10 People Tom Cruise Is Close To (10 Who Can't Be In The Same Room As Him)

Tom Cruise has enjoyed a successful run in Hollywood for almost thirty years, having found fame early on in his teenage years. So, one can only imagine all the friends, and enemies, he would have accumulated throughout run as one of Hollywood's leading actors, famously known to earn up to $25 million per motion picture. While Tom's acting career has continued to skyrocket with projects such as Mission Impossible and The Mummy, Cruise's private life hasn't been sailing all that well, if one was to believe what reports have said about the star's personal struggles.

Tom is notoriously known to have made headlines for his association to the Scientology, with Leah Remini famously coming out to stress that the religion is nothing more than a cult. She added that the executives who run the organization control the lives of those who take part. This would evidently explain why Cruise was alleged to have cut ties with his daughter, Suri, following Katie Holmes' sudden decision to file for divorce -- a decision which came about when Scientology reportedly began to interfere in her marriage with Tom.

Scientology has led Tom Cruise to build a roster of enemies in Hollywood, with Leah Remini being one of them. Those who are still part of the religion are obliged not to communicate with the actress any longer, Remini claims, so despite the fact that she was once a close friend to Cruise and his family, those ties have now all been broken.

But who else would Tom have an awkward time with if he was to be in their presence? Find out below, including a list of ten stars who've adapted to having great friendships with the actors -- some of which may come as a surprise.

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20 Can't be in the same room - Leah Remini

via frostsnow.com

Leah Remini has made it no secret that she’s not a fan of Tom Cruise, who she has famously bashed in several interviews for his association with Scientology. Fans are well aware that Leah also used to be part of the religion, but from her experience, she says that it was the most horrific time of her life that saw her lose plenty of friends and be forced to act in ways she’s not used to herself.

Tom, who used to consider Leah one of his closest friends, instantly cut ties with Remini after she left Scientology, and from what the actress claims, it’s a common protocol that when one distances themselves from the religion, let alone talk about people part of Scientology, they ought to cut all ties with the people in question.

It doesn’t seem like Leah is all that bothered, for she claims that Scientology is anything but a religion and the people that serve the so-called cult are brainwashed into acting in ways that only exploits them and consequently hurts their lifestyle and the people around them.

It’s clear that there’s no love lost between the two.

19 close to - Adam Sandler

via cbsnews.com

While this may seem like a surprise to some, Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler happen to be quite close pals, who’ve both supported each other’s careers for almost two decades.

Fans would have noticed how friendly Tom and Sandler are at public events such as the MTV Movie Awards, and that’s said to be because both actors are very fond of each other’s work despite the fact that the films they make are so different.

Adam, who is very much known for directing and starring in plenty of comedy films, can’t resist catching an action-packed movie from someone like Tom Cruise. So while their union would seem somewhat strange to some, their friendship between one another seems to be long-lasting, from the way things have been going.

It should also be stressed that while Tom isn’t regularly photographed with Adam Sandler by his side, the two are always cordial with each other when they do run into one another. After all, they both have a very hectic schedule, but if they are to cross paths with one another, it’s nothing but love between the two Hollywood stars.

The same can’t be said if Tom was to run into the likes of John Travolta, that’s for sure.

18 Can't be in the same room - Katie Holmes

via thr.com

Katie Holmes, who was famously married to Cruise for close to five years, ended up filing for divorce from the actor, which reports claim was all due to Tom’s obsession with Scientology and allowing the religion to dictate his marriage.

Holmes allegedly became concerned about Suri’s well-being, the daughter she shares with Tom, because the religion was determined to have her act upon their demands, and when Katie began to get the impression that the environment was anything but safe for herself and the child, she wanted out immediately.

Since cutting ties with Tom and Scientology, it’s said that the duo has not spoken under any circumstances, with several sources going on to claim that Cruise has refrained from speaking to the Hollywood star again for going against his beliefs linked to Scientology.

Katie has never bashed Tom, his beliefs, or the religion in public interviews, and that’s said to be because she agreed to keep her private life out of the limelight — at least with anything that concerns her former marriage to Tom. But it’s evidently clear that Katie was no fan of the religion when the relationship began to crumble — she didn’t have to voice it to the public.

17 close to - Kirstie Alley

via hollywoodreporter.com

Alley is another huge advocate for the Scientology religion, if you plan on saying anything negative about Tom Cruise, just know that Kirstie Alley will come after you in a split second.

Going back to when Leah Remini had made her controversial remarks about Tom and her life living in Cruise’s shadow under the religion, Kirstie was quick to fire back at the actress, demanding her to shut her mouth on matters that she considered to be fabricated and vicious.

Alley and Cruise have been friends for decades, and that union once included Leah, actually, before Remini decided to back out and find her own way. But in Kirstie’s eyes, even if Leah wants to leave the religion, she better not continue talking trash about the people that are still part of the religion.

Kirstie Alley found it a problem that Remini wouldn’t just leave in peace, and instead found the need to — what she says — "expose the lies of a cult that doesn’t benefit the people in any sort of way". Leah says it’s not a religion that worships anything but negative traits, which Alley begs to differ.

16 Can't be in the same room - John Travolta

via msn.com

Though they are both part of the Scientology religion, it’s been rumored for years now that Tom and John Travolta are big-time rivalries in Hollywood. While it was never discussed upon what the actual problem between these two superstars is, the two have allegedly gone out of their way to avoid each other at all costs; presuming that things would quickly turn into a nasty altercation.

It’s long been rumored that John was never happy about the control Tom has in Scientology — seeing that the Hollywood actor has invested millions of dollars into the religion. Cruise is, what some people believe, one of the leaders amongst other executives running what has since been branded as nothing more but a cult.

Regardless of how John feels about John, he has continued to commit himself to Scientology, but from what’s been gathered, Travolta will avoid Cruise at any given time — and the chances of seeing them at a public event together again are second to none. They both aren’t on the best of terms for reasons that have yet to be uncovered by the media.

15 close to - Leonardo DiCaprio

via refinery29.uk

Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of Tom Cruise’s movies — who would have thought? Any time the Hollywood actors are at an event together out in Los Angeles, they never fail to take photos for the cameras together, given that they both respect each other’s work in the entertainment industry.

It’s long been rumored that Tom has wanted to star in a film alongside Leonardo but the opportunity never came about until recently when Quentin Tarantino admitted he had discussed plans to write a film with the duo in mind.

Of course, nothing has been set in stone just yet, but given that both actors are respectful of each other’s careers and would jump at the opportunity to work on a great movie together, it would seem to make perfect sense that this ends up happening in the near future.

Fans could already imagine it being a bloody action film, especially if Quentin Tarantino’s name is attached to the project. And action films is something that nobody knows better to execute than someone like Tom Cruise.

14 Can't be in the same room - Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg can’t stand Tom Cruise, and that’s not a secret to anybody in Hollywood. Their feud came about when the action star infamously said that his job as an actor could very well be compared to the likes of people fighting for their countries in Afghanistan.

It would seem that Tom was trying to insinuate that the stunts and action-packed adventures he goes on to produce great content for his fans can somewhat be linked to what army veterans have gone through in their time when at war with other countries.

The comments were so controversial that plenty of celebrities lashed back at Tom; one of them being Mark, who was so livid, he reacted to Cruise’s statement, stressing, “How ******* dare you.”

Wahlberg went on to say that he was appalled and disgusted by a fellow actor in Hollywood comparing himself to an army veteran, adding that both professions are completely different and that an actor is never put in a situation where they could potentially lose their lives for the sake of serving their country.

The comparison from Tom Cruise was sickening, Mark shared in an open statement, and it’s believed that the actors haven’t seen eye-to-eye ever since those comments were first made.

13 close to - Russell Crowe

via biography.com

As previously mentioned, Russell Crowe has been a close friend to Tom Cruise for as long as one can remember. He’s known Tom before he became a household name across the world and even spent a significant time with the actor during his years he was still married to Nicole Kidman — another good friend to Russell.

Fans can tell that Tom considers Crowe to be one of his dearest pals, for they are always supporting each other at movie premieres and openly gush about their tight bonds in interviews, the same way Russell did last year when he opened up about the devastation he felt when Tom and Nicole had called it quits.

The way that he explained it definitely made it seem that even he was upset about the former couple’s decision to part ways from one another.

It goes without saying that since he had been such a good friend to them for all these years, and the fact that one piece of their bond as a trio was bound to come to an end affected the actor deeply.

From what’s been reported, however, Russell stays in contact with Nicole every now and then, but his friendship with Tom Cruise seems to be unbreakable.

12 Can't be in the same room - Jamie Foxx

via variety.com

What started off as a Hollywood friendship quickly turned into a sour feud between Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise, from what reports have gathered. And it’s all because of Katie Holmes.

Soon after ending her marriage with the actor, Katie’s friendship with Foxx had blossomed into a full-on romance, and though the duo has been super secretive about their dating life, sources say that the twosome started seeing one another a year after Holmes had left Tom. In Cruise’s eyes, it’s understandable why he would no longer consider Jamie a friend, given that they were close pals prior to his divorce with Katie.

So finding out that someone he had shared a close bromance with had now gone on to date the woman he had just broken up with must have been hard to stomach.

From what’s been gathered, Tom and Jamie Foxx haven’t spoken since the news about the actor’s romance with Katie Holmes became public knowledge. It’s said that Jamie and Katie’s secret dating life had been to avoid controversy and anger Tom, but it seems that in recent months they’ve been much more public with the fact that they are, indeed, an item.

11 close to - marc Anthony

via wikipedia.com

Marc Anthony had been friends with Tom Cruise for many years — in fact, their friendship dates back to more than 15 years. When the Hollywood actor had announced he was planning to marry Katie Holmes, Marc Anthony was actually one of the guests to the wedding where he was accompanied by his then-wife, Jennifer Lopez.

It’s funny how things have since changed since Lopez is also known to be a good friend to Leah Remini; the actress that has bashed Scientology for somewhat ruining her life. While Jennifer has strongly sided with her close pal, Marc Anthony is still said to have kept ties with Tom despite the fact that his former partner decided not to continue supporting Cruise.

Though there haven’t been any recent photos of Tom and Marc spending quality time together, it’s very much believed that they are still close with one another. If the two were to run into each other at a public event, there wouldn’t be any sort of bad blood between either of them because there was never a reason for them not to speak in the first place.

Issues concerning past friends or their exes have nothing to do with their friendship, it seems, which is good.

10 Can't be in the same room - Nicole Kidman

via biography.com

Nicole Kidman’s divorce from Tom Cruise in 2001 was painful for the actress, to say the least. While the couple never discussed matters regarding the failure of their marriage, good pal Russell Crowe admitted in an interview back in 2017 that the duo’s breakup was extremely painful for Kidman to comprehend.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that during the time they were together, Nicole and Tom had adopted two children together, consequently meaning that parenting their kids were going to be hard, especially since their marriage didn’t end on good terms.

While both parents are still said to be close to their adopted children, what’s clear is that Tom and Nicole no longer share any sort of communication between one another. It’s often been joked by fans that, given the news that Nicole really suffered after the divorce, she wouldn’t even consider the possible chance of being offered a movie role co-starring Cruise.

It’s said that there’s no bad blood between the two Hollywood actors, but something seemed to have transpired between them that not only saw their marriage fall apart but also the conclusive decision to no longer speak to one another — not even for the sake of their children. Yikes.

9 close to - jada Pinkett-Smith

via prevention.com

Similar to Will, Jada Pinkett-Smith also shared a close bond with Tom Cruise, but for reasons of her own. In recent years, it was claimed that Tom had convinced Jada to join Scientology, and though it was never made to be public knowledge, Pinkett-Smith had apparently been part of the cult for close to a decade.

Jada had firmly denied those reports when they came about, stressing that she’s not part of any religion but respects anybody that is. Leah Remini was the person in question that claimed she had seen Jada walk into the Scientology building near Hollywood on multiple occasions, giving a clear indication that she was a regular.

Whatever the case may be, it’s said that Jada and her husband Will are still very close to Tom — one reason being that they live in the same neighborhood, and if rumors are to be true, then it would also be for the supposed fact that Pinkett-Smith has some sort of association with Scientology which is more or less represented by Tom Cruise and the executives he’s befriended over there.

8 Can't be in the same room - Priscilla Presley

via metro.co.uk

Priscilla Presley shocked fans last year when she had announced she was leaving Scientology, which came as a surprise since nobody was even aware of the fact that she was part of the religion, to begin with.

Presley gave a statement stressing that she had moved on and distanced herself from the rumored cult, which came just months after Leah Remini, a former Scientologist, and friend to Tom Cruise, had said that Scientology ruined her personal life and made her act upon things that were totally out of her character.

As previously stressed, when a member of the Scientology religion is said to leave, people that are still associated are ought to keep away from those that have decided to go their own way.

It’s unclear on whether Tom and Priscilla ever actually shared any sort of friendship, but one would assume so, given that they were both parts of the same religion. With all that in mind, Cruise wouldn’t want to be staying in touch with Presley now that she has cut all ties with the religion.

Priscilla has yet to explain her reasons for abruptly leaving Scientology behind.

7 close to - Cameron Diaz

via usmagazine.com

Ever since starring in the action movie, Knight & Day, Cameron Diaz has been obsessed with Tom — not to say that she wasn’t already obsessed with the actor prior to signing on to the film, but it seems that working on a film together really saw the actors build a close friendship.

During press interviews for the film, Cameron had often mentioned how Tom would make her laugh hysterically during lunch breaks on set. She also mentioned that working with Cruise on such a film that allowed them to travel all around the world to shoot scenes was such a joyful occasion she wouldn’t forget.

The film they starred in didn’t particularly do all that well at the box office, and while it was rumored that there was still a chance for a sequel to be made, it seemed that those plans were eventually scrapped, which must have been really annoying for Cameron who really loved working with Tom Cruise.

It’s apparent that if Tom and Cameron were to run into each other out in Los Angeles, it would instantly bring back good memories of their time working together.

Here’s to hoping it’ll happen again.

6 Can't be in the same room - Emily Blunt

via vanityfair.com

One can assume that there’s no love lost between Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise. Despite having starred in a movie together, titled Edge of Tomorrow, the actress had made comments regarding her former co-star’s Hollywood career a decade prior to finding herself starring in a movie with the superstar.

In an interview that dates back to almost 2005, Emily had openly stressed that she would rather work in the theater before she agrees to star alongside a film with Tom Cruise.

This is obviously ironic because almost ten years later she found herself in that exact same position. So, what changed? Regardless of whether Emily was joking or not, making such comments probably wouldn’t have sat nicely with someone like Tom. And though the actors were both cordial during their time filming the action-packed movie, it’s doubtful that they have remained in close contact following the movie’s release.

The flick did exceptionally well at the box office, but there were never plans for a sequel — one must wonder whether Emily would have jumped at the chance of working with an actor she famously bashed in a previous interview now that her career has skyrocketed after starring in a film with Tom.

5 close to - Johnny Depp

via vanityfair.com

While this may come as a surprise to some, Tom Cruise is a big fan of Johnny Depp and his movies. It’s always interesting to see movie stars supporting fellow actors, especially with Tom because it’s become public knowledge that if he shows up to a premiere of one’s movie that doesn’t feature him, it will either mean he’s a good friend to that particular person, or he just enjoys whatever movie it is that’s hitting theaters.

With Johnny, however, Tom Cruise genuinely just happens to love Depp’s film, which he’s stressed in interviews in the past. The father-of-three has often shown up to the premiere of Johnny’s films out in Los Angeles; it often seems that though neither of the two ever discuss their friendship in public, they seem pretty close to one another.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise either since Johnny and Tom both own homes in Bel-Air, where they happen to spend a significant amount of time when they’re either shooting movies out in Los Angeles or simply taking some time off to rest and gaze at the beautiful view from their mansion on the hills.

it’s good to see Johnny and Tom still support one another to this day.

4 Can't be in the same room - Brad Pitt

via hellomagazine.com

While this has been nothing more than a rumor, it’s believed that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise aren’t the best of friends in Hollywood, nor can they stand each other.

Unlike Travolta, who seems to have a personal problem with his Scientology associate, Brad apparently isn’t a big fan of Tom’s movies — though they are filled with adventures, fight scenes, and plenty of action, Pitt has never been drawn to movies starring Tom, which would somewhat seem like a dig.

You would think that Brad would at least like one of Tom’s films, given that there have been so many of them, but nope — they just don’t seem to cut it for Pitt, who has actively chosen to dedicate his time focusing on meaningful roles with purpose, quality, and meaning.

Each actor tends to focus their attention on different films given on what their abilities allow to bring across on the big screen, so no one can fault the supposed fact that Brad just isn’t impressed by a bunch of stunt scenes and jumping from one block to another on a tower in Dubai.

If one was to put these two in the same room together, things could get quite awkward, that’s for sure.

3 close to - David Beckham

via vogue.it

Similar to Will, upon making his move to Los Angeles in 2007, with wife Victoria Beckham and their kids in tow, David Beckham was greeted to quite the welcome from all sorts of celebrity friends, one of them being Tom Cruise.

When David first moved to Los Angeles, it was rare not to see him spending quality time with Tom, as the duo would often enjoy dinner dates with their wives, not to mention that they were also known to attend basketball games together from time to time.

And unlike Will, Tom and David are still seen hanging together every now and then — these days, they no longer share duo dinner dates with their partners, given that Tom is no longer in a relationship, but they do happen to catch a basketball game together every now and then at the Staples Center.

If one was to put these two stars together, it seems apparent that there would be so much to talk about between the duo that would instantly give off the impression they are still as close as they were back in 2007.

2 Can't be in the same room - Suri Cruise

via hollywoodlife.com

In what would seem to be the saddest part of it all, Suri Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen her father in years, which has well been documented and reported in several leading news outlets.

Following Katie’s decision to divorce Tom and cut all ties with Scientology, Tom pretty much did the same, according to reports, and though he was believed to have seen Suri a few times that very same year, Cruise’s only biological daughter has apparently not seen her father in several years now.

Fans believe that Tom’s association with Scientology is the reason behind his absence as a father in Suri’s life, while others have stressed that Jamie Foxx now being together with Holmes has somewhat caused another friction between Tom and Katie.

He would find it awkward and would be somewhat appalled of his former pal now dating his ex-wife — Tom may not be able to comprehend the idea of attending a home that’s now shared between Suri, Katie, and Jamie, particularly when considering how badly the marriage ended.

Katie and Tom have both been very quiet about their strained relationship after their divorce, but from what’s been said, Cruise doesn’t communicate with Suri — ever.

1 close to - Will Smith

Will Smith is still said to be good friends with Tom. The duo formed a friendship well over a decade ago, with Smith often having taken his family over to spend time with Katie and Suri, prior to the couple’s divorce.

What seemed amazing about Will and Tom’s friendship is that Cruise would often show up to the premiere of movies Smith was promoting out in Los Angeles, showing that he genuinely found interest in his pal’s movies and was always willing to make time for the people he clearly cared a lot about.

While they haven’t been seen out and about in public as much as they used to, Tom and Will live in the same neighborhood out in Los Angeles, so even if their friendship was to have cooled down, given that they live very busy lives, it’s somewhat guaranteed that a friendly greeting or an invite to each other’s homes is still welcomed every now and then.

After all, there was never anything that would have given fans the impression Tom and Will had a falling out. In fact, they have only ever praised each other for their work ethic.

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