14GLAD: Jason Meyers (Charles Michael Davis)


Grey’s never shies from casting some hot guys and few were hotter than Charles Michael Davis. He showed up in season 9 with a hook-up with Jo and quickly nicknamed “Chest Peckwell” by characters. He proved that by baring his nice body off in a few steamy scenes. He turned

out to be an obstetrician at the hospital and soon he and Alex were having a rivalry. Given that fans still hoped that Jo and Alex would get back together, Jason was already not popular. He soon showed he was really a jerk, crowing over being with Jo and ignoring Alex to the point of putting a patient in jeopardy, proving that just because a guy looks great doesn’t mean he’s a catch.

But the kicker was when, during a fight, Jason punched Jo in the face, giving her a black eye. She fled to Alex and when Jason was brought into the ER with serious wounds, everyone naturally assumed Alex did it. Instead, Jo did it and Jason is last seen in his hospital bed warned by Alex not to press charges. After this, Davis would move onto the hit The Originals.

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