Kris Humphries Family Calls His Marriage to Kim a Sham

It is a well established fact that there is a lot of controversy going on at the moment about the marriage between the basketball star Kris Humphries and the reality television star Kim Kardashian. The two looked very much in love once until Kim asked for divorce on grounds of irreconcilable differences. Humphries was taken back by the whole thing, and now believes that his marriage to Kim was a sham. His aunt Derrida and Uncle Mike spoke to the media recently about the whole issue.The two are of the opinion that Kim used Kris and then dumped him. They feel that Kris’ demand for an annulment of the marriage is something that is completely understandable and justified. Kris Humphries is a well known basketball star and has made quite a name on the court. But his marriage to Kim drew more media attention than he could have drawn to himself in the entire course of his gaming career. Kim and Kris was quite an item and fans of theirs around the world had greatly publicized the relationship, saying that this was one of the best pairs to be come across recently. What made the relationship such a high profile one is of course the fact that Kim and Kris looked deeply in love and had the support of their family at the time of the relationship. This is no longer the case. Kris feels that he was tricked into marrying Kim, saying that the marriage is not real and therefore should by all means be annulled in a court of law.

The divorce trial has been set for the 6th of May this year. Kris is not too thrilled about the trial and would rather have the marriage annulled. According to him, there is no justification for a trial as there was no real marriage to speak of. Kris has his uncle and aunt defending him. They say that they comprehend Kris’s reason for wanting some payback and also feel that demanding an annulment of the marriage is the best revenge he can ask for. He was insulted deeply and now intends to be compensated for it.

We all know that the Kardashians are not the ones to surrender easily, and are a well-knit family when it comes to a crisis. So Kris has a really tough battle up his sleeves if he thinks he is going to be able to impose an annulment on Kim. According to Kris’s aunt and uncle it is Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner who is the culprit in the whole situation. She is using the family to carry out her nasty deeds. The divorce is apparently her brainwave. Her children are not to be blamed for this.

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