England Must Qualify for World Cup, or Lose $3-5 Billion

England is on the brink with its World Cup qualification matches, and failure to qualify for the tournament could cost the country $3-5 billion, according to financial experts.

World Cup football carries big financial possibilities for the economic development in England, with most people there keen on the beautiful game, but much of what is under way in preparation for the World Cup might come to a halt if the team fails to qualify.

Broadcasting licenses, travel tickets from England to Brazil, and revenue from betting on the games would take a huge hit if the team didn't make it to the group stage.

The huge investments in sports infrastructure, including modern stadiums and innovative sports technology that come with the World Cup, might also lose some support, creating a loss of potential growth in the market. 

Combined with the reduced interest sponsors might have for the national squad, estimates put the total loss of potential earnings for the English economy at somewhere between $3 billion and $5 billion, all riding on the results of one final match.

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