10 Celebs Who Hit Rock Bottom After A Divorce And 10 Who Are Loving Life After Ditching Their Ball And Chain

Divorce is never easy especially when you're a celebrity since it's made public to the whole world and when a marriage ends court battles ensues and fighting in most cases. Everyone has about twenty different emotions coursing through them, such as anger, heartache, and depression. Hollywood A-listers are normal people, therefore, they feel the same emotions us commoners do especially after a heartbreaking occasion. Celebs who were distraught after their spouses called it quits like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and more spent days even months crying and acting out. Who can forget Britney shaving all her hair off? They felt hopeless and revealed to the world how human they actually are. Lopez, Katy Perry, and Miranda Kerr entered a deep depression and fought to seek happiness again. After a few months of drowning in sadness, they did pull through and started over, even starting a new life with someone else. Before moving on they first had to hit rock bottom!

Some celebrities didn't even act out or cry instead they experienced pure bliss after cutting off their partners from their lives. These celebs, like Mariah Carey, Amber Heard, Anna Faris, publicly shared how they're moving on and loving life with a new guy. Anna seems to have no remorse at all since she was seen with a new beau just days after ending her marriage with Chris Pratt. It seems they're better off as their marriages were in shambles and divorce was the only way for a happier life.

20 Britney Goes Off The Rails By Shaving Her Hair And Landing In Rehab

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In November 2006, Spears filed for divorce and became number one news for acting out and partying with the wrong crowd. On February 16, she shaved all her hair off, G. I. Jane style with a razor by herself at a haircutting studio in California. It happened before ending it with Kevin but it proves he was the cause of her rock bottom. Britney came clean in a 90-minute documentary, Britney: For The Record in 2008 about what happened after deciding to call it quits. She started drinking and partying with the wrong crowd like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and yes, she even landed up in rehab twice for psychiatric evaluation. Spears admits,

“I realized how much energy and love I had put into my past relationship when it was gone because I genuinely did not know what to do with myself, and it made me so sad. I confess I was so lost.”

Britney found comfort and peace at a luxury rehab in Malibu and now thankfully has cleaned up her act and has a new man, Sam Asghari after many years of acting out.

19 Two Failed Divorces Is Taking A Toll On Brad Pitt's Emotions

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Once upon a time, Brad was a happy man but now he's spending his days holed up at a British artist's studio working on sculptures and listening to sad songs. It seems he's taking the divorce hard after Angelina decided to end it for good. According to E News, Brad spends days for hours on end dutifully sculpting with sad songs on repeat in the background. It sounds depressing! Pitt turned to substance abuse but luckily, he's giving it up probably hoping Jolie will come back to him. It's easy to tell how the break up has had a toll on Brad's emotions as you can see how drained and tired looking he is while posing for the camera for a GQ photo shoot.

In the interview, Pitt admitted it's been a "weird" time during the last six months and how therapy has been a lifesaver.

"I just started therapy. I love it, I love it. I went through two therapists to get to the right one."

18 Ashton Kutcher's Spiritual Time In The Woods To Find Happiness

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Okay, most celebs turn to partying and drinking after reaching an all-time low in their lives but not Ashton, he takes it to a whole other level. In 2013 after his split with Demi Moore Kutcher retreated into the woods in Montana for a week and only drank water and tea. Besides fasting, which is done for spiritually healing and normally occurs after needing enlightenment due to heartache, Ashton also gave up technology.

He admits he was there by himself and only had a notebook and pen for his thoughts.

Kutcher loved the experience and claims he needed it after the intense pain, according to People,“I started to hallucinate on like day 2 which was fantastic. It was pretty wonderful. I was doing tai chi with my own energy.” It appears it helped Ashton to seek pleasure again with his life as he is now happily married to Mila Kunis.

17 Jennifer Garner Was Concerned About Ben Affleck

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Last year, April the world was shocked when it was announced Jennifer and Ben have separated after ten years of marriage. Jen looks happy and is loving life after the divorce but it's a different story for Affleck. Ben has always loved his drink but since the split, he has been hitting the bottle more often. Garner is concerned for the sake of the children and not because of Ben. A source confirmed to Life & Style, Affleck is his new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus problem now. Even though Ben has moved on, he still looks drawn and moody and of course continues to drink even after rehab. Among other things, Ben has a gambling addiction and since the split, he has been partying and gambling more frequently than the past. An insider revealed to Page Six that Affleck looked really disheveled at the premiere of Suicide Squad in London due to partying heavily the night before.

16 Katy Perry's Depression And Outbursts After A Failed Short-Term Marriage

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When Russel and Katy got hitched it seemed like they were an unlikely pair and after two years of being wedded, Brand ended it via text message. Perry revealed tearfully in her autobiographical documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me, she knew it wouldn't last because of conflicting schedules and she wasn't ready to have children. It hit Katy so hard that she became depressed and wasn't coping well at all.

In all her interviews, Perry admits, she was in a very dark place while working on her Prism album and that she doesn't want to hide her pain.

By the Grace Of God is a memoir of her emotions and how Katy decided to move on. Perry often shed a tear during her interviews and revealed to News.com.au, “I was in bed for about two weeks. It hurt a lot." Now that she's healed Katy has dated John Mayer and Orlando Bloom.

15 Jennifer Lopez Crying Outbursts And Complete Break Down 

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Another marriage that ended under the ten-year anniversary mark is Jennifer and Marc Anthony. Even though Jennifer is in a good place now, after the split it was a different story. In 2014, Lopez admitted in her HBO documentary, Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again how difficult it was coping with the pain. In one scene Jen breaks down in sobs while getting ready on set in her dressing room.

"I remember being on the set and being in my dressing room and not feeling like I could get up in the morning and there's just no pain like that."

Lopez took it hard because she tried her hardest to make it work but then it all came crumbling down. She admits to Daily Mail the pain hurt so much that she felt like she was going to die and that "there's no pain or failure like going through a divorce." With every storm comes sun and Jen is now happy with her new boyfriends.

14 Kaley Cuoco Experienced Panic Attacks And Numbness After Disastrous Marriage

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It's clear that short-term marriages in Hollywood are the norm and Kaley was another victim of that trend. Cuoco and her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting only lasted 21 months. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Kaley admits she felt fine at first until she started feeling numb. The pain was so intense that Cuoco started experiencing panic attacks and needed to stay home to recover and experience the feelings of sadness. Kaley said,

“I have to really go through this,” in regards to moving on. She wanted to ride through her emotions before finding another guy and distracting herself with work.

When Cuoco started feeling happy the realization would hit again, “And all of a sudden, the sadness hits me out of nowhere. It’s a loss of hope, it’s just, it’s a loss of hope.”

13 Divorcing Orlando Bloom Was Devastating For Miranda Kerr 

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Supermodel, Miranda Kerr had a happy life with Orlando Bloom and they share a son together but after three years Kerr ended the marriage. In an interview with Elle Canada, Miranda admits she never understood the depths of depression until her separation from Bloom.

“My mom used to call me a ‘giggling Gert’ because I was always laughing. When Orlando and I separated, I actually fell into a really bad depression.”

Kerr explained that every thought affected her reality and she only had control over her mind. In the beginning, Miranda struggled with her emotions and ended up not wanting to do anything or see anyone and wanted to remain in bed. In time Kerr revealed she started to heal with yoga and meditating. Now, she is happy with her new husband, Evan Spiegel.

12 Gwen Stephani's Dreams Were Shattered 

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In an interview with Harper Bazaar, Gwen confessed she needed to hit rock bottom after her divorce to Gavin Rossdale before becoming an item with Blake Shelton. Stefani revealed how her dreams were shattered because she wanted a marriage and children like her parents. Gwen ended up feeling like a failure and admits,

"I was in a panic. I was in hell." The pop singer also claims she always questioned, 'Why me?'

during her recovery and working on the album, "Tragic Kingdom" is what got her through the heartache. Gwen confirmed to E News in regards to her friendship with Blake, "I wasn't trying to start a relationship, I was trying to not die. There was no plan." Even though Gwen has moved on she still sheds a tear in interviews when asked about her split.

11 Miranda Lambert Hit Rock Bottom After Her Split With Blake Shelton

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The couple were married for nearly four years and Lambert admitted to the crowd at her concert in Chicago, as reported on Us Weekly, “I got divorced so I started drinking a little extra.” As is normal with singers, after heartache they develop new songs highlighting their emotions. During the anger and pain Miranda jotted them down in a journal and that turned into an album, The Weight of These Wings.

"With my songwriting, it’s taking a journey with what’s been going on in my everyday life — good, bad, ugly and everything in between. I feel like the right thing to do was just come out with something really honest."

Lambert came clean by revealing she put on an act for awhile to show the public she was okay but in actual fact, she was really hurting. Now, Miranda has made peace and moved on with a new guy, Anderson East.

10 Anna Faris Moves On From Chris Pratt In The Blink Of An Eye

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The actress didn't waste any time in moving on from her famous husband Chris Pratt. The pair recently split up in August last year. In October, Faris was seen with new beau, Michael. They were snapped holding hands and enjoying dinner together at an Italian restaurant two nights in a row. It didn't take long for Anna to snatch someone especially so soon after her divorce. Sources, who witnessed Faris and her new man at the restaurant told The Sun,

"She looked very happy and had a smile on her face when she was leaving."

The latest reports from TMZ reveal that the couple are looking for a home together and they've already looked at two. Faris seems to be loving her life immediately after her split with Chris and she conveys to the media she has no remorse.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow Was Happily Engaged After Divorce From Chris Martin

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Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band, Coldplay and Gwyneth were married for 11 years and suddenly in 2014 Paltrow decided to call it quits. The reason why soon became very clear, as she began dating Brad Falchuk immediately afterwards and the pair are now engaged after three years of dating. Paltrow told People she viewed her separation from Chris as being positive,

“I wanted to turn my divorce into a positive, what if I didn’t blame the other person for anything, and held myself 100% accountable?”

Gwyneth didn't want the world to know about her new love, therefore, they dated under the radar for awhile but, it's understandable since she moved on like the speed of light. When Falchuk and Paltrow did go public, a source confirmed the pair looked happy and they still are today.

8 Jennifer Aniston Loving Life As A Single Woman With Her Friends

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It was a shocker when it was announced on February 15 that Jennifer and Justin Theroux decided to call it quits after about three years of marriage. Justin seems to be taking it hard but Aniston is embracing her new freedom with her closest friends. Jen is leaning on her friends for support and they are there for her whenever she needs them. As reported on The Sun,

“They've all been staying so she doesn't feel alone. It's like she's got a rotating squad of friends on hand at all times."

Aniston is her happiest when she's at Courtney Cox, her old co-star from Friends. A source told People, “Spending time at Courteney’s always make her happy.” According to The Sun, Jennifer is planning a girls trip with ten friends to Hawaii for fun in the sun. What better way to heal than a trip with your friends.

7 Drew Barrymore Came To Terms With Her Split From Husband Will Kopelman

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During an interview with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show, Chelsea, Barrymore disclosed that even though she felt like a failure she still managed to come terms with the divorce from Will Kopelman. Drew admits putting, “one foot in front of the other,” but still found it hard to move on. Although, it mustn't have been that difficult since she found someone new a year later with businessman, David Hutchinson. The pair were spotted in 2017 holding hands in New York. Although her new man it seems was absent from her photos on Instagram, he was still mentioned in her recent posts. In February this year, Barrymore was snapped arm in arm with a mystery man at Ellen DeGeneres's 60th birthday party in Hollywood. Drew is being very quiet but it's clear she's moving on.

6 Hilary Duff's Busy Love Life Includes Dates From Tinder After Her Divorce

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In 2014, Hilary and ex-husband, Mike Comrie broke up after about two years of being a wedded couple. Duff confessed to Daily Mail about joining Tinder in 2015 while the divorce was still being finalized. Hilary gushed about having her first date with a normal person and was looking forward to having fun with a guy. Unfortunately, Tinder didn't work out and the former singer deleted the app. That didn't stop her from trying again when in 2016 Hilary came public about her new relationship with Jason Walsh, which was her first boyfriend since the divorce,

After five months, their relationship ended and Hilary was spotted walking with Matthew Koma in January 2017 and he was her date at the SAG awards party.

Koma and Duff didn't last long since in September last year it was reported she was back with Jason. Hilary sure seems to be enjoying life after her separation from Mike with not just one man but two.

5 Amber Heard Loves Being Single Again And Is Already Dating

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Johnny Depp and Amber's divorce was very messy and they were both relieved when it was finalized in January last year. Heard was immediately anxious to enter the dating world and in 2016, Amber was spotted with SpaceX billionaire, Elon Musk. Before coming public, Heard and Musk enjoyed quiet dinners at his home in Los Angeles. After a year of dating, the couple split up with Heard posting a bittersweet message on her Instagram, as reported on The Sun,

"Although we have broken up, Elon and I care deeply for one another and remain close."

The pair had been spotted out and about early this year and a source confirmed this with Us Weekly, “They are back together.” Amber is much happier with Elon and moved on quickly from Depp since they weren't a match made in heaven.

4 Scarlett Johansson Moves On After The Failure Of Her Second Marriage

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This starlet doesn't mess around as she's already been divorced twice. The first was with Ryan Reynolds and now it's with Frenchman, Romain Dauriac. The pair were married for two years and both of her marriages were short lived. Scarlett wasn't hurt and handled the split peacefully as she decided to take a relaxing route instead of a stressful heartbreaking one like she experienced with Ryan. Johansson also moved fast in the dating world and fell in love with Colin Jost and the couple were seen on a number of dates last year. At a concert in New York, the pair even shared a kiss in public. That's not all it appears Scarlett has also been on a few dates with lawyer Kevin Yorn. Sources told Daily Mail, "They are both openly dating people." Johansson didn't let the ending of a marriage affect her and moved on with two men in tow.

3 Josh Duhamel Dates Again Less Than Five Months After Split From Fergie

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The tabloids have been going crazy the last few days with claims that Josh has started dating again with Eiza González. According to Us Weekly, the pair met at Jennifer Lopez’s pre-Super Bowl concert at the Minneapolis Armory in February. A source came public and told Metro,

"They drank and partied together until very late. After, Josh reached out to a mutual friend and asked for Eiza’s number."

Eiza also reportedly replied to his texts and they've been quietly dating since then. "It's apparently the real deal and they're spending time together as a couple with friends." Duhamel has also been spending quiet time in his dream home, a remote cabin in the woods. Josh bought it after his divorce to Fergie for relaxing purposes.

2 Katie Holmes Free From Scientology And Can Live A Better Life Now

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Tom Cruise is known for his strange beliefs and can't have a normal relationship because of it. His marriage to Nicole Kidman ended because she couldn't handle it and then in 2012 Katie ended the marriage as well because of Scientology. The past couple's friend, Adam Shankman told Us Weekly that both of them are happy after the split and are busy with individual projects. Holmes was relieved when it was over as she didn't have to abide by Cruise's religion rules anymore and she could have free reign over her and Suri's lives.

Post-divorce Katie has been snapped looking healthier and much happier and finally after five years of not being able to publically reveal who she's dating because of Tom, she now can.

In 2017, Holmes was spotted happily walking hand in hand with new boyfriend Jamie Foxx. “She loves him from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.”

1 Mariah Carey Wanted Better And Found Love With Billionaire James Packer

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Although Mariah's divorce from Nick Cannon only became final in 2016, Carey still dated a high profiler, James Packer. Mariah and Nick were separated during that time, therefore, it wasn't cheating. It seems Carey wanted better pastures since Packer is a billionaire! The couple were even engaged, but they broke up in 2016. It doesn't take long for the singer to get snatched as in 2017 she started a new relationship with Bryan Tanaka and they were seen out and about holding hands and looking in love. According to sources, Packer ended the engagement since Mariah was to busy with her new love. The couple has known each other since 2006 as Tanaka was one of Mariah's back up dancers. Nick doesn't mind who Carey dates and just wants her to be happy but Mariah sure has moved on with two men.

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