Billionaire Vladimir Putin Says No To Obama

Vladimir Putin, one of the most influential and richest men on our planet, has just rejected Obama’s plans and arguments to strike Syria. World leaders still remain bitterly divided when it comes to the response they should have to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Even if Obama is strong on his position and is standing his ground, Putin has declared that he will continue to arm Syria.

How did Putin have the audacity to reject Obama? Well, many say that Putin is secretly the richest man in the world. The man who can strike fear in the hearts of so many people is of an absolute fantasy. He does everything he wants in his spare time, from driving Formula 1 cars, tracking polar bears or even calling the United States “a bunch of parasites”. When it comes to the World's Wealthiest People List, Vladimir Putin is certainly someone to take into account. The actual president of Russia owns major shares in three huge oil and gas companies – 75% at Gunvor, 37% at Surgutneftegas and 4.5% at Gazprom. Several analysts have estimated Putin’s net worth at over $70 billion, which is astronomic.

Stanislav Belkovsky, a famous Russian analyst, said that his estimates are based on confidential sources. But how did Putin gathered such wealth? Well, after earning a degree in law, he accomplished his first dream, to be part of the KGB. During his period of 15 years spent as an KGB agent, Putin stayed in several countries, including Germany. This is where he learned how to make investments and get an edge over the competition. His net worth started to grow in 1990, when he left KGB and worked as the mayor of St. Petersburg. Putin has used his influential power to buy stakes at some of the most profitable Russian gas and oil companies. His creativity in business and politics made Vladimir Putin become one of the most influential men on the planet.

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Billionaire Vladimir Putin Says No To Obama