10 Actresses Who Almost Beat Brie Larson For Captain Marvel (And 10 Who Could Replace Her)

Marvel movies are so popular that landing a leading part in the franchise is a massive accomplishment and Brie Larson was lucky to get the part. Before it was announced, Marvel fans were speculating who would get the part and shared their opinions on who should take on the role. Brie ended up being the number-one choice, but there is an impressive number of actresses who could have beat Larson for the part. Katheryn Winnick was at the top of the fan list to get the part and she admitted she felt honored that she was even considered by fans. Jennifer Lawrence was also considered because of her roles in science fiction movies such as the Hunger Games franchise and Passengers. Charlize Theron was also on the list, especially because she did amazing in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The actresses who would also have done an amazing job is Emily Blunt and Yvonne Strahovski, as well as Games of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer. These actresses would've portrayed Carol Danvers perfectly because of the work they've already done. Fans even went as far as drawing fan art to showcase how much they want the actresses mentioned in the lists to get the part. Larson could surprise us all and do a really good job as Carol since she has already won an Oscar for her role in Room.

20 Jennifer Lawrence Could've Gotten The Part

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The actress has already acted in a superhero movie franchise as she played a shape-shifting mutant, Mystique, but sadly, Lawrence gave up the character after X-Men: Apocalypse. Jennifer shows that she can play a superhero role because of Hunger Games as well since her character Katniss was a hero and led all the districts to stand up for what they believe in. Since Captain Marvel is also a heroine who fights for injustice and is tough as nails, Lawrence would have been a perfect fit since she's already taken on similar roles.

19 Fans Really Wanted Natalie Dormer 

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Some of us know Dormer from her role as Queen of King's Landing in the popular TV show Game of Thrones. She unfortunately got killed off the show, like so many other characters, but fans of Dormer wanted more of her. When fans heard Marvel was looking for their leading lady for Captain Marvel, fans felt Dormer deserved a shot. Dormer didn't get the part, but she would've been perfect since Dormer already had the experience of acting in Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011. Natalie is also ideal for the part as she can act as a strong female lead. Plus it helps that she kind of looks like Carol.

18 Rumors Were Going Crazy For Charlize Theron

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There were publications that reported Angelina Jolie wanted to direct the film and wanted Charlize to take on leading part, but it was just rumors. Theron has proven to the world how amazing she is as a strong leading lady. In Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron did a killer performance as she completely transformed into her character and really showed Hollywood that she can act any part. Carol Danvers is strong-willed with an attitude and Charlize can definitely pull that off, especially since she can portray strength and femininity.

17 Evan Rachel Wood Would've Really Shined

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The actress has made a comeback in Hollywood and has really wowed everyone, especially with her stellar performance in Westworld which is a science fiction and fantasy TV show. Evan plays the leading part Dolores who is a strong character and the oldest robotic host at the futuristic theme park. Wood even has a black belt in taekwondo so she can easily handle gruelling stunt work. Evan is known for her dark and edgy roles and has proven that she can act in roles where she can be anything from a tomboy to a more feminine character, which would've made her perfect for the part in Captain Marvel.

16 Marvel Wants Jessica Chastain 

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There was speculation when Chastain had an interview and said she had talks with Marvel studio for a part, but Jessica did go on Twitter to say that it wasn't for Captain Marvel and that she wasn't even approached. Honestly, Jessica would've been perfect especially since she has already chatted with Marvel for future roles. Chastain said,

 “We’ve talked about aligning our forces in the future."

Jessica also wants fight scenes and would love to play in a superhero movie. Chastain's roles in Interstellar and Zero Dark Thirty prove that she has what it takes to be tough and empowering.

15 Shailene Woodley Has What It Takes

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Honestly, the actress would've been perfect as Carol since she already has experience in action-packed movies with a strong female lead. Shailene proved this in the Divergent series. Woodley's character, Tris Prior lived in a futuristic world where they have to make choices and Tris chose bravery. Shailene really showed that she can portray these characters and she acted out the attitude and confidence perfectly. Plus, Shailene also fits the superhero suit perfectly and didn't look uncomfortable at all. Shailene's age is seen as a problem since she's too young as Carol is more mature, but Woodley has proven that she can play mature parts too.

14 Emily Blunt Was All Speculation

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It's a pity that the actress wasn't even contacted since Emily would've been perfect as Carol since Blunt has experience in playing a strong female part in action movies. Emily did play a comrade in the Edge of Tomorrow and she fought aliens alongside Tom Cruise, therefore, Emily has experience in playing a military female role which is essential since Carol was in the Airforce. Blunt has shown her potential in the movie A Quiet Place which is a drama and horror. The film is basically about monsters that attack when they hear a noise. Emily would be perfect as Carol since she's already fought aliens and monsters in the past.

13  Blake Lively Can take on Any Role

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The actress was a leading character on the hit show Gossip Girl, but Blake has really shown Hollywood that she's more than a rich socialite or teenager in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Now Blake is taking on roles that really highlight her acting abilities. Critics were amazed by Blake's performance in the survival movie The Shallows. Lively's character survived a shark attack and she had to live on a rock for days. This part really showed that Blake can portray strength and resilience very well. Lively has proven that she can take on any role, especially the tough female ones which would've made her perfect as Carol.

12 Olivia Wilde Would've Changed The Character

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Fans were also really pushing for Olivia Wilde to be Captain Marvel and the actress even responded to how she felt about it. Olivia feels that female superhero characters are too perfect and that they don't portray any flaws. Wilde believes they hide their imperfections to highlight their strengths. Olivia would've loved to have played Carol but she would've changed the character.

"The most interesting characters are the ones who have issues and are flawed individuals. It would be nice to give a real history, to give a real, tangible background to this character."

Olivia would have been perfect as she would bring a different perspective to the character while still remaining strong.

11 Bryce Dallas Howard Really Wanted The Part

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The Jurassic World actress didn't hide the fact that she would've loved to have played the part and even wanted to start a campaign.

It’s not just about set pieces. It’s really about who these people are, and so, yes, I just would love to be in a Marvel film." To be honest Bryce would be perfect as she interacted with dinosaurs in Jurassic World and she wasn't afraid. Howard would've given the role a hundred percent since she wanted it so badly.

10 Margot Robbie Is A Superhero

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Suicide Squad really changed things for Margot as now her roles mainly consist of superhero movies. If you're wondering why Robbie would be perfect for the part it's because of a number of reasons. Firstly, Margot's portrayal of Harley Quinn was so impressive according to critics and Hollywood. Although Harley is technically a villain, Robbie made her loveable and made her somewhat of a heroine. Harley was also the only girl in the gang and showed that she could definitely hold her own.

9 Yvonne Strahovski Played A Spy

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Literally, everyone wanted the Dexter actress to play Carol and it became so extreme especially since fans developed a petition for Yvonne to be Captain Marvel and they even made fan art. To be fair, Strahovski would've been ideal as she has played a spy for years in Chuck and Yvonne's character, Sarah Walker, had to wear many disguises to fit the part. Yvonne portrayed strength in her role especially since she used her martial arts skills. This skill would be perfect for killing off aliens in Captain Marvel. Plus, Yvonne also fits the looks of Carol and she's also the right age for the part.

8 Katheryn Winnick Is A Fan Of Comic Books

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Another actress fans were rooting for was Katheryn Winnick because her powerful leading role in the TV show Vikings. Katheryn did a wonderful job portraying a female warrior, which is exactly what we need to see in the actress who will plays Carol. Winnick took to Instagram with fan art she made of herself as Carol which shows she really wanted the part. Katheryn has also expressed her love for comics in the media:

Winnick would love to play an action hero and honestly that part is made for her because she's so good at portraying it.

7 Rebecca Ferguson Was On The List

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Rebecca has been an actress for about 15 years, but only started making it big when she acted in the latest Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. There was so much speculation about who would play Carol and Rebecca was said to be one of the frontrunners for the part because of the action-packed character she played in Mission: Impossible. She made quite an impression in the action-packed film. Ferguson would be perfect for the part as she has experience in playing a strong female character plus Hollywood is taking notice of her which Marvel would like, especially since it will bring in a lot of interest for their movies.

6 Gina Carano Is Fierce

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She is known for her roles in action-packed movies and Gina often plays parts where she is strong and can take on men in action scenes. This right here is why Carano would've been perfect for the part. Gina's impressive action movie portfolio consists of the Fast and Furious and In the Blood. In both movies she's fierce and she even saves her husband in In the Blood. Gina does have superhero experience since she acted in Deadpool as Angel Dust whose strength is her adrenaline. Carano was once an MMA fighter which means she could've done her own stunts in Captain Marvel.

5 Carey Mulligan Can Adapt To Any Role

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Mulligan wowed audiences with her role as Daisy Buchanan in Great Gatsby and even though she hasn't acted in any superhero movies she would've still been ideal to play Carol especially since Mulligan can take on any role which she has proven. In the past, Carey's roles have consisted of historic dramas which she did amazing in and Carey really did something different in Collateral, a four-part drama series on BBC. Mulligan was sceptic at first, but she succeeded. “It was about convincing myself that I was grown-up enough to portray a police officer."

4 Lily James Fights Zombies

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The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies actress really shined and everyone was impressed with her performance as a warrior who fights off zombies. The director had a lot of nice things to say about James:

"Lily is the complete package."

With awesome reviews like this Lily could end up getting amazing movie roles. The director also said James was able to play a heroine with warrior abilities, therefore, Lily would've been the perfect fit. James is also not so well known which would've brought a new casting quality to the Marvel franchise by making the public intrigued with who the actress is.

3 Felicity Jones is a Star Wars Heroine

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The actress has really made it big in the film industry and she even won an Oscar for best actress in 2015 for her role in Theory of Everything. Jones has been in a variety of movies such as action, romantic comedies, drama, and science fiction. This makes Felicity perfect for Captain Marvel as she's able to play any part. Felicity already played a heroine in Rogue One and her acting was so superb that Jones was called the franchise's greatest female lead performance. Felicity was the rebel leader in Rogue One which shows she can portray a strong female role very well.

2 Jessica Biel's Tough Qualities

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If you're wondering why Jessica is on the list since she hasn't acted in superhero movies well it's because Biel has the ability to take on an action-packed role which she did in Total Recall and Stealth. Jessica really gets into character and this is why she would be perfect as Carol. In Total Recall, Biel wanted to outshine Kate Beckinsale's character.

“My character was really someone coming from this underground army, the streets. I wanted a bit of a rougher, more street-like quality to her." 

Jessica would've been great as Captain Marvel because she has the personality and willpower to give her all in a movie role.

1 Emilia Clarke can take over the world

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We all know the Game of Thrones actress from the romantic drama Me Before You so I'm guessing you're thinking why I would choose her. Well, Clarke actually acts in action movies more than you think. Emilia's latest role is in Solo: A Star Wars Story and even though she's not so much a heroine since the character Qi’ra has many identities and she has many secrets. Clarke admits that Qi’ra is surviving throughout the whole movie. That is a trait you would want in Captain Marvel. Even though Emilia isn't as impressive as the rest, she would've brought something different to the role which is humor and strength.

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