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How Your Sleep Habits Impact Your Career

It's quite obvious; a poor night's sleep before a day at the office can leave one feeling a little under the weather. Adversely, a stressful period of time in a work environment could cause no end of ...

Doctors Want Patients To Use Apps For Medical Testing

In recent years, the phenomenon of "Dr. Google" has become quite a taboo subject, with those feeling unwell turning quickly to the internet to establish what is wrong with them. Before they know it, t...

Best Drugstore Sunscreens That Won't Break The Bank

Summertime is in full swing! People are out and about on a daily basis, spending time at the pool, the beach, and the parks. It also means they are buying sunscreen, or they should be at least.

Air Fryers Help Make Tasty & Healthy Food

Your kitchen is probably overrun with gadgets that seemed like a great idea when you bought them but now simply collect dust on your countertop. Therefore, considering another machine may seem like an...

The Truth About Lemon Water & Weight Loss

There is a myth or old wives tale that says drinking lemon water, especially if it is hot water, will help you lose weight. People swear this trick works but does it really or is it all in their heads...

Google Rocked With $5 Billion Fine From Europe

The tech giant that is known as Google has been fined a whopping  $5 billion after a European Union (EU) decision. The European Commision said that Google has been bundling its search engine and chrom...

PC Sales Up For The First Time In Six Years

For years, the idea has been that the PC is dead- or at the very least, it's dying a slow death. However, a Gartner press release issued late last week shows that this idea is all wrong.

Netflix Shares Drop After Missing Subscriber Target

Netflix may be the biggest streaming service in the world, but this didn’t stop the site from seeing a significant drop in its shares this week, due to a misguided calculation of its own subscriber gr...

Apple Reveals All-New Emojis

Apple has unveiled over 70 new emoji designs which are expected to be on all iPhone, iPad, Mac and iWatch devices by this fall.

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