10 Rebel Pics Of Kristen Stewart (And 10 Pics Way Too Out Of The Box)

Although Kristen Stewart has been trying hard to break free of the monotone, lip-biting, one-expression wonder Bella Swan that she portrayed for four painful years, that acting fail turned blockbuster won't soon be forgotten. The way she wronged Robert Pattinson played a huge role in her image as well.

But six years later, we're ready to forgive and forget. Are you?

Look, I know what your thinking. Kristen Stewart has been known for some out there choices when it comes to acting roles, fashion styles, and juicy scandals. We're not even going to mention her controversial dating history because that's just a given.

With that being said, the previously awkward actress has also made major changes when it comes to showing up for red carpet events. Gone are the sneakers (although she does still wear them until the big moment), now replaced with designer heels that most of us would have a hard time affording.

But it's not just the shoes. Her outfit choices, make-up -- heck, even her hair, all play a contributing role in her being a red carpet rebel. Dare we say, she nearly always pulls off her daring looks too? You be the judge, although we did add a couple of flops just to spice things up.

20 Rebel: Shoes, Suit, And Everything In-Between

Via: US Magazine

Kristen Stewart has surprisingly been on fire this year, sparking major controversy at the Cannes Festival with her seemingly endless rebellious looks. This one came just three days after she removed her high heels in protest on the red carpet (more on that later).

Nearly every year, controversy is stirred up at the Cannes festival for the same reason: are flats truly banned? The debate has been raging since at least 2015 already and this year was no exception. As Fashion Magazine points out, there's isn't "technically" a ban on flat on the Cannes red carpet.

Back in 2015 though, Screen Daily reported that "multiple guests, some older with medical conditions, were denied access to the anticipated world-premiere screening for wearing rhinestone flats."

So is Kristen Stewart just taking advantage of the controversy to place her name at the forefront of the headlines? It’s certainly possible, but she wouldn’t really need to. Even this year, guests complained once again for being turned away from the red carpet for wearing flats, even despite medical conditions.

Shoes aside, Kristen’s Chanel suit was a fashion statement in of itself in the sea of designer dresses that other celebs wore.

19 Flop: The Much Talked About Rat Tail

Via: Allure

Although some might view her previously mentioned Chanel suit as a red carpet fiasco, she definitely earns major points for utilizing her fashion to make a statement about sexism within the film industry. Unfortunately, she did have a bit of a fashion miss at Cannes this year as well, amidst her rebellious looks.

On the plus side, "Kristen Stewart rat tail" is now much searched for on the web, with Allure calling it "cute" and W Magazine calling her a "true punk" for it.

But just because she portrayed Joan Jett in the 2010 movie The Runaways doesn’t mean that she’s a true punk.

Whether Kristen Stewart is a true punk is certainly debatable, but there is something to be said about how this hair style hasn’t been seen since the 80’s. Is that a good or a bad thing? We’ll leave that up to you, but let’s just hope that she isn’t successful in reviving this horrid hair style.

Back in 2014, she told Byrdie: “I like doing something cool on the red carpet. So many people go for pretty—and that’s pretty boring.”

Still, this look falls into the flop category, especially since her dress was really quite ugly as well.

18 Rebel: Making A Statement

Via: extra.ie

Yes, I know I just mentioned that she doesn't wear sneakers on the red carpet anymore and although you might be thinking, this is close enough, it really isn't.

Believe it or not, Kristen Stewart took off her Christian Louboutin heels to make a statement against sexism at the May 2018 Cannes red carpet.

That's a big feat for an actress previously known for her fashion fails, but we really should have seen it coming. At last year's Cannes, she actually she pointed out the blatantly obvious double standard when it comes to fashion on the red carpet, while talking to The Hollywood Reporter. She said, “There’s definitely a distinct dress code, right? People get very upset at you if you don’t wear heels, but I feel that you can’t ask people that anymore. It’s just a given. If you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you can’t ask me either."

So yes, she risked the moment getting completely lost this year though given the speed with which she removed her heels and bolted up the staircase, but luckily all eyes, and cameras, were on her. The moment actually came on the heels of the silent protest at Cannes this year, during which 82 women stood in silence to showcase the lack of female directors at the festival.

17 Flop: Who's A Rebel? Not Me!

Via: Style Bistro

Having already covered a couple of rebellious looks, here's a major flop that Kristen would sooner want erased from her fashion portfolio. In a case of "I'm just trying to fit in", Kristen Stewart wore a pink mini-dress that would have been best suited for a night out clubbing for a non-celeb.

Even worse is that she wore this awful pink dress for the premiere of The Runaways. Out of all the red carpets to be rebellious, it's definitely this one that she should have chosen to wear something edgier and fashion-forward. She may have looked quite comfortable and happy with her dress, but the entire look, from the pink dress, sheer fabric, pink lips, pink blush and even slicked back hair is just awful.

Maybe she just didn’t feel like rebelling with this one. She once told CinemaBlend: “I don’t feel like there’s a whole lot for me to rebel against. Nobody’s telling me to be a certain way, so I don’t have to proactively rebel. I guess I have rebellious thoughts. I think it’s kind of messed up that girls have much less opportunity to be themselves.

"It’s easier for – if I was a dude, I could have a much more unique individual personality that people wouldn’t talk about in a negative way. Girls are supposed to be a certain way. That bothers me.”

16 Rebel: Lady In Red

Via: Bustle

The rat tail would have definitely been better suited for this red carpet; it's too bad Kristen didn't think of it back in 2013! Not too many people can pull off a jumpsuit, especially one with lace a burgundy color and yet, Kristen managed it well.

She wore this red Stella McCartney jumpsuit to the MET Gala in 2013 in accordance with the Punk: Chaos to Couture theme. This was also the year that Miley Cyrus wore her Marc Jacobs mesh dressed, while her hair was in spikes! Given how rebellious Kristen Stewart likes to be on the red carpet, it’s surprising that she didn’t make an effort to make an appearance at this year’s Heavenly Bodies Met Gala. While she maybe could have tried to pencil in an attendance, it would have undoubtedly been way too rushed. As Harper’s Bazaar points out, she is actually one of this year’s Canne’s Film Festival jury.

Kristen Stewart a jury member? Yep, we’re as surprised as you are. Turns out that she had to attend a jury photocall and press conference the day after the MET Gala in France. With how quick a private plane can travel from New York to Paris, it still would have been cutting it way too close.

15 Flop: Is It A Bird? Nope, Just Kristen

Via: Lainey Gossip

Although this Kristen Stewart look can easily fall into the rebellious box , it instead falls into the “too out of the box” category. Kristen has pretty much never played by the Cannes rules and it’s in 2016 in particular that she went a little too far when she attended the premiere of her Personal Shopper movie in this Chanel white feather dress, complete with red make-up.

As Kristen isn’t devoid of drama, her ex-girlfriend Soko had also tweeted at the time, according to Lainey Gossip: “When she tries so hard to copy my hair and make up and I’m like: 😂😂😂😂 LOL.. STAAAAAP IT ! Hahaha”

It probably didn’t help matters that Kristen attended the red carpet event with her on-again-off-again girlfriend Alicia Cargile. Was it all a ploy to catch Soko’s attention? It would definitely seem like it and it’s also obvious that it worked, especially since the tweet has since been deleted. Kristen isn’t together with either one of them, instead now dating Stella Maxwell since 2017.

Although it’s unlike the kinds of fashion that other actresses usually opt for at the Cannes red carpet, the red make-up was just too much. Had she skipped it, maybe this look would instead be in the rebellious category.

14 Rebel: Sheer Jumpsuit For The Win

Via: EW.com

Forget Lady Gaga's outlandish red carpet looks, and take a moment to truly enjoy this jumpsuit that Kristen Stewart wore to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. It's really amazing and not just because it's a jumpsuit, a style of clothing that not too many people dare to wear anymore.

It's also incredible because at the time, it was quite a deviation in style for the actress famous for wearing sneakers to red carpets and posing awkwardly. She may have her hands semi-clenched in first, but it’s clear that she is totally enjoying the attention as she stands relaxed and semi-smiling.

It was definitely a rebellious look both for as red carpet fashion, then for the actress’ own person fashion ventures. Unfortunately, the tabloids didn’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity to compare her to her co-star Ashley Greene, who coincidentally, had also worn a black sheer number. It’s crazy that the two would even be compared because Ashley obviously played it safe with her black trousers and lacy-sleeved top. The only redeeming factor is that fans voted for Kristen’s look as being the best out of the two in a poll compiled by Entertainment Weekly.

13 Flop: Best Left For Grandma

Via: Getty Images

Eek, no, no, no. How could Kristen Stewart have possibly thought that this awful dress would be a good choice to add to her fashion resume? It looks like something our grandparents would have worn several decades, if not centuries, ago. All she is missing is a ball of yarn, so she can sit down and knit herself a nice shawl.

After all the rebellious looks that she has had on the red carpet, it's surprising that she would even accept to wear such a dress, which she wore to the screening of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Just a week before, Vogue had ran the headline: "Kristen Stewart Cements Her Status as Beauty's Biggest Risk-Take in Paris". It's true that she took a big risk, even with this dress, but it doesn't make it any less of a fail. But maybe there was an ulterior motive, as Kristen so often appears to have?

A source told OK! that Kristen might be vying for a romance with Cate Blanchett. The question source said, “Kristen’s been infatuated with Cate for years. She just wilts over her looks.”

Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.

12 Rebel: Just One Slight Hiccup

Via: Thibault Camus

For some reason, this Kristen Stewart look is actually amazing. Whether it's the dress, the sheer top, the hair or the red lips, or maybe a combination of everything together, this look just works.

But there's one major eyesore that doesn't work. While this look could have gone done in Cannes history for being one of Kristen's best, she unfortunately didn't hesitate to get photographed alongside Woody Allen. Despite all the rumors, Woody Allen is still at the top of the Hollywood list, but most other actors and actresses have been smart enough to avoid him "just in case".

Not Kristen Stewart though. She defended her association with him by telling Vulture, “I was like, ‘What do you think? We don’t know any of these people involved. I can personalize situations, which would be very wrong.’ At the end of the day, Jesse and I talked about this. If we were persecuted for the amount of [things] that’s been said about us that’s not true, our lives would be over. The experience of making the movie was so outside of that, it was fruitful for the two of us to go on with it.”

She makes a fair point, but given the serious nature of the allegations brought against the film director, it’s easy to see why most other celebs would make it a point to avoid him.

11 Flop: A For Effort

Via: Pinterest

She swung and she missed. While it has potential, this look flopped, especially since she looked awkward in most pics taken of her. Looking awkward in pics is her signature look, so that's not exactly saying much. Still, this one is a case of trying to make lingerie look designer gone wrong. As Red Carpet Fashion Awards pointed out: “The actress has been wearing a lot of sheer dresses lately, but on this occasion she did what I thought was impossible – make an Erdem dress look cheap.”

The original dress, when modeled on the runway, had actually be longer in length. Instead of keeping the below the knee length, Kristen opted for a barely behind-covering length that we can only imagine she wouldn’t have been able to sit properly in. The only look was a fail, especially since as RCFA also pointed out, she was even wearing Christian Louboutin pumps that were two sizes too big. Jeez!

Many critics online agreed that while the original dress was great for the runway, it simply wasn’t practical enough for real life wear. Others were quick to point out that Kristen would still have been receiving criticism even if she wouldn’t have shortened it.

10 Rebel: Love, Love, Love!


Via: The Cut

Kristen Stewart surprised everyone when she showed up to the 2013 Oscars in a stunning Reem Acra gown.

Although she could have done something a little better with her hair, it was still a major divergence at the time from her usual sneakers and awkward look. Not only that, but she also showed up with her crutches as she had injured her foot on glass just two days prior. The fact that she was able to ditch her crutches long enough to take a nice pic and didn't mind hobbling around them just goes to show her dedication to her craft. She could have easily stayed home, saying that she was too injured to come or she could have even worn something low-key. In this case, no one would definitely have cared had she resorted to her favorite pair of Converse, but not only did she show up, but she also donned a gorgeous designer dress!

Her efforts were enough to be noticed by many celebs, including Daniel Radcliffe, who told Hollywood Life, “I felt so bad. I just wanted to pick her up, put her in my arms and carry her onto the stage.”

“I probably would have dropped her and opened her wound again,” he also joked.

As the Daily Mail pointed out, Jennifer Lawrence’s inquiry as to “Hey, what happened dude?” when she saw her was particularly ironic as the Silver Linings Playbook actress later had her own mishap when she fell on the stairs on her way to accept her award for best actress.

9 Flop: Spoiled Look

Via: eonline

Rather than having the headlines read that she wore a beautiful Chanel dress, the media instead jumped on a completely different thing with regards to Kristen Stewart when she stopped at the 2015 Venice Film Festival in this look. While the look was a different one for her, the tabloids just couldn't get past the fact that she was pictured having kicked off her heels while sitting down later on. The last thing we need to see are her bruised and un-pedicured toes. Knowing that there would be a good chance that she might take off her heels, she should have gotten a nice pedicure!

Maybe she should have stuck to a 70's dress, which could have been a little more appropriate to go barefoot in. She once told CinemaBlend, "I’ve always been super nostalgic for the 70s even though I’ve obviously never lived then, but there’s great stories and I like the music and stuff. You get a sense from all the videos and stuff that they’ve got of themselves [from when they were] younger. You get a sense of what it feels like to live back then from the music and they sort of filled us in about little stuff, little stuff it would be hard to remember and probably random for this, but it was good that they were around because they needed to be there to fill in the blanks."

8 Rebel: Twi-Hard Reminiscence

Via: PopSugar

It's hard to get over the fact that this Hollywood couple broke up in the way that they did, but back when they were still together, Kristen Stewart made waves by stepping out onto the 2000 MTV Movie Awards rocking Converse. And yes, she actually managed to pull it off, with most tabloids praising her for the bold move.

MTV themselves ran the headline: "Kristen Stewart's MTV Movie Awards Style Made Us Smile," elaborating, "This moment was proof that, yes, Kristen Stewart is the kind of girl that can just throw on a pair of worn-in Converse from her closet and pair them with an excellent Yigal Azrouël minidress. Her casual confidence was just so Kristen that this look really couldn't have been any more perfect for the occasion".

Their description of her style was definitely right on the mark and kudos to her for being comfortable on the red carpet, when most actresses would have gone home with bruised feet.

She would have certainly been better suited wearing her favorite pair of Converse to the Oscars when she injured her foot, but one thing is for certain: Kristen Stewart never does what it expected of her.

7 Flop: Better Luck Next Time

Via: Vogue

Sadly, Kristen Stewart's sneaker-wearing antics on the red carpet don't always pay off. The ill-fitted crop top and short skirt that she paired with checkered Vans simply didn't stand a chance against the incredible dresses that Alessandra Ambrosio or even the bold suit that Charlie Theron rocked with heels to a different Cannes premiere the same year.

If you're still pining over her failed romance with Robert Pattinson mentioned in the previous entry, don't worry, so are we. Would Kristen ever go back to dating men? She told Elle: "Yeah, totally. Definitely… Some people aren't like that. Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they'll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. I want to try everything. If I have grilled cheese once I'm like, 'That was cool, what's next?'

For the time being, she is still very much enjoying frolicking in the lady pond, but it’s interesting to know that she is open to love from whichever direction it comes. Although Twilight fans continue to ship her and Pattinson to this day, that ship has undoubtedly sailed for good, even though they were spotted grabbing a drink together in February 2018.

6 Rebel: Rock Chick Goddess

Via: E Online

Look at that, pedicured toenails! Kristen Stewart actually wore this eye-catching ensemble to Elle's 24th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration in 2017 and while it could have easily flopped, she managed to pull it off in a rebellious way. Like most of her recent looks, it's not a style that most other celebs could easily don, and yet she makes it look effortless.

Even Red Carpet Fashion Awards said that "Kristen Stewart channeled her inner rock chick goddess for her red carpet look." Very true, indeed!

Although she has been doing everything she can to distance herself from Twilight, did you know that she has no regrets when it comes to the vampire movie that many love to hate (or hate to love)? When she secured herself the cover of Interview magazine, she revealed: "Anybody who wants to talk [smack] about Twilight, I completely get it, but there's something that I'm endlessly, and to this day, [...] proud of. My memory of it --still feels-- really good."

Shocked? Yeah us too. But it’s nice to know that she has absolutely zero regrets when it comes to the saga that many hold very dear to their hearts.

5 Flop: An  Underwhelming Feminist

Via: Harper's Bazaar

For a woman who has been making bold and rebellion statements on the red carpet through her fashion choices, this one is definitely "meh". It's not a complete fail, but it does fail to impress, especially since she wore this Chanel gown to the 2010 Met Gala when the theme was "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity".

It's called the Metropolitan Costume Institute for a reason and it's undeniable that she could have played with the theme better, especially since the actress has been quite outspoken about feminism.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, she shared her disbelief as to how many women of our generation shy away from being seen as a feminist. "That’s such a strange thing to say, isn’t it? Like, what do you mean? Do you not believe in equality for men and women? I think it’s a response to overly-aggressive types. There are a lot of women who feel persecuted and go on about it, and I sometimes am like, “Honestly, just relax, because now you’re going in the other direction.”

She also added: “Relating it to my one little avenue, people say, ‘If you want to make it in the film industry as a woman, you have to be [cutthroat].’ No, you are going to ruin any chance you have and give us a bad name. It’s the overcompensation to where our generation goes, ‘Relax,’ because it’s been easier for us, and because we don’t have as much of the anger, so it’s like we can’t get behind it and it’s a bit embarrassing. But that being said, it’s a really ridiculous thing to say you’re not a feminist."

4 Rebel: Va-Va-Voom!

Via: Hollywood Life

Kristen definitely wowed when she stepped out in this low-cut red dress for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere. At the time, she had also confided to Hollywood Life: "A lot of actresses say you can play different parts on the red carpet, but I simply can’t claim that I can become someone I’m not."

"I’ve worked with the same person my whole life. I can definitely unlock qualities and something very unexpected comes to the surface — and that’s fun, but you know instantly if [a dress] works or it doesn’t. You don’t even have to zip it up. It’s important to trust that," she also added.

It's safe to say that it's 100% worked for her in this case. If there was ever a time to bust out such a dress, it was definitely for the premiere of the final Twilight movie. We have never seen her don anything quite like that again, but here's to hoping that she will consider it in the future. A red Valentino dress might suit her particularly well. It may not have been the most “out there” dress ever worn on the red carpet, but it’s a complete deviance from her usual style.

3 Flop: A True Miss

Via: Harper's Bazaar

The 80's called, they want their terrible fashion style back. Despite attending quite a few of them, Kristen Stewart just hasn't been able to understand exactly how the MET Gala works. Case in point, she wore this awful 80's cocktail-looking dress to the 2012 MET Gala. What was she even thinking? Not too surprisingly, her awful fashion choice landed her right at the top of all the "Worst-Dressed" lists. With the theme being "Elsa Schiaparelli: Impossible Conversations," Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Carey Mulligan were among some of the front-runners for best-dressed with their exquisite interpretation of the theme.

She may have polarizing hits and misses when it comes to her fashion choices, but at least she knows exactly who she is. Speaking about her orientation, Kristen told the Sunday Times, “I wasn’t hiding anything, I didn’t talk about my first relationships that went public because I wanted things that are mine to be mine. I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity and peddled around the world. But considering I had so many eyes on me, I suddenly realized [my private life] affects a greater number of people than just me. It was an opportunity to surrender a bit of what was mine, to make even one other person feel good about themselves.”

2 Rebel: Going Against The Grain

Via: Pinterest

While many might be quick to downvote this outfit, it does stand out in a rebellious way. You would be hard-pressed to find any other lady on the red carpet dare to pull off a buzzed cut, a bandeaux top and open dress like that.

As she's often asked about her orientation, she told Variety, "Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I’m about, If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you.”

This way of seeing things definitely goes hand-in-hand with her fashion style. Although many might recoil from her buzzed head and. Despite her confidence, there is still one thing that makes her nervous and that's interviews when she is representing herself as an actress!

Talking about her directorial debut with the 2017 movie Come Swim, she told The Hollywood Reporter, "Usually I come here I'm like dude I hope I say things the right way. I hope it's concise and eloquent because this guy worked so hard. Usually I'm representing a director who wants things to be said a certain way. Not that it would be something you were ever told, but like holding that up for someone always makes me really nervous. In this case, I'm like 'ask me anything'. I can tell you. Like it's not even a big deal."

1 Flop: Sorry, But Nope

Via: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

Once again, Kristen Stewart at yet another MET Gala. This one was at the 2016 event, when the theme was "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age of Technology". For someone who has been relentlessly labeled as "punk" by tabloids, she certainly fails to take advantage of the correct moments to make her statements. Just have a search for what Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift wore and you will why this one could have been better. Kooky eyeshadow and hair doesn't make for a great look, no matter what the theme is.

The only redeeming factor is that she appeared to actually have fun, as she has been in most recent red carpet events as well. This is in stark contrast to her previous red carpet appearances and appearances. With regards to her previous awkwardness in interviews, she explained to Elle, "There's this idea that you're beholden in some way [to fame], and I resent that," she said. "And it comes across like I'm ungrateful or something but, actually, I just find it weird to talk to the general public as a whole. Like, you can relate to a person, you can relate to an individual, but addressing the world at large is something that just perplexes me."

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