15GLAD: Lauren Boswell (Hilarie Burton)


There’s a very good reason fans despise this character, despite how Hilarie Burton is a very smart and beautiful actress. She showed up late in season 9, bantering with Arizona over coffee. She later showed up at the hospital as a surgeon to help on a case and flirting with

Arizona. Arizona tried to defend that she was married only to discover Lauren already knew and didn’t really care.

During a major storm across the hospital, the two finally slept together and needless to say, Callie did not take it very well. They had to put it aside to save some babies but in the aftermath, Lauren just left for her plane, not seeming to care she had destroyed a once-happy marriage. True, Arizona and Callie had issues already but this was still utterly horrible. The fact was that Lauren knew Arizona was married, knew she wouldn’t be around for long but still went ahead seducing her. A true homewrecker who got away with it and fans of the Arizona/Callie relationship loathe her majorly.

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