10 Countries Having The Least Sex

Sex is, unarguably, one of human beings' most natural acts. We do it for pleasure and procreation, but depending on upbringing, background, experience, religious beliefs and societal pressures opinions on sex and sexual practices vary hugely. And then of course, each individual has preferences all his or her own.

When it comes to the different countries around the world, regularity of sex is something that varies, too. Some counties such as Brazil and Greece report that between 82% and 87% of their population is having sex weekly.

Durex, one of the largest manufacturers of condoms and other pleasure tools and accessories, conducted an online poll worldwide and the results were fascinating; indeed, the percentage of residents having sex regularly is one interesting statistic, but the sexual satisfaction rate in each country is perhaps even more intriguing. Some consider satisfaction as the ability to have an orgasm, while others consider satisfaction to be in the area of the frequency of sex or the quality of the foreplay. However the perception, the numbers show that frequency doesn’t also equal satisfaction, and rarity doesn't always mean dissatisfaction.

Here is a list of the top ten countries that have sex the least frequently, according to Durex's international sexual survey while polled around 26,000 people over 26 countries. So, if getting lucky between the sheets is important to you and you're thinking of relocating to a different country or traveling around the world, keep these numbers in mind. These percentages represent the number of citizens who report having sex on a weekly basis.

10 Thailand – 65%

Many might be surprised that Thailand is featuring here - after all, the country has a very well known reputation for sex tourism. But alas, only 65% of Thailand's citizens report having sex weekly. However, due to the fact that prostitution is technically still illegal in Thailand, a reluctance to self-report could well be leading to an under-representation of the stats.

9 New Zealand – 63%

Over in New Zealand, only 63% of the Kiwis are getting lucky weekly, so perhaps it's no surprise that only 43% of the country's citizens report to be satisfied with their sex lives. The country is mainly urbanised with a population of around 4.5 million people, so 63% still makes for quite a number of couples having sex, even if it isn’t satisfying. The ethnicities in New Zealand include a large population of European descent as well as native Māori people.

8 Holland – 63%

In a country where prostitution is not only legal, but also regulated, it might be a bit surprising to see this country on the list (and the satisfaction rate sitting at only at 50%). Of course, the sex industry in Amsterdam is heavily targeted at tourists gracing the Red Light and Blue Light districts - who may not be included in this report. If having sex with a prostitute is of no interest to you, there are always the live sex shows, which are showing every night. And since prostitution is legal, the workers do have health coverage and are tested for diseases on a regular basis.

7 Singapore – 62%

In Singapore, while 62% of the population is having sex weekly, there’s only a 35% satisfaction rate. Ironically - and a common feature on this list - Singapore is one of the countries that have a booming industry when it comes to the sex business. Prostitution in the country is legal as long as the prostitute is over the age of 18. Here’s something else that's ironic about this country; it's illegal to distribute and sell pornographic films, books, photographs, and digital files - but it’s not a crime to access porn on the Internet. Maybe all these mixed messages are confusing for the other 37% of the population, who just call the whole thing off.

6 Australia – 60%

Over half of the citizens of Australia are having sex every week... In fact, they even have a party dedicated to overcoming religious influence in politics known as the Australian Sex Party. With just 60% of Ozzies doing the dirty every week, only about 42% are actually satisfied. According to a survey conducted, Aussies also consider oral sex to be “sex” in general. So they might be having even less frequent full-on sexy time than they've reported here.

5 Canada – 59%

The northern neighbors of the United States are definitely finding other things to do in the winter snow than having sex. But who could blame them with just a 48% satisfaction rate? Even though Canada shares a border with the United States, there are some differences when it comes to sex. A report from MSN claims that Canadian men have more partners than Americans, but Americans are more satisfied.

4 United Kingdom – 55%

Apparently the old 'lie back and think of England' adage isn't working for almost half of Brits. Out of the 55% of the UK residents having sex weekly, and only 40% of Brits are satisfied with what they are getting. Perhaps much of that 40% is comprised of the ones who aren't getting it weekly? Although the Brits are often cited as having one of the sexier foreign accents in polls, apparently they're not turning each other on over there...

3 USA – 53%

For the citizens of the United States, this is an interesting number given how sexualized is the media in the States. In an age where the Internet is very influential and porn is generally seen to be rampant in the States, it's perhaps surprising that only 53% of Americans are having sex weekly - and about 48% of the people in America are satisfied with their sex lives.

2 Nigeria – 53%

Upon first glance, people might shrug their shoulders at this particular number. But what’s interesting about Nigeria is that not only are they having sex about as frequently as those in the United States, but their satisfaction rate is at 67%. So although they're having sex less frequently, many more are satisfied with their sex life.

1 Japan – 34%

Leagues behind the other countries on this list, the lack of sex in Japan has become common knowledge internationally in recent years; only 34% of the population report having sex weekly. Indeed, only 15% of Japanese are happy with their sex lives - perhaps unsurprising, given how little of it they're having. Another shocking stat; around 45% of women in Japan report that they're uninterested in - or despise - sexual contact.  And according to some reports, around 36% of young men in Japan report as being 'herbivore men' i.e. men who are uninterested in sex.  In what's been dubbed a 'celibacy syndrome', young people are simply not hooking up. Among the top 3 reasons why Japanese people aren't having sex, 'can't be bothered' featured dominantly - along with postnatal reluctance and work fatigue. An increasing reliance on technology, and the development of 'virtual' partner alternatives, has also been cited as a contributing factor to this sexless phenomenon.

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