10 Musicians Who Hate Their Hit Songs But Are Still Making Millions Off Of Them

Musicians are some of the most recognizable celebrities in all of Hollywood. Their music transcends over time, leaving a lasting impression on nations of people. It’s no wonder fans are so loyal to their favorite singers. The term “fan”, however, doesn’t nearly cover half the extent people are willing to go to show their love. In the 21-century, die-hard followers have acquired nicknames like Arianators, having a sort of military mentality.

Others will go as far as requesting their greatest songs of all time at concerts and other events, believing we’re paying homage to their legacy. In reality, they’ve heard the song a thousand times and at this point, it’s getting on their last nerve. It seems impossible, but some musicians really don’t like their songs. Here are 10 musicians who can't stand their greatest hits but are still taking home the dough!

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10 Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

Lady Gaga is a prime example of a musician who wants nothing to do with her hit songs, especially her 2009 song “Telephone.” Mother Monster herself has been the cause of her own fame, mostly due to her outlandish and sometimes controversial work, but looking back on the 2009 hit, Gaga even thinks the song may have been a bit too much.

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In an interview with TimeOut Magazine, the singer admitted that the song was a “big jumble of ideas piled up into one.” Obviously, Gaga credits Beyoncé’s vocals and their collaboration together on the video but ultimately, the song was a major fail for her. The A Star Is Born singer may think “Telephone” is one of her worst hits ever but she’s still bringing in a lot of revenue from the song!

9 Miley Cyrus’s “Party In The USA”

Another fellow singer, who was famous for sticking out her tongue for an entire decade, also hates her 2009 hit song “Party In The USA”. The song spent 28 weeks in the number one spot on the Hot 100 list and became one of the greatest songs by Miley Cyrus. The worst part about it is that the song wasn’t even written by Cyrus to begin with. In reality, it was pop and R&B singer’s Jessie J’s song, who originally planned to record it but ultimately it was given to Cyrus. The singer disliked the song so much that during a 2011 private party in Chicago, she requested that the DJ play anything but “Party In The USA”. Come on Miley, not even at your own party?

8 Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In The Night”

While we know fans can be a bit much, so can artists. Miley Cyrus and Madonna took some precautions to make sure no one plays their hit songs but Frank Sinatra’s reaction to fans requesting his 1996 song “Strangers In the Night” at events is a bit much.

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The singer was famous for throwing shade at his own song at concerts, often making the remark to audiences that “If you like the song you must be crazy about Pineapple yogurt”. Sinatra would even go as far to butcher the lyrics with the line “Wond’ring in the night, just where my pants is . . .” being his favorite alteration. It’s odd that the singer was so against the 1996 song, since it was his first number one hit in 11 years. Sinatra was an awesome singer but he should’ve given himself a little more credit.

7 Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”

This next singer may not feel as strong a hatred for her hit songs as Sinatra did but if given the chance, she’d make a few edits. Katy Perry had several hits at the start of her career and even though she’s taken a break from the spotlight, she’s back again with her newest hit song “365 Days” featuring Zedd. Back in 2008, Perry introduced fans to another side of her through the use of her previous hit “I Kissed A Girl”, which stirred up a lot of controversy. Though the singer has discussed her experiences with same-sex relationships, she does wish she could re-do the song. Perry claims that “that her mind has changed so much over the course of 10 years and if given the chance she’d want the 2008 song to reflect that”. We’re sure that Perry will release a song similar to the 2008 hit in the future, but with a more liberating message.

6 Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang” And “Breathin”

While Perry wants to make a few revisions to “I Kissed A Girl”, some singers want to do more than just make a few additions or deletions. Ariana Grande just wants radio stations, restaurants, malls, and Vevo to stop playing “Bang Bang”. The song had 1.2million views on YouTube and even stayed in the top 3 spot on Billboard Hot 100 Chart for 31 weeks straight!

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With mega success like that (not to mention the thousands of dollars that continuously roll in from its earnings) we can’t see why Grande hates this song. That’s not the only song Grande hates, though. After having three songs off her 2018 Sweetner album dominating the top spots on the Hot 100 list, she has just about had it with “Breathin”. What is up with these singers not loving their songs?

5 Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

With the success artists like Ariana Grande have experienced, we’d think these singers would be more appreciative of their hit songs. After all, some of their greatest hits jump-started many of their careers. Ms. Tina Turner even got her big break with the hit 1980’s single “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. The song made Turner a star overnight and soon awards were flying her way, including her 11th Grammy win in 2012. Initially, when the legendary icon first heard the demo tape, she instantly hated it. Though everything changed when her manager suggested that Turner alter the song to her liking.

4 James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”

What’s worse than an artist hearing their greatest hit songs? Marketing! In James Blunt's case, there’s nothing worse than having one song become the one thing that defines their careers. For Tina Turner and Ariana Grande, it was their iconic hairstyles, but in Blunt's case, it was his 2005 single “You’re Beautiful” which went on to become one of the biggest love songs of all time. For the singer, it’s his worse nightmare. In fact, in an interview with Hello! Magazine Blunt stated that the song was “force-fed down people’s throats” so much so that was the real reason why it became such a mega-hit in the first place.

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He’s not wrong, many songs are overplayed on the radio to the point that people can’t help but sing along. No matter the fact that “You’re Beautiful” was used as a marketing ploy to lure listeners to buy his debut album, it did give his career a big push that he otherwise might have never gotten. Sometimes even the worst songs can bring the greatest success to an artist.

3 Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Similar to James Blunt, lead singer and guitarist of the late 1980’s rock band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, believed that their hit song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was also used as a marketing tool to get people to listen to their music. During few interviews and concerts the band admitted that they disliked the song. One of the band members even stated "they never wanted to play that song again . . . fans believe that 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is our only song and we have more music." At one point during a live performance of the song, Cobain is seen throwing down his guitar and walking off stage. He did not like the song at all! Seriously though, who doesn’t want to go to a party where they’re playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? It’s a classic anthem!

2 One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful"

Speaking of classic anthems, we won’t believe how this next artist loathes one of his former bands biggest hits. Liam Payne has come a long way from his days spent on the X-Factor and even further with his bandmates from One Direction. Payne has even taken an unlikely direction in his music, venturing into the hip-hop genre. We didn’t see that coming! As it turns out, Payne feels more at home with the music he’s producing now. A few years back though, it was a different story. Payne has mentioned previously that he wasn’t a fan of much of the songs One Direction produced, particularly the hit “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” In his own words, he said he’d “turn off the radio if it came on.” Wow, that’s pretty harsh!

1 Mandy Moore's "Candy"

Another artist who can’t stand the sound of their own music is the now This Is Us star Mandy Moore. Her hit 2009 song “Candy” might’ve been one of her greatest songs of all time but she disses the track every chance she gets. Moore has even gone as far as saying that her first two albums, the 1999 So Real and the 2000 I Wanna Be With You are totally awful. She’s actually apologized for even making the albums and “if given the chance, she’d refund everyone who bought them.” After listening to just a snippet of her 1999 hit, we have to say it isn’t all that bad. Moore may be a harsh critic of her own work but at least she’s still getting paid for the hit.

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