Jessica Simpson Turns out to be Quite an Amazing Mom

Jessica Simpson has always wanted to become a mother. And now that she is, it seems, she is doing a terrific job. The singer and songwriter was recently seen dining out with her baby daughter Maxwell. The two looked like having a lot of fun together. Jessica is already pregnant with another baby. She is certainly taking motherhood very seriously. Jess is spending most of her time away from showbiz, devoting her time and energy to look after the baby.

Maxwell loves her mother’s company – they are doing a lot of things together. Jessica is rarely seen away from her these days. The two are either out shopping or dining together. Jessica was once better known for her marriage to the “98 Degrees” artist Nick Lachey. It was a high-profile and romantic marriage, but it turned out to be a no-gooder. The couple eventually split. The breakup took a dreadful toll on both the artists, but they managed to come to terms with the reality, and parted amicably.

Jessica has maintained a low-profile love life since the breakup. She has seldom been in news. In fact, it seems that this has done Jessica a world of good. She has recovered better in privacy, and is now ready for some amazing professional success, after the birth of the second child.

Jessica Simpson has a really powerful voice. We wonder whether Maxwell is going to end up inheriting this from her mom. The infant, it is already clear, has inherited her mother’s good looks. She is certain to end up being a beauty some day. Ashlee Simpson, the rock star and Jessica’s sister, says that she is really proud of her big sister. In a recent interview, Ashlee spoke of how amazing her sister was, and what a terrific job she is doing of raising the child at the moment.

Jessica, when she is not with the child, is busy as the mentor on “Fashion Star”. Jess loves to groom people and give them a makeover. This is just what she gets to do on Fashion Star.


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