10 Rappers Who Can't Afford Their Own Private Jet (And 10 Who Can)

Arguably, flying is one of the best ways of getting from one place to another, especially because it's really fast, safe, and comfortable. One common feature on movies or series that try to show us how future cities will look like is the presence of flying cars, a possibility we would love to experience in this generation. However, when we consider just how complicated such technology might be, chances are that we'll have to experience flying cars only on TV for now.

Since having a lot of money can make many things we consider impossible to be possible, the wealthy today know how it feels to fly over traffic in the cities, on board their choppers and private jets. These rich people don’t have to book tickets in advance to fly, or even experience the delays and hassles the rest of us have to experience in airports; they simply fly wherever they want in their jets.

Rappers are some of the people who enjoy the services of private jets. A huge percentage of these celebrities opt to hire jets for specific periods while the richest of them buy the most luxurious jets out there. The rappers who own these jets know just how expensive it is to maintain them, and how much debt they can land someone in if he or she doesn’t budget his or her earnings properly.

Here are 10 rappers who can afford to buy and maintain their own private jets because they have a lot of money, and 10 other rappers who might be rich, but they're not in a position to own private jets.

20 Can Afford A Private Jet: Dr. Dre

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American rapper Andre Romelle Young commonly known as Dr. Dre is also a DJ, producer, and entrepreneur. Though he's a rapper, he is popularly known for producing albums, occasionally contributing vocals and overseeing careers of rappers like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent. He is the CEO and owner of the Aftermath Entertainment record label.

Owning his label, selling his famous Beats by Dre headphones and getting royalties from produced albums has amassed this mogul a net worth of approximately $830 million although he later sold the Beats headphones company to Apple for $3 billion. Dr. Dre is always traveling in private jets and can clearly afford to buy a jet, which is if he already doesn’t have one yet.

19 Can't Afford It: Bow Wow

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Shad Gregory Moss, better known by his stage name Bow Wow is an American rapper and actor. Bow Wow was once a platinum artist and starred in several hit films. He also signed as a co-host for the BET show. He claimed that he was broke back in 2012 because of paying $3000 in child support while earning a salary of $4000 per month.

Bow Wow has been spotted flying commercial. He has a net worth of $800,000 and although he owns a country club and several luxurious cars, he probably has a long way before he can afford to own a private jet.

18 Can Afford A Private Jet: Jay-Z

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American rapper Shawn Carter, professionally known as Jay-Z is a world-famous songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur with a net worth of over $900 million. Jay-Z’s alcohol brands, cloth lines, nightclubs, and record labels have contributed massively to his wealth.

Shortly after becoming a dad to his first-born daughter, his wife Beyoncé bought him a $40 million private jet, a Bombardier Challenger 850 to be exact, before purchasing one for himself. Owning a jet inspired him to start a business in the aviation. He and his partners have a members-only application that allows them to book private jets as easy as requesting for an Uber.

17 Can't Afford It: Tyga

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Tyga, born Michael Ray Stevenson, is another somewhat successful rapper. Tyga’s career took off when he signed up with Young Money Entertainment back in 2012. Despite joining the famous label, all was not smooth sailing for a period, because his personal life has made headlines on several occasions.

Tyga's financial challenges could really hold his career back. At one point he was accused of not paying child support, he had his car repossessed at another time, and he had failed to pay a pricey jewelry bill. Although he likes flying around in private jets and chartering them, he does not own one and it might take a while before he can afford one.

16 Can Afford A Private Jet: P Diddy

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Sean Combs is involved in just about everything. He’s a rapper, producer, songwriter, businessman, and an actor. His stage name has changed over the years, with his most popular ones being Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P Diddy. His debut album No Way Out went platinum seven times and he also won a lot of awards for his music. P Diddy is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world with a net worth of well over $800 million.

Other than his music, his cash flow comes from his alcohol brands, clothing line, restaurants, and his movie production company. P Diddy definitely likes traveling luxuriously, which is why he owns a yacht worth $65 million and a private Jet.

15 Can't Afford It: Lil Kim

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Kimberly Jones, who goes by the stage name Lil Kim, is a rapper, songwriter, model, and actress. Lil Kim started her rapping career in 1996 under the guidance of hip-hop legend Biggie Smalls. She has earned numerous awards over the years and has made a ton of money from her albums.

However, Lil Kim had a net worth of $18 million before she lost a significant amount. She also reportedly owes the government a lot of money in tax arrears. With all these financial challenges Lil Kim can only dream of owning a private jet and maintaining it as it should.

14 Can Afford A Private Jet: Drake

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Canadian born musician Aubrey Drake Graham is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Drake initially gained fame as an actor back in the early 2000s in the television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation before he started his career in rapping.

He earns millions of dollars every year from real estate and his whiskey business, and this has made it possible for him to afford anything he would want. He is known to charter private jets and helicopters to get from one location to another. Whether he owns a private jet or not Drake can definitely afford one with a net worth of approximately $120 million. According to Forbes, Drake is also one of the top five richest rappers in the world.

13 Can't Afford It: Cardi B

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The name Cardi B is not new to hip-hop music lovers. Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar professionally known as Cardi B is one talented rapper. Her popularity was as a result of her career and being cast on the series Love & Hip Hop: New York.

She made her music debut in November 2015 and has since then won several awards. Although Cardi B flies a lot in private jets, she does not own one, but we bet if she continues excelling in the rap industry like she’s currently doing, it will not take her long before she can own one. Cardi B currently has a net worth of $4 million.

12 Can Afford A Private Jet: Eminem

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known as Eminem is a rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, and record executive. He has sold millions of records over the years. Eminem was without a doubt the best-selling artist in the 2000s.

Most of his income comes from his music and tours thanks to his mentor and producer Dr. Dre. Eminem has boarded a lot of private jets in his lifetime, but he’s never actually bought one. With a net worth of approximately $190 million, he's in a position to buy one or even a few private jets if he wanted to.

11 Can't Afford It: Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne is a superstar rapper, writer, and entrepreneur who started his music career at the age of nine. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Although he had some personal issues, Wayne still managed to be successful and gathered a net worth of $150 million. Lil Wayne owns a cigar manufacturing company, a clothing line, and a shoe line.

Lil Wayne leased a private jet back in 2006 but in 2014 his relationship with the private jet company went sour because he was apparently not making payments as he should have been. Operating a jet requires a lot of cash and since Wayne had accrued a lot of debt, he had to take a loan and surrender his art collection to repay it. He might be rich, but this is probably not the right time for him to own a private jet.

10 Can Afford A Private Jet: Kanye West

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Since he's a rapper, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, Kanye West is definitely a versatile person. Though a controversial rapper, Kanye has won 21 Grammy awards for his work. He also has his own clothing line called Yeezy and a show line Yeezy shoes, which have made him millions.

He’s also created a fortune from his record sales, tours, and production work. With a net worth of $160 million, Kanye’s wealth can afford him a private jet. Furthermore, when you combine his earnings with that of his reality star wife, Kim Kardashian, the couple can definitely buy the private jet of their dreams. We also know Kanye enjoys the good life and has been spotted in private jets several times.

9 Can't Afford It: Xzibit

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Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, better known as Xzibit is a rapper, actor, producer, and television host. Xzibit debuted his rapping career with his first album, At the Speed of Life. He also hosted a show on MTV called Pimp My Ride where he used to make $500,000 a year.

However, the show was canceled in 2007 but Xzibit continued to spend his money lavishly. Over the years he had accumulated a lot of assets but he also owed the US government a lot of money in taxes.This is clearly not the right time for Xzibit to own a private Jet.

8 Can Afford A Private Jet: Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg as he is popularly known, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. His real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. His unique style of rap made him one of the most influential rappers in the world. Since the peak of his career in 1992, Snoop has sold over 53 million albums worldwide.

With a net worth of approximately $135 million, Snoop can definitely afford to buy a private jet. However, he is not extravagant with his money and has been spotted several times flying commercial and sometimes even in economy class. If you think about it, whether he travels private or commercial, he still manages to get to his destination on time, and that's what really matters.

7 Can't Afford It: Fat Joe

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Joseph Cartagena popularly known as Fat Joe is a rapper, businessman, and actor from New York. He started his career in a band but later went solo and opened his own label, Rebel. He has released a lot of hit singles collaborating with famous artist and has also been featured in several hit films.

His career was doing so well until he started facing tax problems. He blamed his financial problems on his then financial manager, but he still had to pay the dues. With a net worth of $5 million, Joe needs to get his books in order before he can buy his own private jet.

6 Can Afford A Private Jet: Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell Williams, who was born in Virginia, is known for his Versatility. He raps, sings, and produces films and songs. Pharrell’s music career kicked off in the 90s and he has since then been awarded 10 Grammies for his music.

Apart from gaining fame, Pharrell has also gained a lot of wealth from his music. He currently has a net worth of approximately $150 million from his media ventures, a record label, and clothing line. He has partnered with big companies like Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and G-Star Raw. In 2014 he released a hit single "Happy," which brought him $32 million. Pharrell can definitely afford to buy a private jet.

5 Can't Afford It: Eve

Via: biography.com

Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper is a rapper, songwriter, and actress with a net worth of $10 million. She has collaborated with several famous artists and produced hit singles over the years. Her first three albums were a massive success; they sold over 13 million copies worldwide.

As an actor, she has appeared in several hit films, including Barbershop and its two sequels. Eve's career has survived many issues, and we hope her best is yet to come. However, she disappeared from the limelight and hasn't released a song in years and it is for this reason we believe she might not be in the right place to own a private jet just yet.

4 Can Afford A Private Jet: Nicki Minaj

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Onika Tanya Maraj rose to fame as a hip-hop rapper by the stage name Nicky Minaj. She is also songwriter and actress. Since she first appeared in the music scene back in 2007, Nicky has collaborated with a wide range of successful artist like Lil Wayne, Drake, Meek Mill, and Chris Brown.

She gained fame after releasing the mixtapes Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free, and Beam Me Up Scotty. Nicky Minaj actually owns her own private jet. She loves it and never tries to show it off. With a net worth of $70 million, Nicky is the richest female rapper and the most influential female artist in hip-hop.

3 Can't Afford It: Da Brat

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44-year-old Shawntae Harris, known by her stage name Da Brat is a rapper and actor from Chicago. Producer Jermaine Dupri signed her to his label in 1992 when she was still a teenager.

Her debut album Funkdafied sold over one million copies back in 2004, making her the first female rapper to have a platinum album. In 2001, her career went downhill when she started getting into personal issues. Therefore, with a net worth of $3 million, Da Brat might not be in a position to buy a private jet just yet.

2 Can Afford A Private Jet: Queen Latifah

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Dana Elaine Owens professionally known as Queen Latifah is a jack of all trades. She started off her career as a rapper and later ventured into singing, songwriting, producing, and acting. Queen Latifah released her debut album All Hail the Queen in 1989 and seven other hit albums in the course of her music career.

She has also appeared in several hit television shows and films. Queen Latifah was the first female rapper to be nominated for an Oscar. In an effort to keep up with appearances, Queen Latifah flies in private jets. She also has a net worth of $60 million, which means she can definitely buy and maintain her own private jet.

1 Can't Afford It: Jermaine Dupri

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Born in North Carolina, Jermaine Dupri is a rapper, Record producer, and DJ. Jermaine started his music career at a young age. He formed part of the teen duo Kriss Kross group whose first album went multi-platinum.

He then opened his own record label So So Def Recordings where he collaborated and produced songs for the likes of Jay-Z, Da Brat, Mariah Carey, Xscape, and Janet Jackson. In 2011 he almost lost all his money.

His net worth is currently at $5 million and owning a private jet would not be in the best interests of his finances, since he has been in some financial issues in the past.

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