The 15 Hottest Female Bodybuilders

The mention of 'bodybuilding' to most people out there brings a mental picture of a man with a perfectly chiseled physique, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, flexing his muscles; of course back when he was a bit younger. However, in recent times, women have become professional bodybuilders and they have added a lot of beauty to the sport.

Although society expects women to look cute and let men do all the heavy lifting, the women in bodybuilding are choosing to rewrite tradition. The bulk of the women in bodybuilding are drop dead gorgeous, and the fact that they can flex their muscles and lift unbelievable weight is also very appealing.

Since the bodies of men and women are very different, female bodybuilders look considerably different from their male counterparts. This difference is great because the women still look hot and attractive, and they do not lose their feminine touch.

Women in bodybuilding have to work extra hard to get fit and compete in bodybuilding contests, a process that helps to build their character, enhance endurance, and also develop their self-esteem. Furthermore, the working out and engaging in competitions helps the women in bodybuilding to build a career and make good money, especially those who get product endorsements or get into modeling.

The number of hot women bodybuilders around the world is colossal, many with excellent performances in competitions and others simply looking amazing. Here is a list of 15 women who are undoubtedly some of the hottest around the world.

15 Larissa Reis

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Larissa Reis is a professional bodybuilder born and raised in Brazil but is now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she owns a restaurant. In addition to being a bodybuilder, Larissa is a fitness model, a figure competitor, and an actress. Since being a part-time model for Playboy Brazil, her bodybuilding career has skyrocketed. This hot bodybuilder has managed to perform extremely well in international competitions and she keeps looking hotter every year.

14 Rachel Cammon

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Rachel Cammon is an IFBB figure professional and figure coach, who loves to shop, paint, and, of course, lift heavy things. Rachel's struggle with and eventual success over an eating disorder has encouraged many people to take better care of themselves, and her attitude and discipline has made her one of the hottest bodybuilders in America. Rachel is both beauty and brains since she has a bachelor's degree and works in Medical Sales field. It's going to be exciting to see where this young bombshell's bodybuilding career takes her.

13 Erica Cordie

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Erica Cordie is a hot bodybuilder born in Minnesota and raised in South Dakota. She stumbled upon bodybuilding after getting involved in a serious skiing accident that damaged her knee. Erica took up a training regimen to give her knee the chance to recover properly, a regimen that developed into an overall love for bodybuilding and weight lifting. Although she has not been modeling for a very long time, her stunning figure and beautiful body make her one of the hottest American bodybuilders to hit the scene.

12 Jennifer Broomfield

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Jennifer Broomfield is a professional American bodybuilder born in Bolton, Massachusetts who currently lives in Hartford, Connecticut. She started exercising and working out because she felt she was too muscular growing up and therefore developed some stress and depression as a teenager, which she wanted to beat. As a result, she discovered that her body was developing so well that she decided to get into competitions, where she has achieved great success as a model and bodybuilder. Her natural beauty, lovely eyes, and extremely gorgeous physique make her one of the most beautiful women in bodybuilding.

11 Jennifer Rish

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Jennifer Rish is a smoking hot fitness model and bodybuilder from California, who started dancing and gymnastics at the age of four. She began working out at the age of 15 as a way of spending more time with her father and fell in love with training her body. When Jennifer is not busy in the gym doing what she loves, she makes use of her nursing education to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer has taken part in several fitness competitions and has had commendable results, evidence of just how hot she is.

10 Moorea Wolfe

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Moorea Wolfe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful female bodybuilders we have today. She started competing as a gymnast for many years, before bowing out of the sport because of a back injury. The time on her hands and her desire to follow her interests led her to bodybuilding, a profession she is now involved in and loves everything about. Although she has not been bodybuilding for a very long time, she is definitely one of the hottest bodybuilders out there, and her career can only go upwards from here.

9 Debi Laszewski

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Debi Laszewski is a professional bodybuilder born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin. Debi has always been athletic since she was part of the track and field team in high school. In addition to being one of the hottest bodybuilders in the United States, she is also a model and a personal trainer. 2012 was one of her best years because both the IFBB Ms. International and the IFBB Ms. Olympia ranked her as the second best female bodybuilder. At 45 years old, Laszewski may be past what is considered to be a bodybuilder's prime, but she's still going strong and doesn't appear ready to give up her training any time soon.

8 Heidi Vuorela

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Heidi Vuorela is a beauty from Sweden, and her blond hair and strikingly beautiful body make her one of the hottest female bodybuilders we have today. With a few years of experience competing as a model and bodybuilder, Heidi has achieved good success and has developed an even deeper love for working out. When she is not focusing on herself, Heidi makes use of her skills, knowledge, and training to help other people work out professionally. It looks like she knows what she's doing.

7 Heather Dees

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Heather Dees is a beautiful bodybuilding professional, a Cosmetologist, and Master Aesthetician who currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Heather loves to set goals for herself such as winning the IFBB Olympia and Classic titles in the same year, goals that she will surely meet owing to her excellent performance in recent years and her extremely beautiful body. Heather has won many bodybuilding championships from 2010 onward, evidence of how hot she truly is. It looks like the 32-year-old is destined to make her dreams come true.

6 Soleivi Hernandez

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Although Soleivi Hernandez is one of the hottest bodybuilding and amateur figure competitors, she did not begin weight training until when she was 22 years old. While in college, Soleivi loved to play soccer and softball, games that prepared her for her career in bodybuilding. The NPC (National Physique Committee) first recognized her potential to compete as a professional bodybuilder, potential that led her to winning the NPC New York Metropolitan award in 2007 and many other successes along the way.

5 Wendy Lindquist

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Born in British Columbia, Canada, Wendy Lindquist grew up loving gymnastics and dancing. However, as she grew older she turned to bodybuilding, fitness modeling, and strongman competitions. Her face is really beautiful and cute, but her body is fit and strong. Wendy has taken part in many competitions, with her performance ranging between first and fourth place. Wendy is truly a hot bodybuilder and an excellent model.

4 Amanda Latona

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Amanda Latona is an extremely beautiful fitness model and IFBB Bikini pro, who got into a gym while on a music tour with her all-girl group and got hooked on fitness and bodybuilding. Amanda's entry into professional modeling and bodybuilding championships brought her huge success, with back-to-back Model America Championship titles, as well as several regional titles. Amanda is so hot that she won all the competitions she entered into in 2009 and this success has followed her throughout her career.

3 Brooke Holladay

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Brooke Holladay is one of the hottest bodybuilders in the United States, born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brooke has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an extremely great looking body, which has rightfully won her several professional fitness competitions in recent years. Brooke is a dancer and has a history in modeling and gymnastics. The bottom line is that Brooke is one of the hottest bodybuilders in the world and her popularity in the sport is only going to increase.

2 Sarah Ainsley Harrison

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Sarah Ainsley Harrison is a Canadian beauty queen who has participated in and won the NSABBA provincial championship, and has had the opportunity to represent Canada in several beauty pageants including the Miss Universe Canada. Sarah's amazing body makes her one of the hottest bodybuilding professionals and models in Canada. Sarah is beauty and brains, because she is a graduate of NSCC's Tourism and Hospitality Management program. This 6 foot tall bombshell was simply made to flaunt her body.

1 Oksana Grishina

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Oksana Grishina is one of the most beautiful and successful bodybuilders from Russia, currently living in California, USA. She had a passion for gymnastics as she was growing up, and she sacrificed a lot of time and energy to meet her dreams. After achieving a degree in Physical training and sports, she opened a gym and started instructing people on aerobics and fitness. Later she started training and competing. She has bagged five first-place wins and three second-place wins between 2012 and 2014 alone, in fitness events such as the IFBB Olympia, Arnold Classic, FLEX pro and many more.

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