50 People Who Are Too Smart For Us To Handle

Compiled below is an elite list of 50 people that are truly too stupid to be alive. You will see that it certainly is possible for Mr. Darwin to have been wrong about Natural Selection, but it's also possible that it's just finally easy enough for idiots to access the internet.

52  50. This Savvy Shopper 

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Something makes me think they might benefit from cracking one of those bad boys open.

51  49. Some Lucky Girl's Soon-To-Be Ex 

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Well, you can't really argue with his points.

50  48. People Who Consider This Breaking News

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If only someone had warned us sooner.

49 This Girl In Love

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You know, you could always just borrow a T-shirt or sweater, right?

48 This Hopeful Future Mama

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If you don't see what's wrong here, you're not ready for children.

47 Anyone That Fell For This

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Because why wouldn't a software update include expensive physical upgrades with the click of a button?

46 Robby Is Having A Stressful Day

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Grammar, the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.

45 These GTA Fans

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Seriously, maybe we can get past you not knowing roman numerals, but since when does 'vagina' start with an 'F'?

44 This "Proud Mommy"

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Yes, the appropriate use of "they're" is difficult for some people.

43 This Social Activist

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Seriously, take a moment to fact check before expressing your outarge.

42 This Einstein Who Nailed Sex-Ed

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You keep using that word, I don't think you know what it means. You also may be in for quite a shock in a few months.

41 This Person Who Clearly Missed Biology

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Again, if you're asking these questions, you're not ready for parenthood.

40 And Their Friend Must Have Missed Geography

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Simple mistake. It's not like it's attached to a 9.985 million km² land mass called Canada.

39 This Car Enthusiast

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This one is just too painful to joke about. The brand is literally right in front of you. Not to generalize, but the bleach is only meant for your hair sweetheart.

38 This Noble Soul

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Another case of the lying maps. Don't worry slay, they're hard for some people.

37 This Fellow Comrade, Taking a Stand Against The Man.

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The irony of an apple phone that says resist capitalism is just ridiculous.

36 Anyone Who Thinks This Qualifies As An Emergency

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This must have taken place somewhere in Colorado.

35 Laura Who Is Asking The Real Questions

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Thanks for pointing that out, Laura, I can't imagine why we didn't see it before.

34 This Resourceful Friend

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But they weren't looking for a corkscrew, they clearly needed a "wine opener."

33 The Couple Who Reminded Us Darwin Was Wrong

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Let's hope this was posted by the parent with recessive genes.

32 Anyone Who Couldn't Make This Connection

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I'll bet The Rock just wanted to retire in peace. He's probably getting stopped by fans all the time thinking he's this actor loser.

31 People Who Don't Understand New Years

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I think these tweets stand for themselves. Really makes you wonder how many New Years they have done this for.

30 This Woman Who Febreezes

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You're totally right, this is no longer disgusting. I'll bet they don't have many people over for dinner either.

29 This Savvy Status Editor

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My heart also goes out to the children of 'africa' who are older than 3, the younger ones get enough sympathy. And don't forget 'Connetcoot' it's been a rough year for them too.

28 Ryan Who Slept Through History

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Have you ever been so sad or cared so much that you didn't take a moment to pay attention in class? Ryan has.

27 Millenials

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Seriously. What could anyone in the 90s need a hashtag for? Wait till someone needs to explain the floppy disk 'save' icon.

26 This Person Who Doesn't Understand Identity Theft

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Because I'm sure the 9.9 million Americans affected by identity theft each year are only screwed over by their doppelgangers.

25 This Family Girl

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Whatever you choose to do in the privacy of your own home is up to you.

24 This Confused Apple Customer

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Can you hear me now?

23 The Kardashians

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If you know it to be true... Why are you STILL TALKING?

22 The 12,000 People Who 'Liked' This

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Seriously, 12,000 of you?? I hope one day to learn of this ancient, mystical art of 'Konfu'.

21 John, The Health Nut

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I feel bad for your brain.

20 This Deep Thinker

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Maybe that's why Lohan has had so much success after her move to London. Well, that or the London twin had her whacked and has taken her place.

19 Becky, The Basketball Fanatic

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Yes Becky, he died, resurrected 2 years later, and then died again. You actually missed it twice.

18 This Patriots Fan Has Had Enough

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I have a dream, that one day people will be able to recognize the historical individuals that spent their lives shaping the world we live in today as readily as they recognize Kim Kardashian's contour.

17 Anthony Has To Learn About Mother Nature

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Something tells me he has rocks in his head.

16 Mel, The Football Buff

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This one just hurts me on a physical level.

15 This Excited New Mom

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Good thing he'll have dad to set him straight.

14 This Gun Enthusiast

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Wait, what?!? Training for what exactly? Defending the family meth lab?

13  12. This Avid Gamer

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So close... Yet so far.

12  11. Gabrielle, The Master Of Math

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Fractions are difficult too. It's hard to be able to understand both money AND time.

11 This Concerned Shopper

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If only there was a way for you to run a quick Google search to confirm it.

10 This Stevie Wonder Fan.

Something tells me you had a bit more time.

9 This Concerned Friend

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Well, if you run into any problems while you're away at school, you most certainly know who to call for advice.

7  7. This Under Bronzed Genius

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I hear your argument my dear friend, but that would mean being outside with people.

6  6. This Person Who Has More Hours In A Day Than Anyone

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Wait, you mean I'm not awake for 24 hours in a day? Are you sure, because I've binge watched a lot of my Netflix list today..

5  5. Companies That Advertise Like This

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Annoyed with the current state of your government?

4  4. This Animal Welfare Activist

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You know, it HAS been a long time since I last saw a triceratops in the wild, thank you for putting this hunter's face out in the world.

3  3. Anyone Who Uses An Umbrella Like This

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If only there was a better way!

2  2. This Who Is Not Ready For Adulthood 

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Could it maybe be for the same reasons you need those numbers?

1 Anyone Supporting Donald Trump

Via wonkette

It could be that. Or it could be racist, sexist, homophobic, elitist, silver-spoon-fed white males such as yourself choose to harbor hatred and fear to distract from the issues.

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