10 Things Only Eva Mendes Loves About Ryan Gosling (And 10 Things Hollywood Forgets About Him)

A recent Variety.com report shows that Ryan Gosling earned 6.5 million dollars for his role in the film, First Man, which will be released in October 2018. In the film, he plays the legendary astronaut, Neil Armstrong, who passed away in 2012.

Ryan Gosling is at number seventeen on Variety's list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors and actresses. Clearly, Ryan's star power is epic. While he doesn't earn as much as Daniel Craig, who topped the list because he's 007, he's definitely in demand and he gets plenty of cash for his acting services.

Ryan is in a relationship with Eva Mendes, who is also a part of the Hollywood scene. While these two are thespians, they tend to keep low profiles when they aren't at work. Obviously, they are pestered by the paparazzi, but they try to avoid photographers, rather than courting their attention like some celebs do.

Since Ryan and Eva are very private people, everyone is curious about them. Are they happy or is their love on the rocks? The rumor mill works overtime when it comes to this glamorous pair, who have two daughters named Amada and Esmeralda.

Today, we'd like to share 10 things that Eva Mendes loves about Ryan and 1o things that Hollywood forgets about him. Reading every entry on the list will be the best way to learn about Ryan and Eva's romance and family, as you also gather a bunch of lesser-known facts about one of Hollywood's dreamiest guys.

20 Hollywood Forgets - Lindsay Lohan Dissed Him


Lindsay Lohan criticized his fashion sense and Eva’s too. Apparently, Lindsay was having a "fashion police" moment when she decided to throw some social media shade at Ryan and Eva. She posted a pic of the couple wearing casual attire and then shared her opinion that their clothing was just not working for her.

No one really cares about this. I mean, Hollywood doesn't care and Ryan and Eva surely don't care, either. It probably made them laugh if they even saw it. Lindsay is the type who will overshare. Why she targeted Ryan and Eva is anyone's guess.

Lindsay reportedly moved in Dubai in 2017. Recently, Lindsay's Mom, Dina, lost her house because of foreclosure. The drama that is part of being a Lohan will probably never stop. Maybe Lindsay is at peace in Dubai, while Ryan, who didn't dress well enough to please Lindsay, lives modestly in California. I checked Lindsay's Instagram and she looks happy enough. She's working out and smiling and that's good news, after some troubled years.

It's not hard to feel sympathy for child stars like Lindsay when they do go off the rails. There is so much pressure on famous child actors. Lindsay could easily have been a Hollywood casualty. Ryan seems more level-headed.

19 Eva loves - He Is Gorgeous

Ryan Gosling didn't become a dream guy to so many women (and men) because he's plain. The guy is hot and that's the bottom line. His chiseled features, smooth skin, and fair coloring make him stand out.

Some people believe that Ryan changed his nose in order to achieve his current level of physical perfection, but there is no proof. Pictures from his earlier days are out there. A quick comparison seems to point to a narrower nose bridge these days, but I could be mistaken.

Ryan is really, really, ridiculously good-looking, as Zoolander would say. He looked super-dreamy in Drive, wearing that now-iconic white satin jacket with the scorpion motif on the back. Basically, he can't look bad. Men who look like this do get opportunities because of their handsomeness. It's just the way of the world.

However, Ryan has developed as an actor. He gives performances that are nuanced, deep and memorable. He is not just a pretty boy. In Drive, he was intense and quiet, but seemed to be boiling with emotions under the surface. He could move into rage and violence in a split second. In La La Land, he was a romantic man with musical dreams. These characters were so different and he embodied both parts so well.

Of course, Eva loves Ryan's looks. She's no slouch in the looks department herself.

18 Hollywood Forgets - He Was Justin Timberlake’s Roomie


Young Ryan Gosling being roommates with Justin Timberlake definitely sounds like sitcom material. These two famous guys got their start together on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. Ryan roomed with JT in the 90s. However, according to an MTV.com story, they are not BFFs. In fact, they don't keep in touch at all. What happened, you guys?

Timberlake has said that the two are not friends. He wouldn't give a specific reason, even though everyone wants one. It might be as simple as having a rivalry. They were both fighting to stand out in the Disneyverse. Today, they are both acting in films. They are competitive and probably always have been.

While they've chatted briefly at awards ceremonies, there's no real connection. Both are amazingly successful. Who could have known just how far Ryan and Justin would go in their careers? The casting team for the Disney show definitely knew what they were doing. They picked out some of the biggest stars of the age when they were extremely young.

Justin seems more Hollywood than Ryan. Ryan seems more private and maybe more serious. They seem as though they are polar opposites. So, it's not a big shocker that they don't hang out.

17 eva loves - He’s Low-key


Ryan seems very low-key and relaxed. His acting performances can be intense, but he seems to prefer a more down to earth and normal existence off camera. He's often photographed with dogs or taking his kids for long walks. In these "papped" shots, he's dressed in casual clothes, rather than custom suits from Tom Ford. He'll glam up when it's necessary for work, but would probably rather wear jeans or shorts all of the time.

Ryan is somewhat open about himself, but less so than some celebs. He has a verified Twitter account, but doesn't spam followers with every single detail of his personal life (not that they would mind!). His posts are mostly about his film projects and his political activism. I think he prefers to separate his personal life from Hollywood and keep it private, because it's so important to him. Paparazzi shots show a guy who enjoys being a Dad and doing everyday stuff with Eva and his kids.

According to a Cosmopolitan.com story, Eva and Ryan do live a low-key life. They both prefer to live that way, so they are a good match. In the Cosmo article, an insider spilled about the famous couple. The insider said that Eva and Ryan want to avoid the Los Angeles lifestyle and do so by staying away from the poshest L.A. neighborhoods. Instead, they chose a two-bedroom house in Los Angeles which isn't right next door to Scott Disick's house or something like that.

16 Hollywood forgets - He Dated Sandra Bullock


I forgot that Ryan Gosling dated Sandra Bullock and Hollywood has, too. I don't really recall reading about this relationship. According to a Cosmo interview, Sandra characterized her relationship with Gosling as a friendship. She then said that she was trying to be politically correct. She added that Ryan had assisted her with taming her self-diagnosed OCD. She feels that Gosling made it easier for her to chill out and stop living life at a breakneck pace.

Later, she admitted that calling their relationship a friendship was not one hundred percent accurate. Apparently, Ryan is all cool and Zen. He is really as relaxed as he seems. Sandra is more action-oriented. For whatever reason, the "friendship" between these two just did not work out.

Sandra has dated some famous guys, including Monster Garage ex-hubby, Jesse James, who made her suffer terrible humiliation due to his philandering. She also dated actor Tate Donovan and Matthew McConaughey.

Sandra seems so sweet. She's been through some difficult times. She had a stalker following her, who was so intense that he even had a stand off with the cops. Needless to say, that is more than scary.

15 eva loves - He’s Really Talented


Eva is proud of Ryan because he's a wonderful actor. He seems to get better in every performance and I don't think that he's peaked yet. Ryan's talent in his field has not gone unrecognized. The star really rose when he scored a role in The Notebook. Before that, he was acting and he was successful, but he wasn't a household name.

In 2004, The Notebook rocked everyone's world. Well, it rocked the worlds of those who adore romantic movies! His performance in The Notebook, opposite Rachel McAdams, earned him a cluster of Teen Choice Awards, as well as an MTV Movie Award. He got an Independent Spirit Award for his poignant depiction of a teacher with addiction issues in Half-Nelson. His first Academy Award nomination was for Half-Nelson. He didn't win the Oscar.

Other notable performances which showcase his talent include Crazy, Stupid Love, Drive, the Ides of March and La La Land. I loved La La Land so much I have the Funko dolls of Ryan and Emma's La La Land characters, Sebastian and Mia. The dolls appear to be dancing.

For his turn as Sebastian in La La Land, he earned tons of prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe.

14 Hollywood Forgets - He Dropped Out of High School


Ryan Gosling dropped out of high school and this really isn't common knowledge in Hollywood, but who can blame him?

Ryan had opportunities galore in show business and those opportunities were so tempting. Few would have the strength to continue going to class when they had lucrative career options which would also lead to major fame.

Ryan is part of an illustrious group of Hollywood high school dropouts. Others in the group include the troubled Lindsay Lohan, who was also a child star, and Cameron Diaz. Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp, Avril Lavigne, Harry Styles and Eminem also dropped out of high school. All of these people seem to be ok, don't they?

Everyone is different. Education is great, but there are plenty of ways to learn, including the school of hard knocks. Some people learn more effectively out in the world. I definitely don't look down on people who choose to learn in other ways, as these type of people are often unique and end up dong brilliant things with their lives.

I'm pretty sure Ryan could make it through high school and college without a problem. There's nothing about him that suggests he's not very bright. His partner, Eva, went to college and then dropped out.

13 eva loves - he is a great dad


There are lots of shots of Ryan with his kids, although he doesn’t enjoy being “papped”. In most pictures, he looked totally chilled-out and content. Sometimes, he has a little girl in his arms. At other times, he's laughing with Eva or walking down the street with Eva, talking to her while everyone oohs and aahs. It must be so weird to go out in public and get that type of reaction constantly. I guess you get used to it.

Eva is family-oriented, so she appreciates that same quality in Ryan. Eva was "papped" at a playground in April 2018, along with her two girls. She was wearing breezy, warm-weather clothes, along with her signature head wrap. She's told journalists that the head wrap is a quick fix on days when she has no time to do her hair. She gets a touch of glamour in seconds.

Being a mom is her priority, so she finds shortcuts that allow her to get out there and do things with her kids. Her daughters don't have to wait around to go and play, because Mommy is styling her own hair or getting a blowout from a celebrity hairdresser.

Ryan is probably just the same. He puts his little girls first.

12 Hollywood Forgets - He’s a Disney Child Star


Ryan was born in 1980, on the 12th of November. His family was working class and of the Mormon faith. The first movie that blew his mind was First Blood. He filled up a magic kit box with knives from the kitchen and then took the knives to school, which actually ended up getting him suspended. His flirtation with juvenile delinquency didn't stop him from getting lost in the magic of Hollywood films. So, he decided to get involved in that world himself.

In 1993, he became a part of The Mickey Mouse Club cast. This show was a variety-style production for younger people. He danced, acted and sang, along with his castmates, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Gosling filmed the show at Florida's Walt Disney World. He loved being there. Who wouldn't want to grow up in an amusement park? The show ran for two years and was then canceled.

These days, most people have forgotten about Ryan's Disney child star past. He's a serious actor now, but he still loves all things Disney. Since he's in Los Angeles, he hangs out at Disneyland nowadays, rather than Walt Disney World. For him, it really is the happiest place on earth.

11 eva loves - He’s Generous

Did you know that this hunky actor once purchased every box of Girl Scout cookies at a stand, just to help out the Girl Scouts who were running the stand? Or maybe he just really, really loves Girl Scout cookies? Anyway, that was a sweet (literally) act of generosity. Those Girl Scouts sold everything and hit their sales targets. Ryan used his wealth to make their lives easier and happier.

It's a good sign when a man does stuff like that. Eva is lucky to be with someone who has such a generous spirit. I'm sure it comes out in other ways at home, when he is with his family.

Ryan told Jimmy Kimmel that he passed out the myriad boxes of cookies to strangers. Ryan said that he wanted to get that Santa Claus feeling, but likely creeped out a lot of his cookie recipients.

Would you take "candy from strangers" from this "eye candy" guy? I probably would. The cookies would taste so much better if they were given to me by Ryan Gosling. Even if the guy was completely unknown, his hotness would override my good sense and I would take - and possibly eat- the free, unsolicited cookies.

10 hollywood forgets - He’s a Classic Film Fan


Ryan loves classic films, which is wonderful. Imagine him cuddled up with Eva and a bowl of popcorn, watching the most celebrated old movies in history, including his personal favorite, East of Eden. His favorite candy is (according to Celebrityinside.com) Hi-Chew, his favorite color is purple and his fave food is calamari with a bit of lemon juice on top. He's also fond of jazz, knitting and dogs.

While he's private, information gets out there and we are able to learn so much about this handsome actor, whether he wants us to or not. Everything that he's ever said to a reporter is available online.

Actors in Hollywood's Golden Age, when so many of Ryan's favorite classic movies were made, had so much more privacy. They had to do really bad things in order to fall out of public favor. The movie studios that they worked for protected them. Today, in the Internet Age, nothing is sacred. That's why we know that Ryan enjoys tasty Hi-Chew candies, as well as Girl Guide Cookies and knitting sessions.

The downside of modern celebrity is the total loss of privacy, but Ryan is still a lot more private than most celebs. So is Eva Mendes.

9 eva loves - He’s Very Handy


Another fun fact about Ryan that Eva surely appreciates is the fact that worked on the car that he drove in the film, Drive. His hot Drive ride was a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu. No hard facts on why this particular make and model was chosen are available. However, it may be have selected because Ryan's Drive character, "Driver", had to settle for a cheaper car, due to his checkered past.

What is known is that Ryan picked out the car. The director let him choose what he wanted to drive as he played his role in the movie. According to Thenewswheel.com website, Ryan tore down the Malibu and then rebuilt it. He reportedly found the vehicle at a junkyard before restoring it for the film.

One interesting fact about this particular breed of Chevy is that it was utilized in NASCAR races during the period from 1973 to 1983. Maybe Ryan knew this and liked its racing history.

With so many hidden talents, Ryan must be fun to live with. He'll also be able to make himself useful if Eva's car breaks down. I'm always impressed when people have these practical skills, aren't you? It's also cool how far Ryan went to get into the role of "Driver".

8 hollywood forgets - His Closeness with Britney Spears


Did you know that Ryan used to play "spin the bottle" with none other than America's Sweetheart, Britney Spears? Christina Aguilera spilled the beans about Ryan by letting the public know that Ryan once had a crush on Britney. I think every guy once had a crush on Britney. Maybe a lot of guys still do. Ryan actually owned up to the crush, so Christina was telling the truth.

Britney does have some crazy charisma and that charisma was probably evident when she was young. It's the reason she was cast in the Disney show along with Ryan. Britney mesmerized America from childhood on. It wasn't about singing talent. It was the total package.

Today, Britney is very happy with her hunky boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who seems to treat her like a queen. Ryan has settled down with Eva Mendes. I don't know if Ryan and Britney are still friends.

As I write this, I burn with curiosity to know the truth, so I Google.

An Elle.com story tells the story of a tangled All-New Mickey Mouse Club love triangle between Britney, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan. Juicy! Is this the reason why Ryan and JT are not so warm and fuzzy? I guess Britney chose JT. For a while, at least.

7 eva loves - He’s Respectful


He thanked Eva for having his back during an awards ceremony. He is very respectful of her. Some people didn't like the speech, but I think they were being a bit too judgmental.

So, what exactly did he say about Eva during his Golden Globes speech, which he gave in 2017?

According to the Theindependent.co.uk website, he thanked the lady in his life for holding down the fort while he played the award-winning role of Sebastian in La La Land. His Best Actor speech honored Eva and the sacrifices that she made so he could give one of the best performances of his life.

Ryan said that Eva took on so much while he filmed the movie. She'd been pregnant with baby number two and her sibling was battling cancer. Eva raised their daughter, dealt with pregnancy (pregnancy can be rough) and helped her brother while Ryan achieved "next level" creativity on the set of La La Land.

I don't see a problem with his speech. He sounded grateful. Eva is a strong woman who has also won awards for her work. If she chose to hold down the fort, it wasn't because she's submissive. It's because she wanted to. Sometimes, you have to help a partner for awhile and then your partner helps you.

6 hollywood forgets - He Was Born in Canada


Ryan was born in London, Ontario and grew up in Cornwall, Ontario. He had a Canadian upbringing and this is a good thing. I am biased as I am a proud Canadian. According to an amusing Daily Hive story, there were two standees (cardboard cutouts) of the two glorious Canadian Ryans at Vancouver's YVR Airport.

They were set up in honor of Canada's one hundred and fiftieth birthday. They made a lot of travelers smile while they passed through the beautiful and ultra-modern airport. Yes, I'm biased, but it's one heck of an airport.

Ryan told a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter that growing up Canadian gave him a different perspective on life within La La Land. He found the process of growing up in a small town beneficial. He thinks he would be a lot different if he grew up in Los Angeles. He feels he wouldn't have known anything about the world outside of Hollywood. He also knew that he could always return to Canada if he wanted to. It was a safety net.

Canadians are known for their good manners. Lots of big stars come from the Great White North, including Mike Myers (Austin Powers), the aforementioned Ryan Reynolds and Celine Dion.

5 eva loves - he loves being with his daughters

He says that life with his partner and daughters is like “living with angels”. Pretty nice, huh? Eva is a stunning mega-beauty, so it's not hard to understand why Ryan Gosling loves to live with her. Surrounded by his little girls and the lovely Eva, he thrives. Girls are great and Ryan knows this. He feels happy, safe and loved in their presence.

I wonder if Ryan and Eva will have more kids? Maybe a little boy to round out the family? It sounds like Ryan is pretty happy with the way things are right now.

Now, celebrities say a lot of very nice things to the press about their families. Do you think Ryan is as happy as he says he is, or do you think he's acting the part of the blissed-out family man?

An Intouchweekly.com "report" indicated that Ryan's flirting with Emma Stone on the set of La La Land hurt Ryan and Eva's relationship. Accord to an insider, Eva freaked out over Ryan's closeness with Emma because apparently there were fireworks.

If that tabloid story is true, Ryan and Eva have their problems, just like every other couple. I'm not sure who this insider is, but it's safe to say that neither Ryan or Eva would appreciate the person spilling about their private lives to the press. There's always the chance that the whole rumor is just nonsense.

4 Hollywood Forgets - He’s Always There for Eva


The couple met in 2011 when they were getting ready to film a movie together. They are not a new couple. They are an established duo. The relationship kept progressing, although there hasn't been a wedding. Ryan and Eva now have two kids. They have settled in as a family.

Do you think that Eva wants to tie the knot? I was curious about this, so I did some research. We always assume that women want to get married, but, sometimes, they don't care about the piece of paper. I think people who really love each other act married whether they are are not. People who don't really love each other don't act married even when they are.

According to Vanityfair.com, the couple basically feel married already. Maybe that's why they don't feel compelled to have a wedding and all of the stress that goes with a celebrity wedding. They already feel fully committed. It's hard for me to believe that Ryan wouldn't marry Eva is she wanted him to. It seems like a mutual choice to not bother with a wedding ceremony.

On Chelsea Lately, Eva said flat out that she doesn't want to get married. It took a few minutes of Googling to find that little nugget of information. You're welcome.

3 eva loves - He Lets Eva Teach Their Children Spanish


Eva uses the last name Mendes today, but she was born Eva de la Caridad Méndez. She changed the "z" in her last name to an "s".  She was born in Miami and her parents are Cuban. Eva is currently 44 years old and she honors her Cuban heritage by teaching her girls Spanish. Ryan is cool with this and Eva is grateful for that.

Eva is a Roman Catholic and once wanted to become a nun. Eva's older brother passed away due to sickness. She has one other sibling (a sister, Janet) and a half-brother, whose name is Carlos. Eva dropped out of college to begin an acting career and the rest is history.

According to a Glamour.com story, Eva told an interviewer that she often talks to her little girl, Esmeralda, in "Spanglish". Eva says that her daughter is bilingual. Eva wants Esmeralda to embrace Cuban culture, as well as the Spanish language.

Eva's parents help out by talking Spanish to Esmeralda and her sister, Amada. Eva's Mom makes Cuban feasts for Eva, Ryan, and the girls. Eva's Dad is still using Spanish as his primary language, after being in America for a long, long time.

Ryan sang in Spanish in the film, The Place Beyond the Pines.

2 Hollywood Forgets - He Built the Table in "The Notebook"

Dreamboat Ryan is also a competent woodworker. He reportedly built the table which was a prop in a love scene from the film, The Notebook. This infamous and spicy dinner scene is the stuff of legend. Other fun facts about The Notebook include the fact that Ryan wore brown contact lenses over his blue irises during filming and that he lost twenty pounds for the role.

Of course, Ryan dated his beautiful co-star, Rachel McAdams. They started dating in 2004 and split up three years afterward. He said that they both "went down swinging" and called the breakup "a draw". Today, Rachel, who is Canadian like Ryan, is dating a screenwriter. His name is Jamie Linden.

Now that you know so many facts about Ryan, you may want to re-watch The Notebook or another one of his films, such as La La Land or the Blade Runner reboot. Ryan is one of the biggest male celebrities of our time because he has the ability to fascinate.

He's been working hard on his showbiz career since he was very young, so he's earned his huge success fair and square. Now that he's older, with a family, he's really in his prime. He can do anything. He's got the whole world in the palm of his hand.

1 eva loves - He Is Eva's Dream Co-star


Eva believes that Ryan is the ultimate co-star. He's the co-star of her dreams because he's the man of her dreams. Ryan and Eva shared screen time in The Place Beyond the Pines. This movie was released in 2012. In the film, Ryan Gosling plays Luke and Eva plays Romina. Luke is a motorbike stunt rider and he robs banks in order to take care of Romina and their baby. This questionable life choice sets the stage for problems with a rookie policeman who works in a corrupt police department.

I've never actually seen this film, but I checked Rotten Tomatoes.com to see how everyone liked it. Obviously, Eva loved making this movie. She found true love on the set. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is good. It got 80 percent from critics and 75 percent from the audience.

When an actress and actor fall in love on the set, it's a cliché, but completely understandable. There's a lot of quiet time on film sets, where actors and actresses have to hang out, waiting for the crews to set up for the next shots. During this time, Ryan and Eva may have realized that they soul mates. They've been together since The Place Beyond the Pines was filmed.

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