10 Of The Best Actresses Casted On Netflix Shows (And 10 We Want Fired)

Netflix has taken over our lives, one series at a time. It is hard to remember a time where Netflix was not the way we all binge-watched shows.

Netflix has become one of the biggest players in this industry and people all over the world love watching their original series. Some of the shows have had a short-lived life while other shows have become classics almost overnight. From Orange is the New Black to Stranger Things and Grace and Frankie, Netflix has truly come up with something for everyone.

Although we love watching these original series, sometimes we do not love the ladies who were hired to be part of these amazing shows. A lot of the time the show is amazing, but we as viewers can’t get past some of these women. With all the incredibly talented actresses in the world, it is surprising how some of these women got so lucky. From Laura Prepon to the entire female cast of Fuller House, some of these ladies should just give up while they are ahead.

This is where I come in, I have watched every Netflix original series and I have compiled a list of actresses we love to see on the small screen and those we could live without.

20 we love - Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things

The show Stranger Things became a sensation almost overnight. This Netflix original series had people all over the world glued to their screens for both seasons.

The show is filled with amazing scenes, writing and of course acting. Millie Bobby Brown, who is one of the young actors on the show, completely stole the hearts of everyone who watched it. Her natural abilities to act and her convincing portrayal of her character Eleven are a few reasons why we are so completely into her.

Not only is Brown on a hit television show, but she has also gotten the attention of the world’s biggest designers, all of whom have been dying to dress her.

Millie Bobby Brown is a force to be reckoned with and her career has only just begun. This young girl simply has it all, from talent to beauty to an amazing career, there is seriously no stopping this starlet from reaching new heights.

She is without a doubt one of the actresses we love to watch and I know I am not the only person who is dying to see season 3 of this epic show. Seriously if you have not watched it yet, you should, it is better than you would ever expect!

19 want fired - All the girls on Fuller House

This pains me to say this but the truth sometimes hurts.

As a huge fan of the show Full House, I was totally looking forward to this spin-off. However, I felt like my childhood was in a sense ruined because of how bad it was.

Not only was the show horrible, but all the female actresses were painful to watch. All of the actresses seem to simply be going through the motions and not actually acting. It is sad to think that a show that had such a huge fan base allowed them to get to this point of not caring about what their fans think.

I have yet to meet someone who enjoyed watching this show or even got through season 1 for that matter. Yes, it was that bad.

They had all the tools to make this great but their lack of efforts on set was displayed and there is no denying that they did a poor job on this one.

I still love the original but would not waste my time watching more episodes of the new one because it is just not the same. Sometimes, not doing something is better than doing something bad and this is advice the ladies of Fuller House should listen to.

18 we love - Claudia O'Doherty from love

If you have not yet watched this Netflix original series you do not know what you are missing.

The show Love is one of those series that you can’t help but…love. The raw and relatable characters along with the writing and acting make this show pretty awesome.

The show is about two individual beings, with separate lives, slowly coming together as a couple. The show deals with real-life issues like addiction and financial difficulties. It is the kind of series that gets you super involved with each characters life, which in my opinion makes for great television.

There are a lot of things I love about this show but Claudia O'Doherty is definitely the thing I love the most. She plays Birtie, the leading lady’s BFF and roommate, however; it is safe to say that she steals the show. Her quirky personality and raw talent allow viewers to slowly fall in love with the woman that is Birtie Bauer.

O'Doherty will without a doubt make you laugh every episode and not because she is obviously funny, but because the way she portrays her character is so real, you feel like she is part of your girl gang, which is precisely why she made this list!

17 want fired - Laura Prepon from Orange is the New Black

Laura Prepon became a household name when she became part of the cast of That 70's Show, where she played Donna. Although she was not my favorite on that show, she was much better in a comedic role then she has ever been in her recent role on Orange is the New Black.

I hate to say it, but the worst thing about the show Orange is the New Black is Laura Prepon. The series is filled with some of the most talented actresses in the industry, however, Prepon is not one of them. She is not a bad actress but her acting on this show is far from good. Not only is her character annoying, but Prepon's portrayal of it is far from noteworthy.

It seems as though she is not committed to her role and that lack of passion shows throughout the series and I am certain I am not the only person who caught on to this lackluster performance.

Although her character holds a lot of value in the series, there is something that she brings to the table that I wish she would not, herself. In my opinion and in the opinion of many, the best season of the show was the one that Prepon was not in.

16 we love - Kate Mulgrew from Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is one of the most popular television shows Netflix ever created. The almost all female cast is filled with some incredible women and a few women we could live without.

A lot of people first thought this show had a strict female only viewership, however, men soon started to become just as obsessed with the show as women. Orange is the New Black is set in a female prison. The cast is filled with an array of characters; however, one of my favorites is Red, played by the great Kate Mulgrew.

Red is one of the prison moms, she has a lot of women under her wing and although she makes a lot of mistakes, her intention is always to protect her family.

Red in a way makes me want to be a badass prison mom, she is so cool and confident and most of all intelligent. Watching her on screen is so easy and I know I am not the only one who feels that way. Her character has a way of getting to the viewer's hearts, even though she is a criminal which is one of the reasons why she is so loved on the show.

15 want fired - Claire Foy from Crown

Claire Foy is the leading lady in the show The Crown and although the show is super loved, there is something about Foy that annoys viewers.

The problem is that with any piece of historical fiction all the characters are based on real people, which means they need to work extra hard to portray someone who already is so well known. That means, that their mannerisms, the way they speak and even the way they walk will all be compared to the person who they are playing.

A lot of viewers of the show including myself found it hard to watch Claire Foy play Queen Elizabeth II. Although she does not do a horrible job in her portrayal there is something that is holding the show back from being incredible, and part of me believes that the person is Claire Foy. Seeing how the show is centered around Foy as Elizabeth, there is a lack of authenticity to the character that in my opinion is what is holding this series back.

Regardless of what I think, there are some people who adore the show as well as her portrayal of the Queen however, I am not one of those people.

14 we love - Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black

Danielle Brooks is another cast member from the awesome show Orange is The New Black and she is more than good, she is great.

Brooks plays Tasha `Taystee` Jefferson, an inmate in the prison. Taystee is FULL of personality, she is sweet, sensitive and all around adorable.

Taystee is without a doubt the most sincere and big-hearted character on the show and the more you get to know her the more you fall in love with her. Her character will make you laugh, she will make you cry and she will make you feel for her the way you feel for a loved one. You sympathize with her and connect with her in so many ways; it makes it hard not to be fond of her.

Not only is her character super lovable, but as an actor, she has shown a wide range of emotions which is incredible to see. From her silly moments to her emotional breakdowns, viewers have been able to watch this character grow and it has been a tasty treat for us all.

Danielle Brooks has a bright future ahead of her and we hope Netflix signs her onto more projects because she truly is a talented being.

13 want fired - Ellie Kemper from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt

Ellie Kemper is cute, quirky and a little annoying. Although the show has some funny moments, there is something super irritating about Kemper.

The show, which was created by Tina Fey has a lot of potential and a lot of good characters; however, something tells me they could have found a better leading lady.

For those of you who have never seen the show, it is about a girl who, after years of being kidnapped and held hostage finally gets a new shot at life and moves to New York City. Once in the big city, she learns about how to be an adult, kind of.

As mentioned before, the show has its golden moments but all in all it can be annoying to watch. It is the perfect show for background noise, however, not a show I would binge and part of the reason why is because of Kemper and portrayal of Kimmy.

I am sure she is a super nice person but for some reason whenever I see her on the screen I kind of want to turn off the television. She just doesn't do it for me.

12 we love - Winona Ryder from Stranger Things

Winona Ryder does not only steal from stores, she also steals people’s hearts when she acts.

Winona Ryder is one of the most talented actresses of our generation and it has been such a pleasure being able to watch her on a series.

Ryder has quite an impressive resume, from films like Reality Bites, The Heathers, Beetle Juice and of course, my personal favorite Girl Interrupted. Now she has added another hit to that list, Stranger Things.

Let me just get this out here, Winona Ryder knows how to play a hysterical mother better than anyone else. Not only do you feel her emotions through the screen but you also can’t help but be impressed with the level of skill she possesses as an artist. She is one of a kind and her performance throughout the series has been nothing less than inspirational. Ryder is a badass actress and Netflix did a great job of casting her on their show.

Stranger Things is not only an awesome show but it is one that makes you think about what you are watching. Not only is the writing amazing but the cast and crew do a phenomenal job of bringing the writing to life, which is what makes this show, one that everyone should watch.

11 want fired - Gillian Jacobs from Love

Love is one of those shows that is real, raw and exactly what our generation is in need of. It is the kind of show that you watch and before you know it you have finished all the episodes, not realizing how much time has passed.

Gillian Jacobs is one of those actresses who you want to like, but for some reason, you just can’t do it. Maybe it is her character or maybe it is just her but as talented as she is I just do not like watching her. There are a coldness and disconnect between her and her character, which may be done purposely but either way, it can sometimes be painful to watch.

Gillian Jacobs, however, has been in a lot of projects which makes me wonder if she is actually better than she seems. Either way, I still love the show but kind of wish there was someone else playing the leading lady. She is borderline exhausting to watch and I think that the show would have had a bit more popularity had they had a different actress playing Mickey.

All in all the show is good; however, the supporting characters are much better than the leads.

10 we love - Lily Tomlin from Grace and Frankie

Lily Tomlin is a legend when it comes to acting. She has been in the industry for years and has an insane resume to prove her skills. From projects like Moment by Moment, All of Me, Beverly Hillbillies, 9 to 5 and The West Wing, Tomlin has done it all.

When news came out that Grace and Frankie was being made, the world got excited to see Tomlin back on the small screen and fans were not disappointed.

Her character, Frankie, is an old soul, smoking hippie who can’t seem to get a grip on her new life situation. She will make you laugh, she will make you cry and she will make you believe in good television again. Tomlin is great and her performance in this series proves why she has been in the industry for so long.

For those of you who do not know what the show is about, it is about two male lawyers who, at the age of 70 decide to leave their wives for each other. The entire premise of the show is great and it is one of those series that you can binge watch in one sitting and not get tired of watching and is a show that all age groups will enjoy.

9 want fired - Alisha Boe from 13 Reasons Why

Alisha Boe got very lucky when she got a role on the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. The reason why I say she got lucky is that many people who have watched the show, including myself, do not believe her performance.

Many horrible things happen to her character on the show. She plays Jessica, who not to give anything away, faces some traumatic events throughout the course of the season. Although she does a decent job in her role you can tell she is acting. Her actions and emotions do not feel real or authentic which can throw viewers off.

I do believe that Boe has a lot of potentials however, I think that she got a part in a role that she was not yet ready for. Hopefully, in season 2 we will see a more refined and mature version of her, which will make a huge difference to her credibility as an artist.

Put it this way, I do not hate her, but I also do not love her, she is just sitting in a grey area which is not the best place to be.

Hopefully after season 2, I will be able to write about how great she is, but for now, she does not get that praise.

8 we love - Jane Fonda from Grace and Frankie

Jane Fonda is a babe. She is one of those women who is constantly getting better with age. She is getting better looking, she is getting better roles and she is even dressing better (not that she ever had a bad style.)

Fonda is what the millennials would call goals and I know I am not the only person who thinks that of her.

Fierce, talented and successful, Fonda has a lot going for her which is why she has played so many amazing parts throughout her career. Jane Fonda has done some incredible movies such as Julia, Monster in Law, Our Souls at Night, Georgia Rule, The Electric Horseman and of course 9 to 5 where she played alongside Lily Tomlin.

Now, she and Lily are back working together and this time they are even better than the first. Fonda plays Grace, a successful businesswoman who has a killer style and a slight attitude. When she finds out her husband is leaving her for another man, she is forced to share a house with Frankie, played by Tomlin. Together the unconventional friends take life by the horns and try to piece together what was broken by their husbands.

Fonda’s performance is beyond amazing and I, along with many others, love how she plays this role.

7 want fired - Jennette McCurdy from Between

Jenette McCurdy made a name for herself on Nickelodeons series iCarly. Although she has been in the industry for a long time, she was not cast in many starring or supporting roles until the Netflix original series Between came to life.

The premise of the show is fairly interesting, it is about a small town that gets linked to a mysterious disease killing everyone over the age of 21.

Sadly, McCurdy's performance throughout the series was nowhere near as inspiring as the writers had planned.

I feel as though her efforts were there, however, there was a disconnect between her and the script as well as her character.

However, McCurdy’s performance on the series was nowhere near as intriguing as the ideas the show’s writers were trying to play with. She plays Wiley Day and I am not sure if she just had trouble with the role or if she was poorly cast but there is something off for sure.

The show has so much intensity and is such a high drama level that they needed to find someone who matched that magnitude of power and sadly, Jennette McCurdy was not the right fit.

If you have not yet watched the show, please do and be your own judge, this is simply my opinion, although my opinion is usually right!

6 we love - Kathy Bates from Disjointed

For those of you who do not know who Kathy Bates is (shame on you) perhaps you will know the films she has been in. Bates has appeared in a variety of movies from The Water Boy and Fried Green Tomatoes to Misery and Titanic, Kathy Bates is a jack of all trades and even appeared in American Horror Story where she gave an unforgettable performance.

Currently, Bates is on a Netflix series called Disjointed where she plays Ruth, the owner of a medical dispensary. Not only is this show super relevant right now but the fact that Bates is the star of it makes it that much cooler.

Bates does an amazing job captivating the essence of her character and turning the words on a page into reality. The show is funny but still touches on real and serious issues that go on in this generation. It is both informative and entertaining, which always makes for great television.

For those of you who have yet to watch it, give it a chance. It is one of those shows that is so fun to watch before you know it you are done the season and that is probably what I love most about it. That and the fact that Kathy Bates is on it!

5 want fired - Taylor Schilling from Orange is the New Black

I will be the first person to say that Orange is the New Black is one of the best shows that Netflix ever created. It is one of those shows that captivates audiences and makes viewers feel all sorts of emotions.

Taylor Schilling plays Piper, who is the protagonist of the show. However, I hate to say it but she kind of sucks. Not only is her acting not the most amazing but there is something about her character that you can’t help but hate.

Schilling is talented to a certain extent but I feel like her facial expression is always the same, regardless of what is going on in the scene. There is a lack of emotional range when it comes to her acting and although the show was amazing, it would be even better if she would give the audience a bit more of herself. It is almost like as an actor, she is holding herself back when we all know that the greatest actors are those who go all out with their emotions and sadly, Schilling is just not one of those artists.

Regardless of her mediocre performance, the show is still good, it is the rest of the cast is what keeps this show going.

4 we love - Krysten Ritter from Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter has been a successful actress since 2001 and she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Ritter has done both film and television and her role on the series Jessica Jones has become a huge hit.

Ritter is one of those actresses who is considered the full package. She is talented, charismatic, good looking and full of zest. Not only do I love her when she is just being herself, but I love her even more as Jessica Jones.

If you have not yet watched the show, allow me to explain the concept to you. Jessica Jones was a superhero for a short period of time. Now, she is rebuilding her life in New York City. Jones suffers from PTSD and battles demons from within while using her powers for those in need. She is a hot-tempered private detective and let me tell you, Ritter plays the role perfectly.

Not only does she look the part, but her acting skills are so impressive you are left in awe after every episode. Put it this way, I have yet to meet someone who does not think this show is awesome and that is saying a lot considering this generation always finds something to complain about.

3 want fired - Laura Linney from Ozark

The show Ozark is awesome. Although it is a slow start, Jason Bateman truly knows how to captivate viewers. However, I can’t say the same about his on-screen wife Laura Linney.

Linney who has appeared in films like The Truman Show, Sully and Love Actually is usually spot-on in her portrayals. Sadly, in the series Ozark, her acting is not what it should be. Don’t get me wrong, she still does an okay job, but I can’t help but wonder what would have been had someone else been cast in that role.

Linney is super cool usually but there is something that is off about her on Ozark. Perhaps it is just her character but there is no denying that there are moments of the show that is super painful to watch.

It is almost like she does not care about her role and just gives the minimum effort in almost every scene. Do not get me wrong, she is super talented but she is not giving it her all and that is noticeable to all watching.

Love her or hate her, there is nothing else to say about her performance besides it is mediocre and that I expected a lot more from someone as experienced and talented as her.

2 we love - Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why became one of the most talked about shows ever. The premise of the show was not only controversial but in a way necessary for our generation. This series had so many levels to it but the thing I took away from it was how you never know what effect your words and actions can have on someone.

Katherine Langford plays Hannah on the show, a teenage girl who ends her own life and leaves tape recordings to help her peers and family understand why she decided to do this.

Langford is an amazing actress. The range she displayed throughout the entire season and the emotion she evoked was nothing less than impressive. It must have been a challenge for her to act out some of these graphic scenes but she did it with such ease and raw talent that you can’t help but admire her skills.

Although we know how her story ends, she is said to be appearing in season 2 of the show which is coming out in a few days. Fans are looking forward to seeing what the writers come up with this season but mostly I know fans are looking forward to seeing this talented actress back for another season.

1 want fired - Annie Parisse from Friends from College

Annie Parisse is beautiful and talented but in the show Friends From College, she is far from admirable.

I personally had very high hopes for this show however, I found myself constantly being irritated by Parisses performance. It was so monotone all while lacking authenticity that I wondered how she got the role in the first place.

Usually, I am a big fan of her work but this show left me wondering why I enjoyed her performances so much before. Maybe it was the first time she had this big of a role that threw me off, or maybe she had trouble connecting to her character but whatever it is, it was not working out for me.

The thing about her in Friends of College is that you can feel she is acting; the character is so not coming naturally to her that after a while you get tired of watching her.

The show all in all is okay, to be honest, after a few episodes it gets a little boring but it is not horrible. Sadly I had very high hopes for this show and it, in combination with Annie Parisse performance left me changing channels for good.

Not horrible but not good, if you are looking for a great new show to watch, this is not going to be the one for you. If you are looking for background noise as you clean your apartment, this is the perfect show.

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