10 Celebs Who Are Part Of Hollywood Cliques (And 10 Who Keep To Themselves)

If the press and publicity is anything to go by, it seems like Hollywood might be one of the smallest big cities in the world. The entertainment industry is a very high profile business to be in and plenty of famous faces in Hollywood seem to get to know one another over the course of their careers. But everyone is different, so even people who are living in the public eye tend to react differently to their surroundings and experiences. And of course, when there is a spectrum of people with different experiences and different personalities, there are some people who exist on either end of the extremes.

As one might expect when it comes to the Hollywood social scene, there are some celebs who are total social butterflies and who have squads that no other can rival, and there are others that seem like complete lone wolves who have no interest in the industry's social scene. So, which super famous faces have cliques and squads that are almost as notorious and well known as they are? Whether or not the friendships are just for the publicity or these crews are legitimate best friends forever, it's impossible to deny that certain celebrity cliques raise the public profiles of all of their members. And on the other hand, which celebrities seem like they couldn't care less about making other famous friends? Or who is too reserved or shy to put themselves out there with the people they meet?

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20 Belongs To A Clique: Taylor Swift


When it comes to celebrity squads world famous songstress Taylor Swift is very clearly the queen bee. Her collection of celebrity friends seems to be eternally changing and growing, and it sometimes seems like you don't see a high profile female celebrity who gets a lot of press who is either already in the Swift squad or was a member of the squad at some point. It's not that hard to believe that Taylor is just that friendly, but it's certainly interesting to see how much attention Taylor and her roster of pals get simply for being the main girly clique of Hollywood.

19 Keeps To Herself: Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is one of the most high profile women in Hollywood, and she has had romantic relationships with quite a few famous Hollywood men, but Angie's enjoyment of the entertainment industry social scene seems to end there. Jolie definitely seems like she could be the type who just doesn't constantly hang out with friends, and seeing as she's really never seen in public with any pals she might just be a natural loner. On the other hand, Angelina has seemed disillusioned with Hollywood and the whole lifestyle for years now, so her lack of Hollywood friends might just be a result of that.

18 Belongs To A Clique: Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio has been acting in Hollywood since he was a teen, and he and a bunch of other teen actors became friends in the early days of their career and have become one of the most solid and firmly established cliques in the entertainment industry. The guys in DiCaprio's crew have all had varying degrees of success, and obviously Leo is the most successful out of the bunch, but it looks like the highs and lows of their experiences in the entertainment industry hasn't done anything to damage or change their relationships with one another, and it looks like nothing will.

17 Keeps To Herself: Megan Fox


Megan Fox has gotten a lot of attention for herself because of her outspokenness and willingness to speak her mind regardless of how other people might take it, but that openness hasn't always worked in Megan's favor. Megan has had a lot of her professional relationships publicly melt down because of her behavior, and her only long term relationship with any high profile people has been with her husband, 90210 alum Brian Austin Green. On the other hand, Fox has also talked about the fact that she's naturally a pretty shy person, so it's possible that natural introversion is why she's a Hollywood loner.

16 Belongs To A Clique: Jennifer Aniston


As a public figure Jennifer Aniston seems to be pretty much universally beloved, and if anyone were to judge by the amount of friends she has in Hollywood and what those friends have to say about her it would seem like her reputation as a lovely and cool chick is well deserved. Of course Aniston will always have her friends from Friends, but she has also managed to develop some seemingly very solid friendships with a lot of other celebs that she has met. It's also hard to find anyone who will say anything bad about her, so it seems like she's a real deal sweetie.

15 Keeps To Herself: Julia Roberts


For the majority of her time in the limelight actress Julia Roberts has been pretty well known as America's sweetheart, which makes her lack of high profile Hollywood friendships a bit of a surprise. Considering that Roberts married an average guy and prefers to live her life with her family outside of Hollywood it's a bit more understandable, but given the longevity of her career and her public charm one might expect her to at least have a few solid best buds in the entertainment industry. But if Julia didn't have a high profile crew in her heyday it seems unlikely that she'll develop one now.

14 Belongs To A Clique: Amy Poehler


The whole rotating Saturday Night Live cast seems like an endless line of Hollywood squads that tend to stick together for quite a while, but it seems like while SNL has been kind of a long standing boys club there is finally a crew of SNL ladies who are pretty much BFFs. And it's hard to say who exactly takes the lead in that girls club, but it does seem like Amy Poehler has the most solid friendship with the widest group of women and men, and it doesn't seem like her solid group of pals will be changing any time soon.

13 Keeps To Herself: Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep is arguably the most successful film actor in film history, but it seems like she is more than satisfied to occupy that throne all by herself. It's possible that when you're that kind of singular talent who has that kind of singular career that it's just hard to find many people that you can relate to, but it's also possible that Meryl just isn't that into the whole Hollywood scene even though she's basically the queen of Hollywood. And on the other hand, it's pretty easy to see how other people in the industry might be intimidated by Streep.

12 Belongs To A Clique: Seth Rogen


That whole crew of funny guys who have made their name and success off of their film collaborations with each other are probably one of the most successful Hollywood squads in the entertainment industry, but the natural leader of that crew has always seemed to be comic actor Seth Rogen. It's actually pretty rad that most of these guys became friends when they were young unknowns and all managed to find success together, and it seems pretty safe to say that this Hollywood clique isn't a bunch of fake friendships between people who are looking to use someone else's fame to their advantage.

11 Keeps To Himself: Zayn Malik


It's actually kind of funny to think that a guy in a boy band isn't the type to be a part of a famous squad, but One Direction's Zayn Malik was well known as the most reserved member of the band, and unsurprisingly he was the first one to leave the group and strike out into his own solo career. Malik's career has certainly benefited from associating with other famous and successful people, and the fact that he was willing to bail on that in order to fly on his own seems to be a pretty good indication of how much of a natural loner he really is.

10 Belongs To A Clique: Jonah Hill


Actor Jonah Hill certainly seems to have an easy time making friends with famous people. Hill has been a part of that whole Judd Apatow crew of actors since they really hit it big, and now it's not too rare to see Jonah hanging with Leonardo DiCaprio's whole clique too. Jonah certainly has enough talent to succeed all on his own, but it surely doesn't hurt to be good buddies with a lot of the most successful people in the entertainment industry either. Hill seems to make friends easily at work, so it'll be interesting to see what co-stars he manages to befriend next.

9 Keeps To Himself: Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford might be one of the most established superstars in the entertainment industry, but he definitely seems to be more of a lone wolf than the Hollywood socialite type. Harrison's wife, actress Calista Flockhart, definitely has a solid amount of fame to call her own, but besides that it doesn't seem like Ford likes to hang with a lot of other famous people, despite the fact that he probably has more Hollywood connections than nearly anyone else in the business at this point. But we guess when you are both Han Solo and Indiana Jones, it's hard to find friends who are as cool as you.

8 Belongs To A Clique: George Clooney


George Clooney is pretty well known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, so when you take that into consideration it's completely unsurprising that he also has one of the widest circles of friends in the entertainment industry. George has managed to buddy up with many of the few people in the industry who are actually as famous and successful as he is, and he doesn't seem to stick to one type of person that he likes to be friends with. His pals include superstars like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, and Nicole Kidman, and it's hard to find someone to say a bad word about him.

7 Keeps To Herself: Christina Aguilera


Legendary singer Christina Aguilera has a pretty established reputation in Hollywood circles, and the kindest way that most people seem to describe her behavior and attitude with is "diva." But it doesn't seem like Christina minds her mercurial reputation, and the fact that she seems to embrace her own ways definitely makes it seem like Aguilera doesn't care that she rubs some people the wrong way. So then, it's really not a big surprise that Christina doesn't seem to have any famous friends or supporters in the entertainment industry, and with those kinds of skills she certainly doesn't need anything else for her success.

6 Belongs To A Clique: The Kardashians


When it comes to Hollywood cliques, Kim Kardashian is truly one of the OG celebutantes and she has managed to parlay her experience in Paris Hilton's clique into becoming the queen bee of her very own Hollywood squad. It certainly doesn't hurt that Kim has a family full of famous people to hang with 24/7, but Kim's Hollywood crew goes far beyond her infamous siblings. And although she started off as one of the many rich and pretty girls who managed to become famous just for being famous, Kim has managed to go from Paris Hilton's underling to Kanye West's wife, which is quite a climb.

5 Keeps To Herself: Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart actually seems to get on pretty well with most of her movie co-stars, but she's also pretty well known for her naturally reserved demeanor and she doesn't seem to run with any particular Hollywood crowds. Kristen doesn't seem like a big fan of playing the Hollywood game and she has caught a fair amount of flack for that, but she doesn't seem like the type to force anything that doesn't feel natural, which is probably why she has avoided living the whole Hollywood lifestyle throughout the course of her career, and that apparently includes developing her own clique.

4 Belongs To A Clique: Gwyneth Paltrow


As the daughter of legendary actress Blythe Danner and accomplished director Bruce Paltrow it's safe to say that Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow is legit Hollywood royalty, so it's no surprise that her group of friends reflects that. Gwyneth has managed to collect a group of friends that includes super high profile men and women in the film industry, fashion industry, music industry, and pretty much every industry that gets a massive amount of public attention. Perhaps it's normal to only have famous friends when you grow up in a world of extreme privilege where you're surrounded by famous people, though.

3 Keeps To Herself: Emma Watson


English rose Emma Watson quite literally grew up in Hollywood among a bunch of other child actors who she spent all of her time with, which makes her lack of cliquey behavior all the more surprising. While the entire Harry Potter crew does seem tight with one another (and who wouldn't be after spending all of your formative years together having the exact same completely bizarre experience), they're not a group that hangs out publicly or keeps the attention on themselves. And while Emma has gone on to find more work and success in the industry she still seems to keep to herself.

2 Belongs To A Clique: Rihanna


Rihanna's reputation and social circle in the entertainment industry is pretty impressive. It's no surprise that she's a natural charmer, but the singer doesn't just run with a clique. She seems to pal around with a bunch of different famous squads. Jay Z, Katy Perry, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adele – it honestly seems like there are very few Hollywood cliques that Rihanna doesn't at least occasionally roll with. It's understandable, though. Hanging with Rihanna definitely makes you look pretty cool, and it's easy to see why even other celebrities would be enamored with RiRi's whole personality and vibe.

1 Keeps To Himself: Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves has a reputation for being one of the nicest, most relaxed, and most considerate men in Hollywood, so it's interesting to see that Keanu doesn't really seem to make a lot of Hollywood type friends. Perhaps the actor is just a natural loner, though, considering how people describe him behind the scenes it definitely doesn't seem like Reeves is lacking a Hollywood clique because he has trouble making friends or getting anyone to like him. Or perhaps the notoriously mellow actor just prefers to keep his friend circle out of the spotlight? Any way you cut it, though, Keanu seems like a pretty high profile lone wolf.

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