12 Celebs That Actually Love Working Together (12 That Had On-Set Feuds)

It's never going to be a good thing when you find yourself having tension with the people that you work with. Especially if you are in the situation where you are stuck working in the same place for the next few months (if not longer). The life of working in Hollywood means that actors and directors need to be comfortable spending long hours on the set of a movie or television show. But you have to imagine those hours become a lot longer when you work with people that you detest. As while it may be helpful to run lines with your co-stars, that definitely wasn't happening with Naya Rivera and Lea Michele who went an entire season of Glee without saying a word to one another.

Though that might not be as awful as Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett who allegedly refused to make eye contact when making Hollywood Homicide. Perhaps the failings of that movie make a lot more sense now! Janet Hubert may have also been disappointed that she was no longer going to be on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but that pill may have been easier to swallow when she realized she didn't have to work with Will Smith anymore.

Thankfully there are some relationships in Hollywood, however, that may be better described as working with members of their family than their "co-star". Like Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly who must know each other like the back of their hand. Not to mention Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who started their connection on Saturday Night Live before moving on to movies.

These are 12 Celebs That Actually Love Working Together (12 That Had On-Set Feuds)

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24 Love - Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

Via IMDb.com

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet both can credit the success of their career in part to Titanic. But that's not the only time they've worked together, including the film Revolutionary Road. When discussing Leo in 2017, Winslet said,

"We're very, very close and sometimes we do quote the odd Titanic line back and forth to each other, because only we can, and we find it really funny." I'm sure it's also much more fun for them to quote the movie than to have people shout the lines at them.

(Source: Elle)

23 Feud - Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (The Notebook)

Via businessinsider.com

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did a tremendous job of showing a love story develop with The Notebook, the two even had that relationship start to play out in their own lives as they started dating. But that doesn't mean things were always smooth sailing for the two, especially at the start, as it was reported that Ryan was so upset with Rachel's performance that he asked the director - Nick Cassavetes - to try and find a new actress. I'm sure everyone involved was glad that Cassavetes did not give in to those demands!

(Source: DailyMail)

22 Love - Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

AP Photo/Columbia Pictures, Gemma La Mana

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have come together to create magic on multiple occasions, but it was how much of a good time they had making Talladega Nights that spurred the way for future collaborations; including with director Adam McKay for Step Brothers,

"That is how this whole thing came to be. We had so much fun doing Talladega Nights together. We immediately started talking about what we were going to do next....We just continued the same jubilation of the first time over to this set," said Will when talking about their relationship. McKay is setting the next one out, but Ferrell and Reilly will play Sherlock and Watson in Holmes and Watson coming out this December.

(Source: EW)

21 Feud - Lea Michele and Naya Rivera (Glee)

Photo by Fox

Lea Michele would probably never admit to being jealous of the fact that Naya Rivera's character getting more screentime was why they feuded, but it's at least why Naya thinks things went downhill,

"We are both strong-willed and competitive—not just with each other but with everyone—and that's not a good mixture...As the show progressed, though, that friendship started to break down, especially as Santana moved from a background character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen time. I think Rachel—erm, I mean Lea—didn't like sharing the spotlight."

(Source: EOnline)

20 Love - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Via nbc.com

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have spent countless hours together, whether on a television set like Saturday Night Live, hosting award shows, or starring in movies like Baby Mama and Sisters; the latter being a film that Poehler described as working with her best friend, as well as saying,

"Very easy, very, very easy [working with Tina]. There's usually this moment at the beginning of a film when you have to go out for dinner and talk to the person and be like, "How do you like to work?" We didn't have to do any of that when we first started Sisters."

(Source: Glamour)

19 Feud - Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis (Cop Out)

Via slashfilm.com

Kevin Smith has worked on several movie sets, often with actors that he will cast time and time again like Jason Mewes or Ben Affleck. But after his experience with Bruce Willis on Cop Out, I'd be surprised if that happened anytime soon with Willis,

“It was difficult. I’ve never been involved in a situation like that where, one component is not in the box at all. I mean, a lot of people are gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re just trying to blame the movie on him.’ No, but I had no help from this dude whatsoever," said Smith.

(Source: Slashfilm)

18 Love - James Franco and Seth Rogan

Via IMDb.com

James Franco and Seth Rogan crossed paths on the set of Freaks and Geeks but it wasn't until Pineapple Express that the two truly developed a seemingly inseparable bond,

"Franco comes on board the movie and we re-connect and it’s beautiful and wonderful and all I could ever have hoped for," said Seth. The two went on to appear in several projects together including The Disaster Artist, and This Is The End. Even when they don't physically appear, they also both lent their talents to the animated film Sausage Party.

(Source: IndieWire)

17 Feud - Will Shatner and George Takai (Star Trek)


George Takai and William Shatner were involved in one of the biggest shows of all-time with Star Trek, but Takai's experience with Shatner was far from one to write home about,

“He is Canadian. And Canadians have a certain image of being even-tempered and friendly and all that. Well, he is a person who is that way … with himself. He is very self-centered,” said Takai. Leading Shatner to later respond in a way that also seemed to indicate the frostiness between them.

"I had never really got to know him. He would come in every so often during the week while we were shooting Star Trek. I was busy learning lines and dealing with my life, so I really can't remember a meaningful conversation."

(Source: TheWrap, Express)

16 Love - Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

Photo By AP

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson surely have a ton of fun on the set of a movie, like Zoolander, even if the results aren't always great...like Zoolander 2.

"We just enjoy each other's company and have fun working together and I think as long as people allow us to work together, it'll just keep on going, I think," said Stiller. Leading Owen to also chime in,

"But I think even if people didn't allow us, I'd like to think that we'd be in the Marina doing community theater. It would probably be maybe a one-man show, and Ben would play a supporting role."

(Source: IGN)

15 Feud - Freddie Prinze Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland (24)


Freddie Prinze Jr. definitely seems to enjoy taking a step out of the spotlight as he raises his children with Sarah Michelle Gellar. But one of the reasons he may enjoy it so much is because he doesn't have to deal with actors like Kiefer Sutherland anymore,

"I did '24,' it was terrible. I hated every moment of it. Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That's not me talking trash, I'd say it to his face, I think everyone that's worked with him has said that. I just wanted to quit the business after that. So, I just sort of stopped," said Freddie when discussing how it was working with Kiefer on the set of 24.

(Source: ABCNews)

14 Love - Elizabeth Olsen and the Avengers Cast

Via bestofcomicbooks.com

I am sure if you had to ask Elizabeth Olsen which cast member she loves working with the most on the set of the Avengers, she'd find a way to awkwardly leave the room rather than potentially upset an unintentionally scored castmate. That or she'd just direct the interviewer to a past interview where she said,

"It's been this witnessing of peoples' lives growing and changing. It's been a really cool experience." Olsen's sisters made a name for themselves on Full House. Though if you were making movies as successful as the Avengers, you'd probably also think it was pretty cool too.

(Source: EOnline)

13 Feud - Bill Murray and Lucy Liu (Charlie's Angels)

Via theplaylist.com

Bill Murray had the opportunity to work with several talented females in Charlie's Angels. But as far as he is concerned, it doesn't sound like Lucy Liu is one of those actresses that he felt gifted to work with,

"Bill Murray stopped a scene in progress and pointed to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu saying in order, “I get why you’re here, and you’ve got talent….but what in the hell are you doing here. You can’t act!” At that, Liu blew her lid and attacked Murray," said a source when talking about the tension between the two of them.

(Source: ThePlaylist)

12 Feud - Janet Hubert and Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Photo by: Chris Cuffaio/NBCU Photo Bank

There is some television shows that you would absolutely love to see the cast come together for a reunion, like Friends. But if you consider Janet Hubert a fundamental part of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then you shouldn't hold your breath on seeing the cast back together,

"There will never be a reunion…as I will never do anything with Will Smith. He is still an egomaniac and has not grown up. This constant reunion thing will never ever happen in my lifetime unless there is an apology, which he doesn't know the word," said Hubert.

(Source: EOnline)

11 Love - Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (A Quiet Place)

Photo by PA

Emily Blunt had amazed John Krasinksi as an actor from a distance, but it took on a whole new level when the two worked together (including John directing) A Quiet Place,

“The air changes in the room when she starts doing what she does. It’s so honest and so pure and so powerful. It’s like a superpower that she can just unlock and do so specifically with not many attempts. For me, I love acting, and I’m so lucky to be doing it. But she’s on another plane," said Krasinkski when asked what it was like working with his wife.

(Source: People)

10 Feud - Jim Carrey And Tommy Lee Jones (Batman Forever)

Via IMDb.com

Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones both had hoped to knock off Batman in Batman Forever but the real tension on the set may have been between these two villains! Carrey explained in a past interview that he believes it was his star power that upset Tommy Lee Jones. Carrey also told a story from when he ran into Tommy while out for dinner,

"He went to hug me and he said, 'I hate you. I really don't like you.' And I said, 'What's the problem?' and pulled up a chair, which probably wasn't smart. And he said, 'I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'"

(Source: HollywoodReporter)

9 Love - Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones)

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Rose Leslie may not have had as successful a time in Game of Thrones as Kit, but the fact that they are married now meant the on-screen chemistry between Ygritte and Jon was as strong as it was off the screen.

"We really get on as friends and we hit it off very quickly when we first met and I think that reflects on screen, because we've got a good dialogue going on off screen...Because the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love. If you're already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love," said Harington when describing their love.

(Source: ThisIsInsider)

8 Feud - Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair (Anger Management)

Via rollingstone.com

Charlie Sheen has definitely made a name for himself for not exactly leaving projects in the best way, such as Two and a Half Men. I'm sure Selma Blair had some hesitancies about working with Sheen on the sitcom he tried to make work following Two and a Half Men, Anger Management. But when you learn that their working relationship ended with him sending her an angrily worded text message; you can probably assume she ended up having some regrets.

(Source: Vulture)

7 Love - Dev Patel and Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire)

Via amazon.com

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are sadly no longer together, but that doesn't downplay just how amazing it seemed to be for the two of them to get to meet on the set of Slumdog Millionaire. When describing how Pinto has influenced his life, Patel stated

"She has been one of the most impactful people on my life. We shared a very beautiful experience together, not only cinematically but personally, so I’ll always have great respect for her.”

I'm sure they would both love the chance to work together again.

(Source: IndiaTimes)

6 Feud - Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett (Hollywood Homicide)

Via deadline.com

Harrison Ford has had many great movies that you may be able to watch countless times without getting bored, but he has also had many that I'm sure you would rather forget, such as Hollywood Homicide. I'm sure he would also rather forget any experiences he had with his co-star of the film, Josh Hartnett. It's reported that the two's issues were extreme enough that the two never made eye contact. And you can imagine even if they did accidentally, with all that tension in the air, it would have been very awkward!

(Source: Yahoo)

5 Love - Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Via getwallpapers.com

When it comes to Spider-Man, who you cast opposite him is just as important. For Andrew Garfield, he knew Emma Stone was the right call,

"We got on really well as people, in between [takes]. That was the fun stuff: In between, we'd just mess around, and I felt, 'Ah, this is different.' She keeps you on your toes, and that wakes you up...It was like I woke up when she came in... It was like diving into white-water rapids and having no desire to hang onto the side. Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting."

The two also dated away from the set and while they have gone their separate ways in the past, they seem to be back on as of now.

(Source: Cosmopolitan, WDW)

4 Feud - Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts (I Love Trouble)

Via rottentomatoes.com

You never want to hear from someone that you are "completely disgusting", much less someone that you work with. But while Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts starred in the romantic comedy I Love Trouble the real trouble was on the set, with Roberts hurling that insult his way. Nolte fired back saying that "She's not a nice person, everyone knows that." Though I'm sure Roberts has many co-stars from over the years who would refute that point if she ever finds herself feeling too down about Nolte's insult.

(Source: Telegraph)

3 Love - The Friends Cast

Photo Bank via Getty Images

The theme song for Friends talks about how your friends should always be there for you. And as far as the cast of Friends goes, they definitely seem to live up to that expectation. The cast has several instances where they have worked together again (albeit not all at once). This includes Cougar Town that starred Cox and had Kudrow, Aniston, and Perry all come by for a guest spot. Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow has also seen all 3 men, as well as Cox.


2 Feud - Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy (Lawless)

Photo by SMPSP

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy worked together on the film Lawless but things got so heated between the two that fists were thrown. Though thankfully Hardy was not knocked out, as some believed, as the director of the film commented on the altercation saying,

"There was definitely a fight between them. It escalated to the point where they had to both be restrained. But I was very pleased to hear it didn't go that way because I would hate to see the outcome."

(Source: CinemaBlend)

1 Love - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Via syfy.com

Anyone who watches Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in action can see that it is very clear the boys must be having themselves the best time whenever they get the opportunity to work together. They have come together for several amazing films including Shaun of the Dead, The World's End, Paul (pictured above) and perhaps my personal favorite, Hot Fuzz. They'll be sure to make you laugh when they take two of the main roles in the upcoming film Slaughterhouse Rulez, a horror spoof that releases this later this year.

(Source: IMDb)

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