The 10 Most Poverty Ridden Countries In Europe

This list is based on each country per Capita GDP, which has been determined in 2012 by the CIA. These numbers were determined by actually dividing the country’s GDP by the population of the country. This provides a rough estimation of the income of individual people within a country. This list highlights the top 10 countries that are the poorest in Europe and the reason that they are in these positions.

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10 Bulgaria - GDP of $14,200

Bulgaria is located in the Southeastern portion of Europe and holds the spot as the 14th largest country in the entire continent. It is currently home to a total of more than seven million residents, with the majority of these people being Christians. On January 1, 2007, Bulgaria joined the European Union, which means that it is one of the most current members of this Union. At one time, Bulgaria was ruled by ideology from communism. However, policies of the state were changed and it is currently considered a type of market economy. The largest city in Bulgaria is Sofia and it is also the financial capital of this 10th poorest nation in all of Europe.

9 Romania - GDP of $12,800

Romania is bordered by the nations of Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria. It is also home to more than 19 million people. At one point in time, Romania was a part of the Warsaw Pact, however has now joined the European Union along with the nation of Bulgaria. Due to the low GDP of the country of Romania, it comes in at ninth place for the poorest European country.

8 Montenegro - GDP of $11,700

The country of Montenegro is located in between Serbia and the Adriatic Sea. On June 3, 2006, it became an independent nation from Serbia. It is estimated that the total amount of residents in Montenegro is less than one million. However, the GDP of the country is only approximately $4 billion, which makes it number eight on the list of the 10 poorest countries in Europe. The economy of Montenegro is very reliant on the export of refined metals, as well as tourism. When you compare the per Capita GDP on a global scale, it comes in next to the Grenadines and the nation of Saint Vincent.

7 Macedonia - GDP of $10,700

The official name of the country is the Republic of Macedonia and it is the nation that comes in at number seven. The government of Macedonia is a democracy form and a fourth of the population of the entire country resides in the capital of the country, Skopje. This is also the largest city in Macedonia. According to the report from the CIA, up to 30 percent of the residents of Macedonia are living beneath the poverty line. When Macedonia is compared to the other nations in Europe, it ranks as the seventh poorest.

6 Serbia - GDP of $10,500

Serbia is composed of a total of 23 cities and 122 municipalities. The country holds the position as a crossroads for southeastern and central Europe. The official language of the nation of Serbia is, obviously, Serbian, but Hungarian is the second most popular language when the number of speakers is considered. The country is home to 30 airports and ranks in the sixth position of the poorest countries in all of Europe.

5 Herzegovina and Bosnia - GDP of $8,300

Herzegovina and Bosnia is a type of multi ethnic established country and is found in the Southeastern portion of Europe. The majority of the ethnic groups in the country are Bosniaks with a total of 48 percent, and Serbs are the number two largest group of inhabitants with a percentage of approximately 37.1%. These numbers were gathered from the reports issued by the CIA. This nation comes in as number five on the list of the poorest countries in Europe.

4 Albania - GDP of $8,000

The national anthem of this country is Himn-i-Flamurit and the nation’s government is a type of parliamentary republic. This country is found between the nation of Kosovo, which is to the north of Albania, and Montenegro and Greece, which are to the south of the country. There are small deposits of natural gas, petroleum, bauxite and iron ore, but not enough to raise the GDP of this nation, giving it the number four spot on the poorest European countries.

3 Ukraine - GDP of $7,600

Ranking number three on the list of the poorest countries in Europe, the Ukraine is bordered by Poland on the western side and Russia on the east. In 1991, the Ukraine was considered part of the Soviet Union and gained independence during this year. It has the biggest military force in all of Europe with the biggest population on the entire continent. This country ranks number three as the poorest country in Europe, despite their large military base and population.

2 Kosovo - GDP of $7,400

The nation of Kosovo is found between the nations of Serbia and Macedonia. The total land area of Kosovo is 10,887 sq. km. Kosovo was at one point in history an important part of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the area for more than five centuries. The average income for the people of Kosovo is estimated to be $7,400, making this the second most poor country in all of Europe. The entire economy of the country is very highly dependent on the provisions of foreign aid as well as remittances of diaspora, which is settled in Switzerland and Germany.

1 Moldova - GDP of $3,500

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the nation of Moldova gained its independence. The citizens of this country are extremely poor and have the very lowest standard of living in all of Europe. It is completely dependent on the countries agriculture exports to gain revenue.

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