10 Celebs Who Are Team Drake (And 10 Who Are Close To Kanye)

While rappers Drake and Kanye West were actually like bros at one point (remember their collaborations from the 2010s like “Forever”?) their bromance didn’t last nearly as long and it’s safe to say they have simply grown apart over the years. And it’s gotten quite ugly. From Drake’s feud with Kanye’s artist Pusha T to Drake’s latest diss against West and his Yeezy line (let’s just say Drake doesn’t want to see his girl, whoever she is, in West’s iconic shoes), the two will have to do quite a bit to repair their obvious broken friendship. Still, in the meantime, their friends who once vibed to both of them, and probably secretly still do, have had to pick sides – at least in the public eye anyway. While a number of these celebrities have managed to stay cool with both, there are others who have made it clear whose team they’re on. And it’s probably because they don’t want to be the next headline in either of their diss tracks that are full of shade for even the nicest celebrities. So check out some who have indicated and implied whether they’re Team Drake or still rooting for Ye no matter what.

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20 Team Drake: Nicki Minaj

via: hypemagazine.co.za

Nicki Minaj and Drake go way back. So it only makes sense that she’s on his team amid his feud. In fact, the only time she didn’t make it clear she was on his team was when he was feuding with none other than Nicki’s then boyfriend, Meek Mill. Then, Nicki made it clear she wanted to steer clear of any of Drake’s issues with other celebrities. Interestingly enough, once Nicki and Meek split, she and Drake became aces again. While she has had her own friendship with Kanye in the past, Nicki is clearly team Drake this time around.

19 Close To Kanye: John Legend

via: complex.com

Interestingly enough, it was Kanye West who revealed how close and singer John Legend are. The two apparently have been friends for years. In the middle of one of Kanye’s latest controversies, Kanye posted messages between him and JL of JL attempting to check him in the nicest way possible. They showed their friendship can stand despite having a difference of opinion. The best part was when John’s wife chimed in and said she just wanted to make sure they were still on for a double date on Friday. Kim Kardashian replied that they absolutely were. And fans who were paying attention sure enough saw them post snapshots together the following weekend. Talk about real friendship.

18 Team Drake: Kevin Hart

Via: Essence

Considering Kevin Hart is unashamed about his hilarious man crush on his good friend Drake, we think it’s more than safe to say that he’s team Drizzy. Kevin even teamed up with Drake and had a few words for Meek Mill during Drake’s feud with him. While they of course have also dissed each other (let’s not forget how Drake made fun of Kevin’s fun-sized leather shirt a couple years ago), and Kevin couldn’t get enough of his infamous dunk on Drake, it’s clear that it’s all in good fun, and they’re real friends in real life. Another proud member of team Drake.

17 Close To Kanye: Travis Scott

Via: Reddit

Travis Scott seems to be on the side of Kanye West during this whole feud situation. While it might have something to do him having a child and being in a serious relationship with Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jenner, Travis is certainly close with Kanye. But the support is definitely a mutual one. Kanye has shown his love and support for Travis on multiple occasions, including the time he tweeted his love for Travis’s artwork on his latest album Astroworld. While Drake was featured on the album, when it comes to actual friendships, it looks like Kanye has won that round.

16 Team Drake: LeBron James


Similar to Kevin Hart, LeBron James and Drake have an unbreakable bromance. LeBron has made it clear that Drake is one of his favorite rappers of all time, and Drake never hesitates to show love for LeBron. While Drake has supported Lebron no matter what city’s jersey he’s rocking at the time, LeBron has always made it clear he’s team Drake. While there was hushed talk about a possible feud between the two all-stars when Drake was spotted having an online feud with Lebron’s oldest son, LeBron James, Jr., it’s safe to say it was just fun and another reason LeBron, Sr. and Drake are pretty much industry BFFs.

15 Close To Kanye: Jonah Hill

Via: DJ Booth

Jonah Hill is another celebrity that showed their support for Kanye at his listening party. But the interesting part about that is Jonah made it clear there was nowhere else he’d rather be. He revealed during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he actually ditched a very important meeting, so he could make it Kanye’s event in time. Who did he ditch for Kanye? None other than iconic producer Scott Rudin. Apparently, he and Scott were in a meeting together when he got an email inviting him to Kanye’s event. Hill bolted but thankfully with Rudin’s green light. Still, risking a pretty major part of your career for Kanye says a ton.

14 Team Drake: DJ Khaled

Via: Billboard

DJ Khaled is never shy of screaming on anyone’s tracks, including Drake’s. And considering Drake has teamed up with DJ Khaled for a number of hits, it only makes sense that DJ Khaled is team Drake. While Khaled might still get along with Kanye just the same, we’d bet that Khaled’s secret alliance is with Drake. Can you blame him? They seriously go way back and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon when it comes to their highly anticipated collaborations. In fact, Khaled even supported Drake in one of his latest hits, “In My Feelings” when he took on the challenge himself. Sounds like a member of team Drake to us.

13 Close To Kanye: Chris Rock

Via: Times Square Gossip

Listen, Kanye West and Chris Rock have been low key friends for years. From when he hung out with Kanye in the studio (Chris had a skit in Kanye’s “Blame Game” from his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album in 2010), to him giving a hilarious introduction to Kanye at his launch party in Wyoming, Chris and Kanye’s friendship is pure genius. And we love it. Now, this doesn’t mean that Chris doesn’t like Drake. After all, he’s taken his kids to see Drake plenty of times. But when it comes to friendship, it looks like Kanye has that title.

12 Team Drake: Jennifer Lopez

Via: HawtCelebs

Even though Jennifer Lopez and Drake never really got to be the power couple we were pushing for (she’s going strong with Alex Rodriguez and he’s still trying to find a woman to settle down with), we’re pretty sure J. Lo would support Drake in his feud if it came down to it. The two have proven that their friendship has been able to stand against whatever type of relationship they had going on that didn’t work out. If anything, her relationship with Drake put her on the outs with Rihanna, but certainly not Drake.

11 Close To Kanye: Big Sean

Via: Billboard

No one can ever question Big Sean’s support of Kanye West. It’s probably because Kanye was the one who actually signed Big Sean to his label, which helped launch the Detroit rapper’s career. Beyond that, Big Sean has proven that his loyalty to Kanye is still strong and won’t be weakening anytime soon, if at all. He was also one of Kanye’s friends who supported him in the midst of controversy. While he never has seemed to have an issue Drake, it kind of goes without saying that his allegiance is with Kanye. And if he believed in us when no one else would, that’s where our loyalty would lie too.

10 Team Drake: French Montana

Via: Noel Vasquez/GC Images

Rapper French Montana is team Drake without any question or a shadow of a doubt. They might not be biological, but their friendship is definitely one that comes with the cliché, “blood couldn’t make us any closer.” From performing at more shows together than we can count to featuring each other in their songs (Drake has even used his latest with French Montana, “No Stylist,” to take shots at people like Mr. West), French Montana is here for Drake. And we’re certainly here for their friendship. Which is why we’re confident he’s team Drake; especially because French was caught dissing Kanye in a leaked video recently.

9 Close To Kanye: Chance The Rapper

Via: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Chance the Rapper is like the perfect friend for Kanye West. He took to social media to speak out on Kanye’s controversy. He said he absolutely doesn’t agree with things that he has to say, but also added that Kanye will always be his brother. The two clearly go way back considering they both are amazing products of what the city of Chicago really has to offer. And it doesn’t look like Chance is going anywhere. He’s another one whose loyalty we can appreciate, because he’s there in those moments Kanye needs him the most; even if it’s with statements Kanye really doesn’t want to hear.

8 Team Drake: Beyonce

via: splinternews.com

Had this been pre-Kim Kardashian, we would venture to say that Beyonce is here for Kanye West. But considering her friendship with West went downhill while she continues to make hits with Drake, it kind of goes without saying on who she’s supporting here. While Kanye used one of his latest tours to blast Beyonce and Jay-Z (which Jay-Z has forgiven him for), Drake took time to support Beyonce and Jay-Z during their On The Run Tour II in one of their most recent stops. So, when you think about the idea that Beyonce and Kanye’s friendship is hanging on by a thread while her connection with Drake keeps shining, it’s safe to say who’s team Beyonce is repping.

7 Close To Kanye: Nas

Via: Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Who knew Nas and Kanye West were such pals? While their friendship didn’t really make headlines until Nas produced Nas’s latest album, Nasir, there could have been a whole bromance going on over the years that we missed out on. Yes, Nas had a feud of his own with Jay-Z when Jay-Z and Kanye were like brothers themselves. But now that they have gone their separate ways, it looks like Kanye found comfort with Nas. They not only work together musically, but Nas also supported Kanye when he attended his very interesting album release party in Wyoming earlier this year.

6 Team Drake: LaLa Anthony

Via: CelebMafia

LaLa Anthony made it clear whose team she was on when she was the leading woman in Drake’s infamous “In My Feelings” video. While she has been extremely close friends with Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, she doesn’t necessarily have to choose him when he’s feuding with other rappers. On the other hand, LaLa might have also proven she’s team LaLa when she made the move that was a major one for her career. Either way, she and Drake clearly have a great connection, even if it’s just for work. We just don’t remember seeing LaLa in any of Kanye’s videos.

5 Close To Kanye: 2 Chainz

Via: Arraoso

2 Chainz and Drake might be cool, but 2 Chainz is actually really close with Kanye. He proved that when he invited Kanye and Kim to his wedding recently. Kanye posted it up and even though his hilariously too small slip on sandals got more attention than Kanye did, the fact that he was there to support his good friend says a lot. Plus, the two have made some pretty major hits together so it only makes sense that they are still friends, no matter what Kanye has to say about certain topics. We love that 2 Chainz is loyal to Kanye despite the controversy that surrounds him.

4 Team Drake: Will Smith

Via: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Will Smith might be one to stay out of rapper’s drama, but he certainly doesn’t hide his love for Drake. He did such an amazing rendition of the shiggy challenge for the “In My Feelings” dance that went viral, that Drake dubbed him the winner out of everyone else. Will is probably way too grown and too occupied on his own career to weigh in on seemingly petty drama between Drake and Ye. Still, while he has yet to vocalize whose side he’s on, Will is certainly a fan of Drake, even though he did say Kanye’s controversial views are thought provoking.

3 Close To Kanye: Kim Kardashian

Via: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

…And pretty much the whole Kar-Jenner family. Kim Kardashian has made it clear she will stand by her husband no matter what. Whether his rants are super controversial, or his fashion choices are extremely questionable, Kim will be by his side rooting him on. While there have been reports and speculation that she’s scolded him in private, she’s even shut those down and insisted that she’s his biggest supporter all around. As for the rest of her family, they are the same way without question. Still, that’s not too surprising since their family is extremely loyal to their own. And ever since him and Kim said their vows, that includes Kanye too.

2 Team Drake: Issa Rae

Via: Ladies You Should Know

Issa Rae and Drake certainly have quite the connection. While there were rumors that she curved Drake after he approached her at an after party for this year’s Golden Globes, she made it clear she has no hard feelings against Drake. In fact, she was featured in his Nice For What video a couple of months later. We guess that’s how Drake buries the drama, just put them in a video. Meanwhile, Issa had nothing but shade for Kanye when she hosted the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards over the summer. And she didn’t even care that Kim Kardashian was in the audience.

1 Close To Kanye: Pusha T

Via: Billboard

Where do we even begin? Okay, so Pusha T is clearly not just close to Kanye; he’s like anti-Drake. Drake and Pusha started feuding big time after Pusha came for him and Drake responded, only for Pusha to reveal Drake is actually a father. Drake kind of let things end there but Pusha continued to show his allegiance for West in the meantime. It doesn’t look like Pusha and Drake will be able to mend their issues, but Pusha clearly doesn’t care as long as he’s good with Kanye, which he clearly is. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that kind of loyalty.

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