Tom Cruise Children

Tom Cruise is father to three children, two of whom are adopted, one which is his biological daughter.

Cruise has a six-year-old girl; Suri with his ex wife Katie Holmes. Suri Cruise is one of the most adored and followed little girls in Hollywood. That is just what happens when you are the child of two uber famous celebrities.

 When married to Nicole Kidman, Tom and her had adopted two children;  now 20 year old girl named Isabella and now 18year old boy named Connor . These two spend the majority of their time with mom and current husband Keith Urban in Australia and still manage to see their father often. The two children shared with Nicole live a much more secluded life, they have made sure that both parent's do not boast about their private lives to the media.

Then again, Tom Cruise is so pleased and  inspired that when Elisabeth began spouting about the brightness of her fashion taste, he said she could be following my footsteps. Suri, on the other hand has a particular uniqueness in expressing herself. Tom  said "however I feel that route about each of the three of our children." Though the women of The View tried to figure out if 16-year-old Bella is dating yet, Tom didn't truly address and illustrated that the children don't like him publicizing  their personal lives. He did discuss  his son Connor's audition  to play a junior Will Smith in Seven Pounds, and said he's pleased he won the part himself. Connor might have a great potential to become a great movie star.

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