What The Cast Of Lord Of The Rings Is Up To Today

What made Lord of the Rings such an amazing trilogy? Was it the amazing special effects? The beautiful worlds and shooting locations chosen by Peter Jackson? Was it the talented director himself? Did the original source material by Tolkien give this movie the life it needed? While there are plenty of other factors to consider when evaluating the success of these films, we are forgetting something crucial, something that no film can succeed without. We're talking, of course, about the actors. Every single person who performed in this trilogy was incredible. There was not a single weak link throughout the entire cast, and it was the actors who brought this amazing world and story to life.

But what are those actors up to these days? Some have grown quite old, while others have moved on to different projects and career paths. Some have continued to show their acting talent by acting in huge roles. Others have tried out different things, such as directing or producing. But no matter what they're doing in 2018, it seems like their roles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy will remain one of the biggest moments in their entire career. Let's take a look at what our favorite actors from the trilogy are doing in 2018.

20 Sean Bean Is Starring In New TV Shows


We all remember Sean Bean for his stunning performance in the Lord of the Rings series, and although his character didn't make it past the first movie, he was one of the standout characters. Boromir was a brilliant character, and Sean Bean played him to perfection. Today, Sean Bean's characters are still meeting unfortunate ends in movies and TV shows, most notably in Game Of Thrones. But according to The Sun, the next TV show he will be appearing in is called The Frankenstein Chronicles. He is clearly still very much a successful actor.

19 Ian McKellen Is Starring Alongside Taylor Swift


Lord of the Rings wouldn't have been the same without the addition of a certain character called Gandalf, who was of course played by the immensely talented Ian McKellen. This veteran actor has been involved in countless projects, and many of his most notable films were released long before Lord of the Rings. But one does get the impression that his role as Gandalf might just the most defining role of his career. So what's Sir Ian McKellen up to these days? Well, according to Variety, he's going to star alongside none other than Taylor Swift in a movie adaptation of Broadway's Cats.

18 Elijah Wood Has Moved Towards Producing


Arguably the leading man of the entire trilogy, Elijah Wood was central to the success of Lord of the Rings. He of course played the role of Frodo, a Hobbit tasked with the daunting mission of delivering the one ring into the fiery pits of Mount Doom. We watched with gritted teeth as Frodo somehow slithered through harm's way, and what made it so interesting was Elijah Wood's excellent portrayal of the character. Today, Elijah Wood seems primarily interested in production, with his company SpectreVision producing the upcoming thriller Daniel Isn't Real, according to Variety.

17 Orlando Bloom Is Now Doing Theater Work


When asked who was the best fighter in the Fellowship, most people would say Legolas. This Elven warrior never failed to get our adrenaline pumping as he dispatched hordes of Orcs with his bows and short blades. He was fast and agile, and actor Orlando Bloom played a vital part in bringing the character to life. Bloom later went on to enjoy great success in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, among other projects. But in 2018, he is preoccupied with theater work, working on a play in London's West End, according to Variety.

16 Viggo Mortensen Is In The Upcoming Movie "Green Book"


Viggo Mortensen's character, Aragorn, also has a strong claim to the title of leading man in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Of course, he had a stronger claim to the throne of the fictional realm, Gondor. Over the course of the three films, we watched him go from hooded ranger to crowned king of men, and it was an excellent transformation portrayed by the talented Viggo Mortensen. Since then, the actor has proven to be no stranger to big projects. Another that is coming up soon, according to Indie Wire, is a film called Green Book.

15 Sean Astin Appeared On Stranger Things


Samwise might have been a sidekick to Frodo, but he nevertheless stole the show in many scenes, winning tons of fans across the world. He started off as nothing more than a bumbling fool, but we watched him become a brave warrior and a truly great friend. The actor behind this iconic role was Sean Astin, an actor who has been in the business for most of his life. Since Lord of the Rings, Sean Astin has appeared here and there in our favorite shows and movies. And as Variety points out, many of his fans were overjoyed to see him appear in Stranger Things.

14 Cate Blanchett Is Starring In A New Mockumentary


Cate Blanchett was another actor who didn't exactly play a major role in the Lord of the Rings series, but it was definitely one of the most memorable. The fact that she is a truly talented actress is something that doesn't even need to be said, but she really showed her talent when she played the role of Galadriel. This was of course the Elven Queen who was tempted by the ring of power, but showed impressive restraint. In the end, she helped the Fellowship by giving them all gifts. According to Apollo Magazine, Cate Blanchett is set to star in a brand new mockumentary, and she will play the role of Marina Abramovic.

13 Andy Serkis Has Become A Sought-After Director


Although this face might not be immediately recognizable to some, true Lord of the Rings fans will know who this is. Gollum was perhaps the most important character in the entire trilogy, and it was he who ended up destroying the ring of power for good. Andy Serkis provided the voice and provided the motion capture performance which brought Gollum to life, and without these talents, the movie would not have been the same. Today, Andy Serkis continues to perform – but he's also become a talented director. According to the Telegraph, he's been chosen to direct Netflix's upcoming adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm. 

12 Liv Tyler Is Starring In New TV Shows


One of the most memorable character in the trilogy was without a doubt Arwen. This character was one of the first elves we see in the first movie, and she succeeded in enchanting us all with her brilliant performance. While she was a fierce and determined warrior, her romance with Aragorn was perhaps the most enthralling aspect of her character. In the end, she weds Aragorn, choosing to stay in Middle Earth instead of joining her people in the undying lands. Today, Liv Tyler continues to act in some of our favorite TV shows, and according to Into Moreone of those shows is Harlots, which is released by Hulu.

11 John Rhys-Davies Does Tons Of Voice Over Work


Another actor who you might have a hard time recognizing is John Rhys-Davies. His acting talent shone through with his performances in Lord of the Rings, but it was hidden by an elaborate costume. He was of course Gimli, the only dwarf in the Fellowship of the Ring. He was made to look much smaller than his compatriots, but in reality he is much taller. This is an actor who has had an amazing career, and that career continues to this day. He is mostly involved in voice over work in 2018, and he never thinks twice about raising his voice on all kinds of issues. According to the Independent, he is very critical of the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show.

10 Christopher Lee Lived A Long Life


Christopher Lee was another integral part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and he played one of the story's most haunting villains. Although Sauron was undoubtedly the main antagonist in the film, we never actually got to see this intangible being. But Christopher Lee provided us with an incredible figure which we would actually identify – Saruman. This dark wizard was responsible for breeding a new race of Orcs, destroying forests, and almost taking over Rohan. Today, Christopher Lee is sadly no longer with us, having passed at the age of 93. He was truly an incredibly talent who left his mark on the acting world.

9 Billy Boyd Is Joining The Cast Of Outlander


Billy Boyd is a face that most of us will remember from the movies, and he played the role of Pippin. One of the most entertaining members of the cast, this character was a good source of comic relief throughout the story. But he had his serious moments as well, as he was forced to fight in the last few battles just like everyone else. Since Lord of the Rings, Billy Boyd has been involved in a number of projects. He's also started his own band. But according to Zimbio, the biggest news right now is that he will star in the TV show, Outlander.

8 Karl Urban Has Been Playing A Great "McCoy" On Star Trek


Another familiar face from Lord of the Rings is Karl Urban, who of course played the role of Éomer in the movies. This Rider Of Rohan was a fierce, skilled fighter, and one of the best horsemen in the lands. While not necessarily a major character, he did play a huge role in the final battle, and he was subsequently named King of Rohan. Since appearing in Lord of the Rings, Karl Urban has been busy, perhaps more successful than some of his Lord of the Rings co stars. His biggest role was definitely in Star Trek, where he landed the role of McCoy. According to ComicBook.com, Karl Urban will not be leaving the cast of Star Trek 4, although Chris Pine and others look set to do so.

7 Dominic Monaghan Now Has His Own Wildlife TV Series


Dominic Monaghan of course played the role of Merry in the Lord of the Rings, who along with Pippin was one of the most comedic characters in the entire trilogy. While one of the happiest, hungriest Hobbits, he also proved himself to be incredibly brave. This character wouldn't have been the same without Dominic Monaghan. But what has this actor been up to in the years since Lord of the Rings? Well he's been involved in a few projects, but perhaps the most exciting is a nature program called Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan, which the actor obviously hosts. Check it out if you get the chance!

6 Hugo Weaving Is Still Very Active In The Film World


This article wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of Hugo Weaving, who played the iconic role of Elrond. This was of course the ruler of Rivendell, and one of the most influential figures of Middle-Earth. He offered guidance and protection to the Fellowship in the first film, and later appeared from time to time to help when he could. Hugo Weaving once again did an amazing job with this role, but it's hardly surprising from an actor of his caliber. Since Lord of the Rings, he's been doing all sorts of different projects. He has been involved in theater and plenty of films.

5 Ian Holm Has Pretty Much Retired


Bilbo Baggins is a character that Lord of the Rings fans know all too well, as he was of course the star of the prior book (and later movie) The Hobbit. Bilbo was of course the Hobbit who found the ring, and later gave it to Frodo. He didn't play a huge role in the movie, but his character was quite intriguing due to the man who played Bilbo, Ian Holm. This is a legendary British actor with plenty of credits under his belt. Even though Bilbo eventually sailed off to the undying lands, Ian Holm is very much with us in our world. That being said, Ian Holm is now 86 years old, and he is no longer "active" in the film world.

4 David Wenham Recently Appeared In Iron Fist


Remember this face? David Wenham will no doubt seem familiar to some Lord of the Rings fans, and that's because he played one of the most interesting characters in the entire series, Faramir. This soldier of Gondor and brother to Boromir was given the impossible task of defending Gondor against hordes of Orcs, a task he threw himself into. Somehow he survived the final battles. Today, David Wenham continues to appear in some of our favorite TV shows, including Netflix's Iron Fist.

3 Brad Dourif Is Still Appearing In Movies Like Wildling


Brad Dourif is another actor who played a vital role in the Lord of the Rings series. Wormtongue was perhaps the most appalling antagonist in the entire trilogy, and we couldn't help but feel angered by his actions. He had the power of corrupting people's minds with his words, and he almost toppled the entire kingdom of Rohan with his cursed tongue. The actor who played this character was Brad Dourif, a seasoned actor with plenty of credits under his belt. He's been in movies like Dune in the past, but according to ABS CBNthese days he's better known for films such as Wildling, which also starred fellow LOTR star Liv Tyler!

2 Bernard Hill Hasn't Appeared In Much Recently


True fans of Lord of the Rings will immediately be able to see that this is the actor that played the King of Rohan, Théoden. He was almost completely destroyed by Wormtongue before he was saved by Gandalf the White. He proved himself to be a noble and brave king, willing to come to the aid of Gondor when tensions were still high in the kingdom. The role was played by Bernard Hill, a veteran actor who has been in all kinds of amazing projects over the course of his life. Aside from Lord of the Rings, he also appeared in Titanic. His last big role was in 2015, with BBC's Wolf Hall. But he hasn't appeared in much lately. He is 73 now, so it might have something to do with that.

1 John Noble Has Appeared In Our Favorite TV Shows


Although there were plenty of other brilliant actors to act in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we're going to end things with John Noble. An extremely well-respected Australian actor, John Noble played the iconic role of Denethor, the Steward of Gondor. Today, John Noble is very much active in the world of film and TV, appearing in some of our favorite shows – such as DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.

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