8 Reasons Why Selena And Justin Are Headed For Splitsville And 8 They're Headed Down The Aisle

We were all surprised to hear that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back together. Haven’t they beat that dead horse enough? Not to mention when Gomez started dating The Weeknd, she seemed really happy. The two were at Coachella looking cozy and we thought that maybe finally Gomez had moved on from her first love.

First loves are definitely hard to get over, but at what point do you decide that you just can’t make it work? The couple has been on again and off again for years before they finally split. The two have been apart for a while now, so it has everyone wondering why they decided to give it another try. What is different this time from the last time? What makes them think that it’s going to work this time? Fans went into a frenzy when the two were spotted together in November making everyone wonder what the heck was going on. There was no denying that something was going on between the couple when they were spotted kissing each other at an amateur hockey game he was playing in Los Angeles. Was it good luck kiss? It definitely seemed like so much more than that. It’s been three months now since the couple got together and they seem to be still going strong. Is it going to last this time? Many people believe the two are obviously meant to be and should get married while others are waiting for the inevitable breakup. You be the judge.

16 Getting Married: They Are In Couples Therapy

The two are apparently in couple’s counselling to work through past issues as well as anything that comes up in the future. That has to be a pretty big sign since the two haven’t been great at communicating in the past.

There are a lot of issues to work through, especially when it comes to trust, so the fact that they are in Christian's couples therapy gives everyone hope that the two might have a shot this time.

At least they are going into it aware that it isn’t going to be easy. We have to hand it to Justin Bieber, not too many young guys would be willing to go to therapy to begin with. He obviously cares a great deal for Selena Gomez and hopefully talking to a professional will help their relationship. They have allegedly been in therapy for a few months now, which is certainly a positive thing.

15 Breaking Up: Her Family Will Never Accept Him

That’s what happens when you break a girl’s heart and everything that you did to her is made public. Selena Gomez’s family, especially her mother, know what Gomez went through, the blood, the sweat, and most certainly the tears. They don’t want her to go through that again and they don’t like Justin Bieber one bit. Reportedly, there is a bit of a rift between Gomez and her mother because her mother is unhappy that the two are back together.

It seems her mother doesn’t follow the singer on Instagram anymore. TMZ reported that Gomez and her mother had a heated argument over the fact that she got back together with Bieber.

Her mother has said, that she will “never forgive him or accept [Justin]” into their family. That can’t be easy for Gomez who is close to her mother.

14 Getting Married: The Two Are Much Older Now

When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez first got together, they were just kids and were trying to deal with the insane fame they had. Bieber was a 16-year-old boy and Gomez wasn’t much older at 18. The two were cute as can be but much too young for a solid commitment. Even when they broke up, Bieber was still only in his early 20s. Some could say that a lot of their problems stemmed from immaturity. Now Gomez is 25 and a much more mature woman.

The fact that they are starting up the relationship again now that they are older and hopefully have learned a few things, they might have a shot at making it work.

Only time will tell of course, but being older and wiser will certainly work in their benefit this time around.

13 Breaking Up: He’s Still In Contact With His Ex Hailey

Exes are a surefire way of getting a couple to break up and in the case of Selena and Justin, they should probably never contact them again. It’s only going to cause unnecessary jealousy and when there are already trust issues involved, keeping in contact with an ex, however innocent, is a huge mistake. It’s alleged that he was only in contact with his ex to apologize for any hurt he may have caused her as he’s trying to be a new and changed man. There was nothing romantic about the exchange, but still, it’s probably best that he lets sleeping dogs lie.

It isn’t going to take much to have Gomez worrying about their future because of their past.

He needs to let Hailey go so that he and Gomez have a real shot at making it work.

12 Getting Married: He’s Determined To Be Open And Honest

Part of his big change includes going to Hillsong Church, a congregation that both Hailey and Selena attend from time to time. She has renewed his faith and is trying to do the best for others as he can. When getting back together with Gomez, they decided that he would start being open and honest with her at all times, which is certainly a good start.

He told Gomez that he had been in contact with Hailey but that it had only been to clear the air, which is all part of renewing his faith.

At least Bieber was honest with Gomez about the contact although the singer wasn’t exactly thrilled to find out he had contacted his ex. It is a positive step forward, however, considering he could have just hidden the fact and not told her at all.

11 Breaking Up: They Just Can’t Get Past Those Songs

The problem with being singers is that when you go through a breakup, you write about it, apparently. Both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have written songs about their relationship — the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Some seriously harsh things were definitely said in some of Bieber’s songs. It’s not like it’s a private conversation either — the whole world has heard those lyrics, the truth behind how two people really feel about each other. So, how do they get past that? Those songs are there forever; they can’t be erased.

The songs about their relationship and how much they don’t like each other will live in infamy while they are trying to make things work again.

Is it pointless? We’re not sure. But it would be hard to hear some of those songs when you are trying to move forward. You can’t take those words back once they are out there.

10 Getting Married: They Clearly Love Each Other

You have to deeply love someone and care about them to keep going back and trying to make things work. The two have been through a lot together and the heart can only take so much. The fact that they are still out there trying to make it work proves that there are deep feelings involved. Or is it just the first-love syndrome?

Not everyone is meant to be with their first love; sometimes we are meant to move on from those experiences and meet the person we are really supposed to be with.

It’s hard to say what the clear path is for these two, but one thing is for sure — they clearly care about each other and hopefully, that’s going to be enough. It would sure be a romantic tale if it did.

9 Breaking Up: Selena Leaked Bad Pics Of Justin

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one who has shown bad behavior after their breakup. Selena is right up there with him and she knows how to play dirty just as well as he does. When she and The Weeknd started dating, many of his fans were worried because they knew she could play dirty when she really wanted to. It’s alleged that Gomez was the one that leaked nude photos of Justin.

She claims that her Instagram account was hacked and that’s why the photo appeared on her account, but we’re not sure we believe that one.

The comments were pretty terrible like, “Look at this lil shrimpy.” So it wasn’t the most flattering thing to happen to Bieber. That’s why it’s always risky to take these kinds of photos with your significant other because you might see them on Instagram one day.

8 Getting Married: He’s Being A Gentleman

Again, this may have a lot to do with being older this time around. Sure, some teenagers can be gentlemen too, but sometimes, the maturity level isn’t there. It’s simply the act of putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. This time around, it seems as if Bieber is trying to put his best foot forward and treat Gomez the way she deserves.

"This time around, Justin is behaving like a gentleman and showing how much he cares about her. He's is a lot more open about his feelings toward Selena,

which has been a big sign of him maturing," a source told E! News. We can only hope that this is good news for the couple and they aren’t going to fall into the same trap again.

7 Breaking Up: There Are Major Trust Issues

Trust is one of the hardest things to fix in a relationship and sometimes, many people find that it’s something they can’t fix. It’s sad, but there are just some relationships that can’t survive broken trust. These two have done their fair share to ruin the trust between them. Justin Bieber has cheated, there are beautiful women all around him while he’s on tour, and he’s lied to her.

Those are major issues that won’t be easy to overcome in a relationship. She has to be able to trust that when he’s on tour, that he’s not going to get into any trouble.

He also has to learn to trust her again. There have been songs written by both of them in the past and all those things cause damage. Did she really leak those photos? It's hard to say. But he’s going to have trust issues with her as well, and those aren’t easy to get over.

6 Getting Married: They Are Good At Keeping In Touch

Being apart is one of the hardest parts of being in a relationship, especially if you are a celebrity. You have to wonder who is spending time with your significant other and whether there are temptations before them. Justin Bieber has already admitted that it can be hard to be on tour with beautiful people all around him. These days, though, they are working hard to keep in touch as best they can while they are traveling.

"They've both been busy traveling, but they do a good job keeping in touch when they are away from each other. Selena and Justin text all day and even FaceTime from time to time,” said a source.

"They are still together and speak all the time when they are not together," a second source said.

5 Breaking Up: They Still Behave Weirdly

Some of the immaturity of their old relationship may still be in effect and that’s why a lot of people wonder if they can really make it.

They still don't follow each other on Instagram, which is an indication that even they aren't sure it’s for real yet. But someone noticed that Justin Bieber liked a random fan picture of Selena Gomez only to unlike the photo a few minutes later.

We feel sorry for the people who are actually keeping tabs on celebrities who like and unlike photos on Instagram. Seriously, who notices these things? “Their whole relationship in a nutshell,” remarked one clever Twitter user. We have yet to see when the two lovebirds will start following each other.

4 Getting Married: Justin Bieber’s Mom Keeps Him Grounded

It must have been difficult for Justin Bieber to rise to the fame that he did at such a young age. That kind of fame can certainly get to your head, which could also be why he had so many difficulties with Selena Gomez. Having beautiful women worshipping you all the time can make a guy feel like he’s a kid in a candy store. His mother, over the years, has tried to keep him as grounded as possible and the two are very close, so hopefully, she can help him grow into a more mature person.

"Justin and his mom are very close and he enjoyed spending some quality time with her. His mom keeps him grounded and humble, which he needs." 

Despite what one of his songs stated, his mother actually loves Gomez.

3 Breaking Up: Bieber’s Past Reckless Behavior

Justin Bieber’s had quite a few interesting years in the past. When it comes to being in a relationship, Selena Gomez needs to be with someone who has his sh*t together. Whether that’s Bieber or not, only time will tell. He has renewed his faith and is determined to make big changes in his life. He’s been rumored to visit brothels which is something that no girl wants to hear about the love of her life. Not only that, but there were the DUI charges, the egg-tossing vandalism incident, and the time he thought it would be cool to pee in a restaurant mop bucket. He was also cursing out Bill Clinton while he was doing it. These are all behaviors of someone who is spoiled and still needs to grow up. Hopefully, things like this are behind him.

2 Getting Married: They Are Trying To Keep Their Love Out Of The Media

Well, we can say good luck with that one, but at least they're trying. They have been trying really hard not to do anything that’s going to get reported in the media. As we said before, they aren’t even on each other’s social media at this point. They are trying to keep things as low-key as possible until they know things are going to be okay between them.

Everyone is hungry for any news about the couple, though, so they may find this one to be pretty hard to keep out of the media.

Selena Gomez has tried her hardest to keep her life out of the media since her kidney transplant, so things seem to be working in her favor. These days, Bieber is looking toward the future and working on some new music. Maybe Gomez has inspired him. "Justin is working on new music and is really excited about this year," a source told E! News. "He has some cool surprises coming up for his fans. His team is really supportive of him and that has helped."

1 Breaking Up: He’s Been A Bad Boyfriend In The Past

We’re not entirely sure if it’s true, but Justin Bieber has hinted, on more than one occasion, that he’s cheated on Selena Gomez. The are many temptations on the road and sometimes it’s hard to be away from your partner. That’s the reality of it for the both of them. They tour and there are beautiful people all around them. For Bieber, he has screaming girls all over him all the time, many of whom would be more than eager to be with him. He told ID Magazine,

“It's like trust and all this other stuff that starts messing with your mind. You're on the road. And there are beautiful women on the road. And you're just getting yourself into trouble."

If he’s cheated on her in the past, what’s stopping him from doing it again when he’s on tour.

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