Top 20 Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

Children's movies have always been a great way to give kids enjoyable entertainment and as a plus, they come in a wide variety of different forms. Many of them exist with real time actors while others are animated and take a long while to be made. Animated movies, in particular, have been on the rise for quite some time and the child genre has a vast area of people working hard to create a great visual experience for children who come from all walks of life.

However, every now and then, there will be an animated film that comes along, presenting a less than pleasant experience. A few good examples are movies like Happily N’ever After, Tappy Toes, or A Car’s Life. These films, along with a few others, have made it on to this list for being too cheesy or just plain ridiculous for the public eye. It’s easy nowadays to find an animated movie that has a great storyline as well as effects. Unfortunately, it’s becoming just as easy to find animated films that lack the luster of quality as well as voice acting and animation. Here are twenty of the worst animated movies to date.

20 Happily N'ever After

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With an interesting off brand, fairytale feel, Happily N’ever After provides a rather jumbled story with popular characters showing up in a very different way. In the story, residents of Fairy Tale Land are under the threat of the evil stepmother of Cinderella who has joined hands with a few other evil villains in order to take over the realm. Cinderella, called Ella, must find a way to save the realm and stop her stepmom. While there are many different people who enjoyed the film, it didn’t produce great ratings, with a lot of sites giving the movie abysmal reviews.

19 Titanic: The Legend Goes On

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Sometimes, animated movies are made with the best of intentions to make a lasting impression, but sadly, some end up making a terrible mark on history. Titanic: The Legend Goes On is considered by many to be a slap in the face of the actual happenings of the Titanic. The film starts of with the sinking of the Titanic, which then shifts to a flashback of Angelica, the main character, boarding the ship with her evil stepmother and sisters. Quite a few people considered this too close to Cinderella's story and didn't enjoy it. With a plot that branches off more times than necessary and a very annoying rapping dog, this movie is one better left to pile in the corner.

18 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

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While the movie’s cutesy story line really created something of a spectacle for lovers of Charlotte’s Web, its animation didn’t make much of an impact on audiences. Regarded as a severe rip off of the beloved Charlotte’s Web, this movie had (unsurprisingly) extremely low ratings. The film follows Walter, a mischievous pig who has a terrible habit of blaming all of his happenings on others. It is a great film for very young children who have yet to grasp larger concepts, however, as many adults will probably agree, the movie has much to make up for.

17 Mars Needs Moms

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This movie delivers a great message about how much one should appreciate moms all around the world. However, with a rotten tomatoes score of only 37%, it leaves little in the way of amusement. The story follows a 9-year-old boy who doesn’t appreciate his mom ideally the way he should, and during an argument, his mom is taken away by Martians. Forced into a journey to save his mom, the boy meets many different characters along the way. While this is a great story line to go with for kids, it didn’t play well with the majority of adults who watched it.

16 Dino Time

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Running at only 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie had a huge budget of $125 million. Unfortunately, the story line didn’t play out too well and for a children’s film, it was lacking in every way imaginable. Three kids find a time machine which resembles an egg and in the process, send themselves back in time. They end up in the nest of a T-Rex mother. Instead of being eaten, the kids are taken in by the T-Rex mom. They have to find a way to get back to their own time before the regular eggs hatch. A lot of things can be said about this interesting movie, but saying it is one of the best is a titled mistake.

15 Killer Bean Forever

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Few movie posters can ever make one question whether a movie is truly being made or if it is simply a joke to lead the public on. However, the movie Killer Bean Forever makes you question a lot. A bean who is set on getting to the bottom of a case travels to many different locations in his pursuit for truth. This 2009 film obtained a 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes - it makes you question what these reviewers were thinking. A story about a killer bean running around the city on a case simply doesn’t cut it - for kids and adults alike.

14 The Nut Job

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The Nut Job provides viewers with an amazingly beautiful and colorful visual experience. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the plot’s content. Surly, a squirrel who experiences quite a bit of accidents, completely destroys the winter food supply. In an attempt to right his wrongs, he devises a plan to fix the problem, while unknowingly making matters much worse for himself and others. With a brush of adult humor, the creators tried their best to piece together kid humor with adult humor, giving too many immediate gaps in between the two. At 10% with Rotten Tomatoes, this isn’t an ideal movie to watch with your kids.

13 Pixies

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A man named Joe Beck becomes the victim of a terrible pixie curse. With his wife missing, he tries his best to understand the pixies further, trying to right a wrong deed which was done in the past, in order to get his wife back. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 67%, one would think that this movie came off as great in visual success with a great storyline. The movie was considered very low budget with kids completely in love with the movie; however, adults had something entirely different to say; the film was poorly made with terrible visuals.

12 Kiara The Brave

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At first glance, this movie’s title will probably bring to mind the famous Disney movie, Brave; however, this isn’t that movie. Kiara must help save the kingdom as her evil uncle, Badmess, concocts a plan in order to overthrow Kiara's father and rule the kingdom how he see's fit. It has been called a knock off of Brave for obvious reasons. While there are many children who have fallen in love with it, the movie lacks the luster that creates a better story line as well as visual success. In order to appreciate the movie, one must look past the terrible graphics and voice acting.

11 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil

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Sequels are always 50/50. They can become an absolute success or completely break the movie’s name altogether and sadly, Hoodwinked Too fell in the latter category. In the sequel, Red Riding Hood is training in a group known as The Sisters of the Hood. While training, she receives a call that two children have been kidnapped by a witch, and Red is the only one who can save them. There was a great expectation for the sequel to Hoodwinked, but unfortunately those expectations were not met. Rotten Tomatoes declared it a very low 11% and left many people wondering what happened.

10 Little Bee

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With terrible animation and a completely obvious story line, Little Bee is set up exactly like how you would expect it. Although the title is different, many people consider it to be a rip off of the Dreamworks’ Bee Movie, already giving it a bad rap before having the chance to watch it. Sometimes it’s hard to spot the bad ones, but for Little Bee, it’s as easy as it comes. With an uncomfortable and awkward set of characters, this film comes from Video Brinquedo, a Brazilian animation studio with many other films produced at the same standard and unfortunate poor quality.

9 Tappy Toes

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Its title gave it away, along with the penguins on the front cover. Everyone had the feeling that it would be a complete knock off of the famous movie Happy Feet - and they were right. The movie was released at only 42 minutes in length and hardly racked up good ratings. Not much can be said about this short knock off; what can be said is that Renegade Animations is responsible for its creation. The story follows a penguin in his desperate attempt to learn how to dance. All the while, evil sea lions pose different threats throughout this short film.

8 A Car's Life

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A score of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes sent this movie rolling downhill rather fast. In the film, Sparky, a car with a highly adventurous spirit, decides to follow the trouble making vehicle Diesel into terrible situations that get both Sparky and Diesel in lots of trouble. Despite his best efforts, Sparky never listens to his father's warnings about Diesel and continues to get into trouble. With terrible animation and rather uninteresting voice acting, the movie didn’t blend well at all together. If it wasn’t enough, the creators eventually pursued a sequel a few years later, with yet another unfortunate downfall.

7 The Little Panda Fighter

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This interestingly snide knock off of Kung Fu Panda is obviously apparent and if it wasn’t for the terrible animation as well as voice acting, this film would be a great addition to any watch list - or not. In the movie, a panda bear at a boxing club dreams of becoming a dancer. His dreams are eventually met, along with a few surprising twists and turns that try and make the movie interesting. Unfortunately, at a score of 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie didn’t exactly make the cut.

6 Tentacolino

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Many people have called this film a staple in terrible animation and voice acting. Few people may know it by another title such as In Search of the Titanic. But, no matter what the film is called, the animation leads its viewers straight into disappointment. The movie follows a couple who are in search of the famous Titanic. When they are transported to Atlantis by strange means, they try their best to save the Titanic from its demise before the devastation can occur. And just like so many have said before, this film is a timid mockery of the events of the Titanic.

5 Ratatoing

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Ratatoing was released in Brazil in 2007 and very few people took a liking to it. Of course, young children seemed to enjoy the colorful displays, but due to the terrible animation and dull voice acting, this movie left many to wonder what its producers were thinking. Marcelle, a young mouse who is the owner of a great restaurant, must find ingredients from the best places in the area. The movie closely resembles the famous Ratatouille and has often been labeled an unfair knock off.  At 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie will not be getting any fresh ratings - ever.

4 Food Fight!

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Food brands are brought to life when night falls and the rest is a jumbled mess. At a budget of $45 million, the movie Food Fight! only made a little over $73,000 at the box office which was a huge loss, to say the least. The story follows a dog detective whose investigations lead him into a variety of cases that involve many mainstream grocery store brands coming to life as characters with strong opinions. It wasn’t what the public expected and the ratings were terrible along with the reviews.

3 Eight Crazy Nights

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A whopping 12% on Rotten Tomatoes and yet people still become enthralled with Eight Crazy Nights. It does have Adam Sandler starring in the movie, but from the start, the film does not take off too well. A young man named Davey Stone is a party animal with a knack for getting in trouble and when his crazy antics are taken too far, Davey is given a choice of community service as a referee for a young basketball team, to avoid jail. Critics considered the movie a bust and the audience didn’t take much joy home with them after watching it.

2 The Frog Prince

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Almost everyone has heard the story of the lady kissing the frog. As it turns out, the frog is a prince who had been previously cursed. It's a common fairy tale, and quite a few movies have been made around it. One such film is known as The Frog Prince, but the ratings for the movie are incredibly low. At 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Frog Prince isn’t a movie that’s full of wonder. It appears with a low budget and visual quality that even kids find hard to enjoy. It’s truly amazing that the film made it through, considering how hard it is to find anything regarding the movie. It seems The Frog Prince is one best left off of the watch list.

1 Where the Dead Go to Die

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The number one film to make it on the list as the very worst animated film is Where the Dead Go to Die. A lot can be said about this film but the words which sum the entire movie up? Terrible graphics - a big no-no for an animated movie, especially one that was released in 2012, with expectations for great quality being high and the result not meeting regular standards. Also, the movie is meant to be morbid; most of the explicit and gory detail is enough to make a person sick. Fortunately, the movie was never really advertised; regardless, people would not have enjoyed the film.

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