to do wide legged and high-waisted? Just a slightly weird trend. Plus, the top of the pants also add yet another pretty confusing and unclear idea to the overall piece and outfit in general. Of course, Gigi is rocking it like only she can, but that doesn’t take away from the notion that it’s a little too weird for our flavor. But hey, if she likes it, we can try to love it.

5 Trend She Made Popular: Suede Boots

Via: The Zoe Report

Suede boots were another trend we thought were going away soon. But in true Gigi fashion, she’s made it clear for her, it’s just another item she can’t live without. We’ve nearly lost count of how many times she’s been seen wearing suede boots. And we even love those times she takes it up a notch or two and rocks the over-the-knee version of the items she’s made even more popular. While they don’t always have the most comfortable feeling, Gigi has a way of making us feel like we can glide in them. Leave it to her to bring back a good trend that was at risk of never seeing the light of day.

4 A Bit Too Weird: Slide-On Loafers

Via: The Jeans Blog

Gigi isn’t the only famous person who has tried to make this trend a thing. But it hasn’t quite stuck yet with many people who are considered the average person. While we don’t totally hate the loafer idea, it’s the fur part that makes it a questionable choice. We can possibly thank Gucci for that as they were one of the first designers to create these lovely ladies. We’re trying to embrace them just as much as Gigi did, but for now, they’re still considered a part of the weird and strange category. At least she’s rocking with comfort and ease, though.

3 Trend She Made Popular: White Winter Coat

Via: POPSugar

Wearing anything all white can be pretty risky. And of course there’s that ancient fashion rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day or before Easter Sunday. Well Gigi clearly doesn’t listen to that rule. Because she sported a bright white winter coat with no shame during a time of year that clearly didn’t fall within the allotted and allowed timeframe. Still, we have to say we love that Gigi pretty much gave us all the green light to wear this one. While she’s not necessarily the fashion bible, she does have a say in what’s in and out. And we’re happy she made this trend popular.

2 A Bit Too Weird: Hair Accordion Accessory

Via: US Weekly

First off, can we just take a moment to remember the beauty of this hair accessory back in the 90s? Secondly, it’s safe to say this trend should have stayed there. It’s almost in the same category as those mini butterfly hair clips. But that hasn’t stopped Gigi from wearing them on the regular. Yes, their classy and classic, but for today’s world, it’s just a little weird, especially when it paired with a look that requires your hair to be pulled back. But that doesn’t make our love for Gigi go down in any way. We just wish she’d do away with this one.

1 A Bit Too Weird: Patchwork Jeans

Via: The Jeans Blog

These are another pair of jeans that Gigi can’t seem to live without. But we certainly can. Again, we love that she’s not afraid to step out there. Still, these patchwork jeans are just really hard to hone in on. They almost serve as a distraction from the outfit rather than a compliment for it. If we’re looking at the positives, we love the shape of the jeans (can’t go wrong with a high-waist skinny jean option), but the darker shades are what makes this trend a little more weird than popular. But hey, she typically makes great fashion choices more often than not. So we can give her a pass on these.

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