10 Ways The Cast Of Jersey Shore Have Grown Up (And 8 Ways They Still Act Like Teenagers)

We all remember meeting the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore for the first time back in 2009. The show created a frenzy of gossip around its larger-than-life roster of socialites as they caused scandal after scandal with their entertaining yet questionable behaviour. The show was such a massive success that even if you had never watched it, you knew what it was and even recognized some of the cast and knew their names. While that kind of buzz - and the behaviour that creates it - cannot last forever, we got a solid three years out of Snooki and company before they went their separate ways. Now, six years after the final season ended, they are BACK and we're all tuning in again to see what crazy things they'll do next - but this time we're also getting to see how they have evolved and matured as people. While cleaning up one's act doesn't always make for the best television, we all know that this cast of misfits could never completely turn it around, and there is still plenty of misbehaving to be found. Let's take a look at the cast individually to see how they've turned it around, and who's up to their old tricks.

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18 Grown Up: Snooki the health guru

Via: womenshealthmag.com

Almost immediately after the third and final season of the original Jersey Shore aired, Nicole 'Snooki' LaValle - who was arguably the trashiest of all cast members - underwent an incredible transformation. Slender and toned, Snooki showed us that anyone can achieve their ideal physique if they work hard enough and she even gave us some great tips on her blog on how to get there! If you look at pictures of Snooki from 2011 with a picture of Snooki from today (or even a picture from 2014 for that matter), you wouldn't even believe that they're the same person. She is a true example of hard work and dedication.

17 Grown Up: Vinny the good Samaritan

Via: usmagazine.com

Since the original airing of Jersey Shore Vinny Guadagnino has done a lot of publicity and awareness work for various charities including selling T-shirts with a heartfelt-yet-obscene (this is Vinnie, after all)  message to any bullies out there. The proceeds from the T-shirts went to the charity "Do Something" who set up anti-bullying campaigns and projects. He is also a big supporter of the animal rights organisation "Much Love" as well as a supporter of gay rights, presenting the GLAAD awards for members of the media who promote LGBT rights and issues. He then campaigned with NOH8, another LGBT rights organisation.

16 Grown Up: Momma Snooki

Via: usmagazine.com

Snooki has given birth to two children since the original show - Lorenzo Dominic on the left and little Giovanna Marie on the right. Snooki has publicly shown herself to be a caring and actually caring and devoted mother and has managed to avoid controversy completely since her first pregnancy. She has also talked about the guilt she feels for leaving the kids at home while she films the new show Jersey Shore Family Vacation. This new, more conservative motherly image is another huge change for Snooki who was definitely not mother material in 2010 when she was falling down drunk on a nightly basis.

15 Grown Up: Momma JWOWW

Via: youtube.com

Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley, like her biffle Snooki, has also jumped aboard the train of motherhood and it's done wonders for her character. No longer stuck-up with that permanent condescending look on her face, Jenni seems to take motherhood in her stride and with the fortune she garnered from the show she will definitely be able to provide for her family for a long time to come. It must be true that motherhood changes a girl and in Jenni's case it's definitely for the better. Her son Greyson and daughter Meilani (pictured) seem almost too perfect and hopefully as they grow up they will be able to avoid some of the less flattering situations their mother found herself in as a young woman.

14 Grown Up: The sober situation

Via: brides.com

Who could forget Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, the larger-than-life diva-esque male cast member who stole the show (and some girlfriends) on many occasions. Mike has come a long way from his party-boy days and has ceased all his substance use and gone completely sober - which he has kept up for the past two years. Now engaged to the beautiful Lauren Pesce - his former high school sweetheart - it seems as if Mike has well and truly set himself back on track to lead a full and productive life. Well, there is one nagging issue he has to overcome still, but more on that later.

13 Grown Up: Settle down, girl

Via: wetpaint.com

Jenni has been with her beau Roger Mathews for many years since the original show, and they married in 2015, making them one of two true family success stories from the show (the other one is coming up). Her home life seems idyllic and there have been no stories or scandals concerning the couple throughout the six-year gap between the shows. Now with two children, it would be truly foolish for Jenni to do anything to hurt her life and her image now, and we shouldn't expect too much gossip about her on the new show - but she's certain to dish out some gossip of her own.

12 Grown Up: Snooki the wifey

via: wetpaint.com

Believe it or not, the other family success story of Jersey Shore is Snooki herself. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend from the show, Jionni LaValle, became Mr.Snooki in 2014 and despite some rumours about trouble in paradise, both parties recently announced that their marriage is as strong as ever and that Jionni wouldn't appear in the new show simply because he doesn't like being on television. After having lived through the original 3 seasons of the show I can't really blame him for not wanting to go through it again. Here's hoping that Snooki does him proud during filming and doesn't go back to her old ways while away from home.

11 Grown Up: DJ Pauly DJing forever

Via: youtube.com

In the original casting of Jersey Shore, Pauly D was about the closest thing to a normal, likeable person. The one thing he loved doing more than anything was, fortunately for him, a fairly wholesome and productive activity compared to the group's other favourite pastimes. It was perhaps for this reason that he was chosen for the show's first spin-off The Pauly D Project. While the show was short-lived, Pauly made several records following the original show and is still DJing and even releasing music. In 2016 he released the single "Did You Know" with Tdot illdude. Rock on Pauly D!

10 Grown Up: The business guidettes

via: dailymail.co.uk

Further cementing their image as mature adults, Snooki and JWOWW each have their own successful business ventures. The Snooki Shop sells clothes designed or endorsed by Snooki and, yes - that includes the legendary Snooki Slippers - garish, ugly yet undeniably comfortable "pillows for your feet". Jenni has gotten in touch with what she knows best and set up JWOWW Tanning, selling all kinds of tanning lotions and sunless bronzers. While I wouldn't personally encourage anyone to use a tanning bed and deliberately cook their skin to achieve a desired aesthetic, the success of their respective businesses has been consistent and undeniable. More power to ya, girls!

9 Grown Up: Keto Guido

Via: facebook.com

Snooki isn't the only one who's been looking after herself and watching her diet since the original show aired. Vinny has famously been on a ketogenic diet to help keep himself healthy. Ketogenic diets are diets that are low in carb, high in fat, in order to force your body to change the way it processes food and creates energy. By reducing carb intake, your body burns fat in the liver in order to get its energy, ensuring the fat doesn't get stored as love-handles. Out of all the returning male cast members, Vinny definitely looks the best - which Mike can't be happy about.

8 Still Acting Like A Teenager: Sticky Situation

Via: theblast.com

Mike really has turned his life around which makes it all the more saddening that one past transgression of his could still cost him very dearly. While law-abiding citizens probably shouldn't harbour much sympathy for tax-evaders, Mike almost certainly regrets not paying his taxes now that he faces a sentence that could go as far as fifteen years jail time. If there is a silver lining to this "situation" it's that the court has issued an injunction forbidding him from consuming any alcohol whatsoever. For a man who has been sober for two years that shouldn't be an issue but if he ever feels tempted he now has one more reason to say no.

7 Still Acting Like A Teenager: Deena Is Still A Mess

Via: blogtobia.com

One cast member who certainly hasn't started on the road to maturity is the seemingly permanently awkward Deena. In the original show, Deena couldn't even go to the beach without taking a flask of whisky with her, and now six years later.... nothing has changed. In episode 6 of the reboot we see Deena tag along with the guys on their night out and eventually ruin the fun for everyone by getting wasted in the way that only Deena knows how. Perhaps a second round of seeing her ridicule herself in public and on television will be enough to finally turn her around - we can only hope.

6 Still Acting Like A Teenager: The temptation is real

Via: lifeandstylemagazine.com

Vinny hasn't been all golden-boy since the reboot and we see him make a few rather questionable decisions during the first season. We see Vinny invite a woman back to the house and pick her up, as well as scoring a few phone numbers from girls the crew met on their adventures. Vinny had to man up and call girlfriend Elicea Shyann (pictured) to tell her about his transgressions, and while he kept his hands to himself and didn't actually cross any boundaries, she wasn't happy about it. In case you hadn't already guessed, they split up as soon as filming was completed.

5 Still Acting Like A Teenager: The Drama That Is Ronnie and Sammi

Via: abcnews.com

If you're thinking that there is someone missing from the cast of the reboot, you'd be right. Sammi Giancola, cast-member and Ronnie's girlfriend, didn't want to be featured in the first season of Family Vacation. Once filming on the original series wrapped up, Sammi gave Ronnie an ultimatum to marry. Ronnie responded by going wild, and they broke up (go figure). What is troubling though is how much Ronnie seems to not be over Sammi at all. Constantly talking about her in episodes of the new show, it has created some awkward moments on-screen. If only that were Ronnie's only problem, but he just can't seem to make anything easier for himself.

4 Still Acting Like A Teenager: Ronnie Has Commitment Issues

Via: cosmopolitan.com

One area of the cast's life that has been heavily documented in the new show is Ronnie's relationship with baby-mama Jen Harley. Whether fuelled by his partying life or just his own stupidity, we see Ronnie invite a bunch of people back to the house for some "fun". Perhaps in some attempt to force him into making the right decisions, another cast-member tries to talk to him and make him calm down, and we see them both exist the situation together. Unfortunately for girlfriend Jen, most of the damage had already been done and they now famously can't stand each-other despite having a child together.

3 Still Acting Like A Teenager: The Snooki solution

via: nyt.com

Remember those dancers that Ronnie invited back ? Well Snooki had her own solution to that problem - a really, really stupid solution. Snooki's plan was to get the women to pass out. She made them screwdrivers that can best be described as "slightly orange-flavoured vodka" while muttering to herself like a madman. Needless to say this was not a well thought-out plan and one of the girls ended up vomiting behind the couch while Ronnie and a slightly more sober girl left. Not just a failed plan but a potentially dangerous one - is there anything Snooki doesn't try to solve with alcohol?

2 Still Acting Like A Teenager: Baby mama drama

Via: newstunerz.com

You'd think at this point Ronnie might at least start thinking about perhaps not making things worse for himself and ex-girlfriend Jen, but no. This drama shows no signs of ending any time soon and if anything, things have simply escalated. While in Las Vegas, after hinting to Jen that he might have been partying too hard while she was pregnant with their child (surely not?) Jen "lost her temper" and proceeded to hit Ronnie and spit on him. Hotel security were called and then the Police but by the time the cops showed, Jen was nowhere to be found - effectively making her a fugitive as she was the subject of the cops' intervention.

1 Still Acting Like A Teenager: Snooki lost her own wedding ring

Via: nj.com

It's the most important day in a couple's life, eternally symbolised by the rings each wear on their finger. Unless you're Snooki, of course, and you somehow manage to LOSE your wedding ring while filming. Even though her friends and fellow cast-members did end up finding the ring, this kind of irresponsible occasion is something we would have expected from the old Snooki, not the new Nicole. It's a safe bet that she will be taking better care of one her most prized possessions in the future, but the real hope is that she has a little more respect for her husband than she does for the ring. If she loses him, it's unlikely she will find him again - even Jionni must have his limits.

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