10 Actors Who Regret A Role (And 10 Who Don't But Should)

For fans, we're watching two hour movies. We love them, and for the most part they're a fun way to kill a couple hours. But to the small city’s worth of talented people who put the film together, the entire cast and crew pour their heart and soul into making the movie for you. They work very hard to entertain us so when the movie is a big hit, there's a lot of pride to be had. When the film’s a big ol’ flop - not so much.

But these are stars, so most things are taken with a grain of salt. There's always another project around the corner. For all of these actors, entertaining us IS their jobs. Which means like us mere mortals they have their bad days, they have their good days, they have moments they utterly regret, and moments that they don't regret at all, even though they probably should.

Who has no shame? Who should be shamed? Who won an award being so terrible? Read on and check out 10 Actors Who Regret A Role (And 10 Who Don't But Should)

20 Regrets - Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up)


The 40–Year–Old Virgin took the world by storm. Judd Apatow’s directing debut firmly cemented his place in Hollywood. He brought forth all of his friends and produced all of their movies and has carved out a nice little niche for himself, and it all started with this little diddy. His follow–up film, Knocked Up was well deserved hit for Apatow and cast of characters.

It told the story of career woman, Alison Scott (played by Katherine Heigl) who gets knocked up by some loser, Ben (Rogen) she had just met at a party. The two do their best to make the most of a strange situation. The movie kept Rogen’s career on an upward swing, and should shot Heigl right to the top of the Hollywood food chain. Instead, she spoke up against her dislike of the film.

She had complained once to Vanity Fair that the movie painted the women as shrews while the guys were fun-loving goofballs. Both her and her character’s sister (played by the director’s wife) were shown and humorless and mean while the men were under their thumb. But considering these comments were made the same year that she removed her name from Emmy consideration, who knows what was on her mind back then. She has since apologized for her critique of the movie.

19 No Regrets - Elizabeth Berkeley (Showgirls)

Say Jesse Spano to anyone who has watched Saved By The Bell about 933 times in their life, will almost certainly start singing “I’m so excited! I'm so scared.” The unintentionally funny moment became one of the show’s signature moments and those kind of acting chops helped Elizabeth Berkeley get cast as bombshell, Nomi Malone in the mid-nineties classic bomb, Showgirls.

What Berkeley thought was going to be her defining breakout role decimated whatever career she was going to have. All the pomp and circumstance behind the film quickly turned to puddles of sludge, and if she ever wanted a superstar career after this, those hopes were dashed.

But despite being the star one of the biggest box office bombs ever, Berkeley loved her time making the movie. “When a dream is happening, it's unlike anything you can ever imagine,” she once told a crowd attending a screening of the film for its 20th anniversary, finally giving her, her just due.

18 Regrets - Halle Berry (Catwoman)


Having already tackled playing a superhero in two X-Men flicks, Halle Berry was no stranger to the superhero genre. The academy award winning actress also is one of the first actors to have starred in both a Marvel movie and a DC Comics movie, which is what happened when the Nubian goddess was cast as DC’s ultimate vixen, Catwoman in 2004.

There isn't a lot of good in this movie at all. Berry is playing a woman who after discovering a nefarious plot for the cosmetics company she works for is taken out in action. She's brought back to life by an Egyptian cat and becomes a superhero to set the wrong things right. Yes folks, it's like The Crow, only horrible.

Not even Berry in form-fitting latex was a reason to watch this film, especially when it covered her face. For her efforts, Berry won a Golden Raspberry award for worst performance. She was a good sport about it though, and arrived to actually accept the award.

17 No Regrets - John Travolta (Battlefield Earth)


Besides flying airplanes and his wife Kelly Preston, John Travolta loves two things: hamming it up on screen and the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. Say what you will about Scientology, but Travolta does seem to be a relatively decent person, regardless of the rumor and innuendo that consistently swirl around the religion.

After years of trying to adapt one of many of L. Ron’s novels - Battlefield Earth - Travolta finally succeeded in 2000 when the film came to the big screen. While not a Scientology novel, per se, there are similarities. In any event, the film bombed, and some of its stars; Barry Pepper and Forrest Whitaker both have regretted taking part in the movie.

Travolta, on the other hand has even stated if he had the chance to film it all again, he would do so in a second. Perhaps that's the very definition of a passion project.

16 Regrets - Kate Winslet (Titanic)

James Cameron is one of the most prolific directors of all time. He might be the best action movie director, and long before Joss Whedon or anyone else was doing it, he was giving us strong females like Ellen Ripley (Aliens) and Sarah Connor (Terminator 2). So to some, it might have seemed a little head scratching in 1996, when Cameron started putting together his next project - Titanic. If you still think so, go watch the epic drama again (or for the first time), we’ll wait.

Now that you understand, remember this, back then he cast a relatively unknown Kate Winslet to be the apple of Leonardo DiCaprio’s (and viewer’s) eyes. As Rose, she had to be every bit the upper-class woman of the day and still make anyone fall in love with her in a snap. Look at her - it's an easy task, isn't it?

The role put her as one of Hollywood’s elite and set her up with a career for life. Ms. Kate should have zero regrets about this film. But ever the perfectionist, Winslet does look back and regret some of the choices she made. “…my American accent,” she once said in an interview. “I can't listen to it. It's awful. Hopefully, it's so much better now…watching Titanic, I was just like ‘Oh God, I want to that again.’”

15 No Regrets - Jennifer Aniston (We’re The Millers)

For most of the nineties and the early aughts, Friends was an unstoppable juggernaut of television. Thanks in no small part to the chemistry between all of the six main leads. All of them were everywhere, especially Jennifer Aniston. Heck, even her hairstyle was the talk of many tabloids and fashion magazines. If you ever wanted to know what someone means when they say American’s Sweetheart, Aniston is one of those actresses that is the picture of that definition.

After the show ended, she has had a career filled with peaks and valleys, but she still remains at the top of a lot of best of lists. She has been able to interweave in between romantic comedies, dramas, and thrillers. Only film she hasn't been a part of yet is a comic book flick.

A few years ago, at 44 years old, she was able to make a lot of heads turn when she got down as a night club worker in We’re The Millers. While anyone should be proud of a body like her’s, is this what we want to see America’s favorite friend doing as she approaches her fifties? There is nothing wrong with getting down, but someone like Aniston should and could be doing a lot better than shock comedy, can't she?

14 Regrets - Robert Pattinson (Twilight)


Every now and again vampires and the vampire genre rears its head and new vampires are born for all of Hollywood to see. They used to be ugly beasts: Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise are prime examples with their bloodsucking flicks of the early nineties. Since then, the bloodsucking fiends onscreen have been steamy as hell, leaving women to not cower in fear but thrust their necks out for the hope of eternal life.

Sometimes the fantasy happens due to dreams of a creator - that's how author Stephenie Mayer conjured up Edward Cullen, she had a dream of an average girl having a chat with a sparkly vampire. On screen, the lead vamp of Meyer’s Twilight series was portrayed by Robert Pattinson.

While the role pushed Pattinson to the forefront, the young Englishman is not a fan of all of the attention. “He's the most ridiculous person who’s so amazing at everything. I think a lot of actors tried to play that aspect. I just couldn't do that. And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy…plus he's a 108 year old virgin.”

13 No Regrets - Madeline Zima (Californication)


Little Grace Sheffield has grown up, hasn't she? To showcase this, she was part of the cast of Showtime’s absurdly salacious comedy, Californication. She played Mia, the daughter of a guy about to marry the ex of our show’s misanthropic hero - Hank Moody. Within the first few minutes of the show she's in bed with him, punching him the face. By the end of the first show, we learn that she's only 16, and eventually that she planned the whole ordeal.

While there have been vixens a plenty on TV before, Zima’s Mia takes the cake as a young girl who wants to extort Hank and use a story he was working on as her own. It's a pretty incredible move to lure a man in and then dangle statutory in front of him a threat all for some help with her novel.

Oddly enough, as tawdry as this was, it doesn't even scratch the surface of some of the ongoings of this show.

12 Regrets - Natalie Portman (Hotel Chevalier)

After first appearing as a misguided orphan in Leon, Natalie Portman has been the subject of plenty of crushes out there both sweet-natured (adoring fans), and some monstrous (radio stations counting down until when she was turning eighteen). But through at all, she has remained one of the most elegant and respected actresses in Hollywood.

So after years of speculation about what she looks like without her clothes, she put an end to all of it, starring in Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier. The short film served as a prologue to his Darjeeling Limited, and while both got heaps of praise, it seemed a lot of the praise of the short film was how Portman looked without the robe you see in the picture.

“It depressed me that half of every review was about the nudity.” Portman has since sworn off doing such scenes.

11 No Regrets - Emma Kenney (Shameless)

To be fair, the entire cast of Shameless perhaps should be…ashamed of themselves. There have not been a bigger cast of degenerates on TV in a long time. Just about everything they do could make a conservative boil over with incendiary rage. One of the younger cast members, Emma Kenney plays sweet, innocent Debs on the show.

The character should be wise beyond her years, and know a lot better. But Debs (and maybe Emma - you never know what directors and writers actually tell their child actors during the making of a show) has always been fairly naive.

She spent most of a few seasons ago facing peer pressure to get knocked up. So that's what she did. But this is Shameless, so it should make sense that CPS comes to pay a visit after a video of Debs fighting while holding her kid shows up online.

10 Regrets - Sean Connery (James Bond)

James Bond is cultural icon. Played by Sean Connery for seven different adventures, fans often think of him as the greatest Bond. Being the best Bond in a franchise of amazing movies is no small fete, and Sean Connery made a lot of his bones by playing the British secret agent.

So it seems a little sad then to hear that Connery couldn't stand playing role. Considering the timeline of hiatuses between films, it stands to reason that the Broccolis and Eon pictures just hurtled large sums of money at the guy to reprise his most famous role. That money started going to charity after a while.

“I have always hated that damned James Bond,” Connery once said in an interview. “I’d like to kill him.” Even most recent Bond, Daniel Craig expressed similar sentiment, he once said he'd rather slash his wrists than play the role again.

9 No Regrets – Christina Ricci (Black Snake Moan)

Since her appearance in The Addams Family, Christina Ricci has been somewhat of an unconventional symbol for the alt-rock gen-x crowd. After all, she's part of the same crowd, why shouldn't she be? While many if not all of the roles she takes highlight her talents more than her assets, she has proven be quite the dynamo in front of the camera.

Perhaps that's the reason she was cast in Black Snake Moan. She could be seen for her chips in the role. Too bad her role of Rae, was that of a troubled addict. She is held captive by Samuel L. Jackson’s bluesman, Lazarus Redd in order for her to overcome her nymphomania.

Ricci, who was as expected, great in the role, also wasn't a fan of the marketing machine and how she was specified. So the role itself she was proud of, just not how the marketing team got people to theaters. “The that move was marketed was probably one of the most disappointing and upsetting things that's ever happened to me in my career. I have no interest in exploiting women any further than they've already been exploited…All they cared about was college-age boys going to see it.”

8 Regrets – Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades Of Grey)


It's the age-old story, boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy shuns girl, boy dates girl, boy shows girl chains and whips and other things that excite him. Somehow what started out as wannabe Twilight fan fiction became three of the hottest selling novels of the past 20 years. Clearly, a movie adaptation of the tawdry Fifty Shades Of Grey series was inevitable.

It's two leads would need to both be beautiful people. Anastasia would need to have an innocent look to her as all, and Christian would need have an intensity attached to his actor as well. From a look perspective, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan fit these roles. From a performance standpoint, they both seem a little flat.

Perhaps that's because neither of them have their hearts in the role. Both Johnson and Dornan took the job, knowing that their careers could very well soar after being part of such a grandiose marketing blitz. But by the end of filming of the first film, both actors regretted being part of such a paltry adaptation of a “dime store” bdsm novel. The film’s director Sam Taylor-Johnson felt the same way, but lucky for her she only signed up for one film, her actors were stuck for the whole trilogy.

7 No Regrets – Milla Jovovich (Return To The Blue Lagoon)

Early on in her career, former model Milla Jovovich was known for her beauty, as cast for it as well. However, she was able to persevere and show her acting chops in movies like The Fifth Element and in Dazed And Confused, as Michelle. She even turned up as one of the many beautiful guest stars on Married…With Children.

Perhaps because of her looks is the reason she didn't mind too much being cast in Return To The Blue Lagoon. While the original helped to propel Brooke Shields name to household status, it was still a clunker of a movie and it did nothing to further her career.

The sequel didn't do a whole lot for Milla either. If you're looking for an actress doing a little more in a decent action film, check her out in the Resident Evil series

6 Regrets – Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer)

It's hard to believe that it was ten years ago that Robert Downey Jr. sauntered on screen as Tony Stark and helped give birth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In between, and several years prior, the thought of a shared universe between all of Marvel characters was just not possible. Hopefully one day all of the Marvel characters will be back under the same studio. We’ll have bad adaptations of classic storylines like Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer to thank for being so bad.

Jessica Alba, who was the top Hollywood starlet in 2007 got to try and tackle the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm in the second and third bad attempt at bringing Marvel’s first family to the big screen. She knew it wasn't a great effort. How could it be when the director clearly was more interested in Alba looking hot than actually acting. According to the actress, director Tim Story would ask her to “cry prettier, and we'll just CGI some tears later.”

5 No Regrets - Demi Moore (Striptease)

In the late eighties and early nineties, there wasn't anyone better than Demi Moore. Heck, even now at 55 she looks at least twenty years younger. Too bad her acting career hasn't been the same since the mid-nineties. She still gets parts, but nowhere near as high profile. Maybe that's because of the ridiculous amount of hype she received for the abysmal comedy, Striptease.

In the movie, she played an FBI secretary who loses custody of her daughter to her deadbeat con of an ex-husband. She starts dropping trou for money to be able to afford legal counsel, and winds up catching the eye of a corrupt congressman.

There was a whole lot of hoopla paid to Demi’s hooplas during the making of the film. How much she was making for showing off her assets, and the phenomenal shape she got herself into for the role. But at the end of the day, the only real fame is which movie was worse – Showgirls or Striptease?

4 Regrets - Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)


At just the tender age of 11 years old, London native, Daniel Radcliffe was cast as The Boy Who Lived – Harry Potter. One of the most anticipated movie adaptations of all time and young Daniel was the centerpiece of the whole production and the next ten years of film sequels. He always handled any critiques and praise in kind, and seldom was a bad word said about his portrayal of the character. As fans, we couldn’t wait for the next instalment of the film, but imagine growing up literally as one of the most popular literary characters ever.

Radcliffe, while proud of his accomplishments has also spent years trying to outgrow the role. His biggest regret is that he took the role without any experience. “There are moments I’m not so proud of, mistakes other actors get to make in rehearsal rooms or at drama school, are on film for everyone to see,” he once told the Daily Mail. “I find those early films very hard to watch personally.”

Radcliffe has since refused to do any more work as the boy wizard.

3 No Regrets - Ashton Kutcher (Two And A Half Men)

Who wants to drink some Tiger Blood, go to a Gentleman’s Club on Mars, and do some substances? Charlie Sheen does. Or at least that's how crazy the bad boy actor had gotten when he went off the deep end in 2011. If he wanted to become the laughing stock of Hollywood and get fired from his gig on Two And A Half men, then Sheen succeeded in just that.

As far as Two And A Half Men was concerned, it was a bitter breakup between Sheen and the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre. Lorre wasted no time in writing Sheen’s character off and bringing in Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt. Kutcher, who looked scruffy and dirty at the time tried his best to inject his own brand of humor into the show, but after four seasons, it was deemed a failure and the series died a merciful death.

Kutcher, who won fans during his run on That 70’s Show couldn't bring the show back to prominence, he wasn't the right fit. How could he be, he was trying to fill the shoes of a guy that a role was written for, and seemingly Walden wasn't written for Ashton, but for anyone who took on the role.

2 Regrets - Jim Carrey (Kick-Ass 2)

With such a long career filled all kinds of dramatic peaks and rubber-faced valleys, it shouldn't come as any surprise that funny man Jim Carrey has had a few clunkers throughout his career. Combine that with the fact that behind all of the laughter, Jim’s a pretty laid-back but soulful guy, and every now and again he might have some regret for playing a role.

Carrey was part of the ensemble for Kick-Ass 2 as Colonel Stars And Stripes the Leader of Justice Forever. But Carrey, who had a good showing in the film did experience regret over the role in the wake of the Sandy Hook school tragedy that had happened around the time of the film's release.

“I did Kick-Ass a month before Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience, I cannot support that level of violence. My apologies to others involved in the film.”

1 No Regrets - Tobey Maguire (Spiderman 3)


When Spider-Man came out in 2002, the world hadn't seen too many Marvel comic book movies yet. So the formula wasn't quite established. Which is why our friendly neighbourhood hero is a senior in high school but being played by a young man who would be several years removed from college.

Nevertheless, despite being closer to thirty than eighteen, Tobey Maguire did a great job at bringing Spidey to life for his first and second epic big-screen adventures. His Peter was vulnerable like a geek in school would be, and his Spidey was certainly a hero anyone could believe in.

But the cash grab that was known as Spiderman 3 - Maguire should be a little ashamed of his performance. Pretty much the whole cast should. It's not a very good movie at all, and a pretty bad first appearance of Venom in a movie. But emo-Maguire to showcase how the alien goo is poisoning his mind? That's pretty unforgivable as far as comic book fans go.

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