10 Celebs With Natural Hair (And 10 Who Actually Wear Wigs)

Hairstyles in the celebrity world have always been the things that dictate public fashion, but in recent years it appears that many stars have chosen to wear wigs rather than dye their own hair and change the style of it as often as they need to.

This isn't the case for all celebs. There are a select few who still have natural hair and somehow manage to maintain the beauty of it despite how much they are forced to change the color or length just to fit into what it deemed stylish by society at that time. Wigs are something that are taking over and celebs who have been able to style wigs so that it looks as though it's real hair are a big reason for this.

Wigs are definitely not new, they have been used in movies and on music video sets for years, the issue nowadays is that they look so realistic that fans can never really be sure who is wearing one and who isn't. It's likely that every celebrity will wear a wig at some point in their career, but many of the following list of stars have become well known for their hairstyles whether they are natural or synthetic.

The following list looks at just 10 celebs who have managed to maintain their natural hair, and 10 who surprisingly rely on wigs. These are the women who are able to show off their new hairstyles on a consistent basis, but many fans were unaware that they weren't actually showing off their real hair.

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20 Natural: Kerry Washington

Via allure.com

Kerry Washington's hair has always been the thing that has stood out and the actress used to relax her hair so that it could be styled much easier when she was on film sets. She recently revealed that she has decided to stop relaxing her hair now and has allowed her hair to be seen in its natural form.

Washington herself has admitted that being able to do this in her later career has definitely saved her a lot of time, which shows how much she would focus on her hair when she first started out in the acting world.

19 Wears Wigs: Gwen Stefani

Via conversationsabouther.net

Gwen Stefani has always had an iconic look and her Marilyn Monroe-style bleached blonde hair always seemed as though it was hard to maintain without damaging her natural hair. The color meant that Gwen would have to have it bleached on a regular basis, which is damaging for her own hair.

The punk singer who rose to fame as part of No Doubt revealed that wearing bleach blonde wigs was an easier way to maintain the color without any impact on her real hair and since she was able to match the color accordingly, she fooled a number of fans.

18 Natural: Oprah Winfrey

Via Pinterest.com

Oprah Winfrey is an icon and something that has made her even more iconic over the past few years is the fact that she has started to embrace her natural hair. Oprah's natural curls are stunning and the fact that she is finally allowing them to flow naturally shows just how beautiful her hair actually is.

There are women all over the world who would love to have hair like Oprah's and it's fantastic that she's finally confident enough to embrace that and allow her natural locks to be free.

17 Wears Wigs: Emilia Clarke

Via hellogiggles.com

Emilia Clarke is perhaps best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, where her character needs to have white blonde flowing locks. Emilia herself actually had short brown hair as seen in romantic movie Me Before You, but many fans were unaware that she was wearing a wig.

Following the latest season of the show, Emilia was part of a number of advertising campaigns where fans realized that the Khalessi wasn't actually blonde and that they had been tricked by her wearing a wig for a number of years, so many took to social media to share their shock.

16 Natural: Taylor Swift

Via yahoo.com

Taylor Swift's hair has changed a lot over the years as she has made the transition from country artist to pop star, but her hair has always remained the same. Taylor's natural blonde locks have always been iconic and even though she has switched her image up in some of her music videos, she has never had anything but blonde hair.

Swift continues to be a fantastic role model for the current generation of women as she pushed forward in both the music and acting businesses, Swift has never forgotten her identity.

15 Wears Wigs: Nicholas Cage

Via digitalspy.com

It perhaps comes as no surprise that Nicholas Cage has admitted to wearing a number of wigs throughout his time in the movie spotlight. The cinematic legend has changed his appearance so many times over the past few decades that it makes sense that it wasn't always a natural look.

Cage confessed that he does wear wigs in movies as part of an interview with Perez Hilton, but went on to deny any reports that he wore them in real life. There are a number of male celebs who have become dependent on wigs to keep up their look over the years, but Cage stated that he wasn't one of them.

14 Natural: Paris Hilton

Via hawtcelebs.com

Paris Hilton's blonde hair has always been the most recognizable thing about her, which could be why the actress refuses to dye her hair any other color. Paris confessed that she would never dye her hair because she just loves being blonde.

Hilton has beautiful flowing natural hair and it's something that she has always embraced throughout her career, so there would be no reason for her to change it now. Hilton herself has confessed that if she wants to change her hair then she will wear a wig so that she is able to change her look without worrying about damage.

13 Wears Wigs: Angelina Jolie

Via Hollywood.com

The queen of the screen is someone that has also been known to wear wigs both in movies and in real life. Despite having naturally stunning hair of her own, it was reported by PopSugar that Jolie opted to wear fake hair as part of her iconic Vanity Fair spread a few years ago.

Much of the time, celebs choose to add some hair to their natural color to make it look fuller and thicker rather than wearing a full wig. Jolie has been known to wear full wigs, though, as shown in her movies Salt and By The Sea.

12 Natural: Selena Gomez

Via hollywood.com

Selena Gomez rose to fame on Disney Channel and has since moved away from that image to become the actress and singer that she is today. Despite many former Disney stars taking drastic measures to change their image over the years, Selena is someone who has been able to push forward without having to change her main features.

The singer has stunning natural hair and even though there is a lot of style and texture added to it when she's seen on TV, she is one of very few stars who have been able to keep the same image she once had and still been able to move forward from her younger days on Disney Chanel.

11 Wears Wigs: Katie Holmes

Via glamour.com

Katie Holmes has been a household name ever since she was cast in her role as Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek. It's been a long time since Holmes was part of the popular show and since it came to an end, she has married, become a mother and had a very public divorce, which could be why she has recently been known to wear wigs for public events.

Holmes was seen at the Met Gala a few years ago in a short bob wig that she obviously chose over her own locks, but it's unknown why since she has always had such beautiful brown hair.

10 Natural: Alicia Keys

Via brit.co

The singer has rocked a number of interesting looks over the years, which have been able to show off the versatility of her own hair. Unlike many of the stars on this list, Alicia is happy to style her own hair and likes to show off her natural locks.

The Empire State Of Mind singer has been able to style her hair a number of different ways throughout her career and even though it's hard work for her to always get the look she wants, she has never decided to cut corners and wear a wig for any of her music videos.

9 Wears Wigs: Ashley Benson

Via spoilersguide.com

Perhaps best known for her role as Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson was always seen as the blonde member of the group, but part way through the filming of the hit show, the actress decided to dye her hair brown.

The actress herself revealed that she was tired of being blonde, but her character on the show was blonde so rather than dyeing her hair back, she opted to wear a wig for the entire season of the show. It's something that many fans were unaware of since Hanna's hair had always been seen as blonde before this.

8 Natural: Ashley Tisdale

Via etonline.com

Ashley Tisdale's beautiful blonde hair is one of the things that allowed her character Sharpay Evans to stand out in musical movie High School Musical, but whilst the actress has been forced to dye her hair a number of different colors over the years, she has always kept her natural hair.

Tisdale confessed that she has dyed her hair a number of colors, including red and brunette throughout her career, but she draws the line at ever dyeing her hair black because that color would be hard for her to come back from, especially since her natural hair color is so light.

7 Wears Wigs: Zendaya

Via upi.com

Zendaya has been in the spotlight ever since she was 13 years old and recently rose to fame for her role in The Greatest Showman. Ironically, the star is seen wearing a wig in the movie, but this isn't something new since Zendaya has been using her hair to fool her fans for the best part of her career.

The actress has incredible hair stylists who are always able to allow her wigs to blend in with her natural skin tone, which is why it's hard to tell if she has tried out a new hairstyle or if she's actually wearing a wig.

6 Natural: Lucy Liu

Via campingplatz-reinhof.info

Lucy Liu may have changed up her style a few times throughout her career, which has included cutting her signature hair, but she has never actually changed it. The actress has always maintained her natural hair color and more often than not her hair is styled in the same way for many of her movies.

Liu admitted that her hair is so dark that she would have to bleach it to add any color, which was one of the main reasons why she has never wanted to change it. Bleaching is never good for the hair so it's understandable that she was reluctant to try.

5 Wears Wigs: Katy Perry

Via pagesix.com

Katy Perry has been known to wear a number of wigs as part of her music videos and the video for her hit song "California Gurls" definitely serves to prove this, but it is also reported that the star likes to wear wigs in her regular life as well. Perry's love of wigs has now reached the point where it's hard for many fans to know what her natural hair color actually is.

Wigs are becoming so natural looking and stylists are stepping up their game to the point now where it's hard to tell what Katy's real hair looks like.

4 Natural: Leona Lewis

Via self.com

Leona Lewis rose to fame with her thick blond curly hair and when she signed her first record deal, her hair began to change. Lewis admitted that she was surrounded by images of women with straight hair and thought that she needed to change.

After years of straightening her hair so that she fit in with the image that she thought society projected, she decided to stop using her straightened and is now embracing the beautiful hair that she was given naturally, which is thick and curly and frames her face in a way that straightened hair never could.

3 Wears Wigs: Kim Kardashian-West

via: pinterest

Kim Kardashian-West's flowing black locks have become iconic ever since she first appeared on TV and many fans are actually unaware that the reality TV star herself confirmed that her hair is a wig. Whilst Kardashian does have long black flowing locks of her own, she prefers to keep them protected under a number of natural wigs that are created by her own team of hair stylists personally for her use.

Her younger sister, style icon Kylie Jenner has also become well-known for wearing wigs over the years, as a way to shake up her style without ruining her natural locks.

2 Natural: Beyonce

Via popsugar.co.uk

Perhaps one of the biggest stars in the world, Beyonce used to feel the pressure to work on her image and always ensure that her hair was red carpet-ready, but this doesn't seem to be a problem for her anymore. There was once a time when she would straighten her hair on a regular basis and now she only styles and straightens for certain occasions and is instead starting to embrace her natural hair and starting to show it off to her adoring fanbase.

Beyonce has even gone as far as showing it off on Instagram and as part of many of her latest stage shows, as she seemingly turns a corner in her career.

1 Wears Wigs: Jude Law

Via vanityfair.com

Jude Law has been struggling with a receding hairline for many years, which could be why he has been forced to wear hairpieces for many of his most recent movies. Jude himself has since started to wear these in real life as well as the pressure to maintain an image in society has caught up with him.

Law has been known to wear hair pieces on the red carpet so that he can still look his best.

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