The 20 Hottest Female Swimmers in the World

We’re not sure if you can handle this. 20 females, all absolutely, incredibly attractive. Oh, and they’re world-class swimmers, too. So you can bet that they look pretty dang good in a bikini. We have got swimmers from all over the world here, and you will love reading about each and every one of them. The swimmers listed here have been recognized for their hard work in the sport of swimming, be it freestyle or synchronized, and many of these ladies have other talents as well. For example, they may be models, dancers, or athletes in other sports. And don’t even get us started on their good hearts. Yes, these women are not only pretty, but they are totally charitable, too.

That is why we want to celebrate them in our list of the 20 hottest female swimmers in the world. Some of the girls have been featured in such popular magazines as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Men’s Health. Others have become spokeswomen and models for iconic brands, and still other women on this list have used their fame to do philanthropic work for charities around the world. Heck, one of these swimmers is even an actual princess!

So, please enjoy this list and the ranking of feminine hotness we have for you. Afterwards, you’re going to need a dip in the pool!

20 Kaitlin Sandeno

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Oh, Kaitlin Sandeno in all of your 5-foot, 6-inch glory. This athlete is the perfect embodiment of femininity and strength. First of all, she has captured an Olympic gold medal in her sport and she has smashed world records. Not to mention, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Plus, she is a super good person, too! Kaitlin teamed up with the Jessie Rees Foundation: Never Ever Give Up (NEGU) as a spokeswoman. The charity works to raise awareness and funds for children’s cancer research. So, just to clarify, Kaitlin is totally hot and she fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. Sounds like a win-win to us!

19 Kristina Lum

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Synchronized swimming may sound dorky, but if the poster-child were Kristina Lum, we are positive that more people would watch it or join the team. Kristina was a champion in this sport and even won a silver medal for her kick-ass swimming. She was one of the pros who represented the U.S. women’s swimmers in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. She is petite and full of beauty, both in and out of the water. When she moves through the water, she looks like a graceful swan or a floating flower petal. Even when she emerges from the pool, with that water glistening off of her toned body, she is still a sight to see.

18 Summer Sanders

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Summer Sanders is multi-talented and super gorgeous. Her personal website is chock full of tasty tidbits, such as health and nutrition advice, plus tips for runners and swimmers alike. Oh, and don’t forget the photos! Summer’s bio is pretty intense: she was a medal winner in the 1992 Olympic Games, she worked as a television hostess and a sports commentator, and she even delved into acting. She’s also very charitable and used her fame to do philanthropy work. Not only is she kind-hearted and hot, but she’s intelligent and wrote a book called Champions Are Raised, Not Born: How My Parents Made Me A Success. Uh, they also made you BEAUTIFUL, Summer!

17 Dara Torres

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Dara Torres was all the rage a few years ago when people were amazed that she was still competing in the Olympic Games at 42 years of age. Dara may be heading towards middle age, but she doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon! She is one hot momma, both figuratively and literally. And speaking of her figure, can we just say “wow!” Dara has won twelve Olympic medals and has broken world records not one, but three times! She is a six-foot-tall beauty, and those long lean legs have definitely won us over. We can bet that her offspring is gonna be gorgeous, too!

16 Charlene, Princess of Monaco

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Wait, so let us get this straight: she's a princess AND an Olympic swimmer? Have we just died and gone to heaven? All right, so here is the deal. Charlene was first a medal-winning swimmer who represented South Africa. She won three gold medals and one silver and she was part of an all-star team. Then she went and married a prince! Of course, she is absolutely stunning, and she’s a decent human being, too. She serves as an ambassador to the Special Olympics. Oh, and as an added bonus, she is related to the late Grace Kelly. Just sayin’.

15 Jenna Randall

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If you love your Brits, then you are going to fall in love with Jenna Randall. This woman can rock nose plugs like it’s her professional job. Oh wait, it is. She is one of the all-time best swimmers in Great Britain and was a champ who competed in both the Olympic Games and the World Championships. Naturally, such an accomplished swimmer has some medals to show off, as well as a hot, hot body. She still continued to excel and amaze us at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, her home turf. Besides swimming, she keeps up that killer bod by dancing and playing rugby and basketball.

14 Laure Manaudou

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The French are certainly alluring, aren’t they? Just take a look at Laure Manaudou. She may be a retired swimmer now, but at the age of 29, she is still looking great! She is also super accomplished and a fine role model for us all, both in and out of the swimming pool. Laure competed in the 2004 Olympic Games and snagged a medal. She also won in the World and European Championships. And she’s a cover girl, of course! She appeared on the cover of an issue of Paris Match, which also featured a spotlight article on her. Now she is a lovely wife and mother.

13 Flavia Delaroli

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Gorgeous, gorgeous! How do you say absolutely beautiful in Portuguese? Flavia Delaroli is a Brazilian swimmer who holds the national record for the freestyle in her native country. She is 5-foot, 9-inches of pure Brazilian beauty. Flavia has the tanned skin, the dark hair and eyes, and the curvaceous body that women all over the world admire in Brazilian ladies. Flavia was the perfect swimmer to represent the female team at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Summer Games. Personally, we think that she should just always live in a bikini. After all, she lives in Sao Paolo, so why not?

12 Keri-Anne Payne

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Keri-Anne Payne has her own website, and if we were looking to lose our jobs, we would just spend all of our waking moments perusing it. Keri-Anne is an open-water Olympic swimmer who has placed in the World Championships and Olympic Games, just to name a couple of merits. She is the full package: beautiful smile, smoldering eyes, and a body that looks like a replica of Aphrodite. Whatever she posts of her blog, we are going to follow! She is from South Africa and at 27 years old, we hope that we will see her in another Olympic Games. Fingers crossed!

11 Aleksandra Gerasimenya

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Long, limber, and with luscious curves – it is Aleksandra Gerasimenya, a beauty from Belarus. IF there were ever a reason to visit a country that was under the radar, she is it. Aleksandra is a medal-winning swimmer who is known for her awesome skills in the sprint freestyle and backstroke swimming events. She was trained by the professionals and it shows when she’s in the water. When she is out of the water, she looks like a modern-day mermaid Ariel. Her golden-red hair and her innocent-looking smile are to die for! Why can’t she take us on a journey to the bottom of the sea?

10 Inge De Bruijn

Via sportswoman.info

The Dutch are quite intriguing; don’t you think? We think so! Just take a look at Inge De Bruijn, the swimming champion who has placed in the Olympic Games four times. She may be one of the older editions to our list, but she is living proof that you can indeed age in an exquisitely sexy way. Inge is 5-foot, 10-inches and is still a force to be reckoned with. She also has the cutest nickname ever: “Invincible Inky.” Come on, that is absolutely adorable, but don’t let the nickname fool you. Inge is never vanishing into the background. It would be impossible to ignore this Dutch beauty; her pretty face just lights up the room!

9 Chloe Sutton

Via chloesutton.com

Chloe Sutton is still at that spring chicken age, meaning she is young and lithe and has so many years ahead of her. Even so, she has already accomplished so much; often times more than the average person! She has a full smile, lovely hazel eyes, and oh yeah – her body is some kind of wowza. She hails from California, and you can bet that she is a gorgeous Cali girl. Chloe was tackling the water when she was just 6 years old and she is a super speedy swimmer who we hope to see in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio.

8 Zsuzsanna Jakabos

You have been warned: do not go to Zsuzsanna’s Facebook page unless you want to be totally sucked into her alluring sexiness. This seductress is a Hungarian goddess and in her 26 years she has managed to compete in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympics. At her age, we can almost be certain to see her again in 2016. She is almost super-human, measuring 6 feet tall and looking more like a perfectly-chiseled statue than a mere mortal. She grew up in an athletic family, and with her height, she is a natural-born sportswoman, but she is also serious model material.

7 Natalie Coughlin

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Natalie Coughlin is one of the more famous swimmers out there, and for good reason. She is a brand ambassador for Luvo (a frozen food company) and she also owns twelve Olympic swimming medals. Hey, if we could eat “Natalie food,” we would! Have you seen this girl? Besides her Olympic accomplishments, Natalie has also won the World Championship and appeared topless on the cover of ESPN magazine. Please excuse us while we go find that issue immediately. At age 33, she is married, but that won’t really stop people from fantasizing about her. Natalie is what California dreams are made of.

6 Franziska van Almsick

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Don’t judge us, but Franziska van Almsick sort of looks like Jennifer Lawrence if the actress were ten years older and German. And that is a very good thing! Franziska got her first Olympic medal at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympic Games when she was just a young teenager. My, has she grown up! Besides being drop-dead beautiful, she was also bestowed the honor of Swimming World Magazine’s Female World Swimmer of the Year and scored ten Olympic medals. She ended up breaking a record in the 200-meter freestyle in 1994 and has been a German Sportswoman of the Year multiple times. Obviously.

5 Amanda Beard

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Imagine: stunning blue eyes, wavy dark hair, and a toned and sculpted physique. Well, imagine no more because this dream exists in real life. Amanda Beard not only graces the water with her presence, but she also models for various brands, such as Sports Illustrated Men’s Fitness, and Elle. She has won seven Olympic medals and written a book, In the Water They Can’t See You Cry: A Memoir. In the book, she detailed her struggles and proved that she is the ultimate role model who can overcome personal demons. Somehow, that makes her even more sexy. She also broke the world record for the freestyle event.

4 Hanna-Maria Seppala

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Here we have another exotic beauty: Hanna-Maria Seppala from Finland. She is a superb swimmer who specializes in the freestyle event. She even won the world title in the freestyle in 2003. Makes sense, considering that she’s been splashing in the water since she was a mere 5 years old. Now she is a 30-year-old aquatic super star who still looks super-hot. Her medal count is too large to list, but it includes 5 Olympic gold medals. Her white-blonde hair and sultry eyes are hard to miss and we’ll never forget this swimming beauty! She is further proof that muscle and definition can look hot on a female body.

3 Bia and Branca Feres

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Branca Feres is actually one part of the Feres duo. Her twin sister is Beatriz Feres, and they are both absolutely beautiful. They hail from Brazil, and it just seems to be a gift from paradise to get two hot girls from the land of sexiness. Branca and her sister have worked as professional swimmers, models, and actresses. Triple threat from double-trouble! These girls are flexible, strong, and have the looks to bring a man to their knees. When the two of them are together, they are practically unstoppable. They’ve won multiple championships and appeared in countless photographs, including the cover of VIP magazine.

2 Haley Cope

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There is every reason why Haley Cope has appeared on the Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Swimmers in the World list, by Women Fitness. She is beautiful inside and out. She has won medals and broke records in the Olympic Games and placed second in the 2004 Summer Games. She is a California girl and posed nude for Playboy magazine. You can see why she ranked second on our list, right? She totally owns at the backstroke and she married her former coach, with whom she has three kids. What a story and what a woman! Sheesh, why are we sweating?

1 Stephanie Rice

Via school-mizugi.blogspot.com

Stephanie Rice is another positively successful swimmer who has her own website, where she shares health and wellness tips, a stellar biography, and the latest press about her accomplishments. And you can bet that there are great photos of her. She is going to spend 2016 touring the world and sharing her healthy lifestyle with others. With a body (and sports resume) like hers, we are definitely going to listen to what she has to say! She’s broken 5 word records, earned 3 Olympic gold medals, and inspired countless female swimmers, athletes, and everyday citizens. This brown-eyed Aussie is our number one!

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