The 20 Worst Reviewed Actors In Movies

We all have our favorites, the actors and actresses we watch and love in whatever film they show their faces. But this goes both ways. We also have our least favorites, those sad stars who, no matter how hard they try, can never impress us, never make us laugh, and never make us cry (unless it's completely unintentionally). Well film critics are people too, just like you and me, people who hold grudges and contempt for actors and actresses that just rub them the wrong way. Is it a game of follow-the-leader? Or are these stars really just the worst?

Aggregated film review sites like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes have highlighted some interesting trends in the film industry. By looking at the worst reviewed movies, we can also see who the worst reviewed actors and actresses are. Now it may be that these reviled stars simply choose terrible roles, or maybe it's their poor acting that makes the films terrible. Chicken or the egg? It’s hard to say, but whatever it is, it's no coincidence that the same names continuously appear in the credits of critical disasters.

After looking at the actors and actresses who have appeared in the worst reviewed films, here are the top 20 worst reviewed movie stars.

20 Sarah Jessica Parker

And we’re off, starting with the three-time Razzie award winner Sarah Jessica Parker. After parting with her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, Parker hasn’t simply trotted along. No, she jumped right back in the saddle and took on several bits in lesser known movies. While none ever gained any critical acclaim, the bad reviews could never bridle her spirit. She faced the haters head on, rearing and bucking off all the negativity as best she could. Many might be quick to call her a one-trick-pony, but to that I say neigh.

19 Jason Statham

Ahhh, I don’t know about this one. I like Jason Statham for what he seems to be, the only British martial artist in the movies. Between Crank, Transporter, some of the Fast & the Furious films, The Expendables, Death Race and all the sequels in between, we have learned a few things about Statham. He also participated in the 1990 Commonwealth Games and danced in a couple of honestly amazing music videos in the 90's. Here's what we know: he’s a really fast runner, a hard kicker, a good driver, a solid diver, he's probably a decent swimmer, and he can dance his pants off. Color me impressed.

18 Charlie Sheen

There was a time when Charlie Sheen was winning, but sadly, now is not that time. I seriously can’t tell which is more fake anymore, Charlie Sheen when he plays other characters, or Charlie Sheen when he plays himself. At some point in his career, Sheen became a caricature of himself, and for a long time that worked really well for him. But again, now is not that time. Unfortunately, no amount of Scary Movie sequels can resurrect his career from the dead. Though I doubt, at this point, he cares.

17 Gerard Butler

16 Hayden Christensen

Known for his robotic delivery as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars II & III, Hayden Christensen apparently quit acting after his surge into stardom. Oddly enough, quitting and starring in like 12 movies since Star Wars mean exactly the same thing for Christensen. It appears that the only thing worse than his knowledge of words and their meanings is his ability to choose a movie that critics might enjoy.

15 Lindsay Lohan

Just like Lindsay Lohan’s life, there have been moments in her acting career that have been really high. Unfortunately, for ol’ LiLo, the lows have been much more pronounced. We all know that Lohan’s done some weird stuff and made some bad choices in her life, and she’s spent some time in rehab and jail because of them. But honestly, none were worse than deciding to star in the stain of a film that was I Know Who Killed Me.

14 Jennifer Lopez

13 Jessica Biel

12 Megan Fox

11 Cuba Gooding Jr.

10 Alicia Silverstone

Man, we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I mean, c’mon, do people under the age of 30 even know who Alicia Silverstone is? Her last big films were Beauty Shop in 2005 and Scooby-Doo 2 in 2004, not exactly surprising that critics weren’t gushing over these babies. She was Cher in Clueless though, which is a great movie, and Batgirl in Batman & Robin, remember? The one with the nipples? I mean the suits… they were anatomically correct.

9 Denise Richards

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that Denise Richards was still acting. I think she just barely qualifies for this list because of her roles in Madea’s Witness Protection and Scary Movie 3, which I’m sure were both criminally underrated. We all know that Richards has done some pretty silly movies, but I doubt that Christopher Nolan is knocking down her door to cast her in his newest blockbuster. Regardless, don’t listen to the critics, Denise, you still have a fan in me. We’ll always have Wild Things.

8 Katherine Heigl

With a reputation for being difficult to work with, Katherine Heigl has also gained a reputation of being difficult to watch. While memories of Knocked Up still linger in our heads, giving us a childlike sense of wonder for her potential, films like One for the Money and The Ugly Truth remind us that there is no Santa Claus. When my family asks why we can’t have nice things, I sometimes blame her for hell of it.

7 Taylor Lautner

Team Jacob members may be shocked to find their furry little friend on this list, but it’s true: Taylor Lautner has not been very good. While the Twilight movies made a kajillion dollars, they were nevercritically well received. Somehow in the last few years, beginning with Grown Ups 2, Lautner got hooked up with the Adam Sandler crew and at that very moment, if you listened really hard, you could hear the faint sound of angels crying. I guess it’s true what they say, misery loves company.

6 Kevin James

For many film critics, Kevin James movies are the equivalent of being kicked in the throat. His most recent attempts have been thrashed by critics. Movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, where James spends most of his time falling over, received a ton of hate. While his connections with Adam Sandler definitely haven’t helped his ratings, it was Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 that really tipped the scales. After the financial success of the first comedy, they took the sequel to Sin City, making the severe drought of 2000-2004 only the second worst thing to happen to Las Vegas this century.

5 Jessica Alba

This one is probably a little unfair. Jessica Alba is not typically cast in roles requiring deep introspection or long dialogues. Movie fans don’t expect this from her either. I doubt very highly that many people leave a movie of hers crying, “But what will the critics think?” Miss Alba happened to have been born with a perfect Hollywood body and a mind-blowingly gorgeous face. Few of her roles have required her to really dig deep inside herself to find character motivation, yet she’s been acting for over 20 years and has remained fairly relevant. I call this a win for her.

4 Ashton Kutcher

In 2015 Kutcher received his first ever fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes for a documentary that he starred in. We know that critics don’t usually love comedies, but they are definitely not making exceptions for this lanky goofball’s films. Despite his like 37 Teen Choice Awards, this three-time Razzie award nominee has only been in critical failures. The scariest part is that some of his more recent performances are among his worst, meaning that he may not have even reached his final form yet. I like to imagine that, at one point, he told his agent he wanted “two acting jobs,” but his agent thought he wanted “to act in Jobs." That film barely made it to DVD before Hollywood was asking for a completely different version with Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, Kutcher then found himself with no jobs.

3 Adam Sandler

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Poor Adam Sandler. Well, rich Adam Sandler too. Poor rich Adam Sandler. The guy that critics love to hate has, in the past, walked into some good movies, but for every Funny People there is a Jack and Jill. His obnoxious abby-doobie-doo voices were funny at some point, but so were armpit farts. Sandler’s characters have become so depressing that I want to give them money out of my wallet. The old fan in me is hoping that Happy Gilmore has a few more hits left in him. Somewhere deep down, underneath all that Netflix money, is an artist waiting to be unleashed again. I think.

2 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Unfortunately, the beautiful Miss Love Hewitt has the title of the only star to never taste a fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Her roles in such classics as The Tuxedo, Garfield and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer were never appreciated by critics the way she hoped they would be. After her Party of Five fame, Jennifer Love Hewitt became a 90's “it” girl for a while, but it seems that her high value in teenager wall posters never translated into critical success on the big screen.

1 Rob Schneider

This little guy has had it rough. The Saturday Night Live alumnus has been a punching bag for critics for two decades now, beginning with his first leading role in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. His characters often star in Adam Sandler films, usually yelling catchphrases at him, and this has probably not helped his image. Sadly, in his near 30-year career on the big screen, he has acted in only 2 films that were certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, and in one of those, Schneider's role went uncredited. The Hot Chick is funny though, I gotta admit.

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