20Transformed The Most: Christian Bale

via: Tumblr

You probably know Christian Bale for his role in The Dark Knight trilogy, in which he starred as Batman. His acting ability is obviously incredible—who else could capture the spirit of such an iconic character that people have known and loved for decades?—but his ability to transform himself is just

as amazing. For the Batman films, he actually had to gain 100 pounds! Now, you may be wondering how little he weighed before. Well, before playing Batman, Bale was playing the lead character, Trevor Reznik, in the film, The Machinist. Trevor was an emaciated insomniac who was tortured by his psychological problems. Bale went on an extreme diet for four months before the film, and he said that he would typically eat only apples, coffee, and water on a daily basis. We can’t imagine how harsh this must have been on his body—he looked like a different man.

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