12 Superheroes People Aren't Fans Of (And 12 Villains They Are)

Superheroes dominate the pop culture landscape. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is all over the place with big-screen movies and shows on ABC and Netflix. DC has a rougher time with the big screen but has huge success with the CW’s “Arrowverse.” There are cartoons and other shows, all coming together to bring heroes to life. Thus, it’s easy for fans to pick their favorites and love them dearly. You’ll hear the Marvel vs DC debates constantly as they talk about their favorites, who’d win in a fight, and more. It’s fun but let’s face it, not every hero is all that super. Too many times, the movies or TV shows have failed to deliver in a hero and made them come off way worse than they should have. There’s also how there are a few heroes who don’t deserve a screen treatment at all as the comic book personas alone were utterly horrific.

Then there are the villains that fans love. The “bad guys” who come off amazingly cool thanks to the actor with good motivations and thus fans are won over. In a few cases, the villains actually have good points and we become sympathetic. It can also be the actors making them stand out with some movies or shows better at showing a villain than others. It all shows the great variety in comic book properties around and why it’s so interesting to see them. Here are the 12 superheroes fans just cannot stand but 12 villains they love.


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If there’s one thing fans are hoping to see in Phase 4 of the MCU is a real take on the greatest villain in Marvel Comics. Since his first appearance, Doctor Victor Von Doom has been the key enemy of the Fantastic Four but fought just about every other hero in the MCU. His imposing armored face pre-dates Darth Vader by quite a while and makes him stand out. He’s twisted and powerful with his weapons, has an army of lookalike robots, a time machine and more. There’s his arrogance and temper, he is always ready to prove himself and can never accept when he has lost. Yet there’s also a majesty to Doom and not just because he rules his own country. Something about him makes him stand out well as a man who must be listened to.

Doom is evil but does have a streak of honor within him and is willing to help save the planet. There’s also his sheer confidence, how he truly believes the world will be a better place with him as absolute ruler and sometimes, it’s hard to argue he’s wrong. The movies have botched it with Julian McMahon as a businessman type and then Toby Kebbel as a scientist/blogger. Doom should be played as a figure to intimidate, fear but also respect and fans are hoping one day he’ll finally get justice on the big screen.

23 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Vibe (DC Comics Version)

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When the producers of The Flash announced Cisco Ramon would be a major character, more than a few eyebrows were raised. That’s because the comic book version is one of the most infamously terrible characters DC has ever created. In 1984, DC decided the Justice League needed a boost. So they had Aquaman disband the team and bring on a new one of young characters. Among them was Vibe, hands down the worst Leaguer of all time. His power was good as he had the ability to create waves of seismic power. But he was also every walking cliché of Latino “street life” imaginable with a terrible way of talking in slang and acting like an arrogant jerk.

DC also made a huge deal of him being a break-dancer as that was a big thing in the ‘80s. They tried to mature him as a tougher fighter but it didn’t take as he still came off horrible as a character and this was a very lame version of the League. He was killed off and most weren’t too upset to see him go. Thankfully, the TV show is better. He is a smart guy with a great sense of humor and shows a cool power of opening up portals to other worlds. It’s a great way to redeem one of the absolute worst characters DC ever tried to get fans to accept as a super-hero.

22 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: Vulture (Michael Keaton)

One of the oldest Spider-Man enemies, the Vulture has long been portrayed as an elderly man using a special winged suit for crimes. Leave it to the MCU to shift the character majorly. For Spider-Man Homecoming, Michael Keaton played the role of Adrian Toomes who’s younger than his comic counterpart but far more appealing. As the film begins, Toomes is leading his crew cleaning up from the alien invasion of Avengers and expecting a big payday. He’s thus miffed when Tony Stark forms Damage Control to do all the work himself. Keeping the alien tech, Toomes creates a gang, declaring “the world’s changed. Time we did too.” He himself looks imposing in a fantastic flying suit.

The character is great, arguing that he deserves all this as he’s a blue-collar guy and someone rich like Stark can never understand him. He’s smart, warning his goons on not causing a fuss that can bring the heat down on them but he still wants to achieve his goals. There’s also how he truly loves his daughter and in a way, is doing this for her. When he threatens Peter, he makes it clear he doesn’t mind the kid but it’s all business for him. It’s amazing how relatable this character is and thus he is one “bad guy” fans can root for and hope to make a return down the road.

21 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: The Inhumans

Even the MCU doesn’t bat a thousand. The Inhumans is already cited as the one truly epic disaster they’ve been involved in. The characters have a complex history as a pack of humans altered by aliens with special powers. The MCU announced it would be a stand-alone movie in 2018 and Agents of SHIELD built it up with people gaining powers and planning to have the characters show up. However, when they got Spider-Man, the MCU guys felt he was better suited for a film and soon they decided ABC was a better bet. That could have still worked but instead, the show was a total mess. The characters needed a big budget so having them in a low-budget network show with terrible CGI made them look like a pack of bad cosplayers.

Anson Mount is meant to be silent as Black Bolt but came off looking bored. Serinda Swan was saddled with terrible CGI for her hair which was then cut off, ruining the main appeal of the character. Isabelle Cornish was flat as Crystal and the rest of the bunch weren’t much better. There’s also how this grand saga of a family of super-powered figures mostly took place in Hawaii. Iwan Rheon had moments as evil Maximus but the rest were just bad. It’s no shock Marvel basically pretends this show never happened as this was a pack of “heroes” is best forgotten.

20 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: The Penguin (Gotham)

There’s something about Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot that entices fans. The waddling tuxedo-clad crook has stood out using a slew of umbrella weapons against Batman over the years. Burgess Meredith made him fun in the 1960s TV show while Danny DeVito played a monstrous version in Batman Returns. The Penguin is now an underground businessman running a nightclub and involved in shady deals which suits him better. Yet the best version may be on Fox’s Gotham. The series is a prequel to the Batman mythos and known for some wild turns.

As it starts, Oswald is just a low-level hood yet Robin Lord Taylor shows the fun gait he’ll later use. A great part of the series is exploring how Oswald rises from nothing to become one of the major crime lords of the city. He can often be funny as hell with some great lines but also truly twisted. Nothing proves that more than when he discovers his father was taken out by his conniving wife so Oswald cooks her a dinner that we won't describe here. But seriously, google it. It's revolting. A conniving schemer who holds his own in a fight, Taylor makes Penguin a standout to show how this seemingly low-level guy is as dangerous as any of Batman’s foes.

19 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: James Olsen as the Guardian

When Supergirl began on CBS, the show was still finding its way a bit. A major character was James Olsen, Superman’s old friend come from Metropolis. In the show, James (played by Mehcad Brooks) knows who Clark Kent is and agrees to keep an eye on his cousin as she begins her heroic career. The show has him with Lucy Lane but eventually, they break up and it is not long before sparks fly between him and Kara. Indeed, they share a kiss and it looked to be going further. However, when the show moved to the CW, a change was made as they decided they were better as just friends. Then Mon-El came around and started to monopolize time.

So, feeling neglected, James decided to adopt a heroic persona of his own as the Guardian. In a suit of armor and shield, he was soon fighting low-level crime but fans hated it. One reason was that James had no training at all yet was now being shown as a great fighter able to take on super-powered enemies. Worse was how it made it sound like James, a strong character, needed to wear this armor in order to be a hero, which was a step backward. The show even seemed to recognize it as James realizes that he’s scaring people in the suit and in the third season the suit was dropped. Many fans are happy as James is better on his own rather than being some kind of Batman knock-off he couldn’t pull off.


It doesn’t get the press it should but the Flash is second only to Batman in terms of having one of the best pack of villains in DC Comics. The genius of the Rogues is that they’re basically a super-villain union. They hang out together at bars, making friendly wagers on who can pull off the best heist, the best trap for the Flash or break out of jail first. They know how to work together and even go to the same tailor. They also are a lot smarter than they seem (when your chief opponent moves at the speed of sound, you have to think fast). The big thing is that the Rogues can be far bigger deals but prefer being low-key. They don’t want to rule the world, just make the score and enjoy the loot and that “blue collar” approach is appealing.

There’s also how they have a code of honor as they don’t target women or children and do their best to avoid hurting if they can. They’ve even been known to defend Central City against bigger threats if they have to. The Flash TV show has brought many to life, prominently Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) who later became heroes. Yet the comics are better with the Rogues as bad guys who enjoy what they do and fans love rooting for them to get a win over the Flash now and then.

17 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone)

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The original Batgirl was introduced in the 1950s as the niece of the then-Batwoman. In the 1960s, the character was revived for a new direction. Barbara Gordon was the daughter of the police commissioner who was inspired by Batman to begin a crime-fighting career of her own. With her amazing smarts and charm, the character was a winner. In the classic The Killing Joke, Barbara was paralyzed by the Joker and remade herself as the hacker Oracle. She eventually returned to the costume and fans love her.

Sadly, the movie version in Batman & Robin was horrible. Alicia Silverstone just lacked the strength and build to pull the costume off well. The fact she’s a blonde when the character has long been a redhead didn’t help. Then there’s how she’s Alfred’s niece who literally stumbles into the Batcave and given an outfit with no training. True, no one could have saved the movie’s horrible script and direction. However, Silverstone was just lost totally and showed it. The character comes off whiny at times and unappealing in the action scenes. It just added to one of the worst comic book movies of all time and a shame the character suffered on screen.

16 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman)

You can’t have a Superman movie without Lex Luthor. He’s changed over the years from a mad scientist to a super-businessman to even President of the United States. But the bald mastermind is driven by his desire to prove his superiority over Superman. For the first Superman movie, Gene Hackman got billing over Christopher Reeve for a good reason. The actor shows Luthor loving being the bad guy, boasting of being “the greatest criminal mind of our time!” His scheme is basically a massive land fraud deal: Causing California to drop into the ocean so his worthless desert land becomes oceanfront property. That he’ll kill millions to make a fortune doesn’t matter at all to him.

Hackman makes the character a delight with his scheming and conniving nature. He returned in the second movie to join with some Kryptonian crooks. The fourth film is known as horrible but Hackman does his best to make it work by trying to make a fortune selling nukes on the black market. Kevin Spacey took on the role in Superman Returns but lacked the same nice charm Hackman had. There have been other versions yet Hackman shows how a Luthor who just loves being a master criminal is the most fun of the bunch.

15 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Fantastic Four (2015)

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There just seems something really wrong with how the comic that started the Marvel universe has yet to get a decent movie adaptation. There was a version in 1994 so bad it never made it to video. The 2005 movie did have a great performance by Chris Evans as the Human Torch but ruined Doctor Doom and even Jessica Alba couldn’t make the Invisible Woman appealing. The sequel had the Silver Surfer but then a “cloud Galactus.” Yet both those films were miles ahead of 2015’s version. Trying a “gritty and grounded” approach for the FF doesn’t work as they’re meant for larger than life adventures. It didn’t help that the movie was a total mess with multiple reshoots and ruined by the studio.

Then there was the casting. Miles Teller was way too young for Reed Richards and didn’t grasp the man’s scientific genius. Jamie Bell couldn’t capture the charm of the Thing (now saddled with a terribly abusive childhood backstory). Michael B. Jordan didn’t fit at all as a serious Torch. And the only notable part of Kate Mara’s performance as the Invisible Woman is the terrible wig she wore in the obvious reshoots. The movie was a massive flop ripped by fans and more than a few are hoping for the MCU to give them a proper shot. As it was, this was about as far from fantastic as you can get.

14 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: Zod (Terrance Stamp, Michael Shannon)


There have been a few attempts to revive him in the comics but none match his majesty on screen. The very first Superman movie opens with Jor-El (Marlon Brando) overseeing the trial of a trio of Kryptonians who tried to overthrow the council. Leading them is his old friend Zod (Terrance Stamp), once Krypton’s top general. After being found guilty, Zod makes the fantastic threat that “you will bow before me, Jor-El! Both you and then one day, your heirs!” The sequel has Zod and his companions freed from the Phantom Zone and finding their way to Earth, each with the power of Superman.

Stamp commands the role with a steely gaze, totally nonchalant as he marches through the White House and forces the President to kneel in surrender. He’s actually bored with his rule and so the clash with Superman is great, and it sparks the entire movie. Michael Shannon played Zod in Man of Steel, showing a rougher commander who’s convinced he’s doing the right thing “remaking” Krypton on Earth and is more brutal in fights. Stamp is probably a much better actor in the role but Shannon makes Zod an imposing fighter. Either way, each shows why Zod is truly a worthy foe for Superman.

13 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Maggot, X-Men

The X-Men franchise has grown a lot over the years. You have the regular movies which bounce around eras. Deadpool captures some other lower-rung characters and does a good job with them. And there’s even the TV show The Gifted to get others. However, it’s reasonably sure there is one character who will never ever be seen on screen: Maggot. Hands down the worst characters ever to join the team, he was brought in as part of a new wave of mutants joining in 1997. He had an odd look with blue skin and glowing eyes but was off-putting as he talked in a bizarre slang thanks to his upbringing in South Africa.

Then there was his “power.” He had two huge slugs following him around called Eany and Meany that would eat through anything. It turned out they were his digestive system who would then crawl back into his body to grant him power. It’s as gross as it sounds and this was a time when the team had someone whose bones grew out of her body as weapons. The character had a horrible arc as, as soon as he was given a “tragic origin,” he was dumped into Generation X, then seemingly killed off-panel. He pops up now and then but no one takes him seriously and the X-Men themselves have to be wondering what they were thinking bringing in someone whose “power” was basically super-eating.

12 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: Mystique (Rebecca Romijn, Jennifer Lawrence)

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The comic book version of Raven Darkholme is a twisted figure with the idea she may be mentally unbalanced. She is a master shapeshifter as with just a look, she can perfectly mimic anyone and fool even their closest allies. The first X-Men movie had her as an aide to Magneto and the daring idea of her being basically naked with just blue scales. Having model Rebecca Romijn in the role sold her beauty but the actress also showed some depth. A great bit is when she acknowledges she can go around looking “normal” but that “we shouldn’t have to.” Her shape-shifting is great on screen but Romijn makes the character more than eye candy.

Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t an A-list star yet when cast as a younger Mystique but still handled the makeup. Her role was better in First Class with Mystique tired of fitting in and joining Magneto in his crusade. Lawrence captured the irony of a shape-changer afraid of being herself and had a smart attitude. The sequels enhanced her role with Mystique going about saving mutants on her own terms and showing her heat off. Either lady is great in showing Mystique as more than just her looks and a truly captivating role.

11 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Steel (Shaquille O’Neal)

However, casting Shaquille O’Neal doomed it from the start. While the man is an NBA legend, his acting skills have a lot to be desired. Buying him as a genius tech guy is impossible and his delivery comes off very poor. The suit is totally stupid and the movie acknowledges how it’s nearly impossible to conceal the identity of a seven-foot tall black guy. The movie was a huge flop as O’Neal seemed to get the role just for having a tattoo of the Superman symbol on his arm. It showcases how some basketball players are better on the court and Shaq is better calling games than being a hero.

10 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: Magneto (Ian McKellan, Michael Fassbender)

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At first, Magneto was the typical “I will rule the world” villain. With his power of magnetism, he was a serious threat and a major foe for the X-Men. It was Chris Claremont who added the detail that Magneto was a survivor of the Holocaust and added a new dimension to the man. He knows first-hand what it’s like to have his people wiped out just for being different and is determined not to let it happen to mutants. He’s even aided the X-Men several times to help his people but still a dark streak to him thanks to his experiences. In the first X-Men films, Ian McKellan showed that edge off with Magneto convinced he was in the right totally.

For First Class, Michael Fassbender was a younger Magneto. He showed the fresh pain of the war and the anger driving him on as he fought for his people. Fassbender was a tragic figure as Magneto, choosing his crusade over his friendship with Charles Xavier and knowing the path he’s on but unable to break away. He tried to find a family but they were torn away to drive him back into darkness. In either case, whenever you see how mutants are feared and hated when they’re trying to help others, it makes it seem Magneto actually has a point. That, more than anything, makes him a compelling figure as a “villain” who may not totally be in the wrong.

9 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage)

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The character of Ghost Rider popped up in the 1970s when Marvel was trying some horror-themed stuff. Johnny Blaze made a deal with a demon to help a friend but it went bad. Thus, he was transformed into a fire-headed skeleton on a bike. The character faded away but was revived in the 1990s with a new host and a new attitude to become wildly popular. The character would undergo a lot of baffling shifts so the creators of the 2007 movie stuck to the original source. Sadly, they also decided to cast Nicholas Cage as Johnny. Cage is known for going wild in parts and this ranks as one of his craziest ever as he pours his insane acting style into the role.

The first movie wasn’t too terrible with some good bits. However, the sequel, Spirit of Vengeance went totally over the top with a bad story and Cage’s acting even crazier. Cage just seemed too old for the part in the first place with Blaze meant as a younger man to sell his daredevil antics. Cage couldn’t pull that off and it was not helped by the massive CGI to sell the blazing head. The character came off a bit better on Agents of SHIELD as Cage proved that comic book heroes just aren’t his forte.


Hands down the most important character created for the 1990s Batman animated series, Harley Quinn was a winner from the start. Appearing in a jester outfit to help the Joker out, the character caught on and soon got new depth. She was Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker and joined him. Despite a relationship that had him abusive and often leaving her high and dry, they stayed together for a while. Eventually, Harley broke from him to go on her own and had an intriguing partnership with Poison Ivy. Despite the fact she’s completely insane, she has a childlike innocence and great humor that’s captivated fans.

The Arkham Asylum video games gave her a makeover for a punk edge now adopted for the comics. While Suicide Squad was a mess, most agree on Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley was the best part. The actress perfectly captured Harley’s madness and glee at what she does and loved her great fighting skills. The character keeps up and while it’s sometimes hard to get behind all she does, the fact she has a small moral code under that madness adds to her appeal. Maybe she’s not an angel but Harley is more than just a joke.

7 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Cyclops (James Marsden)

From the start of the X-Men, Cyclops was pushed as the team leader. Scott Summers had the power to unleash powerful optic blasts from his eyes, strong enough to punch a hole in a mountain. However, he couldn’t control them without a visor or special sunglasses, a tragic touch to the character. Cyclops led the team well but many a fan would agree he was way too straight-laced for his own good. He was always about the team and business, his command coming off arrogant at times and teammates openly noted it was hard to get close to him.

It wasn’t helped in the movies as James Marsden seemed rather flat in the role. He also played second fiddle to Wolverine and his “leadership” wasn’t that stellar. It got to the point he was killed off-screen in the third movie and not seen as that big a loss. The comics did do their best to improve him as a smart strategist but then had him going overboard as a radical so extreme, he made Magneto nervous. Tye Sheridan has taken on the role for the latest movies and a bit better. However, for a guy with such a cool power, Cyclops himself is just a poor character on screen as some folks are too “good” for their own good.

6 VILLAIN THEY ARE A FAN OF: The Joker (Mark Hamill)

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There have been many adaptations of the Clown Prince of Crime in movies and TV. Cesar Romero was the first with a laughing jester in the 1960s Batman TV show. Jack Nicholson hammed it up wonderfully as the nutcase for the first Batman movie. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his turn as an anarchist in The Dark Knight while Jared Leto made him a punk guy for Suicide Squad. But to many fans, the best version of the Joker is from the beloved 1990s Batman animated series. The character was great with many wild plots. In one, he makes all the fish in Gotham look like him. Why? So he can copyright them and make a fortune. Who else thinks like that?

While fun, the character was deadly with many episodes showing his truly dangerous side off. What made it work was Mark Hamill’s voice. The former Luke Skywalker was sensational with a truly chilling laugh and clearly having the time of his life in the part. He brought original character Harley Quinn with him and made her mega-popular. Hamill can still pull the voice off at conventions and video games and to many, remains the ultimate version of the Dark Knight’s greatest foe to show why the Joker is still an ace.


Will Eisner is not just a legend in the world of comic books but an icon. The writer/artist inspired countless others with his amazing work, a terrific creator who did twists to storytelling never before seen. To this day, the Eisner Award is the most coveted prize in comics and many hail Eisner for changing the game. Which is why so many are appalled by Frank Miller’s big-budget movie of Eisner’s greatest character. The Spirit keeps the basic plot intact: Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht) is a cop who’s shot and buried. He somehow survives, taking on the persona of a man in a suit and mask to take on crime. The comic had good humor and intriguing stories to make it loved for decades.

The movie version turns it into a poor man’s Sin City. The Spirit comes off an overgrown jock with an arrogant attitude, always flirting with women and no qualms shoving a guy off to his death. Macht shows great charm in his TV show Suits but none here. It’s not helped by the horrible script that totally wastes a top-notch cast (Samuel L. Jackson is a total embarrassment as the Octopus). Why Miller would “honor” Eisner in such a way is baffling as he took an iconic character for comics and turned it into a jerk Batman would have issues with to be featured in a huge flop.


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Black Panther is being hailed as one of the best Marvel movies ever. The fantastic movie explores the world of Wakanda, a “third-world” African nation that’s really the most advanced civilization on the planet. The movie is marked by great fight scenes, a terrific leading man and more. Yet it also boasts one of the best bad guys Marvel has ever given in Eric Killmonger. For most of the movie, he seems a warped mercenary aiding baddie Klaw. Michael B. Jordan plays the role with a major attitude, a bit joking but serious as it comes out Killmonger was a former CIA operative whose body is marked with tattoos for each of his kills.

It’s here the truth comes out: Killmonger is the son of T’Challa’s father’s brother who was accidentally killed. Growing up orphaned warped Eric and made him realize he would do anything it took to get to Wakanda and take the throne. He thus plans to use their advanced technology to arm an uprising around the world. Jordan is terrific showing how Eric believes in all this, that he’s doing a great thing by their race and doesn’t mind the lives he’s risking in the process. Even his end is amazing, dying in T’Challa’s arms and he inadvertently inspires T’Challa to open Wakanda to the world. Had things gone differently, Eric could have been a hero in his own way, making him the most relatable “villain” the MCU has ever given us.

3 HERO THEY DON'T LIKE: Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Legends of Tomorrow)

This might have been doomed to fail. It’s possible that Hawkman and Hawkgirl have arguably the most ridiculously over-complicated and insanely convoluted backstory in the history of comic books. Various reboots and redos have warped them around in various ways and made it nearly impossible for newbie fans to connect to them. Thus, it makes an odd sense that the CW’s “Arrowverse” couldn’t make them work out. They were introduced in a crossover between Arrow and The Flash as the heroes help Carter Hall (Falk Hentschel) and Kendra Saunter (Ciara Renee) who are hunted by the immortal Vandal Savage. It turns out they’re an Egyptian prince and princess who are constantly reincarnated into winged warriors that Savage hunts down.

The two were put onto the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow, recruited on a time-traveling mission to stop Savage. However, there was always something rough in that Carter insisted they be a couple simply because of their pasts while Kendra fought him. Carter appeared to die with Kendra moving into a new romance with the Atom. But Carter turned up alive and the two later left to be together. They’ve yet to return as the fans just didn’t take to either of them, their backstory way too complex to get into and the actors just not engaging in the part. Most Legends fans agree the first season is the poorest and no coincidence the show got better once the Hawks were cut loose.


However, Hiddleston’s wonderful performance captivated audiences so much that it was hard to totally hate the guy. The Dark World gave him a chance to help Thor out and then embark on a scheme to pose as Odin and rule Asgard. Ragnarok had the brothers bonding on a unique cosmic “road trip” and realizing they were stronger together. It looks like the character died in Infinity War but Loki has mastered cheating death before so he might find a way back. It’s all thanks to Hiddleston, whose charm and humor made what should have been a pure villain into a great character for fans to root for.


But the casting of Finn Jones ruined it. The actors is bland instead of intense, looking bored instead of ready and just not charismatic enough to pull off the role. The show had flaws but Jones’ performance was the worst, making Danny a very unlikeable guy (it didn’t help that Arrow had beat it to the “rich kid growing up into a fighter” bit already). The show is easily seen as the worst of the Marvel Netflix shows and even his presence in The Defenders wasn’t good. A new season is being planned and one can hope it improve on a bad character.

Sources: IMDB

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