10 Times Kanye's Style Outshined Kim (And 10 Times She Stole The Spotlight)

The mighty power couple is always on top of the world and there are many reasons as to why, and one of them is their synchronized sense of fashion. However, even though Kim is known as a glamour queen, her fashion sense was not always all that. Any die-hard fan of the Kardashians will remember vividly how differently Kim K dressed before she met Kanye. Now that she is Mrs. West, we sometimes have a hard time telling the duo apart in terms of style; Kim supports her husband's Yeezy line by often dressing a little more casual now.

There is one thing we know, though, and that is that Kanye loves the attention and feeds off of it. That being said, when it comes to going out and dressing up, Kanye is always down to do something a little odd that will garner attention, and he does. However, when that happens, Kim is by his side usually looking a lot classier and trendier. Then, there are also times where Kim's style needed a little more game, but her hubby's style was up to par. It is certainly not a competition between the two, but there are obvious times where one outshines the other. Read on to refresh your memory on the couple's looks.

20 Why Not Walk Into A Wedding Like You Just Woke Up?

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Leave it to Kanye West to make a statement wherever he goes ― even a humiliating one. While his fashion-mogul wife stepped out in a lime green/yellow astonishing number for 2 Chainz wedding, Kanye opted for a blazer, pants, and slippers. This was obviously a publicity stunt for his new Yeezy slippers, but it looked plain out ridiculous and careless. All eyes were on his slippers, which took away attention from Kim’s gorgeous dress with a stunning slit in front to show off some leg. Now that the slippers are out there Kanye, please keep them in the bedroom where they belong.

19 One Almost Like The Other

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They say that in due time, couples start to look like one another, and in Kim and Kanye’s case, it is relatively true. Though Kim has long held the title of glamour queen, since she's been with Kanye, her style is looking a lot like his. In this photo, both styles are very similar; they are wearing tops that are pretty much identical, yet, Kanye takes this one. We love how he paired it with a pant that made the top look less casual and upped the ante of the whole artsy look.

18 Metallic Over Painted Jeans

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Kanye and Mrs. West are always "extra," but often enough, there is one that outs the other a little more. In the case of this picture that was taken of the hot duo on a night out in Los Angeles, Kim K was definitely the foxier one ― she even wore her sunglasses at night. In terms of Kanye, we are a little confused by his outfit; he looks like he just came back from doing a paint job, and with the baggy T-shirt and beige kicks, the outfit just did not mesh well. Then you have Kim K, who we could have seen from the moon with her metallic and shimmery stunning dress, but it is jaw-dropping.

17 Kim Struts In blue And Kanye bums it out in Joggers

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We get that Kanye likes to be casual and match his clothes with his kicks, but why not up the ante when your wifey is looking classy and chic? We especially do not get the whole "rolled-up" jogging pants look, especially considering they were on their way to the Louis Vuitton SS 2019 fashion show. Kim certainly won people's gazes and fashionistas' hearts with her slouchy blue-belted shirt dress. With Kim, the sky is the limit.

16 A Little Mish-Mash, But Kanye Wins this one

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Kim, we know you made the cycling look into a trend, and we love it, but we're just not feeling this getup at all. From the light orange/peachy jacket to the khaki cami-crop to the leather-looking cycling shorts and flip flops, this outfit looks a little messy and all over the place. However, the style god Kanye did it right this time with his casual look. There are many tones going on, but he made it work with his blue and beige checkered button-up vest as the central piece.

15 shopping in camo

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Kim K's style has been a little more casual lately; she is often pictured out in simple and neutral outfits that are supposedly fashion statements. Now, in this photo, we do not know what the weather was like, since Kanye is sporting a jacket and Kim in only a tank top, but, Kanye's ensemble is much more stylish than his partner’s ensemble. We do not get why Kim's pants are extra baggy; even though it is the style and she usually rocks the cargo look, but these look extra large, and we also do not see the need for see-through-looking heels. However, Kanye was doing Kanye with his look and it is on point.

14 a night of denim

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Oh my gosh Mrs. West, we do not know how your husband let you leave the house looking like that — so many fashion crimes were made that night. Yes, many things do come back in style, but we are pretty sure we left the zip-up sweater and jeans look in the early 2000s. And why pair those knee-high navy-blue boots with faded-black denim? Nothing went right for her that night, but, for Kanye, as fashionistas we bow down to his outfit. With confidence, he rocked the light denim jean jacket, with the beige fur to match his hip booties.

13 Kim And Her Cargos

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If we could, we would choose their adorable daughter as the fashion champ here, but we're going to give to give it mamma Kim. As soon as we see a photo of Kanye with his joggers rolled up like that, it is an immediate "no" in our fashion book ― we're just not digging the style. However, even though Kim's cargo pants are once again a little too baggy, her style here is to die for. She nailed the monochromatic grey look while making it a little extra fancy with her black pumps.

12 Walking Through The Airport Like…

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Usually, we normal people go to an airport with the most comfortable clothing. You would think this is where Kanye would wear his joggers. However, this power couple do it differently, especially the fashion and glamour queen herself. Sure, Kanye's outfit is great, but Kim outshined him with her skin-clad black dress with a detailed zipper in the front ― oh Kim, you're so foxy. And to add a little spice, she wore laced-up booties to show us who really is the fashion boss.

11 Snakeprint FTW

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Some of you female fashionistas may have only started incorporating the snakeskin print back into your wardrobes recently, but Kim has been rocking the print like she invented it for the past few months now. Kim has often said that Kanye is her fashion influencer, but her hubby's style has been a little more relaxed lately, and Kim had no competition when she stepped out in this ensemble. It takes a woman of confidence to pull off pants like these with a neon-coloured top ― we hear a hiss!

10 Kim Was The Oddball

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When it comes to the holidays, we just love to see the photos from celebrity families because their Christmas card photos are always spot on. We cannot deny how adorable and stylish their children looked, but we could say that if we were Kanye, we would totally deny the outfit Kim put on. While Kanye's ensemble looks very classy, Kim looks like a geisha. We still do not understand why she opted for the embroidered dress while her family wore stylish coats perfect for the occasion.

9 A Pop Of Colour Never Hurt anybody

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Sometimes, we would love to raid Kim's closet, and sometimes, we wouldn’t. Kanye always makes a fashion statement wherever he goes, whether we like his outfit or not, but this one is certainly one of our favourites. We could only hope that Kanye, with his power, convinced more men to throw on this stand-out red wine colour. We are so distracted by Kanye's perfect combo with a crisp white tee, tight faded pants, and clean booties. There is just way too many ruffles going on in Kim's look, and we want to cheers with Kanye for pulling off the burgundy velour jacket.

8 Nobu, Nobu

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It seems Kim hasn't had enough of the cargo pant look yet, but we must give credit to the glamour queen. It is quite difficult to keep up with Kim K because she often changes hairstyles and looks, but this is one trend she keeps rocking the streets of LA with. We love how military-inspired her outfit looked for a night out with her trendsetter husband Kanye at Nobu, and the two colours blended in so well with her olive skin-tone and dark hair. And Kanye, well, Kanye was being Kanye with his casual T-shirt look.

7 Sugar And Spice

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Have you ever seen anyone go to the Sugar Factory in heels? Well, Kim dominated that. While Kanye's look resembled a "I just got out of bed and put whatever on look" with his rolled-up jogging pants once again, Kim (again) stepped out in her baggy cargo pants and heels. It is surely hard not to pay attention to Kim when she looks booming in a skin-tight grey sleeveless top, and her husband looks like a complete sleepy head.

6 Kim Got The Belt Bag Memo Wrong

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We thought it was strange seeing Kanye step out in slippers for the wedding, but then we saw a picture of Kim with a belt bag. It is always cool to try something different, but a belt bag around the neck? There is nothing that is appealing or fashionable about Kim’s look. Instead, Kanye opted for a flashy yellow top and a grey hoodie, and he looked way better. We are almost worried Kim might have choked herself with the belt bag around her neck. Thankfully, Kanye's outfit was the real deal.

5 Jeans At The Met Gala

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Though we so badly want to say that Kim outshined her husband with her metallic and silver number, we're going to have to say that Kanye beat her look by an inch. We cannot take anything away from Kim, but it takes a real man to stand by his woman in a blinged-out Balmain jacket. Not only that, but Kanye also caused a stir at the Met Gala because he strutted the A-list event in torn jeans.

4 Kim Owns The Streets

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If you're a mother walking on the streets and carrying your children while wearing heels, you immediately win all our brownie points. We love that Kim has not let her sense of style go since having her children, and this outfit perfectly describes the worldwide trendsetter. With a black baggy sweatshirt, a leather skirt, and laced-up heels, she outdid her hubby's casual look; respect to the Tupac slouchy top though.

3 Family Photo

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Family photos are just the cutest, but it is a whole other ballgame when the Kardashians and the Wests do it. When the couple had their third child, they got together to take a family photo, which Kim shared on her Instagram account. Though Kanye does not always make the right choices, this one was one of his best. We loved how the genius behind the Yeezy fashion line decided to dress up formally for the photo in a white button-up and fitted black pants. And Kim could have done way better than her ensemble.

2 Kim stealing the spotlight 

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Excuse us while we pick our jaws from off the floor ― holy smokes Kim, you got to be careful to not look foxier than the bride on her wedding day. Kim has been strutting her stuff and showing us what her mamma gave her in many gorgeous dresses lately, but this gold number has us feeling all the feels. Though Kanye looks great and classy, we expected him to show up at the wedding in something more "Kanye." However, Mrs. West, without a doubt, stole the spotlight and took the gold home.

1 Kanye Being Kanye On His Birthday

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It looks like Kim went back in a time machine and took shiny curtains and just draped them on her, and we're totally not buying the look. Unlike the cycling trend she started, this look had many fashionistas nodding their heads in disappointment. On the other hand, since denim, embroidery and patches have been in style this past year, and Kanye's look that night was hot off the block. We would love to see a smile from Kanye, but the serious face suited the trendy look, kind of.

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