10 of Hollywood's Shockingly Cheap Divorce Settlements

In a time when outrageously large divorce settlements seem to be the norm, there are a few poor souls who’ve walked away from their marriages with very little money to show for it…despite being married to multi-millionaires. This anomaly is due in part to iron clad prenuptial agreements and folks who just don’t want anything. They’re either wealthy in their own right or were the cause of the split and chose not to hurt their former spouse more than they already had by asking for money. While it isn't easy to discuss prenups when they’re in the throws of a passionate romance, celebs who’ve been burned will attest to the fact that having one in place is key. This avoids so much stress and heartache when their marriages come to an end. The wealthier of the two no doubt feel grateful to be able to hold onto their hard earned cash, but it can also speed up divorce proceedings between couples who can’t speak to each other without launching into an argument.

Of course there are always those who still try to fight the agreement in the hopes that judges will rule in their favor. It doesn’t always work but it doesn’t hurt to try. The celebs listed below once enjoyed marital bliss but for various reasons (more often than not the “irreconcilable differences” reason is sited) the outcome was the same. Spouses said goodbye to their marriages but failed to profit from it. When multi-million dollar settlements are the norm, these folks walked away with a few hundred thousand dollars. Peanuts compared to the fortunes of their former spouses. In some extreme cases, ex-spouses left with absolutely nothing. Crazy, right?

The moral of this story? Get a tough as nails lawyer to draw up an agreement and throw every crazy clause you can think of in there to protect your fortune from different scenarios. It’s a tough chat but the wealthier spouse will be laughing while they count all the money they didn’t have to give away.

10 Anna Faris and Benjamin Indra - $900,000

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The “Scary Movie” actress was first married to Indra in 2004 before meeting and marrying Chris Pratt in 2009. Faris and Indra divorced in 2007 and she attributes the rise of her career to the downfall the marriage. While she became increasingly more famous, Indra’s career opportunities (he’s also an actor, you may remember him from the 2002 series Raising Dad. No? That’s OK) began to dwindle. He hasn’t appeared in much of anything since their divorce was finalized. Lucky for Indra, Faris had to pay him $900,000 plus some of her royalties. A good chuck of change but only a small fraction of her wealth.

9 Kate Walsh and Alex Young - $627,000

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The former “Private Practice” actress was ordered to pay her ex-husband a one-time payment of $627,000 plus a share of some of her royalties. The two were only married for 15 months when Young filed for divorce in 2008. Divorce proceedings were pretty nasty with Young asking for a cut of the sale of the house they bought shortly after getting married. Seems a little unfair since Walsh paid for most of it and was left paying the mortgage solo when he walked out. As a movie exec with his own sizable bank account, it’s curious that he asked for so much. Fortunately for Walsh she didn’t have to turn over much cash.

8 Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart - $175,000

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The famous stand-up comedian Kevin Hart is worth $9,000,000. He and Torrei got married in 2003 and later finalized their divorce in 2010. Hart was order to pay a lump sum of $175,000 to his ex. This small settlement is due largely to their iron clad prenuptial agreement. Also included as part of the payout were a few gifts such as the Cadillac Escalade he bought her and some jewelry. Hart also has to pay $19,785 per month in child support for his two kids, Heaven Leigh and Hendrix.

Torrei hasn’t let the divorce get her down, she launched her own comedy channel on YouTube in 2012. She’s pretty funny in her own right and has gained an impressive following online. You may have even caught her on the show Atlanta Exes.

7 Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting - $165,000

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After a whirlwind romance that lasted only two short months, this pair got engaged and tied the knot shortly afterwards. However, the fairy tale only lasted 21 months. Cuoco is currently worth $72,000,000 but when Sweeting tried to file for spousal support, the request was shut down. He only received a one time lump sum payment of $165,000. In addition to that, Cuoco graciously paid $200,000 in outstanding personal trainer fees for her ex. It’s not all bad though, he gets to keep gifts he received from Cuoco during their brief marriage.

If the tabloids are right, it looks like Cuoco may be heading down the aisle with her new man, Karl Cook, in the near future. Hopefully she doesn’t throw caution to the wind and instead puts in place a prenuptial agreement to protect her growing fortune.

6 Katy Perry and Russell Brand - $0

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This marriage surprised a few folks due to the obvious differences between the two. He's a rowdy British comedian and she's a polished pop starlet. They were married for 14 months before Brand filed for divorce. He chose not to request any kind of monetary payout or financial support even though he was entitled to approximately $20,000,000 since the pair didn’t have a signed prenuptial agreement. Let’s face it, he probably felt guilty for cheating on Perry and realized it would add insult to injury to go after her hard earned cash. Perry’s moved on and has been recently linked to Orlando Bloom. Brand has also found love again and is dating Laura Gallacher who is currently pregnant with their first child.

5 Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi - $0

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In 2013 the break-down of this marriage was the talk of the town. Saatchi was caught on camera choking his wife but in a strange twist of fate he decided to divorce the famous chef. Despite his abuse towards her he was disappointed that she didn’t publicly defend him after the choking incident. He claimed that they were having an argument, as couples often do, about the kids, and her tears were a result of that and not him grabbing her neck. Both jointly decided to take the high road and chose not to seek any kind of financial support from the other despite Saatchi having a $260,000,000 fortune (Lawson was worth $40,000,000 at the time). The pair was married for 10 years.

4 Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli - $0

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Garth and Facinelli were married for 11 years before their divorce was finalized in 2013. At the time, Garth stated that the split was very difficult to accept. Despite parting ways, the two have remained amicable. They both chose not to seek spousal support from one another and in lieu of paying child support, they’ve split the cost of raising their kids equally. They share custody of their 3 daughters: Luca Bella, Lola Ray and Fiona Eve.

Both Garth and Facinelli have gone on to new relationships. Garth is now married to Dave Abrams and Facinelli was engaged to Jaimie Alexander. Unfortunately for them, they called off their engagement in February 2016.

3 LisaRaye McCoy and Michael Misick - $0…for now

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In 2006 LisaRaye hit it big when she married the then Prime Minister of Turks & Caicos, Michael Misick. Unfortunately for the two, marital bliss didn’t last for very long and they divorced in 2009. They signed a prenuptial agreement and LisaRaye was entitled to an undisclosed sum, but in a cruel twist of fate, her ex-husband is facing financial disaster due to allegations of corruption on the island. As a result, the former First Lady of Turks & Caicos has yet to receive the settlement she’s due. With the case still working its way through the court system, it’s unclear when she’ll get her settlement. She’s moved on though and was in a relationship with Noel Jones, a pastor from Los Angeles.

2 Stephanie March and Bobby Flay - $0

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March and Flay were married for over 10 years when they finally divorced in 2015 after the celebrity chef cheated on March. Flay had amassed quite a fortune during their marriage, part of which March believed she was entitled to. She argued that she was heavily involved in the development of many of Flay’s famous recipes but due to a solid prenuptial agreement, the “Law and Order” actress left the marriage with nothing. Even her request for Flay to cover moving expenses totaling $14,000 was rejected by the judge. The couple didn’t have any children together so filing for child support wasn’t an option.

1 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries - $0

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This infamous marriage only lasted an insane 72 days. While Kardashian filed for divorce based on irreconcilable differences, Kris filed for annulment convinced that he’d been the victim of fraud. He claimed the marriage was a sham and only took place for the benefit of Kardashian’s reality show. Their court battle last 536 days (almost 8 times longer than they’d been married) with Humphries fighting hard to prove his case. Ultimately he realized that his attempts were futile and eventually settled. Plus, the judge presiding over the case was getting tired of Humphries' stall tactics. Humphries had originally asked for $7,000,000 to settle as an annulment but instead walked away with nothing. He’s probably regretting not accepting Kardashian’s initial offer to settle their divorce for $10,000,000.

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