The Richest Man In Russia 2011 - Vladimir Lisin

Net Worth: $24 billion

Net Worth Last Calculated: March 2011

Source: Steel, self-made

Age: 54 , Citizenship:  Russia

Residence: Moscow, Russia

Marital Status: Married , Children: 3

Education: PHD, Russian Academy of Economics; BA/BS, Siberian Metallurgical Institute

Russia's richest person thanks to soaring value of his publicly traded firm, Novolipetsk Steel. Lisin is a proletarian success story.

First job was as a mechanic in a coal mine. After college in Siberia he worked as steelworker. In 1991, when his boss was appointed minister of metallurgy, Lisin came with him to Moscow. In 1992 he joined up with tough group of traders called Trans-World Group; they came to dominate Russia's aluminum and steel exports.


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