Why Some Movies Are Still Missing From Disney+

If you have noticed that some of your favorite Disney classics aren't yet on Disney+, here are some of the reasons why they're absent from the new streaming service.

Last week, the streaming scene changed. At least it did in the US. Disney+ finally went live after months of hype and aside from a few first day hiccups, all seems to have gone to plan. The selection of Disney content is about as extensive as it gets, as those of you who have subscribed will know by now.

However, you might have also noticed that some titles are missing. There's a good reason for that. Reason number one is that some of Disney's movies are currently available on other streaming services. As much as Disney might want to pull them for their own use, for the time being it'll simply have to wait until those contracts are up.

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Titles such as the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast and Ralph Breaks The Internet are just a couple of the movies currently locked up on other services. As for the two MCU Spider-Man movies that some Disney+ customers may have been looking for, that's a little more complex. Since those two movies were made in conjunction with Sony, there's a chance they may never make it onto Disney+.

The final reason some movies are unavailable is controversy. Disney's Song of the South, for example. The movie, made and released in 1946, has been widely criticized for its portrayal of African-Americans. The movie was never released on home video in the US which likely means it will never make it onto Disney+. Certain scenes from other more famous movies have also been cut for similar reasons.

Jim Crow has been removed from Dumbo, and the blooper from Toy Story 2 in which Stinky Pete coaxes two Barbies back to his place in exchange for a role in the next sequel is also nowhere to be seen. It might disappoint some Disney fans that these titles aren't currently available, but there's good reason for all of their omissions, and some of them will arrive on Disney+ in the future.

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