Daniel Craig Loses His Temper

It seems that the James Bond actor Daniel Craig is finding it rather hard to keep his cool these days. The actor recently got into trouble with one of his fans, something that has worked out against him. Fans of Daniel Craig are extremely disappointed with his recent behavior. They are ashamed of what he has become after his fame as a James Bond hero. If Craig is not particular about the way he behaves in public, he could be courting a good deal of trouble.

What got the issue started was a shopping spree. Daniel went shopping with his wife, actor Rachel Weisz recently. While the two were shopping at a super market in New York, an admirer tried to get a picture of them. Daniel was so annoyed that he walked over, took the phone out of his hands, and shouted at him. He also asked what was so amusing that he had to take a picture of him shopping with his wife.

Rachel was calm though. She tried to pacify the situation and Daniel. The Bond actor was so angry that it seemed he might even break the phone. Rachel managed to calm his nerves and prevented him from making an already bad situation worse. She seems to have a positive effect on her husband. Daniel calmed down after a while and returned the phone to its owner. However he told the man to delete the picture from the camera immediately.

Daniel Craig was later asked why he is so particular about privacy issues. He says that he respects the time he spends with his partner, and does not want anything to interrupt it. We of course respect this and hope that Daniel fans will do the same. Daniel is a fabulous actor, but his concern for privacy needs to be understood and respected.

We cannot help but applaud the efforts of Rachel to keep her husband in check when he is out in the public eye. The two have a very good thing going. We wish them all the very best.

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