Jeremy Renner is a Father!

Actor Jeremy Renner is a dad with the birth of his daughter, Ava Berlin. The actor had previously denied all rumors that his girlfriend Sonia was pregnant, and that he was going to be a dad some time soon. We understand why Jeremy wanted to keep the whole thing a secret. He wanted to maintain privacy for his young family. Renner is now on top of the world, and wants to share this good news with everybody. We are very happy for him, and wish the very best to Ava. Congratulations are pouring in from all over the world.

Jeremy Renner has made a name for himself quickly. He was an Oscar nominee this year. He has proved himself as a character actor with many of his wonderful portrayals. Currently, he is busy shooting for a film that is being directed by David O Russell. It now seems that Jeremy might have to take a break from his busy schedule to spend time with his daughter and her mother. We don’t yet know how long Jeremy might be away from the camera. But it is certainly going to be expensive for the producer and director. Jeremy has always mentioned that he wanted to be a father one day. And now that he is, surely, he will take every opportunity to cherish it.

Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy Renner met at a social event in New York and got together ever since. The two make a great couple. They are visually quite compatible. Both Jeremy and Sonni have seldom been seen apart. In fact, it seems that they are among the most devoted couples in Hollywood now. We have never heard of any tiffs between the two. We hope that things continue to remain this way.

Ava Berlin is quite an exotic name. The daughter’s name was decided by both the parents together – they both agreed to it. We expect Ava to grow up to be a beauty just like her mother. Perhaps someday, she too can be as beautiful and talented as her parents.

Jeremy and Sonni expressed their gratitude to their fans for all the love and affection. Rumors of the pregnancy have been rife during the Academy Awards. But the couple managed to maintain complete secrecy about it.

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