20Rebel: Shoes, Suit, And Everything In-Between

Via: US Magazine

Kristen Stewart has surprisingly been on fire this year, sparking major controversy at the Cannes Festival with her seemingly endless rebellious looks. This one came just three days after she removed her high heels in protest on the red carpet (more on that later).

Nearly every year, controversy is stirred u

at the Cannes festival for the same reason: are flats truly banned? The debate has been raging since at least 2015 already and this year was no exception. As Fashion Magazine points out, there's isn't "technically" a ban on flat on the Cannes red carpet.

Back in 2015 though, Screen Daily reported that "multiple guests, some older with medical conditions, were denied access to the anticipated world-premiere screening for wearing rhinestone flats."

So is Kristen Stewart just taking advantage of the controversy to place her name at the forefront of the headlines? It’s certainly possible, but she wouldn’t really need to. Even this year, guests complained once again for being turned away from the red carpet for wearing flats, even despite medical conditions.

Shoes aside, Kristen’s Chanel suit was a fashion statement in of itself in the sea of designer dresses that other celebs wore.

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