The Next Bill Gates - 10 Rich Philanthropists of the World

Rich Philanthropists of the World

For many, billionaires have the perception of being snobbish and elusive. Moreover, many may think that these influential people do not have a hint of generosity in their hearts. However, it does not pay to generalize all the time and once in a while, a benevolent billionaire in the mold of Bill Gates may come along.

The wealth intelligence firm Wealth-X took a look at prospective billionaires who may have the passion and the heart to emulate the example of Bill Gates whose generosity did not backfire against the interests of Microsoft.


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10 Huang Wenzai, Star River Property Holding, China

Huang Wenzai has a very benevolent position about his income. It seems he does not need his salary as a CEO because he donates about 92% of it away to charity. But then again with his net worth of about USD $1 billion, his income as CEO may be negligent already.

Wenzai is the head honcho over at Star River Property Holding in China, a corporation that develops luxury properties. Through the years, Wenzai and his company have already donated an estimated USD $32 million for various advocacies such as natural disaster relief, public welfare and rural construction projects.


9 Hans-Werner Hector, SAP, Germany

Over at Germany, the software engineer Hans-Werner Hector built a vast fortune from creating the software firm SAP in 1972. He has since left the firm in 1997 after irreconcilable differences with his partners. But in spite of this, Hector has continued to donate about 54% of his annual salary to charity.

Hector’s estimated net worth of USD $1.8 million seems to be enough for his own means because he has been a regular contributor to family foundations, art initiatives and research for diseases such as AIDS and cancer.


8 Terrence M. Pegula, East Resources, USA

Pegula has a particular interest and passion for sports research. Annually, he donates 46% to charity and a majority of these donations translate to higher education athletics.

Pegula’s net worth of USD $3.3 billion primarily came from East Resources, a natural gas drilling company he founded. His company has since been sold to Royal Dutch Shell for approximately USD $4.7 billion.


7 Gennady Borisovich Bogolyubov, Ukraine

From Ukraine, Bogolyubov travels a lot to manage Australia’s biggest manganese mine. But this job has helped secure him a net worth of USD $2.6 billion that he partially donates to social causes and charity from all over the world.

Bogolyubov donates a quarter percent of his earnings to various advocacies, research and causes related to Judaism and Jewish communities from the world over.


6 Wang Jianlin, Dalian Wanda Group, China

Wang Jianlin has a tremendous net worth of USD $10.7 billion courtesy of the success of the Dalian Wanda Group where Jianlin is the chairman. This company is one of the largest real estate developers in the world that is involved in high profile projects for tourism, hotel management and entertainment.

Jianlin donates 15% of his salary for charity donations involving disaster relief and educational improvement advocacies.


5 Blasé Thomas Golisano, Paychex, USA

Paychex is the second largest payroll processor in the United States of America and its success has propelled the net worth of its founder Blasé Thomas Golisano to the stratosphere of USD $1.39 billion.

Golisano knew the best way to pay forward his blessings was to create the B. Thomas Golisano Foundation in 1985. This advocacy group supports causes such as education, art, medicine and religion.


4 Peter Lim Eng Hock, Wilmar, Singapore

Peter Lim Eng Hock has gone a long way from his career as a former stockbroker. He has since then invested in a 5% stake in the palm oil giant Wilmar, a firm started by his former client Kuok Khoon Hong.

Hock created a special USD $10 million seed fund for scholarship purposes under the Singapore Olympic Foundation in order to improve the training of athletes. He has also devoted his donations for educational and sports purposes.


3 N. Murray Edwards, Canadian Natural Resources, Canada

N. Murray Edwards has a significant position in one of Canada’s energy trusts in Penn West. He also owns the Canadian Natural Resources and considerable stakes in Ensign Energy that is Canada’s second largest oil service provider.

Edwards contributes significantly towards advocacies about the education and health of children. He is also the co-owner of the hockey team Calgary Flames. Reportedly, Edwards donates 13% of his annual salary. But with a net worth of over USD $1.4 billion, this donation may just be an afterthought for Edwards.


2 Dongsheng Chen, Taikang Life Insurance Corp, China

Chen is an influential name as far as auctions as concerned because of his ownership of the China Guardian Auction House. He is also the founder, Chairman and CEO of the Taikang Life Insurance Corp. Ltd. Because of the success of his companies, his net worth has skyrocketed to USD $2.2 billion.

Grateful for his success, Chen annually donates 12% of his salary to charity. He also gives back to his alma mater in Wuhan University for high educational purposes.


1 Hui Ka Yan, Evergrande Real Estate Group, China

Hui Ka Yan is slowly reaping all his hard work for Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd, a company he founded that became public in 2009. The success of his venture has helped propel his net worth to USD $5.6 billion. He has also donated 10% of his annual salary for worthwhile advocacies such as poverty alleviation, educational projects and poverty alleviation.


Rich Corporate Social Responsibility at its Best

A company should not only exist solely to earn profit. It is part of society and should therefore strive to be involved in improving the overall quality of living where it operates.

This corporate social responsibility will be very effective if the millionaires and billionaires that head the companies are benevolent as well. These donations should be considered as positive investments that will help turn the world into a better place.

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