Beyonce Appears to Have Gone Bad!

The rhythm and blues superstar Beyonce Knowles seems to be a perfect example of a good girl gone bad. She appears to be ditching the halo these days, and choosing to stay on the dark side. Beyonce started her career in the pop group “Destiny’s Child”. In the early days she was quite saintly and demure. She was well known for her pure and pristine voice. Her music had a divine quality about it. In fact, it was symbolic of everything good and pure. Sadly, that’s not true anymore.

Beyonce has been seen in many smoldering costumes in recent times, particularly the ones she has worn for the Super Bowl performances. Her recent documentary on HBO showed her daughter Blue Ivy in a revealing costume. Beyonce seems to have made a steady progression from the calm and passive to the wild side. She now seems eager to do things she has never done before.

Take for example her new single. It has become very controversial because of the explicit lyrics that can make the ears go red. Her recent photo shoot for the GQ Magazine has her posing without a trouser in some images, something which we have never expected from Beyonce. This makes us wonder, why Knowles is trying to be a bad girl these days. She has probably had enough of being a good girl. Perhaps Beyonce now wants to reveal her sexual side.

Her latest song, “Bow Down”, was posted on Tumblr with a picture showing Beyonce and a young girl wearing a long gown and a tiara over the head. It has received both positive and negative reviews.

The album is however not yet named. It is going to be released soon. However some sources have claimed that the album will be named “Mrs. Carter”. Bow Down is a very edgy and peppy. The controversy apart, it is indeed very good.

Given Knowles’ success, this album is sure to catch on. Add to that the fact that the singer is now a mom and wife of Jay Z. What we have is a combination that is too good to resist.

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