12 Things Fans Should Know About Batwoman (12 About Ruby Rose)

On August 7th, The CW announced that Ruby Rose would be joining the Arrowverse as Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman. The character will make her debut in the major television crossover series in December. Each year, The CW links up all the superhero shows for a huge crossover event that ends up being amazing nine times out of ten it seems.

Last year, they introduced their first same love superhero in Ray during the event. Ray has since not appeared in the Arrowverse but chances are he'll likely return sometime down the line. Meanwhile, Kate Kane is expected to make her debut in this year's big crossover. There is a major difference between her and Ray, however.

Though Ray has not been seen much since his debut in the Arrowverse, Batwoman will likely be seen a lot more. The CW is currently underway on developing a Batwoman television series that will likely debut at some point in 2019 and run through 2020. The plan is simply to introduce her here, and then the series will come later. She'll likely return in a show or two next year before Batwoman debuts on The CW.

As of now, it is not certain which Earth Batwoman will be on....but most assume it'll be Supergirl's since they have already established a Batman on that Earth. That said, Ruby Rose seems like the perfect casting choice for Batwoman in so many ways. We felt that it would be good to discuss Ruby and Batwoman for those unaware of one or the other. So sit back and enjoy as we reveal some cool things about both!

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24 Ruby Rose: Her Stance On Gender-Fluidity

Ruby Rose is clearly newer to some people out there, but she has been in some pretty cool movies as of late. One of the clear things people will see with Rose is her look, which is quite different compared to other models and actresses we see as often as we see her. One of the main reasons for this is her obsession with gender-fluidity. While she likes being a woman herself, she does enjoy throwing some masculinity in there too.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the people she chooses to have an attraction to...it's more than just a guy or girl situation for her. She calls herself gender-fluid here most of all, as she does not care if they are a man or woman. She just cares if the attraction is there, which would pretty much make her bisexual. However, she has been notably interested in women more often. This is pretty useful when taking on Batwoman.

23 Batwoman: She Is One Of The Most Notable People In Comics Today

via The Mary Sue

When there was a push for same love people to have a superhero, there was an issue in creating a character. You did not want to insult them by giving them animated sparkles and rainbows. They wanted a cool hero who just happened to love someone of the same gender.

Enter Kate Kane in the Batman series. She comes off as a female Batman and kicks butt just like him, who just happens to be into girls. So it worked insanely well, and DC has pushed it far more in recent years.

22 Ruby Rose: She Was A Notable Model For Years (Partly Still Is)

via Marie Claire

One of the big things people often do not know about Ruby Rose is that she really started her career as a model. We all know she is a beautiful woman and has a very unique look today too. She was so good as a model that she caught the attention of the "Girlfriend" model search in 2002.

She'd come in second in the search but made an impression. The Milk & Honey brand would later work with her on a fashion line too. She has since appeared in catalogs or commercials for brands like Cosmopolitan, Maxim, InStyle Magazine, Inked Magazine, as well as Vogue Australia. She is also the Australian face for Maybelline.

21 Batwoman: She's Interestingly Jewish

via Arousing Grammar

While religion hardly ever meshes with the gay lifestyle in most present mediums, it certainly plays a huge role for Batwoman. She has been notably Jewish for several years in the comics and will likely remain that way when she comes to television. This part of her life would be introduced in 2006, as she celebrates the Jewish holiday period of Hanukkah with Renee Montoya in the DC Holiday Special comic.

Batman has been notable for several years but one thing that has always been left out of his origin, as well as his entire comic history, is the idea of any real religious connection. The fact that writers wanted to give this to Batwoman already makes her completely different than the Dark Knight.

20 Ruby Rose: She's From Australia

Due to how well she holds down accents such as our American-English type, it seems tough to believe that Ruby Rose could come from any other country. However, like other superheroes such as Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie, she too is from the land down under. Rose grew up in Australia and remained there for most of her life, having appeared in multiple shows and doing her early modeling work with them.

She would migrate to the United States after casting directors and modeling agencies began to see that she could easily transition into bigger roles. While she seems to go home often and is a very proud Aussie, she keeps very busy in America these days.

19 Batwoman: She was with The Question (Sort Of)

The Question might be one of the best superheroes DC Comics has ever had that ultimately ends up underused ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Many had hope that he would be brought to the Arrowverse, but sadly he hasn't. Many people should also not get excited to see him join the eventual Batwoman series either. The original Question, Vic Sage, has a new partner of sorts named Renee Montoya that eventually replaced him as the only Question.

Montoya would get the role in The New 52 and has kept it since. Renee was also used in a one-off version in The CW's Arrow show a few years ago too, which means she is a character in play here. Batwoman's main love interest in the comics does seem to be Montoya, so we'll likely see a lot of the two.

18 Ruby Rose: Her Growing Up Was Rough Due To Her Lifestyle

via Ambiente G

It is a good thing that people in the community are more accepted today than they used to be. Either people do not care if someone wants to be a certain thing or they think it's great. Regardless, it's pretty easy to be here now compared to years ago. If you think today seems a bit hard, you might want to talk to Ruby Rose about that.

Rose came out when she was a young teenager. Upon coming out, her classmates would incredibly mean to her. It's not shocking that she comes off so tough these days, as she had to learn how to be at a very early age just to survive.

17 Batwoman: Batman Praises Her Stealth Abilities

Being stealthy is impressive, but very few people are as stealthy as Batman. He has learned to do is so well, it's almost an art-form. While most of the Bat-Family can be praised for their detective skills and stealth, no man has ever rivaled Batman himself. The operative word there is "man," however. Batwoman is by no means a man, and she matches Batman here in many ways.

This was so apparent that Batman himself actually praised her for her stealth skills. She once managed to sneak up on Supergirl, who has super-hearing and can see through most walls. Very few ever could do this, but one of those people happens to be Batwoman herself.

16 Ruby Rose: She Was Not Born With The Name She Uses

via Zimbio.com

We all know of her simply by the name of Ruby Rose, but this is not exactly her real name. She was born in 1986 under the name of Ruby Rose Langenheim. She mostly grew up in a single parent household with her mother and artist Katia Langenheim being all she had there. Clearly, it is tough to be raised without a father around but she managed to be okay in the end, as we see today.

Ruby decided her full name was not of use to her when she decided to get involved in modeling and acting, so she simply shortened it to what we see now. Can't say we blame her on this one.

15 Batwoman: She Has An Extensive Military Background (Kind Of)

via Black Girl Nerds

One does not randomly become Batwoman without some sort of skill to go along with it. Kate Kane would join the United States Military Academy. Her father happens to be a huge military man himself, so it made all the sense in the world that she would go into it. However, it did not pan out well. She would be out of the academy after a while, though she learned a good bit from the experience. She would end up using stolen military equipment to become Batwoman and fight crime.

In order to do this properly, her father Jacob Kane actually helped his daughter. After finding out about her use of stolen military equipment, he would send her around the world to train for a few years to become the skilled martial artist and overall fighter she is today.

14 Ruby Rose: She Is A Trained Fighter 

We already mentioned how tough Ruby had it growing up as a teenager. The beatdowns forced the toughness to come out, but she would eventually use her toughness for a good cause. She trained just three months for a charity boxing match that she ended up winning. She always loved boxing, as her Godfather happened to be a World Champion.

His name was Lionel Rose, Australia's first major Boxing World Champion. Ronda Rousey's success in the UFC converted her into being an MMA fan. She would eventually add that to her training, which came in handy for John Wick 2.

13 Batwoman: She Is Quite A Wealthy Woman

via Pinterest

We all know of Bruce Wayne and his billionaire lifestyle, but Kate Kane can rival that a bit. Like him, she lost someone. Bruce lost both of his parents, but she would lose her mother and sister. The origin goes that her father and mother worked as United States Intelligence agents and would travel the world finding out information for the military to use. Sadly, the two became targets as a result as well as their two daughters.

After their passing, her father would eventually get re-married to billionaire weapons heiress Catherine Hamilton. This made Kate wealthy.

12 Ruby Rose: She Made Her Debut In A Big Way

Orange is the New Black happened to be a huge show that Netflix was seeing a ton of awards and viewership for. By Season 3, they were well-established and all the people who appeared on the show were on a rocket ship to fame. They would bring in Ruby Rose for that season.

She would play a great character from 2015-2016 by the name of Stella Carlin. The team would be nominated for a slew of awards during this time and ultimately her career took off after this.

11 Batwoman: Her Sister Was Not As Gone As She Thought

via DC Comics

Due to the ordeal that happened during the saving of Kate, her sister was thought to be gone after a shootout which resulted in her passing. Her twin sister being gone had to be a huge loss, but it was not for long.

She comes back as Alice in Detective Comics Issue #854. She goes insane and eventually joined the Religion of Crime group, basing her name and look off Alice in Wonderland. She rose to power quickly in the group and would become quite a force to deal with for some time.

10 Ruby Rose: She Once Wanted To be a man

via SELF Magazine

Ruby wanted to transition to a man for a good portion of her teenage years. So much so that she would actually dress like a guy quite often and even saved up money for several years to do it.

Eventually, she decided against it, saying: “It was in my mind as something I wanted to do and then I just… didn’t.” She wakes up today and dresses how she feels rather than to be a certain gender or not, but she is happy being a woman it appears.

9 Batwoman: Her Father Was Overly Supportive...But With A Catch

via YouTube

Kate Kane's father Jacob Kane was obviously a huge military guy who served with the armed forces for many years as not just an intelligence operative but a special forces type of person among other roles. When Kate was kicked out of the military, her father always wanted her back in it. The plan in his eyes was that she could prove herself as a hero by being Batwoman. She could then rejoin the Armed Forces at a later date after proving herself.

He went so far as to send her all around the world to train and supplied her much needed equipment to help her in her fight. He even went as far as making a Bat-Army that he wanted her to lead, which was pretty insane. All to one day get her back into the military it appears...which she has yet to do.

8 Ruby Rose: She Was A Huge Part Of MTV-Australia

In 2009, Ruby Rose was part of the Australian MTV Awards as a host on the red carpet but her stint with them was far bigger. For those that do not remember, MTV used to be all about music rather than horrible reality shows that make us weep at their stupidity. In fact, it was sort of what they were literally made for as a network.

During this time when MTV did not alienate music, they had many forms of their network all over the world. One such place was in Australia where they had a gorgeous VJ/DJ on their network from 2007-2011 named Ruby Rose. She handled a lot of the music between breaks and throughout the week during that time.

7 Batwoman: Nightwing Once Had A Thing For Her

via Black Girl Nerds

Dick Grayson has had a lot of love interests in the comics, with the most prominent today being Starfire of Teen Titans fame. However, he did not always have a love in his heart for an orange-skinned alien that would make Presidents ask about their tanning salon. He actually had a huge attraction to Kate Kane. Dick would try to get with her on numerous occasions.

At one point he gives her an official Batarang, which so far she had not had the chance to use. He hopes this will get her enticed enough to go home with him or on a date, but she chooses to spend the night with Renee Montoya.

6 Ruby Rose: She Proved Models Can Have Tattoos

via The Gloss

Ruby Rose somehow managed to get a ton of modeling gigs despite her tattoos. Most modeling agents tell both men and women to avoid inking up their body as many places will never want to work with them if they do. For the most part, this seems to be true. How many tatted up people are you seeing on the average commercial or magazine spread? Despite this, Ruby has gotten steady work with her ink anyway.

Her biggest issue was that she was once unemployed for 2 years before Orange is the New Black called her to come in. She has managed to be used as a model ever since and even showed her ink off in an anti-fur campaign where she showed off ALL of the tattoos she has. She has even mentioned the meaning behind a number of them.

5 Batwoman: what Led her To Becoming A Vigilante

via YouTube

We often see people like Bruce Wayne as well as Dick Grayson out having drinks, mostly to protect their alter ego's identity or attain information. However, Kane did not have this sort of situation happen to her. Upon being kicked out of the military academy, she spiraled out of control. She decided to drop out of college and even break up with her girlfriend at the time too.

Since she was a rich girl with issues, she was able to afford whatever she wanted and partying was her mistress. One night during an attack while she was intoxicated, Batman saved her, inspiring her to become who she is today.

4 Ruby Rose: She Is A Successful Filmmaker 

While Ruby Rose has appeared in Orange is the New Black as well as John Wick 2 with an appearance in John Wick 3 on the horizon, as well as the upcoming movie Meg....she has success beyond this. She wrote and produced a movie called Break Free, which happened to be about gender.

Interestingly, the movie made its way online with Ruby only having some fame at the time and okay hits on her personal YouTube Channel. However, the movie did insanely well online as it attained millions of views and still ranks as a top movie about the subject of gender for many.

3 Batwoman: She's Sort Of Related To Bruce Wayne

via DC-Database

The original Batwoman was Kathy Kane with her original name being Kathy Web. She married into the Kane family with Nathan Kane. Nathan happened to be Martha Wayne's youngest brother. This, in theory, would make Kathy the aunt of Bruce Wayne, which is incredibly weird! This all happened during DC's Silver Age of comics decades ago.

Funny story here as well is that Kathy Kane's niece is Betty Kane, who happens to be Kane Kane's cousin. By 2011, the story changed up and writer Grant Morrison added her to his series Batman Incorporated. She dates and is briefly engaged to Bruce Wayne in this series.

2 Ruby Rose: She Is A Massive Comic Book Fan

via Slash Film

Growing up like most, there was already going to be an attraction to books and movies for her. Every kid has some sort of connection to them, but one very different case for Ruby was her obsession over comics. She appears to be a collector of them and is apparently an avid reader of them too.

Rose is such a fan that she once said that she wanted to get a strand of Margot Robbie's hair from her role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. All of this to complete her collection, of course. Nothing weird about that right? She even confessed to having broken down in tears when she got the part of Batwoman out of sheer happiness to become her in the live-action format.

1 Batwoman: The Original Batwoman Was VERY Different To Today's Version

Today we know of Batwoman as a crazy cool and tough female superhero that can equal men in multiple ways. It's not even a debate that she could stand on her own against some of the best out there. Despite the cool version of her today, this version has only been in play since 2006.

She was actually axed for some time from the comics, but before all of this, she debuted in Detective Comics Issue #233 in July of 1956. She is very straight, uses another name, and is completely different from how she is portrayed today. She was removed from their roster in 1964 and officially removed in 1985. This led to the return of the now infamous superhero of Kate Kane that we see today.

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