Disturbed Country Music Star Mindy McCready Found Dead, Apparent Suicide

This one’s a shocker. Mindy McCready, the country singer has been found dead – she was just 37. It seems that she shot herself on the front porch of her home in Arkansas. The authorities say that it was a self-inflicted gunshot. But before that, Mindy shot the pet dog of David Wilson, her late boyfriend. The sheriff says that they are still investigating the death of David, and now, this new death goes into the books as well. Sheriff Moss says that it seems that Mindy was alone in her home at the time.

Incidentally, McCready has been troubled by mental illness and addiction problems for some time now. Actually, her problems had often shadowed her brilliant music career in recent times. It now seems that Mindy was never able to recover from the death of her boyfriend just a month back. The police have reason to believe that David too committed suicide, though the matter is still under investigation. Some people had claimed that Mindy might have something to do with his death. But she had appeared on the “Today” show on NBC and claimed that she had nothing to do with it. Mindy’s father asked her to go into a mental institution. And now with this incident, everybody is left in shock.

Mindy leaves behind two sons – her younger son is just ten months old. The boys have been placed under foster care. She shot to fame in 1996 with “Ten Thousand Angels”. This was her debut album, but it sold two million plus copies. Six albums and 14 of her songs have made it to the Billboard Country charts. McCready becomes the fifth person of the “Celebrity Rehab” show who is dead in the last two years.

A Brilliant Career Cut Short Too Quickly

She became an overnight sensation in 1996 with the release of “Ten Thousand Angels”, her first album. She followed it up with “Guys Do It All The Time”. Her songs and albums were reaching the Billboard country charts consistently.

But it wasn’t all smooth. She was placed under probation for three years in 2004 when she pleaded guilty for obtaining the OxyContin painkiller through fraud. She was arrested the next year again for DUI. There was also an allegation that Mindy was choked and beaten by Billy McKnight her former boyfriend. An attempt to murder charge was made.

There were two drug overdoses in 2005. She was arrested while Mindy was carrying the first baby. The authorities say that she had tried to commit suicide in 2005 as well. There was another attempted suicide in 2008 as well, and this was followed by a drug overdose in 2010.

Celebrity Rehab

That’s when she joined “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”. Dr. Drew Pinsky even contacted Mindy and asked her to take care of herself and get professional help.

In an episode of the show, Mindy had performed “I'm Still Here”, and she dedicated it to the other cast members of the show, including Mackenzie Phillips, Heidi Fleiss and Dennis Rodman. She said with tears in her eyes that she wrote the song when she was in jail.


Custody Battle

McCready has been fighting a battle for the custody of Zander, her elder son with the father, McKnight. In 2011, Mindy took the boy from her mom and fled to her Arkansas home, as she was concerned about his safety. The custody battle has been going on since then. The judge told authorities to pick up Zander, and when they reached the Arkansas home, they found the mom and her boy hiding in a closet.

There have been other controversies too. In 2010, a pornographic video was released by Vivid Entertainment – “Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress”. It showed her having sex with somebody named Peter. She was also shown talking about her sex exploits.


Stars of country music have been expressing their shock and grief over the death of Mindy McCready. A lot of people have shown their compassion and stood beside the two sons. The Internet is full of messages from those who have grown up hearing Mindy’s country hits.

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