10 Times Ariana Grande Acted Like A Sweetheart (10 Times It Was All A Show)

Being a well-known star isn't easy. It requires a lot of effort to maintain a positive image in the public eye, especially since the internet is always watching and judging celebrities every single move. It causes stress and in some extreme cases a breakdown that the media always loves so deeply. It's not an everyday life these people are managing and truly is something that only a few of us ever get to experience.

Ariana Grande is a well-known singer and actor in the world. She's been on some of the most defining and eye-catching television series. This doesn't mean that she's not had her fair share of ups and downs in the world of entertainment. There have been times where she's been loved and hated by millions but her talent is something that's truly amazing.

This post isn't about trashing Ariana Grande, we think she's had her good and bad moments. We basically just want to inform you of those moments where she looked really good in the public eye and where she perhaps didn't look so good when it came to a public relations.

20 all a show - she can be rude to fans

Via Page Six

Fans always love hearing the good things about themselves. Stuff like, "you guys are so nice", has always been something for fans to drool over and become absolutely fascinated by. It makes them feel good and encourages them to keep on following and supporting the artist that is treating them so well. However, according to TheTalko, it's said that she mentioned that she wished for that her fans "would all die." This is certainly heartbreaking to any one of her fans that were deeply in love with her content. When someone mentions something like that in particular, it only increases the divide between the individual and the star. It puts one person on a pedestal and the others on the ground kneeling under submission.

This creates a bad perception of Ariana Grande. It's not what anyone wants for the young starlet, and all press is not always good. It's not exactly a good thing to be going around and saying that about the people who helped make you who you are today as well. Some people were sure to have stopped supporting her after this little incident. Generally, people don't like being treated in a bad manner, especially if they care deeply about the other person and think that it's a mutually understood agreement of respect. (Source: TheTalko)

19 sweetheart - co-founded a charity organization

This is actually a pretty good thing, she was one of the key members in providing kids with the ability to have a good time, something that's not always available in underprivileged homes. This showed that she had the initiative to do some good in her life. Most ten-year-olds are out and about doing random things that would seem like tedious tasks to the rest of us, but for Ariana, it was a task of support, development and even creativity. Caring is helping other people out in various different ways. Ariana Grande was aware of this from a young age and actually helped people in the way that she knew best. Instead of putting her efforts into areas where her talents would go unnoticed, she decided to be apart of something where she could actually help out those who need it most.

The organization is known as Kids Who Care. The organization is said to have performed for charitable events to help raise funds. Raising funds is pretty important for a community. It allows for development and aid where people need it most. It's a good thing that Ariana did this because it showed development in her personality, showing she matured. She had to be dedicated to the cause and help do everything that comes with creating an important organization like that one. (Source: Boomsbeat)

18 a show - she is a diva

This is something that makes a lot of people just hate celebrities. A diva is someone who has got some ridiculous requests and they must be met or they are said to throw a hissy fit. It's not something to even be proud of but the star is always well-known for their antics. Ariana Grande is supposedly one of those types of people. She's said to have insane requests like being carried around when she's tired. That's the one request that really cranked the gears of those who pay attention to her. This is generally frowned upon because it shows that someone seems to think that they're better than other people.

In another incident, she's said to have checked each frame of a shot during a photo shoot and wanted the ones she didn't like deleted. It's actually something that most people do when they're the ones taking the picture of themselves not really the other way around. If someone is doing this to the photographer, it really irritates them because it's making their job longer, harder, boring and cause people to lose faith in their professions. (Source: TheTalko)

17 sweetheart - she's a feminist

Women's rights are pretty important and have always been important. In recent years they've come back into the discussion. Ariana Grande, being a modern woman, supports the rights of her fellow genetic sisters by calling out times where people have been said to dislike certain things about women. Supporting woman's rights are important to Ariana because it's something that a lot of people believe in, especially since many popular stars like Ariana Grande are so supportive of it. She's a fearless supporter and isn't afraid to call stuff out when it's wrong, she does not care if people are rude to her about it. She never backs down.

In fact, she stood up and questioned what was wrong with a photo that someone had shared on Twitter. The picture regarded the fact that things in the entertainment and business world are specifically geared towards gender. According to oxygen, she said: "Oh! so women are only interested in tabloids& if I want to read about cars, business, science I have to go to the MEN'S section?" What this means is that she doesn't think women should have to be subject to reading one type of magazine because some company or person says so. She's clearly a pro-choice person who believes that women have the power to choose for themselves rather than have someone decide for them. (Source: Dose)

16 a show - her manners

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This action was and still is widely talked about on the internet. Her actions resulted in her being called a brat in some cases. Ariana Grande is supposedly seen in a video licking a donut and then putting it back on the tray of the shop. This makes the shop seem dirty to onlookers and could have made them lose business. This even makes the owners of said establishment look like they're incompetent. Ariana Grande was well out of line in this particular case and should have stopped herself right then and there before anything happened.

This incident also shows the world as a whole that Ariana perhaps needs some more time to grow up. She might not be mature enough just yet to go around and do anything she wants if she was willing to let someone buy a donut after she licked it. However, Ariana did apologize on social media for the incident and did feel deeply sorry after the outcry from the world was heard. She had come to the realization that she can't just go around and do whatever she wants because it can hurt other people's livelihoods pretty badly if she does. (source: TheTalko)

15  sweetheart - she received an award

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Acting is clearly something that is important to her. She hasn't given up on it. It is all to often heard that many child actors give up after a while of doing what they felt was their dream. These people then go on to despise their jobs and end up in a mid-life crisis. Now, with Ariana, she made the decisions to ensure that this didn't happen to her. She started her acting career off at a young age. Acting takes experience and Grande made sure she got that so she could further her career in Hollywood.

One can't mention the above without also mentioning her skill. While anyone can act and even manage to get some gigs here and there when they're starting off, it takes someone to actually be good to make a career out of it. This is especially true for individuals who work in the industry of entertainment, as it takes a lot of effort to maintain a positive image and still be good at their job. Ariana Grande has found a good balance between being positive and actually having experience, talent, competence and the hardcore skill. She's talented in her acting because she can portray several different types of people without a hitch. All of her abilities combined allowed her to get an award, and this is something that many actors dream of and some never actually get.

14 a show - not such a good friend

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This doesn't mean that some people are not going to have issues with their friends. That's actually quite common, everyone runs into an argument and a time where the two need to take a break and think things over. However, Ariana has apparently come off as just a bad individual to be friends with. Something pretty bad must have happened for this to be the current thought with people who wonder if they should be friends with Ariana. It's a question of trust, honor, loyalty and being supportive. These are things that are likely asked when someone considers another person for the candidacy of being their friends.

It's said that a coworker of one of the shows where Ariana Grande worked with her was pretty unhappy with the relationship the two had. This was something that was openly said and she felt that the friendship basically, slowly died out. She even mentioned that she did not feel as if she was the best person that she could be while around Ariana Grande. It's not to say that Ariana is a bad person but seems to have had several times where she had a bad time with someone else. It's likely an incident that was big since people just don't publicly call others out for little things. (Source: Clevver)

13 sweetheart - her tears


This is without a doubt something that's not always seen or heard of. While many people, even tens of thousands have probably mourned the victims of the Manchester attack that left so many heartbroken. The later result, however, was that people and fans became closer with Ariana because of it. They took all of that fear, anger, sadness and decided to channel it into coming together. This was no different for Ariana. She obviously didn't like what had happened on that day and truly felt for the people who were victims or family of the victims. She probably felt this way because it affected more than just a few people. In fact, she's said to have launched some clothing items after it to help raise money for those affected by the incident.

According to NME, she was said to have "cried for days" after the terrible attack. What this showed the world is that she's down to earth and is connected to her emotions. It's not like she's above feeling, but rather able to connect with fans in their time of need. When someone cries for a long time like that, it shows that they care. They care for those who care about them. They love the people that keep supporting them through their hard times and the good times. Ariana Grande came off as a mature and emotional human being after this particular activity. (Source: NME)

12 a show - unloyal

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Relationships are important. People in high school love to get into them and out of them, but really, falling in and out of love is something that happens to all of us. It's all too common. However, this doesn't mean that relationships are bad or people shouldn't get into them. It's a good thing to try and find someone you love, especially if you're a star since there's so much stress involved. Ariana has had her fair share of relationships and not all of them have been the best.

In one case it was mentioned that Ariana may not have been the most loyal of people to be a partner with. If it's true, it shows that she wasn't ready for a serious relationship at that time and should probably wait and reevaluate herself before jumping into another one. When people in the public hear about this they tend to feel anger. This is generally because a lot of people have been cheated on and for some people, just the thought makes them angry. Ariana Grande made the breaks squeak when she had news of her alleged actions broke. This is certainly something that created a lot of controversy for the pop star. (Source: Clevver)

11 sweetheart - her busy account

Instagram is something that is certainly something that many pop-stars use to maintain their popularity and grow their personal brands. However, it can be used for more than just marketing. Instagram is a social media platform, so it's often used to showcase people and what they are doing with their lives. This is the case with Ariana Grande. She'll post unique images and use it to create art or promote art. This is something that's not often seen. While she does do some marketing on it she manages to show off her hard work and control over her creative ability.

This is an amazing thing. It creates a connection with the fans. That's actually quite important and can't really be ignored. Ariana Grande seems to have some decent capabilities of maintaining a relationship with her fans via social media. This is amazing because it's not an everyday thing. When she posts a photo, a lot of thought goes into it. Ariana likely has a team of people working behind her to make sure her Instagram is flawless.

10 a show - she doesn't always control herself

Now, America is a country that is loved by many for its freedom, entertainment, technology and even post-secondary schools. The ideas of the country that are backed by many of the nation's citizens have made others filthy rich. This is the case with entertainers; their money comes from those who watch, support and basically fund their industry. It's generally frowned upon to make those people unhappy, or say that you dislike them. This is frowned upon because it creates a division between the star and the fan. It's not liked by most people and is actually something that people call others out on.

In this case, Ariana Grande supposedly said that she dislikes Americans. Now this statement alone made many feel hatred. They feel hatred because it's as if someone is dissing their national identity. When this happened, she almost immediately felt the backlash from the people who have made her money. There's a saying that goes, "don't bite the hand that feeds you." She technically took a nab at the people and they bite back but it's worth noting that she did apologize for her words afterward.

9 sweetheart - she is passionate

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If you're an avid listener to her songs or want to listen to her songs you would notice that she puts emotion into them. Most people just sing to sing and don't put their heart and soul into it but Ariana Grande puts her heart and soul into each song. This is best shown by the emotion on her face in the song called No Tears Left To Cry. It's without a doubt a song that must have been brought on by personal experience. The singer shows us this by the level in her voice as well. The different ways she can elevate it are not done by most because it requires too much effort but Ariana is different, she'll put in the effort so she can see the result.

Ariana Grande allows for the lyrics and song name to be stretched to the limits of the imagination. This is something that can be done with a lot of songs under the circumstance that it's emotional. Ariana Grande is certainly someone who is not afraid to be in touch with her emotions and this is exceptional, it shows how much she cares. If passion is something she needs, we don't know anyone that does have because she's got passion.

8 a show - being carried

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Now the level of diva it must take to actually get someone to carry you is something else. This was the view of most people who expressed their opinion. It was the subject of a lot of scrutinies. It's rarely seen in society that someone wants to be carried when they're tired. Most of us just put in the effort to go ahead and make it home then pass out in our clothes on our bed and wake up in a confused state six hours later. However, Ariana Grande came off as someone who wanted to be different, so she got carried. The incident happened when she was working a long time and was super tired.

What this showed a lot of people was that she can be kind of lazy sometimes. This isn't the best thing for a role model to be. She's also a role model because of how many people are following her, she's got the following that people dream of and if she does something, it's possible that others could try it too. Young minds are molded by celebrities these days, and so it is important that she puts out a positive impression, and this, is not one.

7 sweetheart - her connection to young fans

There was a time in our history where Ariana Grande was an actor. Well, she still is but this is in the past. She was acting on a show that is the childhood of many, and it was called Victorious. The show aired for a few seasons and has been a defining moment in the career of Ariana. This is because she really showed off her acting skills to millions of people every single day an episode was aired. She played the character known as Cat. A loving, innocent and wholehearted girl. Something that Ariana Grande often comes off as is a good girl that always follows the rules. Her character often did exactly that, follow the rules.

Not to mention that she played the character in a manner that really connected with the young minds of our world.  This was done by her playing a quirky character who isn't the average girl. She's unique in her own ways, specifically how she manages to make everyone feel good about themselves and hates when people are unhappy. Ariana Grande is someone who also feels this way and that's how she connected so well with the rest of the world via a television show.

6 a show - her attitude caused her life coach to outright quit

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Attitude sucks, no one really likes getting it from anyone. It's also something that causes irritation for those who are just trying to do their jobs. In this case, Ariana Grande was apparently giving so much attitude to her life coach, that it made him quit. This is pretty extreme because a life coach is often known for being able to handle a lot but it's true that everyone has their limits. This guy's limits were the attitude levels of Ariana Grande and that's when he had to throw in the towel and call it quits. The anger he must have felt at times was probably immense. It's something experienced by many but takes a special person to try and avoid a really bad conflict.

It's said that her life coach was in charge of keeping her healthy and centered. These two things alone can be a hard thing but when someone is giving attitude it makes the coach's life that much harder. It's as if someone is putting a cylinder on your back when you're climbing the mountain of reality and a hard life. (Source: PageSix)

5 sweetheart - One Love benefit concert


We know from earlier in the article that she cried after the terrible Manchester attack. She didn't stop there though, as we know, she's a woman of action and doesn't back down from a challenge. Creating an entire concert for one incident is not an easy task, especially if it's on a very tight timeframe. It also shows how much she cares about the people who were affected. Giving a concert on short notice for something like this is truly something that brought people together after a terrible incident that was designed to do the opposite.

Ariana Grande really helped a lot of people with that concert. It made people feel safe and showed everyone that a concert like that can still happen without bad people going in and trying to hurt them. It was important that she did this. People needed this concert and it showed everyone that she recognized that and tried to help everyone out. It's not like she just said some words like most people do, she actually took action against the violence that had happened. It's amazing that she did because so few people actually bother to do that. (Source: EOnline)

4 a show - her conflict with victoria justice

Via YouTube L.A Boys

Victoria Justice is another largely known pop-star. She's also known for some action and some singing skills. She's acted on Victorious as well and is said to have had her fair share of run-ins with Ariana. It's not as if the two were off to a bad start but something seemed to have happened and it sparked the bad to come out in the limelight. This friendship didn't seem like it was going to last since the personalities of the two can sometimes differ in several areas. This includes how they talk and respond to questions. These subtle changes in personality can make someone hate or love another human being. It really depends on who it is, unfortunately, in this case, they just didn't seem to be getting along that well.

According to boredbug, Victoria Justice had mentioned that Ariana Grande is a liar after she was supposedly accused of not wanting to do a full tour of Victorious. This caused a lot of controversies and truly made some people feel unhappy that the two stars were arguing about such a small thing. Although some people did want another season of the show, it may have just been the end of it, kind of like fate.

3 sweetheart - she cares about animals

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If someone like Ariana Grande cares so much about people it must go without saying that she's likely an animal rights supporter. Like many people in modern times, she's apparently gone vegan. This means that she doesn't consume any animal product. She essentially abstains from consuming any of it. It's something that a lot of popular people are doing to help their own bodies, as well as stop the useless meat-eating, since technically unless specified by a doctor, eating meat is unnecessary.

Ariana Grande is being healthy and trying her best to help out animals in an indirect way. She's healthy because she isn't consuming all the added preservatives that are sometimes found in meat. She's also helping animals by ensuring that there is just one less person buying their meat. This makes producers want to treat their animals better. Being vegan is a hardcore lifestyle that not everyone can actually maintain. Ariana Grande has shown the world that she can certainly maintain that lifestyle effectively. It's something that requires careful discipline and a lot of research. Grande has without a doubt done all the needed research beforehand and then went ahead to get what she needed to become a full-on vegan. (Source: MindBodyGreen)

2 a show - she can be full of herself

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Some stars come off as snobby and full of themselves. This is true to some extent for a few stars that don't want to even be around their fans because they feel that the people who made them famous aren't worth their time anymore. It's like a modern film plot actually. Ariana Grande has been accused of this in some instances. This was the case when she apparently sad that she was the hardest working 23-year-old. Of course, she met backlash for that pretty fast. This happened because many people feel that they know someone who works harder than someone who is in entertainment. They could feel that they know someone who's managing a family crisis, a job, school and maintaining a social life but also could be going through a mental health crisis of their own. It's hard to pinpoint why people disliked her saying it because there could have been so many reasons.

Ariana is said to have apologized for the incident as well but the internet never forgets. They will always remember when people had to come down on her to keep her in line. That's what some people felt as well, that she was out of line to say that from her position as a famous individual. (Source: CapitalFM)

1 sweetheart - Ariana wanted her fans to be called The Loves

Via fuse

This is actually quite cute. She is often said to refer to her fans as "loves" on social media and more. This means she's trying to develop an emotional connection with them so that she can help them in any way possible through her entertainment job. At the current moment, her fans are most well known for being called "Arianators" and she wanted to change that. It would have sounded better for them to be called that instead of their current name but it didn't really seem like it caught on with the rest of the population of her fans.

This move would have been great for her if it had caught on because so many people don't even know what Ariana Grande fans are called. It's a little bit of an unusual name and something that not everyone would expect. She wanted to have it changed but settled on respecting what the fans chose for now. If it had caught on it, it probably would have made a much nicer name than the current fandom title. (Source: Fascinator)

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