19Ian Somerhalder Has A Thing For Vampires 

When Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev announced they were dating, a collective teenage girl shriek was heard around the world. Not only were they Delana on the show Vampire Diaries, but now they were Nian in real life. They seemed perfect for each other

until they weren't. The couple called it quits on their relationship after over three years of dating, but unfortunately, still had to go to work and pretend like they loved each other on the show.

That must have been hard, and probably got harder when Somerhalder announced he was back in a relationship, this time, with Twilight alum Nikki Reed. It didn't take long for Somerhalder to realize Reed was the one and ended up popping the question after only six months of dating, and two months later, they got married. He's still married, he's still friends with Dobrev, and he just had his first child, a baby girl, so everything couldn't have turned out better.

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